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David and Chahla

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Jasmine Marie

Long Distance Kisses

-Book One

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

-Helen Keller

Director: "May I ask with who I am speaking."

Chahla: "My name is Chahla. I am...well, I know Mai." she paused and then added quickly, "A bit."

Director: his tone softened, "What kind of escort would you like?"

Chahla: "I don't...know."

Director: "Male or female?" he clarified.

Chahla: "I don't know that either." she said softly, "Mai said you would choose the best."

Director: "Very well he shall be over momentarily."

Chahla: "Thank you sir."

Director: "You're welcome Chahla."

Chahla: "Bye." she hung up the phone.

Director: hung up.

There was someone picking the lock at the front door.

Chahla: peeked her head around the kitchen door towards the sound wondering what it was.

Her cat jumped off the bed and walked to the front door hissing profusely.

Dishira: was sleeping on the couch.

Man: kicked the door open, he set aside the tools, "Why she doesn't keep the place unlocked is beyond me." he murmured to himself.

Chahla: "Hi."

Man: "Hello you must be Chahla."

Chahla: nodded. She stepped out into the living room. "Yes. I am afraid I do not know you, though."

Her cat meowed at him angrily.

Chahla: "Cherie, stop it, please."

Cherie: looked at her and slowly calmed down.

Chahla: "Thank you."

Man: "My name is Sheldon."

Chahla: "Nice to meet you Sheldon." she curtsied at him, "Do you shop often?"

Sheldon: "No, not usually but if the director's daughter wishes it done, then why not."

Chahla: "It's not her that needs it, though."

Sheldon: "Yes but you see asked for it for you. Therefore her more or less order is passed down."

Chahla: "She is powerful in both worlds then, I see." she looked to her cat, "Stay Cherie." she looked back up, waiting to leave.

Sheldon: "Whenever you are ready."

Chahla: "I am now." she said, nervous, "Sort of."

Sheldon: "Well then, let us go."

Chahla: whispered to him, "I've seen Klay and Mai..."

Sheldon: "You've seen them doing what?" he whispered back.

Chahla: "Well...when I go...outside..." she said, nervous, "No one will try to mate with me, will they?"

Sheldon: chuckled, "No, they won't and if they do then I will stop them." he said at first not understanding the term mate with.

Chahla: "Thank you." she said softly, and then she returned to her normal voice. "Good, because Mai told me they go looking for people."

Sheldon: "They do but it's nothing to worry about."

Chahla: "Oh." she relaxed a little, "Okay." she looked to the door.

Sheldon: opened the door for her.

Chahla: "Thank you." she stepped outside and immediately shielded her eyes. The sun wasn't quite as bright back by her cave.

Sheldon: closed the door.

Chahla: after a moment she moved her hand, and looked up at the sky, directly at the sun.

Sheldon: "It's not good to look directly at the sun, it will make you blind."

Chahla: "Blind? What's that?" she looked over at where his voice came from. All she saw was bright yellow spot, she squealed in fright, "Oh no oh no oh no I'm blind." she backed up, her hands out before her trying to see, and tripped over the garden in Mai's yard and fell backwards onto the grass.

Sheldon: helped her up, "Your eyesight will return in a moment."

Chahla: she blinked rapidly and soon it came back. She looked at Sheldon, and then realized the pressure she had felt that lifted her up was him. She stepped back suddenly, scared again.

Sheldon: "Sorry."

Chahla: "Do you like me or something?" she said, recalling what Mai told her about the touching in her world.

Sheldon: "One cannot have an opinion when they just met, I was just assisting you to stand I didn't mean anything by it."

Chahla: "Then where are your clothes for your arms and hands and other exposed skin? You are dressed just like...Klay."

Sheldon: looked down at himself, "Every guy dresses like this. Where are you from?" he said trying to comprehend.

Chahla: "" she said slowly, "Every guy?"

Sheldon: nodded, "Well maybe the ones that aren't assassins but..." shrugged, "Assassin guys all dress the same."

Chahla: "You are an assassin?"

Sheldon: nodded, "One of the best kinds of protection is assassin protection."

Chahla: "You...kill people?" she said softly.

Sheldon: "When necessary. Though that isn't to terribly often."

Chahla: her jaw hardened, "No death is necessary sir. And I bid you need to be killed to pay back for all the lives you took!" she turned and walked hurriedly away from him in the direction they had been going before.

Sheldon: "Answer me one thing. Is it better to kill one that is going to kill countless others or let them do so?" he called to her.

Chahla: "If they have killed they need to be killed."

Sheldon: "My point exactly which is why I only do ones that have or plan to. So that many lives are spared."

Chahla: stopped walking, "Fine." she relented and faced him again, "But do you like it or feel remorse?"

Sheldon: "I feel the worse kind of remorse that you couldn't even imagine."

Chahla: she debated for a moment looking down. She looked up slowly, "Well, are you coming or not?"

Sheldon: nodded, "Let's go." he started walking.

Chahla: stepped alongside him, "If men wear that, what do women wear here?"

Sheldon: smirked, "Depends what kind of woman you are."

Chahla: "Do they clothes to cover all exposed skin, like my outfit now? I need lots of gloves." she smiled, "They change with each outfit."

Sheldon: "I am not sure, we will have to look. I have not seen any but they must have some somewhere."

Chahla: "My face I don't mind." she said quickly, "My face can show, like now. No one gets near my face."

Sheldon: "Usually woman's clothes show a little cleavage and come to about the knee."

Chahla: "Cleavage...what is that?"

Sheldon: pointed to her chest. Then put his hand down immediately.

Chahla: her hand went up to cover her chest, "Oh. No. Never do I show my breast. Only when I change clothes for the day, and only then do I see them."

Sheldon: "We will have to search then for your specifications."

Chahla: "You mean it is hard to find clothes like that?"

Sheldon: nodded.

Chahla: "Very...strange indeed."

Sheldon: shrugged, "We could get you a tailor I suppose."

Chahla: "I don't have money for that. I need a job."

Sheldon: "Well how much do you have?"

Chahla: "Mai said something grand?"

Sheldon: nodded, "I have two thousand so that makes three thousand that should be enough."

Chahla: "Is that what a grand is? 1,000? Oh my! No I only need like two dollars."

Sheldon: "I don't know if I carry that small of bills."

Chahla: "I'll never be able to pay back so much money."

Sheldon: "She just gives it away anyway. She won't care."

Chahla: "That is nice of her. She is nice."

Sheldon: nodded, "Unless you get on her bad side."

Chahla: "I hope not to."

Sheldon: "You won't."

Chahla: "Where is your cat? At home?" she asked him.

Sheldon: "I don't have a cat. What are you talking about?"

Chahla: "What are you talking about? At my home everyone has a cat. They are chosen by the cats. The cats speak to them."

Sheldon: chuckled, "Wow, cat's talking never heard that one before."

Chahla: looked at him strangely, "I feel bad for you."

Sheldon: "Why?"

Chahla: "Cats are great family."

Sheldon: "I've heard of people loving cats but not that much."

Chahla: "Oh." she smiled slightly. Then she thought of something and stopped walking, "When is the time here between spring and summer? The cold days that are rainy and yet the sun is shining bright."

Sheldon: "March and April. Why?"

Chahla: "What month is it now?"

Sheldon: "August."

Chahla: "Thank you. Because I must stay inside the house at that time." she started walking again, hiking up her skirt an inch to avoid the mud.

Sheldon: "How interesting."

Chahla: "Why so?"

Sheldon: "Some of the prettiest things happen that time of year."

Chahla: "I know. That's why I must hide."

Sheldon: "I don't understand. Is pretty bad?"

Chahla: shook her head, "No. I just have already had my 50 children limit. I do not want more."

Sheldon: his eyes widened, "What?"

Chahla: repeated, "I've already had my 50 children limit. I do not want more."

Sheldon: shook his head, "Sorry."

Chahla: looked over at him, "About what?"

Sheldon: "That probably came across as rude. You must have a very active husband."

Chahla: "I never had a husband. I never even knew what that was until Mai came along."

Sheldon: "Oh wow so you went and had sex with whomever you saw?" he said trying to understand.

Chahla: "I never saw anyone." she shook her head, "I never had sex."

Sheldon: "Then how could you...oh never mind."

Chahla: "You can ask. I don't mind."

Sheldon: "How did you have 50 kids then?"

Chahla: "During the certain months, the males sent out seeds like pollen. Women breathed them in and created life in their bellies."

Sheldon: "That's...weird."

Chahla: "You must be like Mai."

Sheldon: "I have just never heard of such a thing, it doesn't happen in this universe. Well the visible parts."

Chahla: nodded slowly, "I see." she paused a moment, thinking, "So I don't have to hide to avoid the pollen?"

Sheldon: shook his head, "Nope."

Chahla: "That" she said slowly.

Sheldon: "It would be." he agreed. At that moment, they were in the parking lot.

Chahla: looked around at the cars, "Those are weirdly shaped people." she walked up to one, "Hi." she expected an answer back.

Sheldon: "That's a car." he stated.

Chahla: "Hi car. I'm a hologram."

Sheldon: "It won't answer you back."

Chahla: looked sad, "Oh." she looked at Sheldon and walked back over to him, "That's...rude. Unless I've offended it in some way." she looked at the car, "I'm sorry."

Sheldon: "It can't talk back. It's not living."

Chahla: looked horrified, "I killed it?" she clasped a hand to her throat to still her heartbeat.

Sheldon: "It's a machine." he said slowly.

Chahla: understanding finally filled her eyes and she relaxed. Her hand dropped down, "Okay. Good." she breathed in relief.

Sheldon: nodded. He watched as a girl who was wearing a shirt with no sleeves, and a mini skirt, walked back.

Chahla: her eyes widened as she saw the girl too. "STOP! YOU DON'T WANT TO BE MATED WITH, DO YOU!" she called to her.

Girl: she stopped and turned, "Excuse me?" she rolled her eyes and walked away.

Sheldon: tried to hide his laughter. HE looked forward and smiled. He shook his head. That girl did it on purpose, wearing short shorts and a low top.

Chahla: sighed, "I guess she does. I'd feel embarrassed to wear something like that. Uncomfortable." she looked over at Sheldon. "What are you smiling at?" she saw other girls in shorts or short skirts, and spaghetti strap shirts or short sleeve shirts walk by. Her eyes followed them curiously. She saw some men in shorts too, though most just wore short sleeve shirts with jeans. While still looking at them, she asked Sheldon another question even before he could answer the first, "Oh," she sighed in realization, "Is this mating season?" she looked at Sheldon now.

Sheldon: "We don't have a mating season." he walked over to a girl with short shorts, the shirt was above the belly button and the top part of it was low. He wrapped his arms around her waist, "You tempt me." he whispered in her ear gently.

Jenna: she jumped, "Sheldon! You scared me." she smiled and kissed him.

Sheldon: "Sorry." he muttered, not really meaning it. He turned her around and kissed her again.

Jenna: kissed him back once more, "You working?"

Sheldon: nodded, "Yes, but you knew that." he walked back to Chahla with Jenna.

Jenna: "Yes, because your girlfriend knows everything."

Sheldon: "Yes you do."

Chahla: watched them curiously, "Do you mate like Klay and Mai?" she asked seriously. "You both are dressed for it. How could you not have a mating season?" she was confused.

Sheldon: nodded, "I suppose so. People have sex anytime of the year."

Jenna: laid her head on Sheldon's shoulder.

Chahla: "I don't think I would be able to handle that. Not knowing when I could get pregnant. Where I come from, I only have to worry about three months out of the year to conceive a child. The rest of the time I know I don't have to live in fear of it happening without me knowing. In the time period of three months, I am ready for it in case it happens. I still prepared, even after my fiftieth child."

Jenna: she looked at Sheldon in alarm.

Sheldon: "It's alright." he assured Jenna, rubbing her arm.

Chahla: "So, are you also shopping with us?" she asked Sheldon's girlfriend, while looking at her, not noticing the alarm on her face.

Jenna: "I...I guess." she said slowly as she recovered. She looked away from Sheldon and at Chahla.

Chahla: "I'm sorry. I just...assumed." she glanced at some people who were walking by her, pointing and laughing. "I think...I can manage. I'll leave you two to your physical contact." she turned and walked towards the building, and ran directly into the wall, hitting it hard. She hadn't expected it to be solid, and fell backwards onto the concrete because of it. She cried out in pain, hitting the back of her head on the ground as she had hit the front of her head, her forehead, on the solid wall.

Sheldon: he ran up to her, helping her up, "You can't walk through walls." he whispered sternly to her.

Chahla: "I...could...before. Could..." she felt something in her eyes and her fingers lifted to her eyes to feel them. When she pulled her glove away it was wet. She stared at it and then screamed, "I'M BLIND!" she was afraid the impact had damaged her eyes, seeing them wet.

Sheldon: "You're not blind. You're just crying."

Chahla: "DYING!" she exclaimed. She was almost hysterical.

Sheldon: "No. Crying." he emphasized. "Please calm down."

Chahla: she sobbed, "I feel awful. I want to go home." she cried as she looked at people around her, laughing at her. She pushed herself quickly to her feet and ran back the way they had come, away from the store, towards Mai's house.

Sheldon: "Chahla!" he chased after her.

Chahla: she stumbled a couple of times as she ran back to Mai's house, but soon she made it through Mai's door, into her room, and flung herself onto the bed Mai had given her. She just sobbed into the comforter, feeling embarrassment and shame.

Cherie: she meowed at her and, knowing something was wrong, laid down by Chahla closely, trying to comfort her. She curled into a ball at Chahla's side.

Sheldon: came in the door and just sat on the couch.

Dishira: the movement on the couch woke her up. She yawned and stretched and looked up at Sheldon and meowed at him.

Sheldon: "Wow." she scooted back.

Dishira: tilted her head to the side, watching him, analyzing him.

Sheldon: watched her, ready to move if he had to.

Dishira: turned her head to the sound of the crying and jumped off the couch and ran to the room.

Sheldon: let out a breath, he wasn't sure how to help her.

He heard Chahla talking to someone in the room, although it sounded like only a one way conversation. There were only meows coming back.

Sheldon: listened to see what she was saying.

