It's Only Incest if You Grab My Junk
Hard Yaoi, NC-17, Not Safe for Anything

"Besides," Gabriel Lynch argues primly, "it's only incest if you grab my junk."

Azrael cringes deeply, shudders at the unwelcomed imagery.

"Keep your dick away from my dick and it'll be cool, bro."

The thought of not nearly makes him hurl.

"Of course we can't not look at each other, but I think the powers at be'll understand. Anyway, it ain't like we've never seen each other naked before. Or havin' sex. Remember that time, when you were datin' what's'er face, and I walked in on you totally piledrivin' her into the floor—"

"Jesus Christ," Azrael cries flushed with indignation and rightful anger.

"And then there's the time you saw me goin' down on one of your other ex-girlfriends. Sorry about that, by the way, but it's just, she used to do this thing with her tongue and it drove me wild. You know what I'm sayin'. With the piercing and the way she'd curl it-"

"Fuck! Fuck, just— If I say yes, will you shut. the. hell. up?

Gabe flashes a self-satisfied, fanged-tooth smirk, his dimpled cheek pulling tight. "Pretty much."

"Fine. Yes. We can have your gay foursome."

"Friday night?"

"Friday night."

Huzzah. "Great. You bring you lover-bunny."

"So long as you bring your boy-toy."

And they shook on it.

"All I'm saying," Seth says, "is it shouldn't've been that easy for your brother to talk you into a four-way."

Ain't that the truth.

"One time thing?"

That receives an empathic "Yes". As far as Azrael cares there will be no repeats of his future shame. "One time only. Friday night; you, me, Gabe, and Kaz. And then we never talk about this shit again."

Seth agrees in moments. Sex with not one or two, but three devastatingly attractive men, no strings attached? Yes, please.

Azrael heaves a weary sigh. "I'm somewhat insulted you agreed so quickly."

Gabriel cackles gleefully. "Should've seen his face, babe. I think Z was about to have a nervous breakdown."

Kasper grins smoothly, lays back on the bed. "Well, that would've spoiled all the fun."

"I'm sure Seth would've been up for it. He's more of a skank than anyone realizes."

Kaz concedes. Seth is more Gabriel's friend that his. "What day does our illustrious night of indecency fall on?"


In no time at all, 'La Friday Night Foursome En La Casa de Lynch' rolls around. By mutual agreement, Gabriel and Azrael arranged for their liaison to take place at their shared Tampa Bay condominium. Earlier that day, Azrael had cleared the family room of several sofas and filled the space with an ultra king sized mattress the brothers had bought just for the occasion. Several boxes of condoms as well as lubricant were deposited in easy reach.

Within minutes of each other, Seth Reynolds, Azrael's long-standing boyfriend, and Kasper Halden, Gabriel's on again off again on again not-quite-boyfriend-but-more-meaningful-than-fuck-buddy, join the duo. Seth is tiny, thin-boned and delicate with soft chocolate-brown eyes. His skin is so pale it's nearly luminescent while his hair is a deep forest green. Kaz is several years older, green-eyed with dirty blond hair and a taller, lean figure. Nearly as hateful of the sun as Seth, he sports a peachier skin tone.

In comparison, Azrael is the tallest of the quartet and well-built with a deeply tanned complexion. His hair is oddly black and white equally, and his eyes are the color of liquid gold. Strangely, though Gabriel is his brother through and through, the siblings look nothing alike. Gabriel is quite a few inches shorter with darker skin and a slimmer, yet athletic build. His hair is the color of an open flame and his eyes are amethyst pools.

After exchanging pleasantries the group congregates within the prepared family room.

It's like a Mexican Stand-off of the old days.

Seth is the first to break the silence. "So. How're we gonna do this?"

"Well," Gabriel grins and Azrael groans reflexively. "Step one, we get butt nekked. Step two, we fuck like bunnies."

"I see you've thought this out," Kaz replies, a devious smirk curling his lips.

