Kink Fest is a series of oneshots/twoshots featuring various kinks starring my two OCs.

However; the first two chapters of this aren't technically past of Kink Fest. They're two oneshots I wrote prior to starting Kink Fest but I don't feel like posting them separately. Please note, this content is MATURE. It's all MalexMale. It's all about smexing.

Anyway, onwards and enjoy.

This was written back in February or March. It's a bit corny, too.

Realize that the characters are kinda OOC (and slutty, coughhackcough). They're different here than in some of my other fics.

Title: My Name is Seth
Rating: NC-17
Original; Seth and Azrael
Male/Male erotica, Male/Male sex, Male/Male erotic sex, oral, anal, solo, obscene language, mature content, overuse of the word fuck, bad language
It's all mine, bitch! You touch, I KEEL JUU!
Sequel - My Name is Azrael
Smutness. Yum.
Word Count:

My Name is Seth...

And I'm a sexaholic.

A.K.A. a nympho, slut, skank, whore, cock jockey, tramp, dumpster, fag, ho, cockslut, loose hussy, floozy, minx, streetwalker, bimbo, bender, pillow-biter, pervert, and a host of other charming names.

I like sex, all sex. Rough sex. Kinky sex. Slow sex. Great sex. Lame sex. Fast sex. Long sex. Sex in a bed. Sex on the floor. Sex in a closet. Sex in the back bed of a parked pick-up. Sex in the bathtub. Sex in an office. Sex in the park. Sex in my front yard. Sex in the backyard. Sex in the pool. Sex on rooftops. Sex in airplanes. Sex on the ocean floor.

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.

Currently I'm slouched low—legs splayed wide open—in one of the many white plastic chairs dotted around the rectangular conference room I'm in, openly ignoring the middle-aged reformed sex addict spokesman going on and on about the wonders of an addiction free lifestyle. Fuck that shit. I'm young, I'm horny, and I like to fuck. So what? Life is great as is. The only reason I even bother going to these lame meetings is to find my next hook-up. I've discovered SA (Sexaholics Anonymous) to be a great place to locate like-minded people looking for the same thing I am: a damn good time. No names. No fuss. No commitments.

Dressed to impress, I'm clothed in a sexy, black, off the shoulder top that clings to my torso like a second skin, outlining each and every angle of my body. Low enough on my hips to expose a sliver of skin—enough to tease but not give away all the goods—hang my tightest skaniest jean booty shorts, frayed edges just barely reaching past my crotch. They're so tight I have to go commando, and they're also ridiculously uncomfortable but they make my ass lock great. Glossy black 'Oh, fuck me' boots that reach my knees finish up the ensemble. My deep forest green is fussed up, looking like I just rolled out of bed after the best round of sex while my bistre colored eyes are lightly rimmed with a line of kohl. To spruce the outfit up, I'm decorated in a variety of piercings. Three silver studs in my left ear, two in my right. A cute little hoop in my nose and a tasteful pink tongue ring stating 'Cum Here'.

Simple, yet effective.

I'm feeling hella hot at the moment. And judging by the vast amount of interested stares I'm receiving there are others in agreement.

Unfortunately, while looking around at the rather dismal pickings I'm feeling slightly put out. Not even one decent looking lay in the bunch. I suppose the guy two rows across from me is doable, though I'm not exactly digging the '80s style mullet he's trying to rock. There's another guy sitting about five rows behind me that's not too bad looking either. Most likely in his early to mid twenties. Fucking scrawny and emo looking, though. Looks like he couldn't even bench press 50 lbs. I am by no means a physically strong person myself, so I've no right to judge. However; I prefer to be dominated by my partners in the sack. Or wherever I'm fucking.

For a second I think maybe I'll have better luck with the female population since they seem to be far more attractive than the men tonight. When it comes to sex addiction terms like 'gay' or 'straight' become obsolete. Though I am of the former variety, when I'm this desperate for a fix I have been known to dabble with the opposite sex. But the idea of doing that tonight is immediately squashed. Just the mental image of sticking my dick into any of these skank's twats is almost enough to make me puke.

Besides, tonight I've got a taste for something masculine and powerful.

Ah well, beggars can't be choosers I suppose. It's between Mullet Guy and Emo Freak for me.