Chahla: spoke through her tears, "I hit my head." there was a pause and she sniffed, "No I didn't get to go. People were laughing at me. I didn't know what was so humorous." she cried again, "Oh Cherie." there was a jangling sound like the cat had been picked up and set on her lap, "I don't think I fit in here." she paused as if listening to something, "Yes, I know it's my first day Dishira but-" she stopped and sniffed again, "No, I don't want to but-" her voice was thick with tears, "I don't think I ever will. I don't understand half of what goes on." she said softly.

Sheldon: stood and watched from the doorway.

Dishira: turned and looked at him. She meowed at him to go away.

Chahla: looked up at him. She used one gloved hand to wipe at the tear streaks on her face, "Hi." she whispered and looked back down at Cherie and hugged her close.

Sheldon: "Hi." he thought for a moment. "It is hard to adjust to a new place and circumstances. But rather then think about all of the bad things think about it this way, no one fits in at first, you need to make this place your own and see it this way you have a brand new start her. Where you can basically whatever you want."

Chahla: "But I want to be myself."

Sheldon: "You still can be yourself, you may not be able to walk through walls like you used to but nothing has changed other than that. No one can force you to change."

Chahla: "Everyone laughs at me."

Sheldon: "Everyone get's laughed at, it's a natural part of living."

Chahla: "I normally laugh with people. I was never laughed at."

Sheldon: "Sometimes, we need to laugh at ourselves to."

Chahla: looked up at him, "I've never cried before. I don't see what is funny at all."

Sheldon: "They were probably laughing because they have ran into something or another in their lifetimes."

Chahla: "Do solid people do that often?"

Sheldon: "Run into things?"

Chahla: "Yes." she wondered.

Sheldon: nodded, "All the time."

Chahla: "I've never run into something before." she was done crying now. "Normally I walk right through them. Or jump through them, fall through them..."

Sheldon: "But you see you're not a hologram anymore, you have to use the door."

Chahla: "Have to?"

Sheldon: "Unless you break down the wall."

Chahla: "Well why are there walls if you can't walk through them?"

Sheldon: "To give people privacy."

Chahla: "Why do you need privacy?"

Sheldon: "Well when you are going to the bathroom or 'mating'."

Chahla: "I um...I know what mating is...I understand that since now I know how you people do it. But...what is the bathroom?"

Sheldon: "It's where you take toxins out of your body. Or wash yourself."

Chahla: "Like when women throw up when they are pregnant?"

Sheldon: "Usually they use the toilet but also other things. Plus a shower."

Chahla: "I know how to wash myself, so I know what a shower is." she said, "Just not what a toilet is."

Sheldon: "'s hard to explain."

Chahla: "Well, Mai was going to let me watch her mate to see what it was. Can you show me what a toilet is?"

Sheldon: "Um...I'd rather not. Though I am sure that you could find something on the internet about it."

Chahla: leaned over to see around him, "Where is...your mate?"

Sheldon: "I suppose she went home, I'll have to call and apologize."

Chahla: "You um...left her?"

Sheldon: "She knows I take my work seriously, we aren't married or anything."

Chahla: "Oh. I thought if you were mated you were married. Klay and Mai called each other husband and wife. I assumed that's what a girlfriend was, just another word for wife."

Sheldon: shook his head, "A girlfriend or boyfriend is not as permanent as a husband and wife. For example a girlfriend could break up with a boyfriend. You don't have that when you're married. You're in it for life. I just can't believe that Klay is going to let you watch."

Chahla: "But you've mated with your girlfriend, correct? Isn't that what makes you...boyfriend and girlfriend?" she asked, using the terms her provided her. "No," she said after a moment, "That's why I haven't seen them yet. Mai thinks Klay will feel awkward. Though I don't know why."

Sheldon: "I have but there is a difference between marriage and what me and her are. See usually that's a private thing."

Chahla: "Oh. I see. So I guess I will never know."

Sheldon: "Unless you look it up on the computer."

Chahla: "Reading articles like about the toilet?"

Sheldon: nodded, "And about the other thing."

Chahla: "What other thing?"

Sheldon: "Mating, though that is of course if you wanted to know."

Chahla: her face brightened, "Oh. I do. Can I learn about other things of your kind on this internet?"

Sheldon: nodded.

Chahla: "Where do I find this internet?" she got off of the bed.

Sheldon: "It's in her computer room I can show you if you would like."

Chahla: nodded, "Yes, please."

Sheldon: walked out of the room and passed a few doors and finally to a room that on the far wall was a flat screen with a turning chair.

Chahla: "Another machine?" she asked from behind him.

Sheldon: nodded, "You can talk to this one though. Well give it commands anyway."

Chahla: "Really? Like what? Can you show me?"

Sheldon: "Well what do you want to look at first?"

Chahla: "Mating for your kind. That interests me the most. And physical contact."

Sheldon: nodded, he turned to the screen. "Search, sex." and a thousand hits came up on the computer.

Chahla: walked over to the computer, "Interesting..." she touched some words on the screen.

As soon as she touched it, it changed to a different page.

Chahla: gasped and looked at Sheldon, "This is very neat. Is it supposed to do that?"

Sheldon: nodded, "When you want to go back to the reference page just hit this button." he pointed to a purple button.

Chahla: looked at the screen again, then back to Sheldon, "Thank you Sheldon." she paused, "You should call your girlfriend now so she won't be mad at you because of me. I wouldn't like that."

Sheldon: "You're welcome and I will."

Chahla: "I will be here for awhile." she said, and sat in the chair.

Cherie: jumped on her lap and curled up.

Chahla: stroked her fur.

Sheldon: "If you have any questions call." he left the room.

Chahla: nodded and turned back to the screen, reading things.


Chahla: read about Earths appliances, like the toilet.

Sheldon: "Hey Chahla will you come here for a moment please?"

Chahla: got up and, holding her cat, she walked out into the living room, "Yes Sheldon?"

Sheldon: "Will you see if this fits?" he handed her a dress that was just like her own only more fancy but covered up everything just the way she liked it.

Chahla: set her cat down and took the dress from him. She looked at it, "I like this..." she looked at him, "What store sells it here?"

Sheldon: "It was on the doorstep with a whole load of other dresses plus the thousand dollars which must have fell out of your pocket."

Chahla: looked confused, "Really?" she felt her pocket and her face was shocked, "Oh my. I would have felt so bad!"

Sheldon: handed her the money back.

Chahla: "No no, you should hold it. Apparently I am not able to keep a hold of this world's money."

Sheldon: "As you wish."

Chahla: "Can you remember to give it to Mai when she returns with her husband please?"

Sheldon: nodded, "Sure thing." he pointed to the dress, "You should probably make sure it fits."

Chahla: "Thank you." she looked back at her room, then to Sheldon again, "Yes. Be right back." she left to her room and shooed the cats out, then shut her door and changed into the dress. She looked at herself in the mirror and twirled a bit. The dress fit perfectly. She came back out to Sheldon, "Weird, it fits perfectly. Your kind must know how to tell sizes very well."

Sheldon: nodded, "Guess so."

Chahla: "Does this happen often here?"

Sheldon: "No, in fact this is the first time I have seen it."

Chahla: "Oh..." she held her old dress in her arms, "You said there were others?"

Sheldon: nodded, he opened the front door to show 10 giant boxes. "There is about ten in each box."

Chahla: gasped, "One hundred dresses!" she looked to Sheldon in shock and wonder.

Sheldon: nodded. "You're going to need a bigger closet."

Chahla: "Do you know how the dresses got here? It must be from one of my friends at home, maybe. But they wouldn't know where I am living now. one owns this many dresses at home." she said softly. She looked at the boxes again.

Sheldon: "Maybe someone saw you and wanted to help you out, which reminds me. You have some pajamas too."

Chahla: "Really? Who ever bought these must be rich." she looked down at her dress and felt the material, "They are more fancy then the ones I've made, like this one." she lifted her arms to better show the one she was carrying.

Sheldon: "They definitely are unique."

Chahla: "Umm...was there a note?"

Sheldon: shook his head, "Nothing."

Chahla: "I don't know if I should take these. I can' them back. I have nowhere to wear such nice dresses either."

Sheldon: "Well you can't give them back either."

Chahla: "Oh I won't. Giving back a gift is pure unkindness." she set her dress over the top of a box and brought it into the house.

Sheldon: "I'll help you bring in the others." he walked over and carried another one in.

Chahla: "I'll just put them in my room." she set hers on the bed and went out and got another.

Together they brought out in all of the boxes.

Chahla: "I understand a bit more about your kind now." she said as she opened a box and lifted another dress out of it, looking at it in awe at the same time.

Sheldon: "And what do you think of it?"

Chahla: "Well...I'm still confused." she admitted, "About the mating at least. I don't understand how people can feel what they do, you know? I know how it works...but...why would you want to do that anyways? Pollen is a lot...cleaner."

Sheldon: nodded, "I believe it is because when you do so, you are basically giving yourself completely to the other person."

Chahla: "But what would make a person want to do that?"

Sheldon: "There love for the other person."

Chahla: "If they loved that person enough- like you love your girl friend enough to mate with her- why was I also reading about...breakups. People breaking up AFTER they've mated."

Sheldon: "Because sometimes people aren't compatible or some do it just to prove they are stronger."

Chahla: "They breakup to prove their...strength?"

Sheldon: "No, sometimes they force other to mate with them."

Chahla: "But...but Mai said the person chooses."

Sheldon: nodded, "In most cases yes but in some they don't and they are scared afterward." he thought about Mai for a moment then skipped over it.

Chahla: "That's...that's awful." she said sadly.

Sheldon: nodded, "It is. Though some people like Mai are able to pretend like it didn't happen." as soon as he said it he cursed himself in his head.

Chahla: "It's happened to Mai? IS KLAY FORCING HER TO BE HIS MATE!" she said getting hysterical. She dropped her dress. "Oh no oh no."

Sheldon: "No, no not Klay." he said quickly.

Chahla: "Others before him?" she said, her eyes still wide.

Sheldon: nodded. "Yeah. But you can't tell her I told you."

Chahla: "Why can I not? If she asks I must. I cannot lie to her."

Sheldon: "I'll be in huge trouble."

Chahla: "I owe Mai more than I owe you though, Sheldon. I am sorry but that is how it is."

Sheldon: "I know if you must you must." he sighed. "Are you done with the computer?"

Chahla: nodded, "For now I am. I promise not to say anything, as long as she doesn't ask."

Sheldon: "Thank you." he said as he went to turn off the computer.

Chahla: continued to pick through her boxes of dresses, laying them out on the bed, and then hanging them up in the closet as they fit. One by one.


Klay: returned home with Mai.

Mai: smiled as she entered, "So good to be home."

Chahla: came out of the computer room in one of her new dresses, she smiled, "Welcome back Mai. How was your trip?"

Mai: "It was very relaxing. I like the new dress."

Chahla: "Thank you. I do too. It was given to me, along with ninety-nine others."

Mai: "You're welcome. Wow that's a lot."

Chahla: nodded, "I know. Sheldon has your money for you. I spent none of it."

Klay: "I'm going to go work on the car Mai." he kissed her cheek, and then left outside again.

Mai: smiled then watched him go, she nodded, "Where is he by the way? Still sleeping?"

Chahla: "I am not sure." she said truthfully, "Though I feel bad he is here a lot and not with his mate."

Mai: "Has he gotten into anything?"

Chahla: "What do you mean?" she tilted her head thoughtfully, "He gets into the fridge a lot."

Mai: nodded, "As long as he doesn't get into my safe."

Chahla: "He mentioned it once. But...I don't know. I was busy reading things about mating of your kind on the internet. It's very neat."

Mai: "I'll have to check it out later." she walked over to her and Klay's room and opened the door, she took a step back, there was Sheldon and his girlfriend sleeping under the covers. He head was on his bare chest. His arm was around her.

Chahla: watched Mai take a step back, "Are you alright?" she walked over to the door, "Oh. That mating thing like you and Klay do. I heard them sometimes. Sheldon said you wouldn't mind them using your bed. I didn't know sounds were made like that. You and Klay never did make sounds that I know of."

Mai: "I'm going to have to wash the sheets." she muttered and closed the door.

Chahla: "I just felt bad he was here all the time without her. So...I didn't mind when she came."

Mai: "It's alright; he needed some time with her."

Chahla: "How were you and your husband's vacation? What'd you do on it? More mating?"

Mai: nodded, "And viewing more of Earth's life."

Dishira: "Mai!" she ran to her and wound about her legs purring, "I missed you."

Chahla: "If you mate so much, where are your children?"

Mai: pet her, "I missed you to." she hugged her and then looked up at her, "I don't think I can have children actually."

Chahla: "Why?"

Mai: "Long story."

Chahla: nodded, "Sometime if you wish to tell me, I have time to listen."

Mai: "I'll keep that in mind." she smiled slightly at her then continued to pet her cat. "And how have you been?"

Dishira: "She was good after the first day."

Chahla: "Dishira shush!" she said softly.

Mai: "What happened?"

Chahla: "I tried to walk through a wall and it failed."

Mai: nodded, "Yeah you have to walk through a door."

Chahla: "I...figured that out. Sheldon told me."

Mai: smiled slightly, "Yeah, he is good at stating the obvious."

Chahla: nodded, "I want to ask him a question though. I've been reading up on your kind in the internet, and plus what Sheldon told me...I've been wondering something about him."

Mai: "What is it? Maybe I can help."

Chahla: "I don't...know. It was just about him and his girlfriend."

Mai: nodded, "I understand. Well, I suppose that I should start cleaning."

Chahla: "I can help you."

Dishira: meowed at Mai, "Me too." she purred happily.

Mai: smiled slightly, "I would appreciate that."

Klay: opened the door and came in the house, closing it behind him. He tracked in mud, "Sorry. Need to get something." he walked towards his and Mai's bedroom.

Mai: "Wait!" she got in front of him, "You're tracking in mud. Clean off your boots first and your mess."

Klay: "I can get my item first then leave. Come on Mai I forgot and it's important and I must get it before I forget again and then you get mad at me." he picked her up by her forearms and set her to the side.

Mai: "Klay please don't." she begged him.

Klay: "But Mai I forgot about it on our vacation. Please?"

Mai: "I'll get it for you."

Klay: "No!" he said quickly, "No."

Mai: "Then can you get it later? Please?"

Klay: sighed heavily, "Why? It's my room."

Mai: "Trust me, you want to wait."

Klay: narrowed his eyes at her, "Why?"

Mai: "Just because."