"Silence, Whitney," Gabe growls. "That's his middle name," he clarifies when Kaz sneers and glares death at him.

"Oh, hey! Azrael's is Vladimir. Hell of a lot worse if you ask me," Seth says.

Azrael groans again, lamenting the silliness that is his life. "Thanks, baby. Appreciate it."

Seth pouts prettily, bats his long lashes. "May we please start fucking now? I'm really horny."

The others nearly receive a bad case of whiplash as they simultaneously snap their eyes to the smallest member of their unit. Seth shoots them a faux innocent look, bouncing childishly from heel to toe. Of the four, he is the youngest and easily the most inexperienced.

Gabriel takes a moment to lean into Kaz, whispers, "See what I mean? Skank."

Stupefied, Azrael eyeballs his partner, privately wondering What the hell happened to my sweet boyfriend? "The fuck? Since when are you so nonchalant about heedlessly fucking around?"

Seth rolls his eyes skyward. "Just because I've never had a foursome before doesn't mean I don't plan on going balls out."

"Dick swingin' and everythin'," Gabriel crows, high-fiving his best friend.

"Rules," Kasper says, urging them back on topic. The sooner they get this sorted out, the sooner he'll reach orgasmic heaven. "We need to set up rules and decide who's fucking who."

"I'll sex it up with anyone," Seth volunteers, ignoring another round of whiplash inducing looks.

"Obviously," Azrael says, "Gabriel and I will not be fucking."

Jokingly, Gabe releases a dejected sigh. Seth and Kasper snicker.

"I'll do Seth any day of the week," he continues, "and Kaz, even though I'm usually not a fan of blonds, you're hot. I'll happily pound you into the mattress. And," Azrael forces himself to add, "I really don't want to bottom but if it's necessary I'll put my ass on the table. But seriously, I really don't want to."

Gabe shudders dramatically. "I, for one, definitely won't be takin' it up the ass. My butt is a no-no zone. One finger to the second knuckle is cool, though."

"Oddly specific," Seth notes.

"TMI," Azrael mutters.

"As for myself," Kaz says, "I'm happy to bottom for both you and Gabriel. I'm not much for topping; far too much work. Seth I know you're the same. I'm sure we'll find something to do." He winks one emerald green eye coquettishly. "Now, for turn-ons and turn-offs."

"I love anal!" Seth cheers.

Whiplashes once more. You'd think those three would have gotten used to his more raunchy comments by now. It's a wonder their heads are still attached.

Azrael can't help but add, "Seriously, who are you and what did you do with Seth?"

"New-Seth is really sexy. Don't complain," Gabriel warns. "Anyway, other than penises in my bum I'm pretty good with everythin' else. I can't wait to get started!" He eagerly rubs his hands together in anticipation. All this sex talk is making his dick hard.

"One more thing," Azrael interjects. Like hell they're starting before he makes this one thing clear. "You two;" he gestures at Seth and Kasper pointedly, "don't you dare give my brother a blowjob and then kiss me. Shut up, Gabe. I don't think there's anything wrong with me not wanting to eat your come."

The clothes came off quickly after that.

By unspoken sanction, the group pairs off in their customary form; Seth straddles himself across Azrael's hips while Gabriel and Kasper sprawl across the mattress, nary five feet away and locked in a slow, mind-numbing kiss. Seth takes the time to ease his uptight lover, piously stroking the wide, muscular plane of Azrael's chest. Though Azrael has had sex with multiple people at the same time, it's an ill kept secret he's uncomfortable doing such a thing with a member of his own family in the same room. Seth himself is nervous, but in a jittery excited way. He's never done anything like this before and isn't anticipating his good fortune to last beyond tonight.

He loving peppers sweet kisses and gentle nips across his boyfriend's collar, purring in delight.