Just when I'm about to settle on Mullet Guy as my next victim, the side door to the conference room opens and in walks what must be a godsend.

I swear on my life, the entire room immediately ceases all talking to watch as the newcomer meanders in leisurely. Even the idiot spokesperson finally shuts his trap.

Standing at a towering 6'4 with wild white and black hair, shrewd eyes narrowed in agitation, this being— because he most assuredly isn't a mere human— just about oozes sex appeal with every step he takes. As he moves farther into the room, I can see he's got the most beautiful gold eyes I've ever seen, a straight nose, and sensual lips curved into a scowl, set in an angular yet masculine face. He looks like he'd rather be anywhere on the planet except here but I'm seriously appreciating the free eye candy. His unruly hair brushes against the nape of his thickly corded neck with every step. The delectable neck leads to strong, broad shoulders thrown back in an arrogant posture. His skin is the color of light caramel, obviously natural and reminiscent of a Spanish ancestry. The guy is wearing a tight white wife beater that hugs each and every contour of his muscular body. They show off his bare arms which are riddled with tattoos, black ink markings dancing across the skin in intricate designs. Baggy army fatigue pants held up with a beige belt and tan Timberlands complete the outfit.


Then as fate would have it, his gold eyes lock with my brown eyes and it's like electricity.


Hell yeah, bitches!

This is the one I've been waiting for.

As if following my train of thought, a slow seductive smirk spreads across his face causing a wave of arousal to wash over my body. It's like I'm instantly turned on. Cheeks flushed, pupils dilated, nipples erect, and dick hard as a motherfucking rock. My asshole, never one to be left out of a party, twitches eagerly in anticipation, feeling wet and slick from the lube I already applied before coming here.

It takes every ounce of control in my body for me to not start rubbing myself.

I can tell this guy is like me and he can sure as hell give me what I want.

He will give me what I want.

He strolls over in his sensual way, blatantly ignoring the effect he has on the other occupants of the room before taking a seat. Right. Next. To me. Casual as can be, he slings his arm back behind my seat as if it's the most natural thing in the world. Hot damn, I must have done some wonderful things in my past life for this to be happening to me.

We don't talk. In fact, we barely even look at each other. Simply stare ahead and wait for the spokesman to continue his bogus spiel on the pros of abstinence which he does red faced and embarrassed. It's a boring and long-winded speech but I know what awaits me in the future will definitely make up for having to listening to his shit.

At some point the sex god beside me (because I doubt he could be anything but) leans towards me, briefly burying his nose into the skin of my neck and licks at it before nibbling sharply. I, of course, moan like the wanton whore I am, dick jumping in excitement. I'm kind of regretting wearing these shorts, my cock hurts so much. It's funny; our clothes aren't even off yet but I can already feel it running, precome staining the front. Immediately, I slant my head to the side in a desperate plea for more and he chuckles darkly in reply, lips tickling my neck.

Breathless, I gasp, "Don't you think we should take this elsewhere?"

And in the deepest most seductive voice I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, he answers, "You in a hurry, cutie?"

I grin. "Fuck yeah."

He laughs loudly, once again interrupting the speaker's speech (and not caring), and I find myself strangely pleased by the sound of his laugh. It's boisterous and lively, but so low and sexy it sends chills down my spine. Pulling back he glances down at my open legs, erection clearly visible.

He gives a guttural groan, more like a purr than anything else. "I can tell."

Without another word he stands abruptly and struts away, looking like a model that stepped straight out of a GQ magazine. I'm pleasantly surprised to see he's got a great firm looking ass. It's like frosting on the fucking cake.

The spokesperson, possibly fed up with us at last, huffs in anger, causing his wrinkled old face to blaze red. "Where are you going to, young man?"

To the entire room's amusement the sex god pauses, turns on his heel gracefully, and sneers, "To take a fucking shit. Do I need your permission?" And then he leaves.

So fucking fine.

I stand unsteadily, wincing from the pain of my erection but grinning widely. I swear, I'm absolutely brimming with joy and excitement. This is going to be the best fuck of my life! Boots clicking on the titled floor of the room I clumsily scurry after him, feeling like a young teen about to explore my first sexual relationship.

The exasperated speaker, looking very upset—I almost feel bad for him— whines, "And where are you off to?"