Klay: "Mai..." his face changed as if he had read something silently, "Oh they better not be." he turned and opened up the bedroom door.

Mai: "NO!"

Sheldon: heard her, "Crap." he muttered under his breath.

Klay: "What in the-" he growled, "Out of my house, right now Sheldon!"

Mai: "Klay don't do that." she said as she sighed.

Klay: he looked at Mai, "That's it. We're just gonna have to get a new bed."

Mai: "Talk about me being a germ freak."

Klay: "No! It's just the whole idea." he looked to them, "Get out of the bed now!"

Sheldon: "Close the door first please."

Woman: woke up to the yelling she got closer to Sheldon

Klay: grabbed what he needed off of the dresser and then slammed the door behind him, his eyes furious.

Mai: took her one hand in the other she looked down.

Klay: "I am so having a talk with your father. Where's the phone." he walked to the kitchen.

Mai: "Klay please." she took his arm trying to stop him.

Klay: "He's supposed to be watching Chahla, Mai, not doing that nasty with his girlfriend!"

Mai: "He was watching her Klay he was up all night, making sure everything was okay; don't you think he deserves some happiness?"

Klay: "Not in OUR bed he doesn't!"

Mai: "Klay please don't yell."

Klay: "Never, Mai. Never in a million years is another man supposed to DEFILE another man's bed. He could have taken the couch; he could have done it on the floor of our room. A spare room. Not OUR bed." he growled, but his voice was lower per Mai's wishes.

Chahla: "I don't need watched constantly. It was supposedly just to shop, but he stayed longer and I felt bad he didn't get to see his girlfriend. It's kind of my fault. I'm sorry, I didn't know."

Klay: "No, but HE should have known."

Mai: "If you're going to be angry Klay be angry at me okay?"

Klay: "Who said I'm angry? I'm not angry. I'm pissed off that's what I am." he started to the phone again and picked it up.

Mai: grabbed it out of his hands and ran off.

Klay: got out his cell phone undeterred.

Mai: "KLAY PLEASE DON'T!" she pleaded with him.

Klay: "Either he's gonna work or he's gonna play around. Not two at one time Mai."

Mai: she sighed and looked down. "If you destroy my friend's career it's on your head." she walked off to get a mop to clean up Klay's earlier mess.

Klay: "He did it to himself. Can you imagine what can happen at one moment of not watching someone? Ha. 'Assassin protection is the best to have.' Right. Not when it's with HIM." he emphasized the word and dialed the phone number. "She could have been hurt Mai."

Chahla: "But I wasn't! Please don't!" she begged him. "I don't know how you knew he said that but please don't get him fired!"

Klay: "It's all in the mind. The same way I figured out what Mai was hiding in the bedroom from me. Or trying to hide."

Mai: she bit her tongue. "I'm not going to fight you anymore Klay." she said getting on her knees cleaning up the mess.

Klay: put the phone to his ear.

Chahla: went and knelt by Mai, helping her clean up. She felt responsible in a way. After all, she had called the director for him to send Sheldon in the first place. If he had never have come this never would have happened.

Klay: "It would have been found out sooner or later." he said simply.

Mai: "You don't have to help Chahla if you don't want to." she kept her eyes focused on the floor

Chahla: "I want to."

Dishira: went and sat by Mai on the floor. She rubbed her head against her side.

Cherie: laid on the back of the couch, watching everything.

Klay: "Pick up the phone..." he mumbled.

Mai: smiled slightly at her cat, and rubbed her head with her non-wet hand.

He got a disconnected message.

Klay: shut his phone off and pocketed it. "Whatever." he muttered to himself. "YOU'RE SURE TAKING A LONG TIME IN THERE SHELDON!"

Mai: "There is no one in there anymore Klay."

Klay: "No, no, no. I don't think so. There better be. I need to talk to him, and he and his girlfriend are washing the sheets and the blankets and the pillow cases."

Chahla: "Oh." she looked up and towards the room, "But my question."

Sheldon: came out with his teary-eyed girlfriend.

Mai: "I have it Klay." she stood and walked into the bedroom and pulled off the sheets and put them in a basket then took them down to get washed.

Klay: "No! Mai." he sighed in a growl and glared at Sheldon.

Sheldon: met his gaze.

Klay: "You just want to have the fun and not do any of the work, INCLUDING cleaning up your mess. You let my WIFE do it for you." he seethed.

Sheldon: "I take full responsibility for what I've done Klay and if I could stop her I would."

Klay: looked to Sheldon's girlfriend, "I'm sorry, but it has nothing to do with you. This is just Sheldon and how he always takes advantage of situations. Like my almost empty house."

Sheldon: stroked his girlfriends arm to comfort her.

Woman: nodded slowly, "It partly my fault to."

Klay: "I would not have minded if it was anywhere else...just NOT in my bed! Sheldon! Seriously!" he looked at him again, still angry but not furious.

Sheldon: "I'm sorry sir."

Klay: "I am talking to the director as soon as I get a hold of him. And I will. I will talk to him about this so he knows. Not to get you fired, but to teach you that when you HAVE a job, Sheldon, you take it SERIOUSLY. Play time is for Break time."

Sheldon: "Well, it seems that my job and my life won't be long then, thank you Klay. Now if it is alright with you I would like to take my girlfriend home."

Chahla: "But I...have a question." she mumbled, "Never mind." she finished wiping the floor and stood.

Klay: "You may leave Sheldon, and if Chahla needs another assassin to watch her, let's hope it's NOT you."

Sheldon: "It won't be, I'll be dead." he turned and walked with his girlfriend out of the house.

Klay: "Death for what?" he muttered, "Whatever, death is a mercy."

Chahla: watched them go. It was probably inappropriate for her to ask the question she wanted to ask anyways. She sighed and went back to her room and shut the door, certain that she would probably never see him and his girlfriend again even to ask. She let Cherie in, then shut the door again and sat on her bed, laying back.

Mai: came back her hair covered her face as she continued to clean the house.

Klay: set the present on the table, figuring Mai would not want him to give it to her now. He walked out of the kitchen and into his office and shut the door.

Mai: she cringed a little as she heard him close the door with a slam. She just sat on the couch feeling the tears come as she cried.

Dishira: she jumped up onto the couch next to Mai as she cried, rubbing against Mai's side as she walked back and forth. 'What's wrong Mai?' she asked softly.

Mai: "I've made my husband angry. I didn't mean to, and now Sheldon and Jenna can't be together."

Dishira: 'It wasn't you that made him angry. But why do you think Sheldon and Jenna can't be together? They can...just maybe not in your house.' she watched Mai with her dull gray eyes, curiously and concerned.

Mai: "Because if my father finds out, he'll kill him."

Dishira: 'Why? Was what he did that bad? Why?' she jumped onto her back legs and put her two front paws on Mai's arm to balance herself.

Mai: 'This will be his second offense. The second is death." she whispered.

Dishira: 'What did he do the first time, to get himself in trouble? How long ago was it?'

Mai: "He didn't kill someone two months ago, and it led to many other's deaths."

Dishira: "He can't quit? Why must he die?" she asked alarmed.

Mai: "Because he knows too much about the organization."

Dishira: "So if you quit would you be killed?"

Mai: nodded, "Probably even if he is my dad."

Dishira: hissed slightly, "I don't like that job." she bounced off of the couch and stood on the floor at Mai's feet.

Mai: she looked down at her hands thinking.

Dishira: ran off to Klay's office.

Mai: watched her go, she pulled her feet up on the couch.

Dishira: jumped up and opened the door, letting herself in the office. She shut it behind her.

Mai: wondered what it is that they would need the door closed for, she stood and listened from the outside.

Klay: "Hi cat." he said.

Dishira: "My name is Dishira."

Klay: "You're named after food plates?" he asked interestingly.

Dishira: growled and jumped on Klay's desk, "No."

Klay: "Off my desk cat. I'm thinking. And trying to locate a new number for the director." he lifted up Dishira and set her on the floor.

Dishira: jumped back on the desk and jumped onto Klay.

Klay: startled, he flung back in the chair and it could be heard outside the door falling to the floor with him in it as a thud. "What the heck! Get off me!"

Dishira: "No." she pressed her face to Klay's face, "You will listen to me. It hurts Mai when she thinks about Sheldon getting in trouble."

Klay: "I-"

Dishira: "I said quiet! I'm not done. You won't get Sheldon fired, or killed."

Klay: "Oh he wouldn't get killed anyways. Everyone's paranoid."

Dishira: "Yes he would. This is his second offence. Now, I'll tell you what you are going to do."

Klay: "I don't get told what to do cat."

Dishira: "Do you want me to scratch you? Because I will."

Klay: "Do it and I'll throw you out." he said in a growl.

Dishira: "Mai would never let you." she said smugly and purred contentedly at the thought for a moment before stopping.


Dishira: snapped at his face, "You will keep Sheldon working here."

Klay: "Why in the world would I do such a thing?"

Dishira: "Why send him away, when you can keep an eye on him here."

Klay: "And why would I want to keep an eye on him?"

Dishira: "Make sure he isn't breaking anymore rules." she said simply.

Klay: "No thanks."

Dishira: "What you can't do it?"

Klay: "I never said that."

Dishira: "Then do it."

Klay: "No."

Dishira: "Yes."

Klay: "No."

Dishira: growled, "I dare you."

Klay: "Whatever."

Dishira: tore his shirt with her claw.

Klay: "Hey! My shirt!" he pushed Dishira off and got up off the floor.

Dishira: "I warned you." he said, sitting on her hind legs and swishing her tail about her.

Klay: "You just wait cat..." he said annoyed.

Dishira: "Is that a yes?"

Klay: "Whatever." he repeated, and opened up the office door, "I have an idea." he said to Mai, acting like nothing happened. He noticed she was by the door but said nothing.

Mai: "Dishira, are you hungry?"

Klay: "Okay...fine. Ignore me."

Dishira: walked out and rubbed around Mai's legs, "Yes." she purred.

Mai: petted her, "Are you hungry or are you fine?" she asked Klay continuing with what she planned to do anyway.

Klay: "I said I had an idea. I was going to tell you about it. But...never mind. I'm fine. I'll get food later." he went back and sat at his desk, pulling off his shirt and throwing it aside since it was ripped anyways now.

Mai: "What was your idea?"

Klay: shrugged slightly, "Never mind."

Mai: "Please, tell me."

Klay: "If you can get a hold of Sheldon tell him to come back here. I need to talk to him about arrangements."

Mai: nodded, "I'll see what I can do."

Klay: nodded, "Thanks."

Mai: "Sure." she looked down at Dishira, "Let's get you something to eat." she walked to the kitchen.

The present was still on the kitchen table.

Dishira: followed her.

Mai: she stared at it not sure if she should open it or not.

Dishira: jumped onto the table and started to swat it around, "FUN!" she purred and hit it off the table with her tail, jumping after it.

Mai: grabbed it before it fell, "I don't think this should be played with."

Dishira: her ears flattened slightly, saddened.

Mai: "I'll get you something else to play with." she promised. Then started to make food.

Dishira: her ears perked up, "I know what it is." she bounced around the kitchen floor.

Mai: smiled slightly, "Really?"

Dishira: "Yes I heard it when I knocked it around!" she rolled on the floor.

Mai: "Are you okay?" she asked a small smile to her lips.

Dishira: "I want to play." she attacked a fuzz ball on the floor.

Mai: watched her then set her food on the floor.

Dishira: stopped and jumped over to her food and ate it.

Mai: cleaned the plate afterward.

Chahla: came out of the bedroom and set Cherie down by Dishira.

Cherie: ate some of Dishira's food.

Chahla: sat at the table.

Mai: "Are you hungry Chahla?"

Chahla: "Yes I am. Sheldon told me about that strange craving solid people get. It was weird."

Mai: started to cook her food, "It seems he told you a lot."

Chahla: "He was very helpful, yes. But..." she watched Mai, "I guess...maybe I could ask you the question I wanted to ask him, since he is gone now."

Mai: "Sure."

Chahla: "Well, Sheldon seems to love his girlfriend a lot. And I was just wondering, if he does, why doesn't he marry her, like you have married Klay whom you love? Sheldon told me once that when you have a husband and wife you are committed forever. But with a girlfriend and boyfriend you can choose to break up. Is he thinking of breaking up with her in the future?"

Mai: "No, but see it is not wise for us to marry, because it offers leverage when you have lost in a fight."

Chahla: "If one loves their mate that much, wouldn't it still be an issue? Status rank means nothing in that case. They could still use Sheldon's girlfriend Jenna against him, married or not."

Mai: "They could but it wouldn't work as well as in the case with husband and wife, he is just protecting his girlfriend besides no one really knows except us and my father."

Chahla: "Protecting her?"

Mai: nodded.

Chahla: "So he doesn't really love her?"

Mai: "He does love her but his want to protect her overpowers that."

Chahla: "Oh I see." she paused, "Your world is strange to me. Very confusing. I read up on half the things but I don't know what is described half the time. Like feelings and such, since I've never held them."

Mai: "Which feelings?"

Chahla: "Like the love you speak of, and the love we speak of that Sheldon has. Only love I have felt was for my children. And my cat."

Mai: "You'll find someone that will feel that way for you." she placed the beautiful plate of food in front of her.

Chahla: "Even so, I wouldn't know how to handle it. I can't take physical contact. I'd be weird." she looked at her food, "Thank you." she picked up a fork.

Mai: "You're welcome. It's something you get used to."

Chahla: "Did you have to get used to it?" she asked her before she started to eat.

Mai: nodded, "Yeah."

Chahla: "At least I am not alone then." she smiled slightly and then took a bite of her food.

Mai: nodded, "You'll have to tell me what you think about this sort of food."

Chahla: "Oh, I like it very much. I think occasionally about how my people are doing back home with all this new learning's. After all, they don't have people like you and Sheldon to teach them like you two have taught me thus far."

Mai: "Well I'm sure that they are progressing wonderfully, and remember if you having anything you want to know just tell me and I'll answer it for you."

Chahla: "That was all for my questions. Well..." she put her fork down and looked at Mai again, "Maybe I more."

Mai: looked at her, "What is it?"

Chahla: "Do you...happen to know how I can find the person who gave me the gift of the dresses so I can write them a thank you card or something of sorts? I hate to receive them without thanking the person who sent them."

Mai: "I can do a bio scan of the clothing to get a finger print then run it through the database to find them."

