Broken Heart

Was it the tone of his voice or was it because she didn't want to let go of him? It doesn't matter what the reason is, it all over now. As always is was too late; there is nothing left to say and nothing left to do. Nothing left but to cry her eyes out. 'I love you," she said but it was of no use. Anything she says wouldn't change his mind. "This is it?" Not really sure what she meant by it. All she knew was that she didn't want to stop talking to him. She felt foolish staying on the phone with him while crying and he was there calm and collected.

The conversation kept repeating itself inside her head, no matter how hard she tried to shake it off. It remained there like a broken record, cause new tears to fall after she gets herself to stop crying. "I thought you love me," she whispered to herself. She remembered his voice with the tone of certainty. He knew what he wanted and he was sure of it.

How can he say that I only wanted to play with his heart? How can he think that he doesn't matter to me at all? I did everything for him and I still would yet no matter what I say he wouldn't believe that I ever loved him. All these questions ran through her head.

She wanted the pain to stop. She felt her heart beating inside her chest and she couldn't take it anymore. She always thought that a broken heart felt like someone has ripped her heart out but no, it was different. She could feel her heart breaking, and she wanted to rip it out herself. She wanted to reach deep inside her chest with her bare hands. A few times she thought of taking a knife and carve the horrid thing out. It would be better if it was out, at least she wouldn't feel anything.

Her heart beats for him, her first love. Even if she finds another to love she knew, part of her will always love him.

Author's Note: Just a little short story about how I perceive how a broken heart feels like. It was one of those quick write it down things, so I hope the story is okay. Thanks for reading.