"Why is everything so hard?" he whispered through his tears, his face hidden by his pitch black hair. His identity stayed secret as he stepped onto a chair in an empty room, a rope hanging from a ceiling of unknown heights.

'Goodbye,' lay written on a single paper on the floor. The boy tied a noose around his neck, slashed his wrist with an open knife, and fell into darkness – blood dripping slowly onto the note he left behind for a world that didn't offer the boy quite enough love.

Chapter 1

Hyde opened his golden eyes in an empty alley way and immediately began wondering how he got there. A light was flickering a few yards away from him, and suddenly, a man with blonde hair and red eyes wearing a pin striped suit appeared there. He motioned for Hyde to come to him. Hesitantly, Hyde stood and walked toward the odd guy.

The man grinned, "Hyde?" he asked.

Hyde stopped dead in his tracks. 'How does he know my name?' he wondered. Cautiously, he nodded his head.

"You weren't expected for quite a while." Hyde stared back at the man, not knowing how to proceed in the conversation. He didn't quite understand what was going on.

"Um... Who are you?" He asked awkwardly.

"Me?" The man returned, perplexed. "Well! My name is Luke but that's hardly who I am. I shouldn't be surprised. Not many people remember where they come from or where they've come to after such a long journey," he answered with a wink.

"Uhm, long journey? I just remember being in my room and then I fell a couple feet and now..."

"You're here with me!" Luke laughed. "Well that was certainly a long way to trip! Can't say it doesn't happen often though."

"You're saying I tripped... Into a completely different town?" Hyde asked incredulously.

"Yes sir! You tripped into The Town. The Town Of Immortal Loss! Excited yet?" Luke sang

"Town of Immortal Loss? Sounds ominous..."

"That's exactly why we usually just call it Town. Freaks the youngsters out a little bit less. But you're a man! I thought you'd find the name hip and exciting!"

"Actually I find it sort of depressing."

Luke sighs. "I guess I should have expected that," he said wistfully. "Oh well! Let's go find you a place to live."

"Wait, WHAT?"

"Well, there's no going back now. Once you get into Town you're stuck unless Jennifer allows you to leave. So we need to get you settled."

Hyde ruffled his hair and groaned loudly. "Ugh, great! I didn't sign up for this you know!"

"Sure you did," Luke replied. "you just don't remember. But that's okay. You'll like it here. It's fun!" He laughed. With a snap of Luke's fingers, it became day light.

"What was that?" Hyde asked nervously.

"Well it was creepier in the dark in an unfamiliar place. And I enjoyed scaring the pee out of you, but we kind of need to see to find a place for you to live," Luke smirked.

"I wasn't... You didn't scare me!" Hyde objected.

"It was a joke. Jeeze, you'd think a guy this tough would be a little less lame," Luke muttered in reply.

"What was that?" Hyde asked.

"Oh, nothing," Luke grinned back at him.

They had been walking a little while, and the Town itself had become visible. 'It's hard to describe,' Hyde thought. 'There are buildings moving on their own, strange creatures that definitely are NOT birds flying in the air, People with cat ears, People that aren't even people, small children all by themselves, buses driving themselves, People talking to seemingly inanimate objects...' Hyde was drawn in by the quirks of the city, which indeed was much too large to be called a town.

Utterly engrossed in the odd city, Hyde didn't notice the man sneaking up behind him, and jumped when a hand comes down firmly on his shoulder.

"Hey stranger!" The man greets cheerfully. Hyde looked uncomfortable, searching for something to get him out of the situation. Unfortunately, Luke seemed preoccupied talking to a woman with scales and moving tattoos. Hyde blanched and looked back at what he then noticed to be a fairly normal person with colorful clothing.

"Uhm, hi there." Hyde replied dutifully, trying to avoid eye contact.

"Now don't do that!" the man scolds, catching the younger boy's chin in his hand and angling Hyde's face so he was looking the man in the eye. Hyde narrowed his eyes in a glare as he stared at the man's startlingly blue eyes and reddish tinted brunette hair. "Much better," the man smiled. "Though I'd be happier if you didn't give me that look like you want to kill me. Are you new here?" he laughed.

"I guess," Hyde responded, annoyed. 'The people here are already getting on my nerves,' he thought.