It isn't long before Azrael relaxes into it, gradually releasing the tension he'd been carrying for the past few days. There's no doubt in his mind that this whole scenario is unbelievably fucked and downright mental, but there's also no denying that it's kind of turning him on.

Sex is fun; the more the merrier—even if the more is his brother. He'll deal with the awkward aftermath later.

When Seth beseechingly tips his chin in search of a kiss Azrael responds in kind, and lets go the last of his inhibitions.

Meanwhile, Kasper and Gabe have steadily worked themselves into a rhythmic bump and grind, their hips rocking and firm cocks pressed against one another. Both are naturally candid about their sexuality. They like what they like regardless of anyone else's opinion. With them, you either get on the bus or get run the fuck over.

Kaz eventually pulls back from the kiss, ignores Gabriel's bitchy whines, and says, "Before we go any further, Seth, you and I should switch."

Everyone agrees though both Lynches are miffed about cutting their make-out sessions short. And just when they were really getting into it, too. It's enough to make them display indistinguishable pouts.

Seth slides himself from Azrael's lap, nearly biting through his lip at as a swift shock of pleasure blows through his body. They've barely made progress and his cock is already hard as a rock. He's always been prone to easy erections and even easier orgasms. It would be embarrassing if he wasn't so used to it by now. Besides, Seth is aware his quick recovery period and highly sensitive body are parts of what make him so attractive in Z's eyes.

And Seth being Seth, he can't help but fall to elbows and knees, raise his ass in the air, and teasingly sashay his naked bum for Azrael's viewing pleasure.

"Woohoo," Gabriel cheers. "Work it, sexy thang!"

Kaz almost topples over in a fit of manly giggles, while Azrael, helplessly infatuated with all things 'Seth', nearly passes out at the sight of those pale cheeks jiggling merrily. Oh, Jesus, not to mention the pretty, pink opening nestled between, just begging to be licked and sucked and fucked so hard Seth can do more than scream and beg and writhe

Kasper's nearly in tears, he's laughing hard enough his belly aches. It's just; Azrael's expression right now can only be classified as priceless. "I think you broke his brain."

Seth sits up, strikes a cocky pose. "Can you blame me? My ass is gold. I'd'a made a killing as a hooker."

"Yo, hurry and get your million dollar ass over here," Gabe responds, licking his dry lips. He's got one hand fisted around his hardening erection, working the base with a tight grip and slow jerks.

"And I," Kasper murmurs, "will check on Tweedledum over there." He crawls his way past Seth, throwing the younger man a suggestive wink, before settling in front of a lust-stoned Azrael. He cocks a brow, giving Z a quick once over, his features lighting up when he sees the rod nestled between two robust thighs. "Oh shit, nice dick! Gabe mentioned it was huge, but woah."

That wrenches Azrael from his daze right quick. "You guys talk about my penis?"

"It may have come up once or twice. Matty was hanging with us –"

One of Azrael's other siblings.

"And Lance –"

Matty's boyfriend.

"And we started talking about the biggest cocks we've ever seen. In person; porn doesn't count. Anyway, Gabe kept bringing yours up and Matt confirmed it, though I was totally skeptical until now. Hot damn, that's one gorgeous piece. Long and thick, too. And even your balls; man, mmm mmm yumm."

Several feet away, Seth smirks. "And it's allll mine." He's a lucky son of a bitch and he knows it.

Shaking his head gravely, Azrael can feel a mild headache forming. He attempts to rub the ache away but fails. As if this day couldn't get any more ludicrous, he comes to find out his siblings have an unhealthy habit regarding the discussion of his admittedly attractive prick. "Y'all ain't right in the head."

"For sure," Kaz concurs, "But it doesn't make anything I said untrue." He leans in seductively and lays a wet kiss on Z, slips his tongue past firm lips. One of his arms wraps around Azrael's neck, while both of Z's settle on Kaz's narrow waist, drawing him closer. Kaz grabs hold of Azrael's flushed cock, and they moan in unison. "You should get this shit framed."

