here we go, the sequel to warriors of atlantis :) if you haven't read it, go read it first ^^

Chapter 1

Kieran sighed as he felt the power of a fire nation prince come closer to him though the amulet he wore on his neck. His contacts at the main court as warned him of this day for a bout year now. The day his father sent his brother to de-throne him. In his room, he pulled his bag over his shoulder and grabbing his sword left.

He paused before leaving at the door. A memory came over him and he walked back in. About year ago the King of Atlantis had fucked him hard enough to make him blank out and limp for days, thanks to a drunken bet. He had enjoyed that night, but he was also aware the King had left him a token. A gift to show... something Kieran wasn't prepared to accept then, and wasn't now.

He walked over to the bed and pulled something out from under it. A simple box. It had a crest on it, which only a member of the royal family, or one close to it would know. The crest of the first elemental who could control all four elements. A secret kept safe in all of there hearts.

Opening it, he smiled fondly at the ring. The band was designed as a sea serpent and where its month opened to breath fire, a blue stone which had orange swirls in it. He fingered it gently before placing it on a chain which was around his neck. He would keep it close to him. Closing his eyes he let his mind wander for a moment to the last time he had spoken to the King about something other then battle.

"My father is up to something. I fear I will be removed from the title of prince soon and when that happens I need somewhere to run to. Atlantis is the only place here, that I can. Just make sure when the time comes I'm able to find sanctuary and we're good" Prince Kieran explained his eyes serious and full of mystery. Already he was getting reports of his father planning to attack the earth nation.

"If the Fire Emperor is up to something I'd better send Lauren to Cal sooner then I had planned. Last thing I need is for her to get mixed up in something" commented Theo, who was with him. Theo had led the warriors down the cove, to where they would get away. Theo had his own reasons for worrying.

"She won't like that" Darren pointed out, surprising Kieran with his understanding of the girl. he smiled lightly, he didn't envy Theo for having to tell her she was being sent away. Darren was right, Lauren wasn't the sort which would go without a fight.

"She would of had to have gone for training soon anyway" Theo shrugged, "We all did" Darren seemed confused by those words but the Water king didn't. His eyes locked on to Theo's, understanding flowing though them. Apart of Kieran felt pleased his best friend trusted the man so much. Especially as it seemed the nymph he had charmed was still unaware of his secret...

"Prince Kieran, I can't promise I will be able to help you, but if he removes you, I can promise you can hide in Atlantis" The Water King promised, his eyes locked firmly on Theo but his hand touched his gently.


Afterwards they had spoke together about there, relationships with the water nation warriors. Something hurt in both of there chests. Longing for there partners. Whether they felt the same, Kieran and Theo did not know. But the hurting worried them, as it only meant one thing.


They had fallen for the men. Something which was too dangerous at the moment. For all of them. Both came to conclusion they should distance themselves as physically possible from the men. Slight problem when you're meant to be fighting against them though.

Knock Knock.

Kieran tugged the ring under his shirt and answered the door. Theo was there, his own bag on his shoulder. It was time to go. They looked each other in the eye and nodded, a silent commutation. They had done this so many times now. Escaped from a place they had called there home for a while. but being of royal blood but not of royal status was too dangerous to be allowed to settle.

They left the door and moved smoothly though the castle. It was early and few there out. Those who were gave them questioningly looks but none were of high enough status to ask where they were going. Finally they came across Theo's second. A older man called Art Webb.

He was a loyal man, always serving the Prince dutifully. 'For crown and country' was his catch phase. Kieran liked him. Shame.

"My lord, Theo, where are you off. I thought your brother was coming soon?"

"I am aware. For that reason my friend we must depart" Theo said gripping the man on the shoulder, "Keep the men ready, the dark swarm do not stop for our own conveniences"

"I do not follow?"

"My father has declared war on the earth nation" Kieran said quietly, watching as Webb's eyes widening in a mixture of horror and realisation.

"But sire, you can not think he will..."

"I do not think. I know. My father only put me back on the throne to fail, only put me on because he could not deny my birthright in front of the three nations. Corrupt as one may be. My brother will come to kill me. I have not wish to cause harm to this city. It is time I went"

"Where will you go? Water is surly the corrupt one?"

"Water is as pure and righteous as it has always been. Its just a bit free minded" shrugged Theo, his earth accent sneaking in as he began to worry slightly.

"King Eban has promised shelter when the time comes"

"You would trust the Water King over you're own father?" Webb looked shocked beyond believe. He had understood when the Prince had slept with the Nymph. He was younger and was not as able to protect himself from nymph magic as an older Prince would be able to. But to trust him more?

"Webb, my father is powerful. but he is also ruthless, he had disowned me before. King Eban has given his word to protect those who are under the care of the royal outcast Cal. His own sister is a Royal Outcast, though I believe he is planning to reinstate her now the Fire nation goes to war"


"It's no secret in the royal circles Fire and earth have a rivalry. Air has already said they will support the Fire nation. Fire shall attack water as well, whether King g g Eban and King Tristen will work together is anyones guess" Theo said his eyes burning in something akinhatredtrad asmentionedoned the fire and air nation.

"My wishes go with you. I wish I was younger so I could go with you two" Webb said sensing time was of the essence here. "It would seem you have quite an adventure ahead of you"

"As do you. Brother will storm the castle, I suggest you ensure no one fights. I do not wish to here of men dying under my name" Kieran said his eyes full of sorrow.

"Go lad. The men will be fine. We're Fire nation aren't we?" Webb grinned, his country roots coming into play, shocking the two men. "I'll play ya some time when it comes. But you had better promise me something"

"Name it"

"Stop what's brewing. My bones can feel it, and it ain't good. Not for any of us"

"Planning to" They both grinned before gripping Webb's shoulder in a gesture of faith and running off. Webb smiled and waved them off before walking over to the gong and sounding the alarm. Blood would be spilled by the end of the night, he could fell it in h is bones.

Kieran's brother was fast approaching and the former Prince and bodyguard, had a while to go before they reached where they would be able to cross over easily. It was time they left. Too the one place where the two men they had been avoiding were. To Atlantis.


King Eban looked up from the letter he had received from his sister as he felt a presence touch his mind. Just gently, but enough for him to feel. He smiled, but then turned serious as he read the surface thoughts. He stood, and called for Darren. It was time to go and get what was his.