Uh… "To get fucked. Where else?" And then I'm gone as well, tumbling out of the room in search of my new play toy. He's to the left strolling down the hall at his typical unhurried pace, right hand in the pocket of his pants and whistling a tune absentmindedly. I follow behind him as quietly as I can, feeling like a wild jungle cat stalking my prey. The thought is such a turn on that I actually start salivating and my heart begins to race wildly.

I want him to nail me so badly. Give it to me hard and fast. Make it fucking hurt.

He veers off when he comes upon the nearest restroom and I'm not even sure if it's the men's or women's. I don't give a fuck. Already popping the button of my shorts open I follow after him through the doorway. Almost immediately I'm grabbed by the hair, slammed up against the closed door, and trapped against 200 or so pounds of rock solid muscle. I hiss at the pain in my scalp, but it's such a welcomed pain and I crave more of it. Hell, I think he could rip my hair out and I'd still want him.

Oh dear Lord, this is going to be fucking incredible, I can feel it.

I don't even get my bearings straight before his lips are on mine, sucking and kissing feverishly while the hand not in my hair grabs at my ass. I'm quick to get into the swing of things, kissing back just as hungrily and moaning low in my throat. He licks at my mouth and I open obediently. The kiss quickly grows steamy, wet, and wild. I seize hold of his shoulders, standing on the tips of my toes for more leverage. But it's not enough. I hoist a leg around his narrow waist and pull his body flush against mine. The position causes my shorts to tighten further and it's uncomfortable, but I don't care. I just want to be as close to this man as possible. His hand on my ass slips down to my bare thighs and his fingers dig grooves into the pale flesh. The sex god suddenly thrusts against me, his thick erection grinding harshly into mine.


Oh fuck, it feels so fucking good and I can't think and I can't do anything except hump him back and moan like a slutty porn star between kisses.

Our lips make a popping sound as he pulls back. Relieved to get some air, we stand together heaving in much needed breaths with identical dopey grins on our faces. Giggling a little, I rest my head against the door— at some point during the kiss he had released my hair— and stare into the eyes of the sexiest creature I'll probably ever meet while running both hands over the firm muscles of his chest. It's as if he is a fantasy come to life. Perfect and exactly what I want in a partner. I don't think I've ever sought after anything this much in my entire life.

Kneading at my leg still in his grasp, he murmurs, "You smell like pineapples."

I snort rudely. "Yeah well, I figured if people were going to call me a fruit I might as well smell like one."

Amused, he kisses me and I'm once again lost in the feeling of how superior it is to any other I've ever had. After another minute or so he pulls away, lips spread into a sexy smile. He brings a hand to my kiss-swollen and red lips, brushing over them sensually. "You know," he says, voice immediately dropping to a husky octave, "you've got great lips." Seemingly enamored, his eyes are riveted to them as he speaks. "Mmm, perfect for sucking cock."

It's like I'm struck by a bolt of lust filled lightning. Just the thought of being on my knees in front of this man, forced to take his cock as he fucks my mouth raw has me nearly coming undone in my shorts. Practically begging, I whimper, "You want to try them out?" Feeling particularly naughty I lick at the large fingers by my mouth before sucking them in one by one. His fingers taste like sweat and salt and man. I love it. He presses them against my tongue and forces them back into my throat, testing my gag reflex.

I take them with no problem.

"Get on your knees."

I'm only too happy to comply.

Kissing him one more time, I sink to my knees. Not even paying attention to the state of the bathroom floor I grab his belt buckle and begin expertly undoing his pants. Briefly I reflect over how pleased I am that he's wearing a belt. Something about the chinking sound they make as I'm being fucked has always been something that gets me hot and bothered. Keeping the accessory in the loops, I unbutton the pants nearly creaming myself again when I'm smacked on the cheek by his wet prick. God, even his cock is beautiful. Long, probably a good 9 inches and thicker than I've ever had. And I've had a lot. Its color is probably about a shade darker than the rest of his skin though the head is a deep red. Thick, though not obscene, veins run across its length. A substantial amount of pre-ejaculate emerges from the head and runs straight down into his heavy sac—which also somehow manages to look appetizing. I cup his cock in my hand, feeling the serious weight of it and thinking about just how wonderful it will feel inside me. By their own violation my hips start to roll wantonly. I use my hand not holding his dick to release mine from its confines. I'm hard up and dripping more than he is. Already there's a puddle of spunk forming beneath me.