The man laughed. "I'm Kade," he replied, finally releasing his hold on Hyde's chin.

"Hyde," Hyde returned. After a brief pause, Hyde asked, "If you don't mind me asking... How did you get here?"

"Well that's an interesting question." Kade considered. "I was about to ask you the same thing. I guess you could say I was pushed. You?"

"I just remember falling. Luke – that guy over there? - he said I tripped." Hyde answered.

"Interesting." Kade repeated. "How old are you, kid?"


"Such a sad story." Kade said softly, causing Hyde to blink in confusion. "But you're okay now. Here, I think Bob's got a spare room. Let's see if you can get him to let you stay there. Me and my buddy Cyndi like it. You might too." He smiled and pushed Hyde in the direction of his apartment.

Hyde called for Luke, not wanting to leave him behind, jumping in shock when he saw Luke right next to him.

"Jeeze, could you not yell so much, Hyde? You're annoying!" Luke complained plugging the offended ear.

Hyde responded by glaring dutifully back down at the pavement. "Whatever."

"That last part was a joke," Kade reassured him. "You're too shy to be annoying, riiiggghhhttt Luke?" Hyde glanced up for a second to glare at the colorful man beside him.

"Yeeaahh, sure," Luke replied, raising his left hand.

"You put that hand down!" Kade commanded.

"But it's my sarcasm hand!" Luke whined. "I have to raise it when I'm being sarcastic! Otherwise, who knows! It could fall off!"

"Yeah, yeah. We're almost at the apartment anyway, so I won't argue..."

"Ohh, goodie!" Luke clapped, "I get to see Bob The Building today! I just love my visits to Town!"

"Bob the... Building?" Hyde asked nervously, remembering his favorite childhood TV show protagonist being transformed into a man eating building. He shuddered.

"YOU ARE SUCH A PERV, BOB! I SWEAR I'LL MOVE OUT ONE DAY!" a woman shouted loudly at an ancient purple building – which had eyes, and every time it spoke the door opened and closed. 'This day keeps getting weirder and weirder,' Hyde thought.

"I can't help it if your skirts keep getting caught on my door handle, girlie. I also can't help the fact that you have a nice body, or that your panties are totally sexy. I just happen to enjoy all of these unfortunate events that have come your way!" Bob 'protested' rudely.

"WOO, JAMIE!" Kade shouted to her. "Couldn't even keep your pants on till breakfast? C'mon sweetie, I know you're better than that!" He winks.

"SHUT UP, BASTARD!" She shouted back.

"Love you too," he drawls in reply, waving his hand dismissively but stopping as he noticed that Hyde wass missing from his side. "Hyde?" he questioned the boy who was already halfway across the street where the girl stood, still shouting.

"Here," he offered, handing his long jacket to the girl, all the while averting his eyes from her indecent exposure. She softened, wrapping the coat around her small frame and smiled.

"Stupid boy, ruining my fun," Bob pouted.

"Sure." Hyde muttered. "If you're not man enough to-"

"Well I'm not a man," Bob replied snottily. "I am a building!"

Before Hyde could reply, the girl placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and leaned against him.

She said in a seductive voice, "At least we have some gentlemen left in Town. I'm Jamie H. What's your name hot stuff?"

"Hyde." He replied shortly, shooting her an icy glare. "Get off of me," he continued in a low, cold voice.

She laughed and pressed a hand against his chest, leaning in close as if she were about to kiss him, then whispered, "I stay in room 4-C. Come see me sometime. Don't hide from me." She chuckled a little at her joke and walked away, leaving Hyde in irate silence.

"I think she must have been a hooker in a past life!" Kade announced, causing Luke and Bob to erupt in laughter.

Hyde turned on Kade, "Kade, you're an ass- "

"Ohhh, so you're a friend of Kade's?" Bob interrupted. "We've got you a room then! How about 2-C, just two doors down from that foxy lady that just left?"

"Foxy lady? What are you, eighty?" Kade asked.

"He'll take it!" Luke shouted, then poofed away into a cloud of black smoke.

"Who decided that? Screw this, I'm leaving!" Hyde returned to the thick smoke that was all that remained of Luke.

