The Things I See In A Different World

As I lie in the darkness

My world is black

Then I notice a flicker

I lift my eyelids

And see the shadow of light

Bestowed upon the ceiling

Coming from the window

The magic has been cast

I am in a different place

A different space, dimension…a realm

There is a window is in the sky

And otherworldly ornaments

Scattered across the sill

Puts disfigured shapes

On the pane of the heavens

Like constellations in the night

The things I can see

An apple, a scarf, a lake, a bed

A crack, a cottage, an iris flower

An airplane, shoelaces, a pair of wings

What took me minutes to make out

Shatters in an instant

As I catch another flicker

The curtains on this show are drawn

And I fall back into darkness

Until tomorrow morning