To those who had known Aziza-Jane in the past, it would have seemed that she'd been completely cured of her Eremophobia. Or, at least, it would have seemed that she'd been cured of her "weirdness". Most people had no idea what Aziza-Jane's condition had actually been, or even that she had had a condition at all. At any rate, she no longer followed Kadron around at every moment at every day.

Sure they still spent a lot of time together, but Kadron was allowed to go out for a walk or shopping or… whatever, on his own on occasion and there was no problem with it at all. In reality though, Aziza-Jane's Eremephobia was still a real problem, one that probably wouldn't ever be cured. It was just that, she no longer felt lonely when Kadron wasn't around. The necklace that she never took off reminded her that just because she couldn't see him didn't mean he didn't love her and she had no reason to feel alone.

Of course, the people that had known Aziza-Jane in the past weren't around anymore anyway. Some had been around for long enough to notice the change, but most had quit the tour before it had become evident and now Kadron and Aziza-Jane had retired themselves. They'd gotten married, bought a small house on the outskirts of small city and settled down to open their own dance school that they called Lilacs (named after the large tree in front of the building they had leased for the school.)

The first child to sign up for their new school had been a very bubbly, very talented twelve-year-old girl with light brown hair, a huge smile, and very familiar looking eyes. Despite knowing the child's last name, it had taken Kadron a month to finally figure out that the girl was the younger sister of some old friends of his from the tour. Kayleigh MacIntosh was part of the reason that he loved his job. She had a true love of dance and the ability to go very far one day. Aziza-Jane said that there was no way that she wouldn't one day follow in the footsteps of her older sisters Ally and Courtney, and Kadron agreed full-heartedly.

That had been nearly three years ago though now and while Kayleigh had become a fun-loving teenager who loved to cheerlead, play soccer and of course, dance, Kadron now had a new favourite student. He couldn't help it. He still loved Kayleigh, but the beautiful blonde two-year-old named Galya had big green eyes had captured his heart the moment he'd laid eyes on her. He couldn't help but to grin as he watched little Galya trip over her own to feet as she pranced around the dance studio trying her best to do the simple steps. Galya had something special about her, a quality that reminded him so much of his beautiful wife Aziza-Jane.

Ah, Aziza-Jane. Kadron couldn't believe how much in love with her he was, even after all this time. He never got tired of being with her anymore. He was sure he loved her more every single day. Not once had he regretted the decision he'd made all those years ago to give her his old blue blanket. The blanket had represented love and for a long time, only Kadron and his mother, who had sacrificed her life for him, had ever touched it. But he'd loved Aziza-Jane so much that he'd wanted her to have it. It was the best way he'd known to express exactly how he'd felt about her, and she'd understood the significance. She'd treasured that blanket for three years and then given it away to someone who needed that love as much as she once did. Kadron didn't mind, he understood and he was glad she'd made the decision she did. It had seemed perfect at the time.

Galya caught Kadron's attention once more as she fell down, tripping on the blanket that she refused to let go of. Even at her young age, she understood that it was special. She stood back up and tried again, this time getting the step perfectly. The look of concentration on her face turned into a grin as she looked back at Kadron, "Daddy, did you see?"

Kadron scooped up his daughter in his arms and kissed her cheek, "I did see, Galya. What a great way to end this lesson. But I think it's time to head home now okay? Your mum will have supper on the table by now and I bet that baby sister of yours is just dying to play with you."

Galya nodded and as she placed the blanket on Kadron's head and kissed his nose and they left the studio together.