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Fighter: Even Heroes Bleed

Chapter One – "I'm Amelia Thorn."

As the train rounded the corner, Amelia saw it for the first time. Gravestone High; a huge black castle looming out of the thick grey mist. The sight sent a shiver down her spine. She didn't want to go there in the slightest, but she had to. She wasn't the only student from Gravestone on the train as it was the first day of the new school year, and the carriages were full of lively students, all chatting happily with one another. However, she was the only student sat all on her own with nobody to talk to, because it was her first day there. The other students who would be in her yeargroup had all known each other for at least a year already, and any newcomer was of very little interest to them. Amelia was sat in a carriage that was empty apart from her, reading a book and trying to pretend that all of this was a dream. But as soon as she saw the castle, and felt the icy air on the back of her neck, she knew that it wasn't a dream at all; it was all too real. She sighed, and got up from her seat. If she didn't try now, she wouldn't meet anyone before she got to the castle and the whole school was staring at the freaky new girl.

Amelia opened the door and walked into the carriage next door to her own, which was occupied by two boys who looked about her age. One was small and skinny, with very neat dark hair and bright blue eyes that were staring at her curiously, through the admittedly thick round glasses that were perched on his nose. The other boy was taller and lanky, with a thick mop of ginger hair. He was eyeing Amelia with distaste. She rolled her eyes at him and went to sit opposite the dark-haired boy.

"Hi. Sorry to intrude, but I'm new here." she announced, in her unusually posh voice. The boy with the ginger hair looked at her. He thought she was strange. He didn't understand why Thomas was gazing at her with a wistful smile on his face. It was as though he was under a trance. Was he? The boy felt suddenly uneasy as he looked at the girl. Who was she? Every student at Gravestone had a specialised talent but she, well she looked ordinary. Like every other human being out there. However, Thomas clearly didn't seem to think so, as he gazed at her with rapt attention through the lenses of his glasses.

"Hello. My name is Thomas. Thomas Parker. It's nice to meet you." He said, eventually breaking the awkward silence that had arisen within the carriage.

"Likewise." replied Amelia, bobbing her head in Thomas' direction "I'm Amelia Thorn."

The ginger boy snorted, and Amelia glared at him. She didn't much like the freckled boy sitting beside Thomas, although Thomas himself seemed alright. He returned the glare, as Amelia looked him up and down, with her nose crinkled.

"And you are?" she asked, in a high and reproving tone, as though she didn't really care what the boy's name was.

"George Payne." he replied shortly, running a hand agitatedly through his hair and making it look even messier than it already did.

"Pleasure." she muttered, although the repugnance in her eyes said otherwise. George didn't care. He wasn't at all concerned about this prissy girl with her bushy brown hair and ridiculously posh accent. He didn't get why Thomas had let her stay in their carriage for so long. If it was up to him, then she would have been tossed out of the carriage – tossed out of the train – the second that she had walked in.

"Are you in your second year now?" asked Amelia persistently, talking directly to Thomas this time, to avoid having to make conversation with George.

"Yes, we are. Are you in our year then?" inquired Thomas curiously, leaning closer towards the girl. She smiled and nodded her head in response. Thomas smiled back at her. He found something quite likeable about the otherwise slightly pretentious Amelia. He wasn't quite sure what it was, but there was something different about the girl.

"I should think we're almost at school." announced Amelia suddenly, as she glanced out of the window and saw the large castle fast approaching. George made an incomprehensible sound from behind the textbook he was holding – upside down – in front of his face.

"You don't expect me to believe you're actually reading that?" Amelia scoffed, raising an eyebrow at the ginger-haired boy "I mean: firstly it's upside down; secondly, you don't seem like the kind of boy who would be interested in herbology; thirdly, your eyes have been darting around the room, nowhere near the page and lastly, you haven't turned the page in ten minutes!"

George fixed her with a poisonous glare, furious that this insufferable new girl had outsmarted him. He shook his head fiercely; who did this maddening little wench think she was anyway? He shook his head again, this time directed at Thomas, to show him that this had gone too far. He wanted that...that girl...out of their carriage, and he wanted her out right now! He couldn't stand a single second more of her! Amelia seemed to realise this for, at that second, she got up out of her seat and headed towards the door.

But, out of sheer curiosity, George had one more thing to say to her.

"What are you anyway?" he asked bluntly, glowering at her back. She span around, looking confused.

"Whatever do you mean?" she asked, in a slightly shaky voice, which George chose to ignore.

"What are you? Like, I'm a werewolf and Thomas is a zombie. So, what are you?" he asked, talking as slowly as possible to make Amelia feel dumb. It was the closest thing to a comeback that he could manage right now. He scoffed at her "Don't tell me you don't know!"

Amelia's eyes flashed, and she looked as though she would have murdered George at that precise second if only she had had a weapon to do it with.

"Of course I know. I'm a witch." she retorted, and with that last word, she was gone from the carriage and out into the corridor. She could just about hear the last insult that George made against her: "No surprises there! What a horrible creature!"

Amelia rubbed her eyes as she pulled out of the carriage, to wipe away the tears before they began to spill from her eyes. She didn't mean to make people dislike her. It just seemed to happen! She shook herself. She was being silly. She didn't want to be friends with George anyway! Not if he was truly as ignorant as he had seemed in the carriage. No. She would find better friends. People who actually appreciated her. Like Thomas seemed to. The only downside to Thomas was that his best friend seemed to be George, and that would be almost unbearable for her.

The train drew to a halt as Amelia wiped the last of her tears away on the sleeve of her blazer, and students began to leak out of the many carriages and onto Gravestone platform. Amelia removed her suitcase from the carriage she had originally been in, and made her own way out onto the platform.

With her tidy new uniform, and her brown, battered suitcase, Amelia looked just like any other student returning to Gravestone High that year, but she most definitely wasn't.