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My eyes opened, and I realized that I had been asleep. It was unbearably bright in that cramped, pure white room. The door opened, letting in more light, and a man with a pressed and equally pure white shirt on. Before I realized I was hungry, I had leaped on him and bitten his neck. Bitten his neck? It was irrational. Blood splattered, eternally dirtying what was once pure white. What am I doing?

"It's tasted human blood!" shouted another man who I couldn't see. "What are you waiting for?"

As suddenly as I had bit the man who now lay dead on the floor, there were heavy chains tied roughly on my arms and torso. Struggling and hurting myself in the process, I broke them and ran. Ran faster than I ever had, as fast as I could. Faster than I could, like I had been taught to. I was taught...?

A memory was on its way back as I searched for an exit. The man I had bit had come into my room before. He had dropped something in the middle of my room when I was half-asleep. It was, I now realized, a shoe full of jelly. A shoe full of jelly? I somehow came to the conclusion that they were trying to feed it to me. But all I was hungry for was blood. Human blood. I didn't remember my life before the pure white room, I didn't even know who or what I was, but I knew what I was famished for. I was the one thing that I could count on, my one link to sanity, the only thing I knew.

I came a few yards from a door with a blinking, burning out "EXIT" over it, and began to sprint.

Then it was dark again.

Knocking. That was all I heard. All I saw was still dark, but with an odd, alien light shining through. The knocking seemed incessant, but after some time I heard a door screech open.

"I have a package for you, miss."

"Oh, that must be those shoes I ordered for Ali-"

Light. I jumped. Screaming.

Then I tasted it. Distinctly familiar. Even more satisfying than the man from the white room, a man's fresh, beautiful blood flowed through my throat, dangerously and painfully warming it in the most exhilarating way possible. I tripped over the brown sack, which was still under my feet. But I only laid on top of the body, my long, matted hair falling gorgeously over his intensely broken body, and I didn't stop drinking that sweet, thick, semi-liquid substance. It was like using a basilisk fang to destroy a horcrux, forever ruining something beautiful- but evil- by use of something equally evil, but much less beautiful.

The door slammed shut behind me.

I can see a man in a red tracksuit. I can see the empty glasses on his bedside table. I can see the night... He's smiling with yellow, tapering teeth and...

There was no more of that strange, captivatingly foreign light.

I heard a truck at last drive away after several failed attempts to start.

I took another long drink. It was gone.

That was when I realized it wasn't his blood that I wanted.