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A Fable of ADHD and Narcolepsy

Tanya Rahbita and Henrietta Torteisa were once best friends. Yes, they had their differences, but they still got along like two peas in a pod.

Until one day their friendship took a turn for the worse.

Tanya bounded up to Henrietta looking as eager as an ADHD kid ever could, "Come on slow poke, we just gotta get ya ta class on time." She gave her friend a firm pat on the back.

Henrietta opened one eye and pulled her self up from her resting place in her locker. "Why? The bell does not ring for-"She let out a powerful yawn before looking at her watch, "Oh... My watch says you are right..." She sluggishly moved to stretch while grabbing her notebooks, taking her time.

"Ah! You're sooo slow! Come ooon." She tapped her foot in hopes to quicken her friend.

Henrietta stopped what she was doing to look over at the spaz, "Why? The teachers do not mind if I am late… You are being so pushy today."

Tanya's jaw dropped, "Wha- pushy? I am like not being pushy." She pouted to show her insult.

"Yes, you are." Henrietta frowned as she stifled a yawn, "You know I do not have to get to class as soon as you because of my narcolepsy." She shook her head and went back to getting things out of her locker.

Tanya turned around and growled to herself as if her friend couldn't hear her, when she turned back around Henrietta was already nodding off. "Hey! Will ya like stay awake long enough for us ta like at least get through a conversation?"

Henrietta turned her drowsy head towards the spaz as she kept it against the locker, "We are not talking, Tanya. We are fighting."

"We're talking. If we were like fighting there'd be like yelling." Tanya crossed her arms as she bit the inside of her cheek.

"You don't need to yell to fight." Henrietta kept her voice calm, "Your parents do it all the time."

A silence fell over both of them. Henrietta looked at her friend with wide eyes, clearly shocked about what she had just said. Tanya had flinched slightly at the comment and now looked on the verge of tears.

"I… I'll see you in class…" Tanya looked away and wiped her eyes quickly, "Good bye."

Henrietta opened her mouth to say something, only to close it and turn back to her locker, "Good bye."

Moral to the story: Be careful what you say and it is never truly a GOOD bye if you leave on bad terms.

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