One day. Not today nor tomorrow. but one day Theo was going to the architect who built the castle over looking Portal Bay. He wasn't also going to slap some sense in who named the bay. I mean come on! Someone must have been able to think up a better name then that.

Anyway focusing on what was going on around him, he continued running though the castle, Kieran following on his heels. Suddenly there was an explosion and both of them fell to there knees as a earthquake ripped though the castle. Or at least it felt like a earthquake, both men knew better then that though.

"My brothers here" commented Kieran, struggling back to his feet. "We'd better take plan B, he'll will have blocked the back gates by now"

"I hate plan B" Moaned Theo, getting back to his feet as well, pulling his sword out. Both could feel power radiating from the great hall which was in front of them. It appeared Prince had decided to take the back entrance into the castle, likely guessing what there intentions would be.

"Little brother, you going to come greet me?" The Prince called from the great hall no doubt sensing they were close, his voice carrying echoing though out the hall and to the corridors surrounding it.

"Just give me a minute to get to the door brother" Kieran yelled back, rolling his eyes at the chuckle which came back. Theo went first, both walking into the hall on a balcony reserved for high end visitors during parties so they could watch the festivities with out being down with the common people.

In the middle of the floor, looking up at him with an arrogant smirk was a older man who looked very similar to Kieran Long red hair, green eyes, pale skin, all very much traits of the Fire empire. He wore an open white chest which showed off his chest, and black leather pants. A look which Kieran had always felt made people look more sluttish then royally.

Theo looked at the man frowning, "I'm sorry, who are you?" He asked, "I thought I knew all of Kieran's relatives but I have no clue to who you are"

"Doesn't surprise me, Callahan doesn't usually bother moving out of Fathers palace, isn't that right?" Kieran said looking down at his brother who glared at there obvious insult.

"Brother, you are under suspicion of being a traitor!" Callaghan yelled at his young brother who rolled his eyes. the guards surrounding the room, who had fought under Kieran yelled in confusion and complaint. the Prince had proved himself to be a true fire empire warrior many times over. Whose who had come with Prince Callaghan, tightened there grip on there weapons ready to fight.

"Enough" Kieran called, the hall falling into silence once again. Sighing he looked down at his older brother, no fear in his eyes, nor hate. "Why may I ask, does father believe I have betrayed him when I fought to prove my worth to him in the first place?"

"Information has come to his hands about your bodyguard being a fugitive of the Air Empire. Something you would have know about considering how long you have know him" Callaghan growled.

"Fugitive?" Theo lifted an eyebrow, "That's what they are calling half bloods these days?"

"You are a felon!"

"Theo's only crime was being born to a mother of air and father of earth. Nothing else" Kieran defended the men in the hall looking at there unflappable commander with curiosity in there eyes. Could the man who had never lost against the dark spawn, the man who had saved many of them and trained them to be better soldiers really be a criminal.

"Makes sense" Someone commented, "The air nation are more stiff necked about that sort of thing then we are!"

There was a murmur of approval from everyone in the room, many of Callaghan's men included. Callaghan's eyebrow twitched, he agreed but he was under orders to put his younger brother under irons. "Be that as it may, Father feels that this among others things suggests you would be prepared to betray the fire empire and you are do be dethroned immediately!"

"If that is fathers will, I will accept it" Kieran said, sparking yells of anger from his men. Everyone knew what that would mean. Kieran would be executed as false royally. No-one with royal blood and no title to go with it was allowed to live, "However" He yelled loudly to get over the dim, it quietly down again so he could speak his case, "Do not assume I will allow you to take me nor Theo to the dungeons. I will not let father have me killed because my closest friend is a half!"

"You fight against fathers will then!"

"If father's will mean me dying, then yes I fight fathers will!"

"Then you are no brother of mine"

"Oh I am. Because Callaghan, I warn you now. I'll do the same to you as well and any of other brothers and sisters that are do not suit is vision of a perfect Fire Nation"

"I am loyal! you are not!"

Kieran let a peel of bitter laughter run though the hall at that statement, Theo joining in. "I gave up everything to prove myself to that man and its still not enough" He hissed, glaring at his older brother, "I have been nothing but loyal to him. Following every order, completing every task. but its still not enough for him"

There was a roar of approval from his men at those words, his men who had watched both Kieran and Theo change to the Fire Lord's wishes over the four years they had lived at the castle. Whether it be Kieran not using his powers, or Theo following the criteria set out for a Prince's bodyguard. they had done it. They had done everything they should have needed to do to prove there loyalty. But it did appear like nothing was enough for the greedy Fire Emperor.

"Either way we take the castle by force"

"No I give it to you. My men are the Fire Emperors to control, not mine. I understood that a long time ago, however I will not knee towards you" Kieran declared, pulling his crown off and throwing it down off the balcony on to the ground. They all watched it roll to Callaghan's feet and Callaghan's face turn red in anger at the action.

"Either will I" Theo added on the end, "I've come to far to let a ponce take me in!"

Callaghan growled and pointed at them, "Arrest them!" He yelled. His men jumped to his orders, but unsurprisingly were hampered by those who served in the castle. Traitor or not, Kieran was still there Prince. The sound of metal clashing rang loudly as the solides tried to cut down the guards, but these weren't guards that were there for decoration. These were seasoned warriors used to fighting the strong forces of the dark spawn and the warriors of Atlantis! They weren't going down so easily without a fight.

"Run Sire, we can only give so much time" One loyal solider yelled up to Kieran and Theo who watched with amazed eyes. Had they really gained so much loyally while staying in the castle? They watched the men fight in a kind of shocked awe. This was how they felt about them? That they would fight in order to give them more time? Both couldn't help but feel a little moved by that.

Snapping out of it, Kieran nodded, "Thank you" he yelled, before turning and running out the hall, both he and Theo running like the wind. People moved out the way for them as they passed them, both jumping over the rail of a staircase to get on to the stairs, jumping down them.

"So plan B?" Kieran said grinning playfully at Theo who rolled his eyes. Kieran always had way to much fun running away from enemies. He got an insane kind of thrill from it. Personally Theo got that thrill from fighting.

"Plan B" sighed Theo, "But just so you know, I hate you for this!"

Kieran just laughed at the sentiment. Just hoping the plan would work. Because they were on there own from here on out. Even if they got to Atlantis he wasn't sure just how much help the Water King would give to them. He shook his head as memories ran though his mind. Now was either the time nor place to be thinking of that night.