"You," Gabriel interrupts, "should stop talkin' and start fuckin'. We can all take time to admire Azrael's godly penis when we're done."

"Not godly," Z whines, embarrassed as hell. "And stop talking about my junk. It's creeping me out."

"Whatever," Gabe grunts, already refocusing his attention on what really matters. In the time it took for his brother and not-quite boyfriend to chat it up, he and Seth had already progressed from making out to mutual masturbation. Seth is spread out on the mattress, legs in the air, squirming from the feel of Gabriel's large hand jacking his spit-slick cock. Gabriel is propped above him on hands and knees fucking his own erection into the hands Seth has got wrapped around him. They're grunting low and filthy, intensely focused on the other, adjusting the speed and styles of their stroked based on the other's reaction.

It isn't long before Seth's eyes roll back and his narrow hips stutter erratically. To Gabriel's surprise, Seth's lithe body tightens and his features pull into a classic 'Oh, shit, I'm coming' expression. Within moments, Seth is gasping obscenities while his cock shoots a load of come into Gabe's waiting palm. Seth flops back, releasing Gabriel's erection which he'd held all throughout his orgasm.

Gabe blinks once. Twice. Scrubs his eyes for good measure. "Wow. You already came? That was, like, two minutes!" He knows he's good, but he's not that good. Seth may have not had sex with many people, but he certainly isn't a virgin.

Seth grumbles and glares in irritation. Gabriel is totally ruining his buzz right now. "So?" He shifts into a more comfortable position, basking in the drained feeling of a good orgasm. "I was horny. Besides, I always come a lot. I don't even have to be hard," he adds.

"…Is that normal?"


More rapid eye blinks as Gabe tries to process this information and reply until he finally settles on, "Yo, that is so fuckin' hot." Not quite eloquent but to the point. "Z's dick may be godly but yours is straight magic."

Caught off guard, Seth snorts a loud laugh. Tired as he is, Seth can't stop the ensuing chuckles resulting from Gabe's off the wall comment. Hands down, it's likely the most awkwardly stated compliment he's ever received about his junk of all things. But as he's known Gabriel for many years, he can't say he's all that surprised. When it comes to brain-to-mouth filters, the younger Lynch has always been lacking.

"So, what do you want to do next?" Gabriel asks. He's staring down at Seth's pale body, expression just short of reverential awe. He's still a little mind-fucked about what occurred, but he's also horny and his dick is really hard and he'd really just like to stick it in a warm hole now, please. But first and foremost, he needs to get his bedmate back into the swing of things. "Want me to suck you?"

"Nope," He responds, sitting up. He pushes Gabe back into a reclining position. "But I'll gladly suck you off instead," he grins.

Praise Jesus!

Gabe cries an explosive, "Fuck, yes!" just as Azrael screeches an indignant, "Babe, no!"

Seth rolls his eyes, waves off Azrael's whimpers. "I'll brush after." He skillfully drowns out the rest of his boyfriend's complaints and takes in the cock before him. It's a dark, hefty thing, thick and full. Larger than Seth expected. Azrael may wield the biggest pipe of the four, but Gabriel is certainly no slouch in the size department.

Just looking at his friend's cock is enough to get Seth's hungry mouth watering, his heart hammering, and his dick twitching. Without wasting another moment, he dips down, swallows Gabe's erection whole. It rests heavy on Seth's tongue, quite like Z's, and though it's broad enough to spread his lips wide Seth swallows around it easily. He pulls off to suck Gabriel's neglected sac before sliding Gabe's length back into his mouth, bobbing rhythmically.

Gabriel's mouth drops open and his eyes flutter. "Shit…"

Nearby, Kasper watches in rapt attention, turned on by his lover's obvious enjoyment. His own play with Azrael has been put to a minor halt, partly due to his divided attention and partly because Azrael's having a slight nervous breakdown. Kaz can't look away though, his eyes enviously locked on the sight of Seth plunging his head repeatedly up and down Gabe's lap, moaning around a mouthful of cock, and jerking his awakening prick back to life. Kaz's own body is flushed with heat and want. He's horny and light-headed like never before, and the only thing he wants right now more than a dick in his mouth is one in his ass.

