Hello. I don't know who's listening to this but I get the feeling what's happening to me and my friends is important. I mean dude! First we get shipwrecked and Kylie drowned. I'm not sure how many others survived other then the group I'm with.

My name's Brett, by the way. The others who survived the accident are my best friend Rory and then Kylie's friends Julio, Raymond, Cross, Diana and the Mel. The others who were on the boat hopefully ended up an a different island because this one is fucked up man!

It is like out of those old shows you sometimes see on TV. Get shipwrecked on a island, only to discover it has monsters on it! It looked normal at first, so we figured we'd go inland and find some food. Which is when we found them. Dinosaurs. I mean actual Dinosaurs! Living breathing hug reptiles. I had always thought they were just myths from the old age.

"They are meant to be extinct that's way!" A male voice called out in the background.

Shut up Cross! That was Cross, at the moment we're walking though a rain forest trying to find a place to make camp. Luckily some of the stuff from the boat washed ashore from the wreak. But we have to find a clean source of water first. Hopefully one without the Dinosaurs.

"Why are you even doing then?" a quiet voice asked, "Not like anyone's going to hear it"

Dude shut up! Stop being so pessimistic. Look Dinosaurs are meant to be extinct, right?

There was a grumble of agreement from more then one person . So think about it! All those rumours of scientists breaking the laws of nature. The felines, the wolven. This is prove! And as long as they are able to get on the island to do this, there must be a way off to! We know people must be on the island because of that explosion a few hours ago!

"If that's so, what's to stop the scientists wont' try and kill us to keep us quiet"

"Again Rory! Stop being much a pessimist! Its not like we could tell anyone any way" A girl's voice called out.

Why not Diana?

"Like anyone would actually believe us?"

There was silence on the recording, the only sound was of walking walking though bushed. Then it clicked off.



The seven friends walked in a broken line though the forest. Three of the boys leading the way, the two girls in the middle and then two more boys at the back bringing up the rear. One of the boys at the front was cutting there way though the forest, making it easier for the girls to get though. Out of all of them, it was the girls who were looking the most tried.

One of them had make-up spread all over her face messily from where it had run because of the water. Traces of eye-liner running down her face like tears, her hair messy but tied up still. Possibly in an attempt to keep it out of her eyes as she struggled to navigate the forest. She was struggling as it was to keep going as she was going wearing flip flops. Every time a bug where past or near her she squealed.

The other girl only rolled her eyes at this. She had some boots which had washed ashore and was dealing a lot better with the surrounding then the other girl. Her hair was free and while not neat, she looked a lot better then her companion. She hadn't been wearing make-up so she looked slightly less tired.

"Will you stop that" she hissed over her shoulder at the girl as she once again squealed as something round over her foot.

"But they're huge!"

"We are on a island with Dinosaurs and your concerned with the size of the insects?"

"Diana she's right. They're bound to be big" commented one of the boys leading, who was also getting annoyed with the constant stream of squealing.

"Shut up Cross!" Diana growled at him.

"I'd be quiet all of you! Last thing we want is to attract attention!" One of the boys at the back pointed out.

"Shut up Rory what do you know anyway?"

"the dinosaurs we have encountered so far. The pachycephalosauras, the Bugenasauras. They were all herbivorous. As it they eat plants not meat!"


"If you're going to make a habitat, you don't just put in the prey. You pet the predators in too!"

"So what? We have to keep an eye out of the ones that might eat us? That's all!" growled another one at the front, glaring over his shoulder at them, he was starting to get an headache from all the arguing. For pity sakes, they just needed to get though this in one piece!

"um, Rory? Do you mean like that?" Cross asked hesitatingly, pointing in front of them. A few metres in front of him was a reptile who was cocking his head, looking at them curiously, growling slightly. Long talons extending from his three-toed feet. Tapping on the ground as if it was timing something.

"And another" Brett said looking behind them, seeing one clicking. Stalking slowly towards them.

"Um, more slowly and gather in the middle" Rory said, turning and backing towards the girls slowly. Brett and the other slowly doing them same. The only sounds were of the creatures clicking to each other, another appearing as well, and the teenagers moving into a group, everyone watching at least one of the creatures.

"Any information Rory?" Brett asked quietly, watching as the creatures began moving around them slowly, studying them.

"Dryptosauros. Tearing lizard. Called that for its 8 inch talons..."

"Can see that Rory. Anything useful in that head of yours!" hissed Cross.

"Relatively no, not really. It was theorized, due to its unusual ankle joints, it leapt on to its prey from great heights. But it couldn't jump well. It wasn't thought to be a group hunter" Rory hissed, looking around desperately looking for a way out, "The tree! They can't jump... Get up to the trees!"

"And just how are we supposed to do that?" yelled Diana. The lead lizard revered back and made aloud shrill. That appeared to be the signal because one of the them dived towards them.

Diana screamed.