A/U: Hey there! This a collaboration poem created by my friend and I. The different part are seperated by the different fonts. Enjoy!

Your laugh, your smile
Everything you do
I can't help myself fall for you

Your eyes, your mouth
Everything you say
You make me feel okay

I gave my all to you
I wish you could see
How much I love you so
Baby please, don't leave me

But no matter how much I plea
I'm forced to see you leave
Why? Why do you move away from me?
I love you, come back
I need you, turn around
I'm calling you but you continue on your way
Leaving behind a trail of tears
Tears that bleed from a broken heart

I cant think, I cant breathe
My heart is pounding so hard
Screaming and begging
You are all I ever wanted
I gave you my heart
But you left It there in pieces

My hands shake picking up the pieces
I drop them, I'm crying
I feel like I'm dying
How could you do this to me?
I numb, my heart no longer part of me
You left behind a empty hollow shell
Am I dead yet? I feel like I'm In hell

I cant take It anymore

This torture and suffering

I just want to let go

from this cliff I'm hanging

But every time you call, I cant help but turn

I want to move on but I cant please don't leave me here to burn