Chahla: "Really?" she took another bite and stood and left to her room. She took a dress out of the closet and held it out to Mai, "I haven't worn this one yet, and only places I've touched it was here, when I took it out of the box," she pointed, "And here and here, when I took it out of the closet just now to carry it to you." she hoped that didn't mess up the bio scan.

Mai: smiled she took the dress. "I'll be back."

Chahla: smiled at her, "Thanks." she sat back down at the table and finished her food.

Cherie: finished eating and started to play with Dishira.

Mai: came back with a name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Chahla: looked at the paper and read the name.

"David Henries."

Chahla: "I know...what the name is, what the address is, and the phone number. But what is this?" she pointed to the email.

Mai: "That's where you can send someone a message over the internet. It gets there instantly and saves paper."

Chahla: "I've used the internet. Do you think I could do that? Or would it be better to write a thank you card?"

Mai: "The e-mail would probably be better."

Chahla: "Do you think I could do that right now? How do I get one of these addresses?"

Mai: "You have to set one up first by typing in your name and such."

Chahla: "Would you be able to show me please Mai?"

Mai: "Surely, please follow me." she started to head back to the computer room.

Chahla: placed her plate in the sink and followed after Mai.

Mai: started her up on the page.

Chahla: watched, waiting to be instructed what to do.

Mai: got out of the chair, "Then you just put in the information it asks you and then hit create."

Chahla: "Thank you Mai." she curtsied to her then sat in the chair and created her e-mail address.

Mai: watched from behind.

Chahla: once her e-mail was created, she clicked on Create, like Mai had told her too. "Now what?"

Mai: "Click the compose mail button."

Chahla: did so.

Mai: "Now you enter the address here and then put your subject here. Then what you want to say here. And then you are done you click the send button." she gestured to all of these things as she said them.

Chahla: looked at the paper in her hand and typed the email address into the right box. Then she typed in the subject of "Thank you". She typed out the message;

"Dear David,
Thank you very much for the many wonderful dresses you have given me. I heard that there are not many people as honest and kind as you in this world, so it is a privilege to know such a person. I am enjoying the clothes very much, and would love to know where you got them. However, because I have so many, I will never need to buy a new dress ever again. These are perfect for a lifetime. Thank you again. I just wanted to be sure you knew how grateful I am.

~Chahla Landers"

She hit send.

As if it knew that she would send a message within a minute she had a reply.

I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the clothes and that what I sent you was enough. As to where you get them I am not exactly sure because I made each and every one of them. I hope that they suit you well to your tastes and interests.


Chahla: read the message and looked to Mai, "That was fast."

Mai: "You're not kidding."

Chahla: "Should I reply?"

Mai: "Only if you wish to."

Chahla: "Is it rude if I do not?"

Mai: "No not really."

Chahla: looked at the screen.

Mai: watched her for a moment. "Well I'll be back I have to make a call." she left.

Chahla: "Okay." she watched Mai go.

Mai: when she was out at the living room she pulled out the phone and dialed a number.

Chahla: replied to the email;

"Dear David,

You made these dresses?


"Yes, why is there something wrong with one of them?


"Dear David,
No, of course not. I just think it's nice. I used to make my own dresses back at home too. You must work very fast. I was just here a day when I received them.


"Your dresses are very beautiful.

"Dear David,
Thank you. But, how would you know? Unless you were there at the market that dreadful day to see one. Then again, that is only one dress. Can you judge the rest of them by just that one?


"I was there at the mall even though you did not see me, through one dress it tells the person's style you see and from that I could only imagine what your other dresses look like.


"Dear David,
They are very fancy dresses. Sometimes I feel like I do not honor them properly, as I have no where fancy to go here.


"You honor them just by wearing them, even if they have nowhere to go.

"Dear David,
Then that is what I shall do to prove my gratefulness to you for the dresses. Wear them.


"Thank you, that means a lot to me.

"Dear David,
I don't see how, but you are welcome. Are you from this kind?


"Yes, I am a solid human and I once knew of one of your kind.

"Dear David,
Oh really? Then you do know of my world. Who was it you knew? Perhaps one of my friends.


"Her name was Drewsilla. I do, she told me of different parts of your world like how you can walk through walls.

"Dear David,
You mean, could walk through walls. I can no longer do that. I forgot that time at the mall and I wish to never do that again. How did you meet?


"Well she was actually at the mall and she interested me so I went over and talked to her. I showed her around.

"Dear David,

That was very nice of you. Does she still live around here? Perhaps Drewsilla and I can meet.


"Sad to say, no, she's gone.


"Dear David,

Gone? As in left back to home, or gone as in dead?


"Gone as in dead.


"Dear David,

That's awful! She died here, in this world?


"She was trying to return home.


"Dear David,

How did she die?


"I don't know she just disappeared.


Chahla: "Oh my." she got up and ran out to Mai, "Mai, I can't stay here I have to go. It's not safe." she said fearful.

Mai: ''What?'' she asked holding the phone away from her ear.

Chahla: "David told me one of my kind just disappeared from here. Died. When she tried to return home. I have to warn my people it's not safe." she started to freak out.

Mai: ''Who was it?''

Chahla: "Her name was Drewsilla."

Mai: ''That name sounds familiar...I think...that was a one time thing.'' she said after a minute.

Chahla: "What?" she urged her.

Mai: ''I remember a report coming in about her from my father she had done something...but I don't remember what...she had to be assassinated.''

Chahla: "You killed one of my people?" she whispered.

Mai: ''No I didn't even know they existed until I fell. 'I never met a person with that name.''

Chahla: "So I am in no danger? Or does your father wish to have me assassinated too?"

Mai: ''You're safe. He will never wish such a thing upon you.''

Chahla: "I have to tell David." she took a breath, "Thank you Mai." she trusted her word. She went back to the computer and typed another e-mail to David.

"Dear David,

Drewsilla was assassinated.


"That is very tragic news to hear.


"Dear David,

I agree that it is. I just wanted to tell you so you would know what happened. I don't know all the details about it but neither does my friend Mai.


"The Mai that is the director's daughter?


"Dear David,

Yes. How did you know?


"It is common knowledge.


"Dear David,

Yes, for people who are in her family, or who work for her father, or who are her friend, which is how I know. Which of these three choices are you?


"I used to do business with her father. So I guess I'm in a category all by myself.


"Dear David,

I see. Well, I do not wish to take up all of your time. It was meeting you.


"Likewise if you ever want to get in touch with me here you.


"Dear David,

How will I let you know?


"Just send me an email.


"Dear David,

You can likewise send me one then.


"I shall.


"Dear David,

Bye David.


"Goodbye Chahla.


Chahla: signed out and shut off the computer.


Mai: was back to cleaning.

Klay: came out of the office and went to the kitchen for food.

Mai: "I made you something to eat. It's on the counters."

Klay: "Oh. Thanks love. Did you get a hold of Sheldon yet for me?" he took his food to the table and sat down. His eyes glanced over the table surface briefly.

Mai: nodded. "He said he'll be over later."

Klay: "Thanks." he said again, and turned to face her, "Where's your gift?"

Mai: pointed to a different counter. "I didn't want Dishira playing with it."

Klay: looked over and got up, walking to the counter. He picked up the present. "Your cat wants to kill me."

Mai: "Why do you think that?"

Klay: "Because you were crying and she blames me for it." he looked at her, "I didn't mean to make you cry Mai."

Mai: "I know. I just shouldn't be so emotional like that."

Klay: looked at the box. He held it to her, "You didn't even open it and it's your present."

Mai: "I wasn't sure if you wanted me to." she opened it.

Inside was a small silver heart shaped locket with intricate patterns over it. When Mai opened it, it read, "Happy Anniversary, My love" on one side, and the other side was a picture of Klay and Mai.

Mai: was speechless.

Klay: "Not our first year anniversary, but, I wasn't sure which anniversary you wanted to celebrate. If you wanted to do it by month, week, or what." he paused, "Though I kept forgetting to give it to you until today. And then today didn't turn out as I'd hoped."

Mai: hugged him tight

Klay: hugged her back.

Mai: "Love you."

Klay: "Love you too, Mai." he just continued to hug her.

Mai: "Sorry for acting like a brat. Happy anniversary."

Klay: "You weren't acting like a brat. Maybe I just overreacted. But I don't like to see people not doing their job well. That's it."

Mai: traced his chest with her finger. "We should do something tonight."

Klay: "Like go out to dinner?"

Mai: nodded "And other stuff."

Klay: "A movie?" he moved her hair back from her neck after leaning back from the hug, "Here, give me the necklace and I'll put it on you."

Mai: gave it to him.

Klay: put the necklace around her neck from the front, wrapping his arms around her to clasp it closed. "There." he said softly.

Mai: smiled. "Thank you."

Klay: "So what was your idea for tonight then?"

Mai: "after the movie we could have some fun... our beds clean."

Klay: smirked, "Oh. Really?" he kissed her, "Well how about dessert first..." he kissed her again, "Dinner later..."

Mai: kissed him back. "Sounds good."

Klay: "What time was Sheldon returning here today?"

Mai: "Ten."

Klay: "Gives us three hours to kill." he scooped her up and took her to the bedroom and shut the door.


Chahla: was petting Cherie with one hand and Dishira with the other hand.

Sheldon: knocked on the door

Chahla: got up and answered it, she smiled, "Sheldon! I thought you'd never come back."

Sheldon: smiled slightly. "Me neither, but they called so I came."

Chahla: "They are busy right now, like you were with your girlfriend when you were here. But I am sure you can come in." she stepped aside.

Sheldon: "Thank you." he stepped inside.

Chahla: closed the door behind him. "Where's your girlfriend?"

Sheldon: "At home sleeping. She just stopped crying."

Chahla: "Oh." she looked sad, "I'm sorry Sheldon."

Sheldon: "It's okay. It's not your fault."

Chahla: "You never even told me your girl friend's name. Though my cat tells me it is Jenna, correct?"

Sheldon: "That's correct."

Chahla: "It's a pretty name." she looked back at Klay and Mai's room door.

Klay: whispered in Mai's ear, "I think Sheldon is here."

Mai: "Must we go?" she whispered back.

Klay: "Well, I do need to talk to him unless you wish your cat to kill me."

Mai: "we have to get up then." she started to sit up.

Klay: "After dinner more dessert then?" he pulled her back down and kissed her once more.

Mai: smiled "Yes if that's okay." she kissed him back

Klay: "Perfectly alright." he smiled and got up and dressed quickly.

Mai: got dressed as well

Klay: after Mai was dressed he opened up the door and came out, "Hello Sheldon. Thank you for stopping by."

Sheldon: "Sir." he acknowledged.

Klay: "I am just going to skip straight to the point. Would you like to take on a permanent side job under me to watch over Chahla? At least, until she is adjusted to the place."

Sheldon: "I'd like that however due to the death threat soon to be over my head I don't know how much good I can be."

Klay: "I've learned this is not your first offense. As has come to my attention that maybe, if I keep watch over you while you work, I will not need to notify the director and so there will be no death threat."

Sheldon: "I would be most thankful."

Klay: "But I am telling you Sheldon, don't slack on your work again. And if you want to entertain your girlfriend, do it somewhere else other than my bed."

Sheldon: "Understood."

Klay: "That's it then. Glad we cleared that up."

Sheldon: "Thank you"

Mai: smiled she hugged Klay from behind

Klay: patted Mai's hands while still looking at Sheldon, "Please tell Jenna I apologize for making her cry."

Chahla: smiled.

Sheldon: "Will do. Well, do you need me right now?"

Klay: "Sort of, yes. Mai and I were going to go out to dinner."

Sheldon: nodded, "Okay." he sat on a chair

Klay: "Perhaps you should notify your girlfriend first?" he suggested.

Sheldon: "She just got to sleep. I don't want to disturb her."

Klay: "Very well." he turned to Mai, "Done."

Mai: "Thank you." she hugged him again.

Klay: "I'll tell you the same thing I told your cat, 'Whatever'."

Mai: still hugged him. "I should go get ready." she realized.

Klay: "Sure thing love. I'll go with you. You may need help." he smirked.

Mai: smiled wider. "Okay," she walked to their room.

Klay: followed her back to the bedroom.

Mai: stripped down to her under clothing.

Klay: "You umm...forgot some clothes Mai. Here let me help you." he got on his knees and scooted over to Mai, his face at the level of her waist. He kissed her side and wrapped his arms around her legs.

Mai: giggled "very stylish."

Klay: "Yes...I know..." he ran his lips over her skin, "Can you wear something lacy tonight please my dear?"

Mai: smiled. "Yes of course."

Klay: pulled her down to his height and kissed her, "Thank you my dear." he smiled and stood, and went to his closet and changed.

Mai: "You're welcome," she got a strapless, short, lace dress. She brushed her hair.

Klay: instantly his lips found their way to kissing Mai's throat, his hands found the zipper of her dress and he pulled it up and down.

Mai: "Klay you have to wait." she whispered

Klay: " can't be wearing lace AND brushing your hair at the same time..." he whispered back, "That's just not fair." he continued to kiss her neck.

Mai: giggled. "Can't take it?"

Klay: "No..." he sighed, "I can't." he spun her around and pulled her to him in a deep kiss.

Mai: kissed him back

Klay: "Can we just...skip dinner altogether and go straight to dessert again?"

Mai: smiled and nodded. "Mhm."

Klay: "Here a hotel?" he stroked her hair and played with it between his fingers.

Mai: smiled, "Hotel."

Klay: used Mai's teleporting and teleported them both to a hotel. He got the honeymoon suit.

Mai: walked up to the room with him.

Klay: shut the door behind them and pushed Mai up against the door. He kissed her from her lips to her collarbone across her shoulders and down her arms. He picked up Mai and walked over to the bed and flopped onto it with her.

Mai leaned forward and kissed him over and over.

Klay: "I love you, Mai Kent." he pulled her close to him.

Mai: "I love you too, Klay Kent."


Mai: was lying happily by her husband.

Klay: had Mai's legs wrapped around him; one hitched at his waist and another around his leg as he slept.

Mai: smiled watching him sleep, he was like a god, a perfect and beautiful god. The wonder that people way back worshiped them though they never had a chance to see them or be with them. She was very fortunate that he loved her.

Klay: opened his eyes slowly, looking back at her, "You know how they say that the eyes have energy? Well...I could feel you staring at me even in my sleep."