Hyde stormed off, ignoring the protests of Kade. Mumbling to himself and not really paying attention, he quickly found himself lost in another dark ally.

"This again? Seriously?" Hyde calls to the sky (which he had no choice but to notice the ridiculously bright color of pink it was). Not far away, Hyde heard voices carrying on a conversation. He followed the noise in a sprint, hoping it would lead to a main street, but was disappointed to find that all that was there were two men. He continued to jog past them, too stubborn to ask for directions and unaware of the small girl in his path. His foot collided heavily with her green eyed face, and he toppled on top of her.

After scrambling quickly to his knees beside her, he put out a quick, "Shit, I'm sorry!" and stood. Then hesitated.

Hyde would never admit it, but he liked children. And he had just kicked her face. The least he could do was be a bit nicer than usual.

He crouched down beside the blonde girl in blue. "Hey, kid. 'Sup?"

She opened venomous green eyes and spit and Hyde's shoe from where she lay. "Leave me be," She growled.

"What are you, a dog?" Hyde cracked one of his rare, charming smiles at his own joke. "These guys causing you trouble?"

"What do you think?"

"Dog? No. Trouble? Yeah."

"Good work, Sherlock."

"Name's Hyde."

"Shut up."

"I like you." Okay, so maybe he would admit it. "I'll beat these guys up and take you home, kay?"

The girl didn't respond. She just stared at him with speculative eyes as he stood. He was easily 4 inches taller than both of the men before her, and he looked tough. But she couldn't sense any sort of power beneath his physical being. He was, basically, hopeless here in Town.

Hyde cracked his knuckles and smiled at the men. "So what's going on here?"

"We were just about to ask you that!" one with a puffy mustache and sunglasses responded angrily.

"She's our bounty, dude. Back off!" the other, a man with a collar and dog-like appendages spat.

"Now that's a dog." Hyde quipped. 'Bounty?' he thought, 'I'll ask later,'

The dog-man launched himself at Hyde who quickly dodged the attack and responded with a quick punch to his throat. The man gasped for breath as he fell to the ground, clutching at the offended area. Hyde smiled and pulled his exact o knife from his coat pocket, something he regularly carried.

"You can't beat them this easily," Cyndi supplied from behind him. He turned and gave her a quizzical look. "You obviously don't know how we fight here." She pointed in the direction of the assumed fallen dog-man, but Hyde was surprised to see him standing upright, not even winded.

"What the hell?"

"You catch on quick. Yes, Hell. The technique is called 'Hell Verse' and it's the only way to defeat another citizen of Town."

As if on cue, the man with sunglasses screamed with a sort of passion that Hyde thought was a bit over the top, "HELL... VERSE!"

Steam erupted from the man, and it seemed to condense into a semi-solid shape into his hands, before it glowed in a bright green blinding light and solidified completely into a buzzing chainsaw.

"Holy... Shit." Hyde breathed. 'This is impossible...' His knees where shaking and he was getting a bit of a head rush. Calmly, he placed his hands on his head to open up his lungs and calm himself down. "So what do I do?"

"That knife you pulled out earlier is probably what you need to activate it. Just say it. Say 'Hell Verse' and it'll come."

"No. That's stupid." He reasoned. "This isn't some comic book!"

"You're right. It's not," She said coolly.

Hyde sighed and lowered his hands, taking a glance at his red exact o knife. He sucked in a breath, and he said in a low, angry voice, "Hell verse."

A shroud of red mist flowed from his mouth as he spoke, wrapping around his darkly clothed figure like a snake. It shone red tinted white light as it collected into a denser type of smoke. Finally, the smoke crawled up Hyde's muscular frame and gathered at his hand that lightly held the exact o knife. It solidified quickly into a heavy broadsword with a black and white hilt and a red blade which was dripping an unidentifiable, clear and sticky liquid.

The broadsword was heavy. It fell to the ground before Hyde could catch it.



Kade – Hyde, where did you go? I know you're shy and all but Cyndi would really love to meet you.. Oh, wait.. When did you two get all close and best-buddy like? I WANT A BEST FRIEND TOOOO!


Cyndi – I think I recall you telling me you liked me...

Hyde – Shut up...

Everyone – Hope to see you next time