Lightly stroking at the silky taut skin of his prick, I look up into my personal wet dream's eyes and grin before taking the head of it into my mouth. Hollowing out my cheeks I suck roughly at it and he groans appreciatively, throwing his head back in ecstasy. One of his hands flies back into my hair and tugs. I suckle delicately, teasingly running my tongue ring all over the rim before dipping into his slit. His cock jumps in my mouth, depositing another pearl of his essence that I'm all too happy to lap up. Hissing sharply, he jerks my head in warning. I'm having fun teasing him and he lets me for a while. I take a little more of his cock, plump lips stretching tightly around its girth. Bobbing slowly, I keep one hand stroking the shaft in tandem with my sucks while the other plays with his full sac.

After a few minutes my nameless lover begins to grow impatient. Tightening his grip in my hair to hold me steady he begins thrusting strongly, forcing more and more of himself into my mouth. I'm moaning ceaselessly now, making a high keening noise around his meat. My hands have abandoned his body in favor of mine, one jacking at my dick furiously and the other tugging at my sac. My hole feels empty and neglected, wanting to be pounded by his cock the way my mouth is. My jaw burns from the stretch of his penis but as he starts to really use my mouth as his personal fuckhole—like I predicted— I know I wouldn't have it any other way. Groaning, he pistons his hips wildly and there really isn't much I can do except hope I don't choke to death like this. At least, not before I get off.

Sucking his cock is pretty messy. With each shove into my mouth he makes there's a vulgar squelching nose that my balls tighten. It's hard to breath, my eyes are watery, and I'm basically drooling all over myself from the amount of saliva running out of my mouth but I like messy. Messy is sexy, raunchy, and crude. I almost want him to rip his dick out and come on my face, paint my body in his fucking seed and claim me as his personal bitch.

I'd fucking accept in a heartbeat.

One particularly hard thrust manages to brush up against the back of my throat and I gag powerfully, ripping myself away to cough and sputter. The sex god laughs loudly, unapologetic in the treatment of my body. As soon as my coughs die down he helps me up from the floor. My legs feel weak and I sag against him bonelessly.

"Oh, fuck," I mumble.

Still chuckling, he leans me back against the door before slipping down into a crouch before me. Skillfully, he pushes my tight shorts off my hips, down my thighs and over my boots until they're completely removed. The fact that he leaves my boots on makes me smile saucily. Tossing my shorts to the side carelessly he stands again and pushes my shirt up high enough to expose my nipples to the cool air. They immediately tighten and flush pink. Finished rearranging my clothes the man clasps my narrow hips in his warm hands. He looks over my bare body openly, shamelessly checking out the goods he's managed to snag. I'm sure I look like one hell of a hot mess. Hair untidy, sweaty, covered in spit, come, and who the hell knows what else. Even the kohl around my eyes has probably started to run by now. But I don't care because I'm receiving the hungriest, most lustful leer ever given in human history. Oh yeah, he fucking wants me.

Who wouldn't?

Coming to a decision he spins me around abruptly and pins the side of my face against the restroom door. Keeping me there with one hand, his other forces me to arch my back and push my pert ass out, putting it on display. Willingly, my hands press against the door on either side of my head and I bow my back for him even more.

"Stay," he grunts gruffly while removing the hand on my lower back. I moan, nodding mechanically and spread my legs.

From behind me, I hear the vulgar sound of him spitting into his palm before two moist fingers prod at my lubed opening, slipping in with ease. He releases a surprised hum of approval before curling his fingers inward, fucking me slowly. The thrusts are short and teasing, perhaps repaying me for my earlier treatment of his erection. Eagerly I rock back on the intruding digits, rolling my hips and anxious for more.

Preparation has never been a necessary thing for me though I do find it to be enjoyable.

Leaning down, he lightly presses his lips to the back of my damp neck and whispers charmingly, "I should have known a little cockslut like you would have oiled up before heading out." He increases the speed of his fingers, the appendages working magic deep in my hole and pounding the inner walls of my ass.

Glazed and feeling incredible, I retort, "I always did like being prepared." I glance at him from the corner of my eye. Catching his attention, I finish, "I like having a good time.

