Love's Barrier

Long ago there was a brave knight who lived in a time of great sorrow. The king had been ill and slowly passed with every minute. There was no one to take the thrown, no one to guard the Queen from the dangers of the world. So she ordered her most loyal servants to build a wall of stone around her castle. After it was complete the brave knight came back to the kingdom from a long journey. He called to the Queen:

"Why have you built this wall of stone my Queen? I can protect you from any danger that you encounter." Cries the knight, for he had always loved the Queen. She was very kind to him. Then, from the highest tower the Queen called back to the knight:

"This wall will stand tall for all to see. People will know that no threat can ever cross its boarder. Simply one man cannot do so." The Queen explains. The knight pondered this, and replied:

"No, one man cannot stand for all to see. But he can still fight till the death for what he stands for. Just like this wall you have created." The knight feels confident that his statement has surely changed the Queen's mind. But he was wrong.

"You say he can fight to the death? Death means you will fall. This wall will not be brought down no matter how hard you try, it will still remain whole." The Queen then closes the curtains of the tower, leaving the knight standing outside the everlasting barrier between him and his love. How could the Queen depart from my offer? The knight questions himself.

"I shall win your conscience my liege." Calls the knight as he waits on his mighty horse in the rain that pours down on him. He waited many days and nights but the Queen would never come. Finally the knight lowers himself from his steed and began to climb the wall. Higher and higher he went, aiming for the window where he had last seen the Queen. When he neared the top, he told the Queen:

"Your Majesty, if you love me, won't you help me aloft this tower?" The Queen, who was sitting at a mirror, turns to the knight and says:

"You are a knight. One does not require my assistance when he has been on so many perilous quests, and done so many dangerous deeds." She looks at him in triumph. The knight, slowly slipping from the rim of the tower as he replies:

"I have waited many days and many nights to see you again." The Queen said nothing. "Then if you do not love me, I shall fall, and it will be the death of your most noble knight. Think of the life we would have together, your wishes would be forever granted." He counters, hardly hanging on to the edge.

"We share no life. If you are to fall, then so it shall be." The Queen turns to find the knight plummeting to the earth, and his final words that escaped his lips were:

Down with the Queen.

I know this is a piece of one of my other stories, but I decided to make it another story all its own. A few things have been changed. Pleases Review!