Mai: smiled slightly, "Sorry. You're just so perfect." she whispered.

Klay: lifted his hand up to stroke her cheek, "I think it's time you ate breakfast love. You're starting to get," he leaned closer to her face and whispered, "Delusions." he kissed her then leaned back again.

Mai: kissed him back, "I'm just telling and thinking the truth." she smiled at him.

Klay: smiled back at her, "Well, every god needs their goddess."

Mai: "It is my good fortune that you choose me despite some problems."

Klay: "We all have problems my Mai."

Mai: nodded, "That's true." she agreed, "Except you don't have any."

Klay: "Have I never told you the story of my past, hmm?" he lifted an eyebrow, "Well, maybe I shan't. I'd hate to burst your delusions of me."

Mai: "It's not a delusion and I am well aware of your past."

Klay: "Hmm..." he thought about that, "Well..."

Mai: "Well?"

Klay: "Oh don't ask me tough questions when I just wake up. I don't know how to respond to that."

Mai: smiled, "Ok I won't ask you anything else." she kissed him, "I love you."

Klay: kissed her back, "We stayed out a little longer than just dinner."

Mai: smiled, "I noticed but that's okay."

Klay: "It's okay with me too." he smiled back at her lovingly.

Mai: she nuzzled his chest, so happy to be so close to him.

Klay: stroked her leg softly, the one hitched at his waist. He spoke lightly, "You know...what I was thinking yesterday for the first time in my life?"

Mai: "What?" she said softly before she kissed his chest then looked up at him.

Klay: he met her gaze, "I was thinking that maybe death isn't so wonderful. Maybe I don' the idea of dying anymore."

Mai: "What made you change your mind?"

Klay: "You did."

Mai: "How?" she asked searching his eyes to understand how she could do something like that without realizing it.

Klay: "Because I don't want to be dead if it means I will never get to see your beautiful face again, to love your perfect body again. To hear your wonderful voice again, and to feel your mind inside my head. Death is just not worth it to me anymore."

Mai: "I am very glad to hear that between death and me you would choose me. I never want to leave you. Ever."

Klay: "I never want to leave you, either."

Mai: "Then don't."

Klay: smiled slightly and kissed her, "Okay then. Guess I'm getting a few more days to stay in this hotel."

Mai: smiled, "That sounds wonderful."

Klay: "I hope Sheldon doesn't mind staying with Chahla that long."

Mai: "I don't think he will. He is firmly determined to make you happy with his efforts not like he has been."

Klay: nodded, "Well...then let us stay. I'll call room service." he turned sideways and grabbed the phone off the receiver.

Mai: snuggled up to him.


Chahla: "I don't think they are coming back tonight." she mentioned to Sheldon.

Sheldon: "I don't think so either." he sighed and laid his head back.

Chahla: "You look bored." she watched him.

Sheldon: "I am bored." he stated.

Chahla: "Want to...go to the mall? I don't need to buy anything, but maybe Jenna will be there." she offered kindly. She was sure he wouldn't be bored if Jenna was around.

Sheldon: "She'll probably be at home preparing for the anniversary we can't have. But if you want to go to the mall then we should get going."

Chahla: "Anniversary?" she asked confused. It seemed important to Sheldon though, whatever it was. "You can go...I don't want you to miss anything on my behalf. I can call the Director and have him send someone else over to watch me in the meantime, since Klay insists. No big deal." she assured him lightly.

Sheldon: "I won't give up on my responsibility, no matter how much I want to."

Chahla: "But I feel bad that you are away from your mate."

Sheldon: "I'll just have to make it up to her."

Chahla: "That's nice of you." she thought about it or a moment. "What if you call her and ask her to meet you at the mall, since that's where we are headed?"

Sheldon: "That could work."

Chahla: "Let's go then." she stood.

Sheldon: he grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder and opened the door for her.

Chahla: "Thank you sir." she curtsied to him and then walked out the door, heading to the mall.

Sheldon: closed the door and followed.

They made it to the mall in no time.

Sheldon: looked around.

Chahla: she wondered if David would be here. She looked to Sheldon, "You call Jenna yet?" she looked around the mall again. Hopefully this time she wouldn't get laughed at. She was better acquainted with this world now.

Sheldon: nodded.

Chahla: "I'll go walk around then." she said to Sheldon and went inside the mall, this time using the door properly. She had on one of the dresses that David had given her. It was fancy of course, like all the ones he had given her. She was actually la she got to wear it out of the house today. After all, it was so pretty it needed to be shown off. She felt that no one would laugh at her when she wore the clothes David gave her. They were too nice; too pretty. This particular dress that she wore was a dark, almost burgundy red. The length went down to her ankles. The sleeves fit to her wrist, and golden gloves fit over her hands. She wore golden boots to match her gloves, and her blonde hair was curled in soft curls to hang down loosely. A few butterfly barrettes were clipped into her hair. She wore no jewelry of any kind. Her ears were not even pierced. Chahla had seen other girls in this world with jewelry, but with all the rhinestones on her dress- the red rubies, for instance- she felt that was plenty enough to consider jewelry. She walked into a greeting card shop to her left, and started looking at the different pictures and sayings. She knew cards well. Her kind always sent "Thank You" cards. But this world had so many other options to choose from.

Sheldon: followed.

Chahla: continued looking.

Sheldon: "Looking to send a card?" he asked her.

Chahla: "There are...too many choices here. What's this?" she held up a get well soon card, showing Sheldon.

Sheldon: "You send that to someone when they get ill."

Chahla: "Ill? What's that?" she wondered.

Sheldon: "Sick."

Chahla: "What's sick?" she was still confused.

Sheldon: "When someone doesn't feel as good as normal."

Chahla: "Oh..." she said in understanding, "Like when I hit my head on the floor and the wall."

Sheldon: "Not exactly. It's like when a person gets some pathogen that gets into their body and they get a cough or a fever or sometimes you hurt all over to where you can't get up or move." he spoke as he gestured to show her how it worked, "Like when you don't eat you might get lightheaded. I'm not sure if you are familiar with that or not. Sometimes if you are sick you can make others get sick. So when someone you love doesn't feel so good, you send them the 'Get Well Soon' card to show them that you wish for them to get better again." he wasn't sure if Chahla knew this or not, or if she would even get what he was attempting to convey. But he thought he was failing.

Chahla: unlike what Sheldon thought, Chahla's face lit up in understanding, "Oh, I get it. Oh my, that does sound awful though. I can't imagine your whole body hurting. I could barely stand my head throbbing when I hit it." she grabbed a bunch of the "Get Well Soon" cards, "I'll need lots of these then." she held them in arms, thinking, "Since I'm...solid now, will I get sick too?" she wondered, not particularly liking the idea.

Sheldon: "Probably."

Chahla: "That will be a...horrible experience."

Sheldon: "It can be." he agreed.

Chahla: "Where's Jenna?" she realized that Sheldon's mate wasn't there yet.

Sheldon: "Probably packing stuff up."

Chahla: "Packing stuff? To come to the mall? Why?" she asked confused. She didn't pack anything to bring to the mall. Should she have?

Sheldon: "Well I thought after this the three of us could go on a picnic."

Chahla: she smiled widely, "That sounds like fun. What's a picnic? Can I bring my cat?" she wondered.

Sheldon: smiled slightly, "Yes, she can come too. A picnic is where you take a blanket and set it on the ground, and then you sit on it and eat some food and enjoy the outdoors."

Chahla: "OH, I really like the outdoors. What I've seen of it since I came here. It's...different all the time. I lived under a rock cover for so long." her eyes twinkled.

Sheldon: smiled, "You'll like it even more."

Chahla: "I'll take your word for it.

Sheldon: smiled slightly again.

Jenna: walked into the store, wearing a sundress. She carried a basket. She was smiling. "Hey, my love." she kissed Sheldon.

Chahla: watched them a moment, "Well, shall we then?" she put the load of cards back on the shelf in their respectable places.

Jenna: smiled and leaned back, looking over at Chahla, "Yes. Everything's all set."

Chahla: "I guess David isn't here today." though of course she really only visited one store in the mall today. But that was further than she got last time she was here. She smiled slightly. At least she made it inside the mall this time.

Sheldon: "I'm sorry Chahla."

Chahla: "That's alright. Shall we go?" she looked at Sheldon.

Sheldon: "Yup, if you are ready."

Chahla: "I just need to stop at home and get my cat."

Sheldon: "Alright."

They went back to Klay and Mai's house.

Sheldon and Jenna waited at the door.

Chahla: she came out carrying Dishira and Cherie, "I couldn't leave Dishira alone..." she explained, hoping the cat could come.

Sheldon: "It's alright. I figured she would come too."

Chahla: "Thank you." she left with Sheldon and Jenna.

They soon reached a place with waterfalls on three sides of them. There was a giant oak tree in the green grass. The mist caused a rainbow to appear above their heads.

Sheldon: he laid out the blanket on the ground beneath the shade of the oak tree.

Chahla: "Wow," she whispered when they got there as she looked around, "how are there colors in the sky?"

Dishira and Cherie laid on the grass beside the blanket.

Sheldon: "That's a very technical question."

Chahla: looked at Sheldon, "You do not know?"

Sheldon: "All I know is the dew coming off the waterfalls is reflecting all the colors in the light spectrum. But I think it's better not to know all of the details, so that the magic of it all is still there."

Jenna: smiled and rolled her eyes, "That's his excuse for everything when he didn't pay attention in science."

Sheldon: "I had more important things to do." he tickled Jenna.

Jenna: she laughed, "Hey! Stop!" she giggled.

Chahla: she smiled, watching them, her attention averted from the rainbow for now. "Sheldon, are you poking her, and it's making her laugh like that?" she remembered when Mai poked her. It seemed to make her want to smile.

Sheldon: "Well, sort of. This is actually tickling." he stopped tickling Jenna.

Chahla: "I've never been tickled before." she realized there was a lot of things she's never experienced before.

Sheldon: he got off of Jenna.

Jenna: she looked to Chahla, "May I?" she sat up.

Chahla: "May you what?" she asked, watching Jenna.

Jenna: "Tickle you. Or will your cat attack me like last time?"

Chahla: she looked over at Cherie sleeping under the tree peacefully. "I didn't know Cherie attacked you before. She's just protective." she looked at Jenna again, "Go ahead. My cat won't bother you."

Jenna: she got up and went over to Chahla and started to tickle her.

Chahla: she started to laugh, "That makes me smile!" she said between giggles.

Jenna: smiled, "And laugh." she continued to tickle her.

Chahla: "I can't...breathe..." she laughed harder. Her skin was extra sensitive, even more so then a normal persons because her skin had never been tickled or touched before. Even over a dress material. She wasn't used to it.

Jenna: finally, she stopped. She smiled at Chahla.

Sheldon: he pulled Jenna on top of him.

Chahla: "That' interesting feeling." she admitted, catching her breath. She continued to lay on her back, looking up at the rainbow in the sky.

Jenna: "So you've never been tickled before? Your boyfriend has never done so to you?" she wondered aloud, thinking about how weird and strange that was.

Chahla: "I've never had a boyfriend. Before I came here, I was never touched physically; like tickling...or mating like you and Sheldon. I've read about that stuff, heard it, but not experienced any of it. Except for now, I just experienced tickling thanks to you." she smiled at Jenna.

Jenna: she smiled slightly; "I'm glad I could help you." she looked at Sheldon, "I can't imagine a world without being touched. Can you?"

Sheldon: "No, I can't. Especially not being able to do this." he laid Jenna on the ground and kissed her forehead.

Jenna: she laughed, "Or this." she shoved him back.

Sheldon: he laughed.

Chahla: smiled, watching them, "I don't think I'll ever find out."

Jenna: "You'll find someone to want to spend forever with you, I'm sure." she assured Chahla.

Chahla: "That will be interesting to spend...forever with one person. I don't think it will happen. People laugh at me here, not love me. I don't even know what that feeling of love is."

Jenna: "Just wait. You'll see." she smiled and then looked to Sheldon, "Isn't what's his name supposed to be here?"

Sheldon: he nodded, "He's late."

Chahla: she looked at Sheldon, "Who?" she wondered, looking back at Jenna, "I doubt it very, very much. Sheldon scared me just touching my arm to help me stand when I fell." she looked back at Sheldon.

Sheldon: "David. I took the liberty of hunting him down and inviting him here to the picnic."

Jenna: "Well, not literally hunting him down."

Chahla: "You didn't hurt him, did you Sheldon?" she asked him.

Sheldon: he shook his head, "No."

Chahla: sighed in relief and smiled, "Good." she suddenly felt...what was it? Nervous? "I've never met him in person though...only over internet."

Jenna: "Maybe, but he has met you."

Chahla: nodded, "I know. He told me. That day when I embarrassed myself greatly."

Jenna: "You'll be fine then."

Chahla: "I guess so." she ate some food; her new solid stomach was hungry.

A man came over to them. He was a beautiful figure. Most of his chin was covered in stubble. He took a seat on the blanket between Sheldon and Chahla, "Hello everyone." He was beautiful, and very handsome to Chahla.

Sheldon: "Hi David."

Jenna: she smiled, "Hey."

Chahla: "You are...quite handsome, David." she said, looking at him. She felt her breath catch. She whispered to Jenna, "Why is he handsome? Is this what males of the solid kind look like during mating season? Like a peacock showing off his feathers for attraction?"

David: he smiled, "Thanks."

Jenna: "No. They look like this all year round." she whispered back to Chahla.

Chahla: " feels...uncomfortable to look at." she told Jenna, still looking at her.

Jenna: "You'll get used to it."

David: "Well, if you want I'll go."

Chahla: she looked over at David, "That's alright." she spoke normally now, "Jenna says I'll get used to it."

David: he looked amused, "I'll stay then."

Chahla: smiled, "Good, because I've been wanting to meet you for a long time."

David: "As I have been wanting to meet you."

Chahla: "Really? Why? I wanted to meet you because I needed to thank you for the dresses. Like the one I'm wearing."

David: "I'm just glad they fit. I wanted to meet you in person, because it isn't the same over computer."

Chahla: "I'll admit that talking to you was the first time I used a computer. I like...long distance communication though, because there is no fear of people touching you."

David: he nodded, "I can see that."

Chahla: "See what?"

Jenna: "It's an expression."

Chahla: "Oh." was all she said, "Your world is strange."

David: "It's hard to get used to at first."