He laughs breezily while grinding his burning erection against my ass cheek. I feel a trail of come smear across it. "Yeah? Man, I can only imagine the amount of football teams you've been smashed by."

"That would be three."

He snorts, amused with our playful banter. I find it comical just how easily we're getting along together. In most situations like this when I'd sleep with other sexaholics, it's typically a very straight forward wam-bam- thank-you-ma'am (or sir, in this case) kind of scenario. But as I stand there getting my hole fingered I realize I actually wouldn't mind getting to know this guy. Especially if he always fucks like this.

Without warning his fingers speedily ram into my prostate and I howl like a bitch in heat, sobbing loudly as wave after wave of pleasure tear their way through my body. My hips bounce back and forth involuntarily as my palms beat frantically against the door. Blissed out, I shriek wildly. "Auhn! Oh yes, yes, right there, baby!"

Thankfully, he doesn't say anything lame and overused like 'Found it', something I've heard one too many times. He simply grinds his thick, calloused digits harshly into the nub making me scream and cry out in delight.

Growling deeply he finger fucks my hole recklessly, slutty wet sounds and the musky smell of arousal quickly permeating the air. His stabs are harsh against my prostate, short quick jabs that have me spiraling headlong into nirvana. All too soon my body is overwhelmed from a barrage of sensations and I come screaming obscenities. Spunk bursts forth from my slit and coats the door with ejaculate. My knees buckle and the only thing that saves me from crashing to the floor in a mess of spasms are his quick reflexes.

Stumbling on wobbly legs, I laugh myself silly as remnants from my orgasm sizzle up and down my spine. I feel like I'm on a fucking cloud. Strong arms wrap around my waist and hold me flush against the large body behind me. My rear comes into contact with his hard prick and I'm instantly reminded of all the fun left to be had. Rather than being worn out from just achieving orgasm, I'm psyched knowing there's more to come. Already I can feel a tingling sensation starting up in my groin.

"You're really good," I gush.

"I know," he replies. From most guys saying that would come across as arrogant and pigheaded but he just makes it sound like what it is, irrefutable fact. With gentle hands he tilts my head back and our eyes connect. "Ready for round two?"

"Yes." I nibble at my bottom lip. "Please."

"Great, 'cause that show you just put on nearly made me come."

I shudder pleasantly at the thought on him coming all over my backside while his fingers pound me into ecstasy. That would have been so fucking sexy. Not breaking the hold he has on me, I spin in his arms and bring my own around his neck. "Kiss me."

He does so willingly. The kiss is as heated and lustful as ever. His hands around me move to massage my tailbone and it feels incredibly erotic and spicy. Within no time at all I'm hard again and moaning. Breaking the kiss, I whisper against his lips, "Baby, I can't take it anymore. You gotta fuck me now."

My sexy mystery man nods in agreement and kisses me chastely one more time before hoisting me into the air effortlessly. I'm amazed by the strength in his body. By no means am I a heavyweight but the ease with which he picks me up is still startling. Instinctively I wrap my legs around his waist and tighten my arms around his neck. With every shift and movement we make I can feel his stiff cock rub against my ass, occasionally brushing past the crease to rub my entrance. He presses my back to the door for leverage before releasing me long enough to rip his wife beater off. With each inch of skin that he uncovers I get an eyeful of a gorgeously tattooed torso rippling with muscle, pectoral and abdominal firm and cut to perfection. I bring my hands down to stroke against his unyielding six-pack, nearly trembling with excitement. This guy could be dangerous if he wanted.

Allowing me to continue my perusal of his body for a moment longer, the man fishes a condom packet from his pants—looks like I definitely wasn't the only one who came here hoping for a lay—and tears into it with his teeth. I grin and take the imitative to start rubbing myself along his body, leaking erection coating his abs in a fine layer of jizz. My eyes roll back and I pant heavily, horny and ready for a fucking.

"Hurry," I urge.

He smacks my ass sharply and I yelp. "Impatient bitch."

You know it.