Lightning quick, he snaps his gaze to Azrael and quickly slaps the man upside the head. "Focus now. Panic later," he growls. He fixes the older man with a patented 'Don't Fuck With Me, I Just Might Kill You' glare. "Your penis better be hard and in my ass two minutes from now. Capiche?"

Not wanting to test Kasper's dwindling patience, Azrael is quick to shake of his horrified petrifaction. He figures, the sooner he's fucking Kaz, the sooner he'll be able to take his mind off of where Seth's mouth is currently located. And truth be told, he honestly loves sex and though sex with Seth is, quite frankly, phenomenal, it'll be nice to bang someone new just this once. Within seconds, Z has got Kaz on his back, a bottle of lube beside them and condom box torn open. Meer moments after, he's tearing through the foil, sliding the latex down his length.

He's not sure whether he's proud his erection has kept through all this, or whether he should freak having sustained it through his partner sucking off his brother.

A mystery for another time, surely.

The bottle is uncapped, and cool slick lube is poured into Azrael's hand. He oils each of his digits before taking hold of Kaz's thigh, spreading the man's legs apart. Kaz hums encouragingly, eagerly spreading himself wide. His full erection, heavy sac, and tight entrance are in complete view. He's an attractive man with a great body, only too happy to put it on display.

Kasper hooks his arms beneath his knees and pulls them in, effectively bending himself completely in half.

Azrael's eyes bulge comically. "Woah, shit, you're flexible."

"Yes, yes," Kaz grunts. "Now hurry up and fuck me. You've got less than a minute, hotstuff."

Z scoffs, rolls his eyes skyward, and gets on with it. He's in a bit of a hurry himself, his own composure decreasing rapidly. Azrael wastes no time bringing his wet hand to Kaz's rear and fondles the younger man's tight ass before slipping between the cleft to paw at Kaz's opening. Carefully, Azrael coats the entrance with a layer of lubricant; then he slides a single finger inside, nearly groaning aloud at the sweltering heat of Kasper's sinuous body. He fucks Kasper with that one finger, eventually moving to a second and then a third, finally settling on four nestled deep in Kaz's ass, stretching his greedy hole to its limits.

Kaz's eyes are sealed tight, face creased in an expression of aching heaven-hell as he whimpers and begs for faster, harder, more. Though Kaz is relatively loose considering his active sex-life, Azrael has been taking his time and it's been well over a minute since he first shoved his fingers up there. With expert precision, Azrael guides roughened fingertips along constricted walls in search of Kasper's sweet spot, sporting an impish grin at Kaz's reflexive gasp. Coming across the man's prostate, Azrael rubs it mercilessly.

"Fuck!" Kaz yells. It's like lightning strikes all up and down his spine. Kasper rears back with a choked scream, pulling off Z's probing fingers, and cringes as the unexpected pleasure overload rocks his body. "Shit, fuck, don't make me come yet." He makes a mad grab for his flushed cock, catching it in a near strangle hold. It hurts, but the pain is enough to lessen the previous overwhelming bliss. He strokes his erection lightly, apologetically. Then Kaz refocuses his attention on a devilishly smug looking Azrael. "Fucker."

Azrael shrugs, his eyes lighting playfully. "Couldn't help it." He lays a sweet kiss on Kasper's pouting lips. "Besides, five minutes ago you were all bitchy about blowing your load."

"Yeah," Kaz glares. He shifts his hands lower, down to his ass cheeks and spreads them. "After you stick your dick in me. Unlike Seth and his magical penis, I don't have an unlimited amount of orgasms in one night and I'd like to make the most of this one. Now," and he reinforces this statement with a pointed stare, "shove your fucking cock in me before I do it my damn self."