Chahla: "How long will it take to get used to?" she asked David.

David: "A year at least."

Chahla: "What's a year?"

David: "365 days, or in other words, a long time."

Chahla: "Oh. You mean like a cycle?"

David: "Yes. Kind of like that."

Chahla: she looked away from him; it was hard to look at him. "Okay."

David: he got something to eat.

Cherie: she walked over and sat by David, staring at him.

David: smiled down at Cherie, "Hello."

Cherie: she stared at him.

David: watched her, "Can I pet her?" he asked Chahla.

Chahla: she looked at Cherie, "Umm," she paused, listening, "better not."

David: he nodded, "Right."

Chahla: she started to talk to Cherie.

David: he leaned back.

Chahla: she picked up Cherie and held her, a little concern showing on her face as she pet the cat's fur.

David: "Chahla, what's wrong?"

Chahla: "Cherie's voice is faint in my mind."

David: "Why?" he looked concerned now.

Chahla: "I don't know. But Cherie seems healthy."

David: "If I touch her, perhaps I can find something."

Chahla: "Solid people can do that?" she asked David.

David: "Well, I can. I'm not completely solid."

Chahla: "Oh?"

Cherie: she jumped onto David's lap.

David: smiled and pet Cherie.

Cherie: she sat there, watching David.

Chahla: "Find anything?" she asked.

David: he pulled his hand back, "No."

Chahla: "Then she is healthy." she clicked her tongue and Cherie jumped back onto her lap.

David: "I just wonder if your species change has anything to do with this."

Chahla: "I hope not. I like being solid, but I will not give up talking to my friend."

David: he listened to the cats.

Dishira: 'Strange...strange. Oh, flower!' She got up and walked away.

Cherie: looked at David still, 'What's your REAL purpose here?'

David: "My real purpose is to eat some, meet Chahla, and enjoy the company of others."

Cherie: she hissed, 'Eat some meat of Chahla's!'

David: "No, not like that! I meant eat some pastries." he pointed to the muffins, "And talk with Chahla." he clarified.

Cherie: 'You're weird.' she jumped off of Chahla's lap and ran after Dishira.

Chahla: she giggled quietly.

David: chuckled.

Chahla: "I guess you can hear them. But if you aren't all solid, what are you?"

David: "I'm enough solid that I don't fade. I was just a science experiment, I suppose."

Chahla: "By who? And why?"

David: "An organization of some sort. I don't know any details."

Chahla: "Oh."

David: nodded.

Chahla: "So where's your mate, like Jenna and Sheldon and Klay and Mai?"

David: "I don't have one."

Chahla: "That's weird. I thought all solid people had mates. Everyone I met had a just seemed logical."

David: "We aren't all that lucky."

Chahla: "Why do you feel you would be lucky to have a mate? I never had one as a hologram and I felt perfectly happy. Perhaps lucky even, fulfilling my duties as a mom and overseer for my kind."

David: "In this world it's important, because you know they will always be there for you, no matter what, and help you through the hard times."

Chahla: "Do you have to touch to be mates? Or can it be a long distance relationship?" she wondered.

David: "It depends if it's marriage or not."

Chahla: "What if it is?"

David: "Then you only have to touch when you kiss to seal the vow of marriage. After that, you don't have to."

Chahla: "What if you aren't married?"

David: "It isn't as definite, but you don't have to touch."

Chahla: she smiled, "Oh, good. In that case, do you want to be mates?"

Jenna: her eyes widened.

Chahla: "What? Did I do something wrong again?" she asked Jenna, noticing her eyes and hearing the silence.

David: "I think the words you are looking for are, 'Do you want to be my boyfriend?'"

Chahla: "Oh, okay. Well, do you want to be my boyfriend? After all, you said it is important to have a mate in this world."

David: he smiled and nodded.

Chahla: "Good. Now I've done something for you, like you made dresses for me, doing something for me in that way."

David: "Indeed."

It started to rain.

Chahla: feeling water, she screamed, "OH NO! THE STARS ARE MELTING OUT OF THE SKY!" she got up quickly, covering her head with her hands and arms.

David: "It's just rain. Nothing bad is happening. At night, the stars will still be there."

Chahla: "I don't like it at all!" she complained, running closer to the trunk of the oak tree to get more shelter from the rain.

David: he smiled slightly, "Not many do."

Chahla: stood against the trunk of the tree, silent, scared. She'd never witnessed rain before.

Jenna: she cuddled closer to Sheldon.

David: "There's nothing to worry about." he assured Chahla as he stood and walked over to her, being careful not to touch her. He gestured back to the picnic, "Do you wish to continue our picnic?"

Chahla: "Not in the rain." she said softly, and jumped as the water poured down from the sky harder; so much that it dripped through the cover of the tree leaves, dripping onto her. She tried to avoid the drops but it didn't work out. She'd move to avoid one drop and run right into another. The sun was covered by clouds now, making everything have a gray overcast. "The sun!" she said worried.

David: he handed her an umbrella that he had brought with him. "It's alright. The sun will be back."

Chahla: she looked at David, "How do you know?" she looked down at the umbrella she was now holding, "What's this?" she started at it confused.

David: "It stops the rain from hitting you. I know that the sun will be back because it always is."

Chahla: she held the closed umbrella over her head, not understanding how it was working. She still felt water on her.

David: he took the umbrella from her and opened it before he handed it back to her, "There we go."

Chahla: "That's weird..." she commented, holding it upside down.

David: he turned the umbrella right side up.

Chahla: she smiled, holding it and looking up at it, "It's like a little cave."

David: smiled, "Yes, in a way."

Chahla: she looked over at him, "Where's your cave?"

David: "I like the rain." he pointed out.

There was lightening and then a roll of thunder; loud and nearby.

Chahla: she screamed and dropped the umbrella, backing against the tree and trembling. "Not me." she said, just barely above a whisper. Her voice sounded frightened.

Jenna: she sighed and got up, "We need to get inside." she started to collect the things from the picnic back together.

Sheldon: he started to help Jenna.

David: he nodded, "Chahla, come with me please."

Chahla: "Okay." she said weakly, following close behind him.

David: he walked down a little ways before he came up to a house that was nearby. He opened the door for Chahla to let her in.

Chahla: "Thank you David." she walked inside, trying to take the open umbrella through the door with her.

David: he took the umbrella from her.

Chahla: "Why are you doing that?" she asked, watching him curiously.

David: "So you can go through the door."

Chahla: "Oh." she went inside now, and waited for everyone else to get there.

Jenna: she ran inside the house, holding Sheldon's hand, who walked into the house right alongside her.

David: he shut the door once everyone was inside.

Chahla: she looked around, "It's a house." she walked over to the couch and put her hand on the back of it. She didn't want to sit on it because she was soaking wet still.

David: "You can go ahead and sit on it, and if you want to change, I think I have some clothes that will fit you."

Chahla: looked at him and nodded, "Thank you, but you've given me enough clothes already. I can't possibly take more."

David: "Just until the ones you are wearing are dry."

Chahla: she thought about that for a moment and then nodded, "Alright." she relented. The idea of dry clothes was nice.

David: he left into another room for a moment before he brought out a dress for her, "Here you go."

Chahla: "Thank you." she said as she took it from him. She looked around for a room to change in.

David: "You can use that room." he pointed to the one he had just come out of.

Chahla: "Thank you." she repeated, and then left that room and went into the other.

David: "You're welcome."

Chahla: when she came back out, she was dressed in the new outfit.

David: "You look very nice."

Chahla: "You have to say that because you are my boyfriend. I read the websites. I know about flirting."

David: he smiled, "I don't have to. I choose to."

Chahla: she looked at him curiously, "Why?"

David: "Because you are very beautiful."

Chahla: she blushed and looked down.

David: he smiled slightly.

There were cat scratches on the door from the outside.

David: he walked over to the front door and opened it.

Cherie: she glared at him as she walked into his house with Dishira. They were dripping wet.

David: "The cats hate me officially." he sighed as he shut the door.

Chahla: she picked up Cherie, stroking her, "I don't hate you." she told David, watching him.

David: "I am thankful for that."

Dishira: she was worried for Mai. She curled into a ball after jumping onto the couch.

David: "Mai will be alright." he assured Dishira in a promise, seeing her curl into a ball out of worry.

Dishira: she meowed softly, hoping David was right.

David: he walked over to the couch and sat down beside Dishira. He leaned his head back and relaxed, letting his eyes close.


Chahla: "So how long are we going to stay here?" she asked Sheldon and Jenna.

Sheldon: had his arm around Jenna's waist holding her tight to him, "Probably just until the rain stops."

Chahla: "What if Klay and Mai get back before then?"

Dishira: meowed, she curled into a ball on David's lap, letting him pet her. She closed her eyes.

Sheldon: "Then I'll call and leave a message on the answering machine and if they get home before we do then it'll explain what's going on."

Chahla: "Okay." she looked at David, "Do you have a bowl?"

David: nodded, "In the second cupboard as you walk into the kitchen on the left." he pointed to the kitchen door and continued to pet Dishira

Chahla: "Thank you." she set Cherie down and got up and went to the kitchen, searching through the cupboards for the bowl where David told her to look. When she found it, she opened up the back door and went outside with the dish and sat on the ground, leaving the door open behind her. She set the bowl in front of her to catch the rain.

David: looked to see where she went after that without leaving the seat

Chahla: grabbed the bowl once it was full and brought it back inside. She set it on the kitchen floor and whistled to the cats.

Dishira and Cherie: came running to her and to the water. They started to drink it.

Sheldon: looked out the window waiting for the rain to stop.

Chahla: sat on the kitchen floor, watching the cats.

Jenna: "Babe you really shouldn't stare at the window it's only going to seem longer."

Sheldon: nodded slowly, "I suppose you're right." but he didn't move away.

Chahla: a puddle started to form from her wet clothes from her recent trip outside, but since she had already gotten these clothes from David once, she wasn't going to ask again.

David: "Need a new pair of clothing?" he asked her standing.

Chahla: "No I'm fine." she watched her cats.

David: nodded, "Alright."

There was another roll of thunder and then a crack of lightening.

Cherie: looked up at the window and hissed.

Dishira: put her ears down against her head and her tail down, cautious and a bit scared.

Sheldon: "Yeah this is not going to end soon." he walked away from the window with Jenna and sat in a chair.

Chahla: "Dishira don't think about it." she cautioned to her sternly in a whisper.

Dishira: looked at her and then hesitated, sitting down after a moment.

David: "Are you hungry?" he asked the cats as he walked into the kitchen.

Cherie: continued to drink her water, ignoring him.

Chahla: shivered slightly, rubbing her arms. "Cherie, be nice."

Dishira: looked at David and meowed, a yes.

David: put a cloak around her shoulders then made something for Dishira to eat, he handed it to her. "There you go."

The cloak got damp after awhile.

Chahla: pulled it around her, "Thank you David."

Dishira: meowed again, saying thank you, and then ate some.

David: "You're welcome." he said to both of them.

Cherie: went over and sat on Chahla's lap, glaring at David.

David: "Are you hungry Cherie?"

Cherie: closed her eyes and laid on Chahla's lap, still ignoring him.

Chahla: stroked the cats back, "Sorry David, Cherie doesn't like you too much."

David: "I deserve it." he said, "Well if she wants to eat just let me know please."

Cherie: 'I won't eat food from you anyways.'

David: "I figured. Look Cherie I am sorry."

Cherie: 'I don't care.'

David: sighed and went and sat on a chair in the dining room.

Chahla: "She'll grow on you."

David: "If she doesn't maul me first."

Chahla: looked down at Cherie, "She has claws but has never scratched anyone before."

David: nodded, "Has she ever truly hated someone though?"

Chahla: "No..." she said slowly. "I never really knew there was a feeling like that."

David: "Oh..." he nodded in understanding, "Well it's a very strong version of dislike only with this you wish every sort of bad thing happens to them."

Chahla: "That's horrible. Your kind has that a lot?"

David: "It's kind of all over the world." he nodded.

Chahla: "Not in my world."

David: "It sounds like a really nice and peaceful place."

Chahla: "I...guess." she said slowly, "It's just, this world seems more...different. And I like it in ways. And in my world, we didn't know what peace was because there was nothing different from it so we had nothing to compare it to."

David: "The surface and your world is very different." he agreed.

Chahla: nodded slowly, "But I don't think I want to live in my world anymore. I like it here more it's...more open. And...I don't know. But I would like to visit sometime. I do get homesick."

David: nodded in understanding, "I can understand that, I'm sure that Mai and Klay will let you go back home for a visit."

Chahla: "I'm sure my people would like that a lot since Mai is our savior."

David: "She's the one that showed you guys how to be...harder." he said not able to think of a better word.

Chahla: "Made us solid, yes." she confirmed.

David: nodded, "That's impressive I must say."

Chahla: "What she did? Yes, it is."

David: nodded, "She's definitely a smart girl."

Chahla: "Can you teleport?"

David: "Unfortunately no."

Chahla: "Then we are really stuck here until the rain lets up." she nodded, "Do you have a touch screen voice command computer like Mai?"

David: "I just have normal computer."

Chahla: "I don't know how to work that."

David: "I'll show you."

Chahla: "Okay." she nodded.

David: "This way please. Unless you want to wait."

Chahla: "Wait for what?"

David: "I don't know."

Chahla: "Then why would you ask if I wanted to wait if you are not sure what you want me to wait for?"

David: "I mean if you might want to wait till Cheri gets up."

Chahla: "I can just carry her with me." she smiled slightly. "Cats are so small it's easy to do that."

David: smiled, "Of course."

Chahla: got up from the floor, holding Cherie in her arms, petting her. She kept the blanket around her and stepped towards him. Her foot slid on the water and her arms flailed as she tipped back and she dropped her cat, who meowed scared, but landed lightly on her feet as Chahla fell to the side.

David: caught Chahla quickly before she fell, "Careful." he set her upright and then put a towel over the wet puddle.

Chahla: stiffened when he touched her, "Thank you." she said quietly, and looked at him a moment. Then she looked down at Cherie, "Sorry." she told her cat softly. "I didn't mean to do that."

David: nodded. He wiped up the floor.

Chahla: stepped away from the puddle, "Do you need help Sir David?"

David: "That's okay, I'm just about finished." he finished then put the
towel in a basket.

Chahla: nodded, "You know, in my place men let the women do the cleaning. We had set...priorities...that each sex took."

