School. The kyrptonite to every child and teenager life, but lets face it. It holds some of the best memories we'll ever have. All those new experiences we'll always remember. All those days where it seems the worlds closing in on you, the embarrassment we all face. The most hilarious care free years of our lives. This is my story of high school. How a stupid, idiotic clumsy girl like me fell in love. With my horrible mean step-brother, who hated my very existence. But then why are we kissing? And why am I thinking of school, whilst i'm kissing the boy of my dreams? Let's back this up a little bit…..

"MUM!" A young girl the age of sixteen hollered from her bedroom. She currently had two big stacks of boxes in front of her, one carrying all her clothes (That box was very big) and the other stacked full with soft toys. The daughter's mother lay surrounded by more boxes in the living room, too lazy to get up she screamed back "WHAT?"

The girl rolled her eyes "Can you come here for a second?" She asked in a softer tone, her words trembling a tiny bit at the end. Her mum could literally feel the sadness radiating of her daughters words, and got up quickly rushing into her room her arms immediately engulfing her in a hug. "Why do we have to move again?" the words came out muffled from tears and her mothers embraced. "Troy, i promise you we'll be happier with Jim" Her mum comforted her in the way only a mother could. "He has a better lifestyle, and he loves us both. I've never been happier."

Troy immediately felt guilty and selfish. Here she was crying over the fact she had to move in with someone her mum truly loved. She tried to stifle her tears, "Okay, mum. I trust you" Her mum smiled, and kissed her on the top of the head before releasing her. "Lets get back to packing, Moppet. We have lot's to do before the trucks come this afternoon." Troy smiled at the use of her pet name, she smiled and mumbled an okay as her mother left the room. She placed the last few things that she had in the boxes before dragging them downstairs and helping her mother with the rest.

This was the beginning of the most happy and sad moments of my life…

Dear Diary,

OMG! I'm so nervous, it turns out Jim has a son my age! Thanks mum, for telling me that!…. He'll be here any minute now! I'm so excited i finally have a sibling! I've decided to be the most positive i can be about this situation, I love both my mum and Jim so i'm not gonna be selfish. I hear a door being opened! I'll write more later!

I shot out of my seat, and sped down the stairs excited to see my new brother. I heard my mum laugh as she heard me thunder down the stairs like an elephant. "Don't hurt yourself" She called out, jinxing me as i tripped on the last step. The next few things happened in what felt like slow-motion. Number 1. My new step-brother had happened to be walking past. Number 2. I barreled straight into him, letting out a very high pitched squeal. Number 3. A loud crack sounded through the house, followed by immense pain shooting up my wrist. The boy beneath me groaned with pain, and shoved me off rather nastily. I heard a few curses as he stood up. I cried out in agony as i landed on my wrist, my mother and Jim shot into the room. So much for first impressions.

Jim quickly gathered me up in his arms and dragged me to the bench, I was screaming like a banshee the whole time drowning out the confused shouts of my new brother. "Broken" Muttered Jim as he lifted my limp wrist in the air cautiously, while my mum was wiping the tears of my face. Through my blurred vision i could see the boy standing awkwardly at the side of the scene. "It hurts" I whimpered out, forgetting how much of a wimp i was looking like.

My screams had finally quietened down, as Jim carried me out to the car. Soon enough we were at the Medical Centre, and next thing i know i was waking up again.

"Urgh" I groaned as the memories of what just happened rushed into my head, i glimpsed down at the cast that cover my arm. It had cute little purple dinosaurs on it, i'm glad my mum hadn't got me a pink one. I felt my cheeks heat up as i thought of what my new stepbrother would think of me.

"That was a very interesting first meeting" A deep voice came from beside me, to my right. There sat a boy, my step brother i assumed. You don't really get a good look at a person when your hurtling at then from down the stairs. He had dark brown hair, which was messed up, probably from my accidental attack and dark grey eyes that seemed to be glaring into me. I gulped and croaked back "It's definitely in the top ten" I awkwardly laughed after that.

"My names Troy" I said, he made no reply just nodded distractedly. I looked around the white room for my Mum or Jim to save me from one of the most awkward silences i've ever had.

"Jim and her aren't here, they left to go sign some forms" He sneered, seeing me look around the room. I didn't like the way her talked about my mum, were all siblings like this?

"Oh thanks, but could you please not refer to my mum as a 'her'?" I replied genuinely, i loved my mum and this boy was a bit of a brat so far. The boy snorted arrogantly, i frowned in reply. Desperate to make the best impression i continued talking "So, uh what's your name?"

The boy sighed and ignored my question, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and started texting someone. I exhaled loudly, god this was so difficult. I scammed my brain for anything else i could talk about.

"So, I'm sorry for bumping into you. Are you hurt? I was so excit-" I began before he cut me off rudely.

"Look princess, i don't give a shit. I don't need some preppy girl coming into my life and ruing everything, do me a favor and take yourself and your whore of a mother away" He spat at me bitterly. I felt tears well up. I had never been spoken too like that before. I looked into his cold eyes and saw nothing but hatred, i gulped. I didn't know wether to be afraid or stand up for my mother. I opted for the second choice.

"Look here, i'm sorry i truly am. I didn't mean to barge in on your life or anything. But do not talk about my mother like that, it makes you seem like a total prick and it's not true." I replied back to him in a softer tone, i was never very good with confrontations. I felt sort of mean for judging him as a prick because i could see where he was coming from, it was sort of hard not to feel that way. But he had been asking for it, i vowed to try be nicer next time as long as my mum wasn't involved.

He scoffed and slid his phone back into his pocket. "Just piss off okay?" I frowned again this time out of confusion. Why can't he just accept it? Maybe something happened with his mother? She might've died, like my father did. I understood him partly. I smiled, and laid my uninjured hand on his arm. He glanced up at me with a weird look on his face. "I'm sorry for calling you a prick, i hope we can be great friends" I said honestly, i'll admit i was slightly curious.

"Are you stupid girl? I don't like you, we will never be friends." He responded bitterly, i breathed out deeply my patience slowly running out.

"Okay, I give up!" I said retreating my hand from his arm. He smirked with arrogance at his 'win' i just rolled my eyes.

Luckily my mum and Jim came back, saving me from Mr. Grumpy. I smiled as my mum scolded me for my clumsiness. I laughed the whole time, but couldn't help but notice the slightly jealous look that crossed the boys face, before utter distaste replaced it. He slid out of the room, head down low ignoring the call of his father. Jim looked at me indecision clear in his eyes, i nodded at him and he quickly left to follow his son.

"Mum, i'm fine" I choked out as she released me from her death grip hug. She smiled and kissed my forehead, "I know baby, you had me worried there for a minute" I smiled and mumbled a 'i love you' to her.

"Hey mum, whats the boys name?" I asked curiously. Her mum laughed, "He didn't tell you?" I shook my head "It's Jake, please be nice i think he's having a hard time adjusting" I nodded, more determine than ever to make my new family at peace.

"Honey, get some rest, your released tomorrow" My mum said with a smile, before exiting the room. I slipped into a restless sleep, my mind swirling the conversation i had with Jake over and over.