I ignored him after that. I felt sort of pathetic, giving up despite how i promised myself i wouldn't. I tried not to notice the blatant glares he sent my way, or the way he left the room if i entered. Jim and Mum didn't notice the tension between us, they were busy being in love. I was happy for them, i think? My mother had given up her life since dad died helping me become who i am, so i suppose it'd be selfish if i didn't let her fall in love again. I was currently sitting in the shower, huddled up letting the hot water sooth my thoughts. I heard loud banging at the door, i groaned and shouted "BUSY!" I heard a loud grunt from the doorway, "HURRY UP!" Was shouted back at me.

Jake. EEK! I gulped in deeply, closing my eyes as i shouted back "NO!" I crossed my fingers and hoped he didn't come and kill me… He banged on the door louder this time, more impatiently. "LOOK GIRL, I'M GOING OUT AND I WANT A SHOWER. IT'S MY HOUSE, LET ME HAVE A SHOWER!" His loud voice bellowed at me. I was never really tough, so i squeaked and hopped out. "In a sec." I told him, desperately wrapping the towel around me. I gathered my clothes, and pushed the door open. Jake stood there, an angry frown sitting on his face. I was beginning to wonder if that was his only expression. "Here you go!" I said with a smile, clinging the towel tight around my shivering body. He grunted and slammed the door shut. Sigh, why can't we be friends? I did an imitation of his angry frown and poked my tongue out, blowing the door a raspberry. "YOUR WELCOME!" I hollered sarcastically at him, turning to leave. "Piss off!" Came his rude reply, i kicked the door then left.

School again. My alarm clocked blasted out its beeping, startling me out of my sweet sleep. I groaned, trying to block out the noise by shoving my head under a pillow. Sad to say, it didn't work. In a zombie like state i had a shower, i got dressed, then ate my breakfast. My mum gave me a huge hug just before i left whispering "Have fun" Into my ear.

I cringed as soon as i left the doorway, school was not going to be fun. Despite the fact that in every novel the 'new kid' is welcomed and adored, i had come to learn that it was not true. I had made no friends, no one had approached me at all! I noticed quiet footsteps behind me, it turned out that Broody McBroodster (Yeah, i totally have the coolest nicknames) AKA Jake was walking very slowly behind me.I tried to slow down and meet up with him, but i think he noticed and also slowed down. So eventually i just stood still, and coincidently he did too. I rolled my eyes and went back to walking at my usual pace, if he didn't want to walk with me that's fine. I didn't want to walk with him anyway!

I heard a subtle cough coming from him, and by 'subtle' i mean it sounded like he was running over a cat with a lawn mower. I turned and raised an eyebrow not in the mood for more of his 'Piss Off Whore' attitude. But what surprised me was he actually spoke! In a normal tone! Miracle! "Oi chick, why do you keep trying?" He said curiously but i could still sense the loathing in his voice. I merely shrugged. "Why not? I mean we have to live in the same house, so whats wrong with making an effort?" I replied, walking towards him. He rolled his eyes at my answer, "Yeah right, you sound so fake. I meant more of the lines of why cant you take a hint"

"Seriously? I sound fake? I have put my heart and soul into becoming friends with your bratty spoiled butt!" I shouted back at him, i was really sick of him insulting me. No more Miss. Nice Girl, he'd brought out my bad side. He laughed and i hated it, it made me feel small for even trying to stick up for myself. "Yes you do, don't go shoving this whole 'Innocent friendship' bullshit down my throat! I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS! So? i may be bratty and spoiled but at least i'm wanted around here, i can't say the same for you." He replied back bluntly, his voice was loud and hate-fueled.

How many times was this guy going to make me cry? I could feel my voice tremble as i spoke "Look, okay? I'm not any happier than you about this move! I had to leave my life behind! So give me a break if i want to make the most of it! I'm not doing this for me, i'm doing it for my mother. I saw how heart-broken she was over Dads death, and if being with Jim is making her happy then i'll do anything." I had tears rolling down my cheeks, and he just stood there like a statue.

"Don't go play the victim! I bet you had no friends whatsoever back from wherever you crawled out of! Oh boo-hoo poor little Troy probably having you as a kid made him want to die, why don't you just stay out of my way?" He replied, arms crossed. I couldn't believe it, what kind of monster was this boy? Here i am fragile and broken, and he's telling me it's all my fault. "Fi-i-ine" I replied, my voice coming out all snuffly. I walked past him bumping his shoulder on the way, i didn't feel like school. All i felt like was crawling up in a all and crying for the next 20years. I entered the house, tears still streaming down my face. My mother had left to work already, and i think Jim had to. I texted her once i had cuddled all up in my bed. 'Mum, can i stay home? Something came up. Don't worry tho.' I fell asleep after that, my face red and my nose snotty.

I woke up to a gentle knocking on my door, i groaned still feeling like a ton of bricks had come and rained on my parade. I checked my watch, it was only 4 so it wouldn't be mum or Jim. "What?" I grumbled not leaving my bed. "Look, just open the door, okay?" Came Jacks voice from the other side, it sounded like he was forcing himself to speak. "So you can do what? Stomp on my heart and tell me i'm pathetic even more? No thanks." I said in a monotone. I prayed to god he just left me alone, i was done with crying today. "Please?" Came his voice. I was shocked, this creature knew manners? Who would've guessed? One more chance i said to myself. "Fine, it's open"

Jack stood in my doorway awkwardly. I could tell by his body language that he definitely didn't want to be here. "Sorry." He said with a curt nod before leaving. OH MY FLIPPING GOD! All he said was sorry? After all that? I was sick of this! I stormed out of bed and stomped down the stairs. I saw him lounging on the couch, no guilt whatsoever on his face. I'm not proud of what i did next.

I literally jumped on him, my hands poking his chest accusingly as he jolted up shocked. "YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE OF THE HELL YOU JUST PUT ME THROUGH!" I screamed in his face, his eyes were so startled. "Uhh?" Came the unintelligent answer from him. "SORRY? ALL YOU SAID WAS FUCKING SORRY? YOU TOTAL ASS!" By now he'd realized what was going on and was trying to push me off him. "WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND HAPPINESS OR THAT FACT YOUR MOTHER WON'T BE PROUD OF YOU, EVER!" I had finished my screech, and just thought of what i'd said. I'd crossed a line, his face clearly showed that. He shoved me off violently and we both stood raging at each other.

"You know nothing of my mother!" He spat with venom in his voice. I kept quiet for a bit, letting our 'glare down' continue in silence. "You know nothing of my dad!" I replied back, finally gaining the courage. Jake looked furious, i could tell that if i hadn't been a girl he would've already punched my head in. "Bull, i apologized! What more do you want?" He replied shifting the blame back on me. "Maybe a sincere one?" I whipped straight back at him.

"What's the point, what i said was true anyways?" He replied. That jerk! I've had it with him, so i slapped him hard. Across the face. The slap echoed throughout the house, his head twisted with the impact his cheek turning bright red. I gasped, i can't believe i just did that. But the stinging sensation in my hand proved it.

"Watch what you say asshole" I answered, before turning away and leaving through the front door.