David: nodded, "We have something like that here only see you're a guest so you shouldn't have to do any work."

Chahla: "I've never heard of a guest before. I didn't know I was a...guest."

David: "A guest is someone that is visiting a place that they are not dwelling in."

Chahla: "Oh, we never got those before Klay and Mai."

David: nodded, "I understand."

Chahla: picked up Cherie again, "I'll be more careful." she promised.

David: "Thank you." he started to walk to the computer again.

Chahla: followed from behind him.

David: pulled out the chair for her when he got to the computer. It was just a normal desktop computer.


A couple hours passed, and David showed the cats to a room in his house that looked just like a jungle where they could play so they would not be bored. The cats started to warm up to David and actually like him. Especially Cherie, when she started to catch a cold from the rain and how much she had been wet, and David was making preparations to care for her. Chahla on the other hand was getting sadder and sadder, as Cherie's voice for her was getting weaker and weaker.

David: "You know, the power of animal communication was given to me." he said to Chahla. He leaned on the counter in the kitchen, watching her as she sat on the floor, holding Cherie in her lap.

Chahla: "And how was it given to you?"

David: "By a kiss."

Chahla: "Who kissed you? I remember when Klay and Mai kissed...I watched them." she said softly, looking up at David. She also remembered how she thought about what it would be liked to be kissed.

David: "One that could hear their thoughts too. She was similar to like what you were."

Chahla: "The girl you said you got these clothes from before? The girl who...died?" she looked down at herself a moment and then back at David in disbelief, "She kissed you?" she said softly.

David: nodded, "Yeah, it was a last minute thing. Right before she ran off to go back home and died."

Chahla: "That's so...sad. What made her want to kiss you?" she said softly.

David: "I don't know. I think she knew what was about to happen and she wanted to know what it felt like before she died. In any event I can check to see if there is some other way."

Chahla: nodded slowly, "Oh." she glanced down, not keeping eye contact, "So did she say anything about it? Like...was it horrible or did she like it?" she asked quietly. She was curious.

David: "She didn't say anything she smiled a little and then left without a word."

Chahla: looked up, "Oh." she paused a moment, "Well, I did tell Mai I wanted to live here to see her ways. As of such I haven't seen anything but have been trying to hold on to my old homes ways."

Cherie: looked up at her and meowed sternly.

Chahla: pet the top of her head, "Do you need pain medicine?" she asked, looking down at Cherie.

Cherie: shook her head no.

David: "I understand."

Chahla: looked back at David. She nodded, not sure if he really did
understand, but glad he was trying.

David: "Well I should go look to see if you want if I can give it to you another way, if you'll excuse me please." he turned and went into a room down the hall.

Chahla: sighed, "Okay." she looked down at Cherie and rubbed her head lightly, "I guess I won't be trying something new of this world yet, Cherie." she whispered to her and then kissed her cat's head, "I'm glad you are alright."

Jenna: came into the kitchen and for once without Sheldon, "Is everything okay?"

Chahla: looked up and smiled slightly at her, "Yea, everything is fine now. Cherie is okay."

Jenna: "That's good, and what about you?" he asked getting some tea down from the cupboard and getting a cup and after filling it with water she put it in the microwave.

Chahla: "Why would something be wrong with me? I'm fine." she shrugged slightly and then pulled a chair over to the counter where Cherie was and just sat down there, petting her cat.

Jenna: "I'm not sure you just seem sad..."

Chahla: "Well I've just wanted to come here and...try out things from this world." she smiled slightly, "You've showed me tickling, Mai showed me poking, I've gotten used to using doors and also getting acquainted with the internet. I've seen rain...but...I don't know. The main thing I was curious about when Klay and Mai were down there in my world was why they liked...holding hands all the time. Why they liked to kiss. One time Mai even told me I could watch them mate, but, Klay wouldn't like it so I never did. I don't know about any of those things and...I don't think I will because I'm so skittish." she sighed.

Jenna: "That's the thing about those things, you don't really know and then you just have to jump in or else you will be curious but to scared to do anything. It's something that can't be described because it feels different with everyone."

Chahla: "So...even if Mai likes it, or even if you like it, or even if the one girl David was telling me about likes it...I still might not?"

Jenna: nodded, "It depends on the person."

Chahla: "Then perhaps it is best I just stay curious."

Jenna: "Then you'll never know if you like it or not." she took out her cup of hot water and put in her bag of tea and let it soak.

Chahla: "And maybe that's how it's supposed to be."

Jenna: "Maybe." she took a drink of the tea and jerked back. "Oww..."

Chahla: looked over at her, "Did you burn yourself?"

Jenna: "Yeah a little."

Chahla: "Are you okay?"

Jenna: "Yeah it just scared me a little." she stared at the tea a moment then took a drink then set it on the counter.

Chahla: "I was telling David I might...return home."

Jenna: "Oh..." she looked down a moment thinking, "I bet that made him sad."

Chahla: "I just can' to my cat. And I miss it. And...he said he was going to try to find a way to fix it without having to kiss me. So I'll wait a bit. And if not then...there is no reason for me to stay here. At least in my world I have my cats."

Jenna: "He'll think of something I'm sure."

Chahla: "He wants me to stay that badly?"

Jenna: nodded, "I think he does."

Chahla: "Oh."

Jenna: "If you asked him I bet he would tell you that he'd do anything to get you to stay."

Chahla: "Anything like what?"

Jenna: "Like anything."

Chahla: nodded, "Well, I don't want to ask him that. I don't want to have to choose between him and my cats."

Jenna: nodded, "I understand."

Chahla: went back to focusing on Cherie and waiting for David to come back.

Jenna: took another drink of tea.

David: came back in, "I found a way."

Chahla: "Oh," she looked at him and sighed sadly, "Yea what is it?"

David: "Unless you don't want it...I know you must miss your home a lot."

Chahla: "No, no." she forced a smile. That wasn't why she sounded sad. "I can stay here as long as I can talk to my cats, that's all. I like it here." she assured him.

David: "Then you need to drink this." he handed her a cup that was colored sort of like wine though it was not.

Chahla: sighed again and looked at the cup in her hand as she held it, "I have to?"

David: "If you want to be solid and hear your cat's yeah, since the other way would make you uncomfortable."

Chahla: sighed for a third time, "I guess."

David: "But whichever way you choose you have to let me know."

Chahla: "You want me to drink this I will." she tilted the cup to her lips.

David: "I just wish you to stay here, I can kiss you..." he smiled a little, "Or you can drink that." his smile faded a little.

Chahla: "It's whatever you want." she lowered the cup, "It was your idea, so it's your decision. I just don't want to hate it like Jenna says I might. Then I won't have even imagination to go by because I will know for sure I hate it."

David: "It's your body I'd rather you choose."

Chahla: "I...can't."

David: "I know which one I would prefer."

Chahla: looked at him, "Which is that?" she assumed the drink since he had been so inclined to give it to her.

David: "I'd rather kiss you."

Chahla: "But if I hate it you won't ever kiss me again and I'll hurt your feelings."

David: shrugged, "Don't worry about it, I've been through worse and if you don't like it then you don't like it."

Chahla: "What do you mean, worse?"

David: "Almost dying, watching the one I cared about at the time die before my eyes, that sort of stuff."

Chahla: "You're talking about the other girl like me, or, another one? How did you almost die?" she asked softly.

David: "The girl like you. I just got myself into a bad situation."

Chahla: "You cared about her? Did she care about you?"

David: "I did, I don't know about her though."

Chahla: "I'm sure if she liked your kiss, that she did care about you." she said with conviction.

David: "Maybe."

Chahla: "How is a person supposed to react after being kissed?"

David: "There's no set reaction, it's just how a person feels."

Chahla: "Does the internet say a common reaction?"

David: shrugged, "I just know usually it's blushing."

Chahla: "It's so weird to think that the humans here have a body reaction that causes blood to rush to their face, thus making their cheeks red and people think it's cute. I also read that when humans here get sunburn from the sun, it is also red. But no one thinks that's cute."

David: "Sunburn hurts I think that's why where as blushing doesn't."

Chahla: "So if sunburn didn't hurt it would be cute too? So people would be walking around with red, burned skin and others would be like, 'Hey, that's so cute.'"

David: "Not exactly, it's not the tan that would be cute but the after effect."

Chahla: "What's the after effect?"

David: "A nice tan."

Chahla: "I have no idea what that is."

David: "Instead of being extremely white the skin is a tan color."

Chahla: "What is my skin?" she looked down at her skin, but only saw cloth from her clothes, "I guess white..."

David: nodded, "To get a tan you have to let some skin show so that's probably why, but skin is this." He showed her the skin on his arm.

Chahla: "So do you have a tan or are you white?" she asked, looking at him.

David: "A tan." he said and he was indeed very tan.

Chahla: "It just looks like you are dark skinned."

David: "Originally I was light toned."

Chahla: "Why would you make yourself the color of something you are not?"

David: "It was an accident actually."

Chahla: "What do you mean?" she asked confused.

David: "The sunscreen didn't cover it."

Chahla: "You surface people wear a screen to keep the sun blocked from you? That's so weird."

David: chuckled, "No we wear sunscreen to block the harmful rays in the sun."

Chahla: "The sun is harmful to you?"

David: "Only if you get too much."

Chahla: "I forget how this conversation started."

David: "About how blushing was cute and sun burn wasn't."

Chahla: "Oh right. And kissing leads to blushing." she looked at Jenna, "If you kissed David would you blush?"

Jenna: "I'm not sure but I don't want to kiss David."

Chahla: "Does it matter who you kiss?"

Jenna: "To me it does, I don't want to kiss or be kissed by anyone but Sheldon."

Chahla: "And why is that?" she looked to David, "How about you?"

Jenna: "Because I don't want to stain myself with someone I don't love."

David: "I only kiss the ones I really care about."

Chahla: "Is that how it normally goes?" she asked David, then looked back to Jenna, "A kiss can stain you?"

David: nodded, "Yes usually."

Jenna: "No but I want to completely be Sheldon's and I can't if I go kissing someone else."

Chahla: "That's interesting." she looked confused a moment and looked to David again, " said you only kiss the ones you care about? And you are offering to kiss me?"

David: nodded, "Yes."

Chahla: blushed a bit and looked away, "Oh."

David: smiled a little, "You're blushing."

Chahla: "I can't be blushing I haven't been kissed." she put her hand at her cheek.

David: "You can blush even if you haven't been kissed."

Chahla: "That's so weird." she whispered.

David: chuckled.

Chahla: "If a person is cold, can they still blush? My cheeks feel hot."

David: nodded, "They can but usually when you blush your cheeks are hot."

Chahla: "I think I may just stick with the drink for now." she said after a moment, "I've never been touched before, let alone kissed. I don't know if I can handle that."

David: nodded, "If that is your wish."

Chahla: "I'm sorry David." she looked at the drink again almost regretfully.

David: "It's okay, I left the choice up to you remember?" he smiled slightly.

Chahla: nodded slowly. She tilted the cup of liquid to her lips and drank it down.

David: waited, "The results should start to show up now but it will take 2 minutes to fully kick in."

Chahla: smiled, "Thank you so much David."

David: "You're welcome."

Chahla: "Do you have an animal healer here?"

David: "I have a pill that makes animals heal ten times faster, will that work?"

Chahla: "Does that mean you are an animal healer?" she said, almost in awe.

David: "I do what I can and what my materials allow me to help, not exactly an animal healer but that's to the pills I can help them."

Chahla: smiled as she could hear Cherie's reaction. She nodded, "She'll try them. Needless to say, I think even if she doesn't want to, she trusts you now."

David: smiled slightly, "I'm glad." he got in the top cupboard and got down the pills and got Cheri a bowl of water then put the small pills in her mouth and moved back so she could drink.

Cheri: drank the water and swallowed the pills like instructed.

Chahla: "I owe you now so much David I don't think I could ever repay it. First with the clothes, now with saving my cat."

David: "You don't owe me, I did these things because I wanted to not because I wanted something in return."

Chahla: "I know but in my world we always like to stay...even. So even if I do not owe you, I would like to do something for you."

David: "Just by staying alive you have done enough for me."

Chahla: "Nothing else?"

David: shook his head, "Nothing else."

Chahla: "Okay." she looked over at Cheri who was curled in a ball on the counter sleeping.

David: "Do you want her to sleep on a bed?"

Chahla: "She'd like that." she looked at David, "Do cats here get their own beds?"

David: "Sometimes, this way." he walked out of the kitchen.

Chahla: picked up Cheri softly and followed David.

David: walked into a bedroom and pointed to a cat bed that was just Cheri's size.

Chahla: set Cheri on the bed and stepped back. "She'll like that." she told David, "I'm sure."

David: "I'm glad, I just want her to be as comfortable as possible."

Chahla: "You like cats, don't you?"

David: smiled, "Yeah, I do."

Chahla: "I was reading on the internet about compatibility. So that's one way we are compatible."

David: smiled and nodded, "Yup."

Chahla: "How many more ways does a person need to be compatible with another person in order for it to work out?"

David: "I'm not sure."

Chahla: nodded, "Oh. I'll look it up or something." she walked back out to the living room and looked out the window.

Sheldon: hung up the phone, "Mai and Klay say hi."

Chahla: "Where are they? I say hi back."

Sheldon: "They're staying with friends and won't be back for a few months."

Chahla: "So where will we stay?"

Sheldon: "At Mai's house."

Chahla: "Oh. We are leaving David? But he's my boyfriend."

Sheldon: "He can visit."

Chahla: "Okay. Are we leaving now?"

Sheldon: "Yeah before it starts to rain again."

Chahla: looked out the window, "It's done?"

Sheldon: "Yeah. For the moment."

Chahla: "But Cheri is sleeping," she looked at Sheldon, "I don't want to wake her. She's healing."

Sheldon: "I suppose we can wait a bit."

Chahla: "Or...I could...hold on." she went back to David, "Can I ask you something?"

David: "Sure."

Chahla: "Sheldon says we are leaving now since the rain has stopped. We need to get home before it starts again. But perhaps, since Cherie is sleeping, can she stay here with you and you can bring her by Klay and Mai's house tomorrow? I'll take Dishira. I just wanted to ask to make sure it wouldn't be a bother to you."

David: nodded, "That sounds fine, I'm not sure how she will take it but it's okay with me."