Thankfully, I soon hear the sound of a condom snapping on followed by delicious pressure against my hole. He clutches my waist tightly with one hand, the other presumably guiding his cock, before lowering me slowly. Pressure builds against the ring of my asshole as the cock head forces its way into my passage. My eyes water and face screws up in pain. Fuck, he's big. I'm suddenly very thankful for having the foresight to lube up ahead of time. Inch by inch, he steadily works his way in. It hurts so damn much tears of pain actually begin running down my cheeks and I whimper softly. Admittedly I'm pretty damn loose from being pounded regularly by God only knows how many people but his cock is so fucking thick and rigid it stretches my entrance taught. The man sighs airily before abruptly shoving the remainder of his length deep into my channel and directly into my prostate. Stunned momentarily from the blinding pleasure/pain my body stiffens I wail loudly, blunt fingernails digging grooves into his skin as I rake them down his chest. The hand that had been on his cock comes up to brush my tears away sweetly.

He doesn't give me much time to adjust—and I didn't expect him to, didn't want him to—before his hips begin to roll, thick erection pressing in and out of my asshole at an even pace. It burns like you wouldn't believe but I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Is it good, baby?" I croak, voice hoarse from screaming. It's strange but ever since he made me come with just his fingers I've been feeling like this isn't just about me or my pleasure any more. I want him to enjoy my body. I want him to be satisfied and pleased with it. I don't even care if I get off anymore I just want him to fuck me raw until he's spent and satiated. I want him to love it and crave it. I want him to be as addicted to me as I'm becoming to him.

Slowing to a stop he smiles at me, gold eyes lighting up, and I'm immediately at ease. "Like a fucking vice. You're perfect, cutie."

We kiss again, but much sweeter this time, while holding each other close. More like lovers and less like two strangers fucking in a public bathroom. Unhurried, our lips smack together and tongues swap fluids. He pulls away enough to ask, "What's your name?"

This is where I'd usually give a fake name. But not this time, not with this man.

I smile coyly, blush spreading across my face. "It's Seth." A little hesitantly, I ask, "And yours?"

Please be anything but Bob.

"Azrael," he answers huskily.

"Azrael," I repeat, tasting the word my tongue. Strong, bold, and unique.

It fits.

I'm regretting not knowing his name earlier, wishing I could have screamed it to the high heavens when I came. But I'll be sure to do it this time around. I want everyone in the entire fucking world to know who I'm with right now.

I think he— Azrael, I remind myself—must have very much liked the way I said his name. His gold eyes grow dark with lust and he immediately begins moving within me again, leaving a trail of scorching fire in the wake of every thrust. By this time my body has grown used to his girth and is once again spurred into a frenzy, dick rock-hard and sopping wet. My head lolls to the side weakly and Azrael—God, that name gets me so hot—latches onto my neck, sucking feverishly at the tendons. He bites sharply and I wince in pain but don't pull back. I want him to mark me so everyone can see it. So everyone knows he fucked me. Realizing I've loosened up quite a bit, he growls warningly before suddenly propelling his hips rapidly. I cry out loudly and writhe in pleasured anguish. I start rocking my hips eagerly into each of his thrusts, using his own shoulders as leverage. Bouncing madly on his cock, my mouth hangs open emitting a near constant series of screams and moans.

Without warning my back slams up against the door as Azrael goes wild with passion. I scream again and throw my head back into the door, dizzying myself from the impact. "Azrael, baby, fuck me harder!" I beg.

Azrael unexpectedly rips my legs from around his waist and flings them up to my shoulders, bowing my back nearly in half. He braces his muscled arms on either side of me and the only thing really keeping me from tumbling to the ground is his cock and hips that haven't once stopped their incessant pummeling of my asshole. The new position opens me up to him completely and gives him a straight shot at my prostate. He takes up the opportunity with gusto, ramming the small gland on each and every thrust. It's rough and agonizing and so wonderful and I can't stop myself as the pleasure mounts until it's near unbearable and I come again screaming his name, never once having to touch myself all this time.

My asshole seizes up around his cock as spasms rock my body. Azrael pulls out of me, my well fucked hole squelching on the way out, and yanks the condom from his swollen prick. I watch dazed as he jerks off, finally coming with a long drawn out moan and releasing a copious amount of spunk all over my abdomen. Right before my eyes I watch as it runs down my body and into the crease of my groin, coating my cock and balls.

He looks into my eyes and smiles harmlessly.

I know what this means.

He fucking owns me now.

The End