That's an order Azrael is only too willing to follow. He takes the final measure of slicking his latex wrapped cock with the remaining lube, before aligning his hips with Kasper's. One steady, fierce thrust later and Z's erection is surrounded by tight, tight, tight, oh-god-how-can-this-be, tight heat.

Kaz clenches immediately and screams yet again, loving the ridiculous stretch and burn of his asshole around Z's length. "Ughn, shit, so fucking good."

Azrael is in complete agreement. He hisses at the sudden pleasure, and gives both himself and Kaz a moment to recover. Taking Kaz by the waist, Azrael rocks slowly, works his hips in small circles to ease the tension around his delighted prick. He's moaning low, nearly inaudible to anyone but Kasper and himself. "You ready?"

"Yeah. Yeah, do it."

Restricted no longer, Azrael is quick to pull out until just his cockhead remains in Kaz before fucking his way back in to that delicious vice-like grip. He begins with slow and easy thrusts, working his way up to a thrilling faster-paced tempo, all the while encouraged by Kasper's generous moans. In no time at all, the duo works up a hearty sweat. Azrael has maintained his sturdy, near-bruising hold on Kaz's trim hips while Kaz has abandoned his own legs, instead wrapping one arm around Z's neck and using the remaining hand to fist his swollen dick. They're panting loudly, and their breaths mingle. Their stuttering hips tattoo their own pulsating rhythm.

Belatedly, through a haze of near blinding bliss Azrael takes note of another rhythm apart his own. Unable to stop himself, Azrael catches sight of his lover poised above Gabriel.

Seth's dark head is thrown back in elation, his eyes screwed shut as he works himself up and down Gabriel's erections. He's sitting atop Gabe in a reverse cowgirl, or cowboy, stance, his chest with its perky pink nipples, flat tummy, and upright cock right in Azrael's line of sight. He's as uncontrolled as ever in his lust, whining high and frequently as moans and pleas for more topple from his supple lips. Ignoring the fact that its Gabe Seth is fucking, it is easily one of the sexiest things that Z has ever witnessed, and that more than anything is what finally brings him to completion.

Azrael sets in on Kasper, almost cruelly fucking the man, but he must be doing something right because several thrusts later he's not the only one coming like a tidal wave. An indefinite time later, could be seconds or minutes or hours, Seth and Gabriel cry out identical "Fuck!"s before collapsing into a sweaty, panting heap.

Not so surprising, Seth is the first to recover thanks to his superior endurance. He pulls himself of Gabe's softening cock with nary a wince before shuffling sleepily to Azrael, casually laying a quick smooch on a dozing Kaz. Turning a tired smile to his partner, he gushes, "Holy hell, that was so much fun! Do you have any idea how could you looked fucking Kaz? Shit, half the time I couldn't look; I was so damn afraid I'd splouge. So, soooo good, I don't want it to end."

Azrael chuckles, entertained by Seth's boyish charm. He's physically drained right now, but it doesn't stop him from pulling Seth down and bestowing a light kiss on his cheek. Far from his lips, of course. As great as that orgasm was, it hasn't dislodged the memory of Seth's lips around Gabe's dick.

Shamelessly listening in on the boyfriends' conversation, Gabriel props himself up on elbows and grumbles, "Like fuck we're done. Five more minutes and we start round two."

Though not necessarily a part of their original agreement, Azrael lets it slide.

Seth excitedly gives a raucous cheer accompanied by woots and whistles. "YAY, more sex!"

Kaz shakes his head in awe, wonders what the hell he's got himself in to. "God, you people are inhuman."

Several hours later:

"So," Gabriel drawls. He's cuddled up to a sleeping Kaz and Seth. "How 'bout next time we invite Matty and Lance?"

Azrael resides on the other side of Seth. He shrugs. "Fine, whatever. But I draw the line at mom and dad.

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