Chahla: "I think she'll be okay. You can talk to her, and she did seem to like you now."

David: nodded, "I'll bring her over in the morning."

Chahla: "Thank you sir." she curtsied, "I will see you later then."

David: smiled slightly, "See you then."

Chahla: went and got Dishira.

Dishira: "But my jungle." she said, watching it get further and further away.

Chahla: "We'll be back." she promised and hurried back to Sheldon and Jenna.

Sheldon: had his arm around Jenna's waist holding her close. "Ready?"

Chahla: nodded, "Yes." she looked at Jenna, "Doesn't that hurt?"

Jenna: shook her head "Not at all." she walked out the door that Sheldon held out for her and waited for Chahla and Sheldon.

Chahla: walked out behind them.

Sheldon: pulled Jenna to him again and started walking back to Mai's house.

Chahla: pet Dishira as she walked home with them.

Sheldon: opened the door when they got home and him and Jenna went inside.

Jenna: "Are you hungry or is Dishira hungry or thirsty?" she asked Chahla kindly.

Chahla: set Dishira down, "No I think I'm fine."

Dishira: meowed at Jenna and ran into the kitchen.

Chahla: "She is thirsty though." she smiled slightly. "I can get it."

Jenna: "That's alright, I'll get it." she excused herself and got down a bowl and filling it with water she put it down in front of Dishira.

Dishira: drank it down.

Chahla: "She says thank you."

Jenna: smiled, "She's very welcome."

Chahla: "What time is it?" she wondered, looking around for a clock.

Jenna: "It's about 10 o'clock at night."

Chahla: "What time do you retire for sleep?"

Jenna: "Whenever Sheldon goes to sleep, I wait for him."

Chahla: "But what if you are tired and he is not?"

Jenna: "Then I stay up with him."

Chahla: her brow furrowed, "What happens if you don't?"

Jenna: shrugged, "Nothing happens I just go to sleep and Sheldon does his thing. He's understanding though and goes to sleep with me."

Chahla: nodded slowly, "Isn't that weird? Having a man in your bed?"

Jenna: shook her head, she smiled a little, "I love it."

Chahla: "Then why are you not married like Klay and Mai?"

Jenna: "It's too dangerous for assassins to marry normal humans and I think for Sheldon that's too much commitment."

Chahla: nodded, "You told me that before but I don't understand it."

Jenna: "Sheldon needs space sometimes when he goes on the job or with other people."

Chahla: "Hmmm..." she nodded slowly, "Is that normal? So...people shouldn't be married?"

Jenna: "Not usually, I think people should get married. It brings them closer in mind."

Chahla: "But Sheldon doesn't believe that?"

Jenna: "I don't know." she admitted, "I tried to see if he wanted to get married but he said no. He's worried about me, that's all."

Chahla: "Worried about you? What do you mean, that's all?"

Jenna: nodded, "If he makes someone mad they might come after me if I was his wife."

Chahla: "And you can't be married in secret?"

Jenna: shook his head, "Sheldon doesn't want to."

Chahla: "But in secret only you two would know. No one else."

Jenna: "He still doesn't want to..." she looked down.

Sheldon came in and wrapped an arm around her, "What are you ladies speaking of?"

Jenna: instantly there was a smile on her face, "Nothing."

Sheldon: "Are you ready to go to sleep hon?"

Jenna: nodded, she yawned and you could tell it was fake but she laid her head on his shoulder.

Sheldon: "Excuse us." he took her to the bedroom.

Chahla: "She's not tired. You can tell the yawn is a fake." she said as they walked away.

Jenna: let her be directed to the bedroom and sat on the bed as Sheldon closed the door.

Chahla: "Strange." she went and played with Dishira.

In the middle of the night Jenna snuck out.

Chahla: looked over at her, "What are you doing?"

Jenna; "I'm just getting a drink." she went in the kitchen and made herself some coffee.

Chahla: smiled slightly, "Coffee at night?"

Jenna: "It might relax me."

Chahla: "Why do you need relaxed?" she got up off the floor and let Dishira run off. She walked over to Jenna.

Jenna: "So I can be tired and go to sleep."

Chahla: "If you don't want to sleep why does he force you to?"

Jenna: "He doesn't force me."

Chahla: "Then why are you sneaking out in the middle of the night?"

Jenna: "I'm not sneaking out."

Chahla: "You were, out of the room."

Jenna: "I just didn't want to wake him up, that's all."

Chahla: nodded, "Okay." she yawned slightly, "Well, I should sleep, Jenna. Goodnight." she curtsied to her and went to her room, not going to argue about it anymore.

Jenna: "Goodnight." she watched her go and continued to drink.

Chahla: got ready for bed and then got under the covers.

Jenna: afterwards went back in to Sheldon and fell asleep this time.

Chahla: fell asleep with Dishira at her side laying on the bed.


David: came in with Cheri

Chahla: stirred a bit and opened her eyes. "Oh." she said shocked and held the blankets close as she sat up, "Thank you." she said and reached one hand out to pet Cheri as she jumped onto the bed.

David: "Sure, I'll be out in the living room."

Chahla: nodded and got up out of bed. She got dressed for the day.

David: he sat on the couch in the living room and waited, he leaned his head back.

Chahla: came out in a long white dress with long sleeves. The dress had golden trim and the cloves to match were golden. She had her hair pulled back and out of her face; half up, half down. She walked out in her golden white shoes and stood in front of him as he sat on the couch. "You seem tired." she admitted, looking at him.

David: smiled a little, and opened his eyes and looked at her, "I'm fine."

Chahla: "Do you always rise this early?"

David: "I actually slept in this morning."

Chahla: "You mean you normally don't?"

David: "Normally I get up earlier." he shrugged.

Chahla: "What interests you so much to begin your day so early?"

David: "I like to watch the sunrise."

Chahla: "I've never seen one." she admitted.

David: "Maybe sometime I can show you one."

Chahla: smiled slightly, "I think I would like that."

David: smiled, "Good."

Chahla: "Mai told me not to look directly at the sun, though."

David: "During the day but in the morning and at night it's not as bright so you can look at it without damage."

Chahla: smiled slightly, "Well then that does sound grand."

David: "Do you want to see a picture of one?"

Chahla: "Will it be the one we see?"

David: shook his head, "Everyday it's a different one."

Chahla: "How is that possible?"

David: "It's one of the wonders of the universe."

Chahla: "There is so much of the universe I haven't seen." she watched him another moment before she moved and sat down on the couch beside him, a little space in between them to be sure they didn't touch.

David: "Most people that just live on earth, they never get to see the universe because their technology is not advanced enough."

Chahla: "I don't think that was the problem. We just lived under ground and if we went into sunlight we died."

David: "That's really sad." he admitted.

Chahla: smiled slightly and held back a laugh, "Yea, I guess so. Mai fixed that problem though."

David: smiled, "I'm glad."

Chahla: "So am I, as are the rest of..." she hesitated, " people."

David: "So how are you liking up it up here?"

Chahla: "I enjoy it." she started slowly, "I was just...thinking about something though."

David: "What's that?"

Chahla: "How I don't fit in with the hologram people anymore because I am not one, and I don't know enough about this world to truly fit in here, either."

David: "Well if you want I can take you around different places so you can't get to know some things better."

Chahla: smiled a bit, "I would like that...a lot." she admitted truthfully.

David: smiled, "We can start whenever you wish..."

Chahla: "How long will we be gone?"

David: "We can take it in parts so as long as you want."

Chahla: "Is there a lot to learn and see?"

David: nodded, "Indeed there is."

Chahla: "How long do you think it would take to see it all?" she asked, a bit of surprise in her voice at learning how much there was to see. There hadn't been much to see in her hologram world.

David: "Well if we only took a few hours a day it could take years." he admitted.

Chahla: "That is a long time." she admitted.

David: nodded, "There are a lot of sights to this world."

Chahla: "Good sights, I hope? Are they worth seeing?"

David: smiled, "Some of them will even amaze you. They are definitely worth seeing."

Chahla: "So...who would all be going? Just you and me?"

David: nodded, "Yeah if that's okay."

Chahla: "What about Cheri?"

David: "I suppose she can come, we'll have to say she's so you can see, usually cats aren't allowed in public."

Chahla: "That's horrible." she frowned, "Cats should be allowed everywhere."

David: nodded, "I know."

Chahla: "Why does this world not like animals to be taken places?"

David: "I'm not sure." he admitted.

Chahla: an idea popped into her head, "Could we change that?" she asked him, almost excited.

David: "Sure if you want to."

Chahla: "Doesn't this place, this world, have something called revolutions? Let's start one!"

David: "Or a protest."

Chahla: tilted her head slightly, "Protest?" she asked a bit confused, "Oh!" she leaned her head back up, suddenly understanding, "We could." she beamed. "You have wonderful thoughts, boyfriend."

David: chuckled, "I'm glad you think so."

Chahla: smiled slightly, "It's weird, I feel different here than I did at home."

David: smiled, "Now is that a good or a bad thing?"

Chahla: "I don't...know." she said slowly, "At home I control. I handled things there with strength and power. I think at one point Mai even thought I was cruel. But here? Here I am out of touch with everything and I don't feel the least bit in control."

David: nodded, "I see. Well maybe the more time that you are here the more in control that you will feel."

Chahla: "Perhaps. But...I don't want to be cruel."

David: "Just because a person is familiar doesn't mean they are cruel."

Chahla: looked down, "I think I would be. I like to take charge of things that I know."

David: "Everyone is like that to some degree."

Chahla: "It doesn't seem like you are."

David: shrugged, "It's something that I've tried to work on."

Chahla: "Why would you need to work on it?"

David: "Because I realized it's something that had started to take over my life and such so I needed to change."

Chahla: "What happened?" she wondered, her eyes intently searching his.

David: "Soon I started to take over or tried to take control of the ones I cared about most life and it didn't end up well. Soon I was without friends and all alone again then the past haunted me when some of my old friends started to take revenge."

Chahla: "Are they still after revenge?" she asked.

David: shook his head, "They think I'm dead."

Chahla: "You faked your death?" her voice rose a bit at this revelation.

David: "It was faked for me, I guess I would have died if it wasn't for the help I had."

Chahla: "Who helped you fake it?" she wondered.

David: "I don't even know her name she just randomly helped me and made me promise to be a better person, so I did and here I am."

Chahla: nodded slowly, "Interesting."

David: nodded, "It is." he agreed.

Chahla: "Well," she stood, "I should get us something to eat." she said as her stomach started to growl. She walked off to Mai's kitchen. Eating was still new to her, but she was learning to do it when her stomach started to rumble.

David: "Do you mind if I help you?" he asked as he stood.

Chahla: "It would be much appreciated. I don't know how half of the items there in the part of the house with the food work anyways."

David: smiled and started to make some breakfast, namely pancakes.

Chahla: watched him, "Could you show me how to do that?"

David: nodded, "Sure." he taught her how to make them step by step letting her get the feel of what each step was like, "I'll cook it." he said and after it was poured on her flipped them over.

Chahla: "You don't think I can cook it?" she watched him from right at his side.

David: "It's a little difficult and I don't want you to get burned."

Chahla: "Burned? What's that? Like what the sun does to holograms?"

David: "A burn is where you are exposed to an intense temperate and then sometimes your skin will wilt and it will be like that forever."

Chahla: her eyes grew sad, "That's horrible."

David: nodded, "It is and very painful."

Chahla: "Like a pinch?"

David: "Worse than a pinch."

Chahla: "Like...death?" she asked slowly, her eyes widening a bit.

David: "If they are bad enough you can die."

Chahla: "Does it hurt that bad?"

David: nodded.

Chahla: "How about...does it hurt as bad as it did when I ran into a wall when I went to the mall?"

David: "Worse."

Chahla: "Oh my."

David: "Yes, it's very horrible t o go through. Trust me."

Chahla: "Has it...happened to you before?" she asked hesitantly.

David: nodded, "Many times."

Chahla: "Are there scars?" she asked softly.

David: nodded, "Yes."

Chahla: "Can I...see?"

David: nodded and rolled up his sleeves and on his shoulders the skin was shriveled and discolored. "These are some of the smaller ones."

Chahla: lifted her fingers and delicately pressed her gloved hand to his skin and felt it, "Where are the other ones?"

David: "On my stomach and legs."

Chahla: "Can I see them?"

David: lifted his shirt and showed that the burns almost were covering the whole front of his stomach and chest.

Chahla: put a hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp. Her eyes were soft and sad.

David: looked away, "Yes."

Chahla: "How?" she asked, looking up from his scars to his face. He could see the subtle tears in her eyes.

David: "I almost died remember?" he put down his shirt.

Chahla: "Were you caught in a fire?"

David: "Yup and unable to get out of it."

Chahla: "Who saved you?"

David: "I don't know who she was."

Chahla: "There are a lot of girls you don't know who they were."

David: nodded, "They leave too quickly."

Chahla: "Well, my name's at least you know who I am."

David: "That's all that matters to me."

Chahla: "I am sure there are a lot of other things that matter to you too."

David: nodded, "But they involve you and Cheri."

Chahla: "Do you have nothing else you care for?" she asked a bit puzzled.

David: "You are my first priority." he corrected himself.

Chahla: "Why?" she asked, still puzzled.

David: "Because I care about you."

Chahla: "In which way? As in a mother to a child or a human to a cat? Or like Klay and Mai?"

David: thought about that for a moment, "A Klay and Mai way."

Chahla: "Oh..." she wasn't sure what to say to that.

David: nodded, he looked down.

Chahla: wondered why he was looking down. "Are you ashamed?"

David: looked up at her and shook his head no. "Of course not."

Chahla: "You are a strange one, David of the Earth."

David: smiled, "I'm glad."

Chahla: "You are glad to be strange?"

David: smiled, "Of course."

Chahla: "I don't think I like being strange."

David: "To me it doesn't matter if the world thinks you're strange as long as you are sure of whom you are."

Chahla: "Right now, I am not sure of whom I am while I am here...but, I am sure, over time, I will find out."

David: smiled, "I'm sure you will."

Chahla: "I hope so." she wasn't sure what else to say.

David: finished cooking up the pancakes for the both of them, and they sat together at the table in the kitchen, talking. After breakfast, David and Chahla made preparations to go on their road trip together. They talked to Jenna and Sheldon about it, and then phoned up Klay and Mai to make sure it was alright. Afterwards, they got all they needed together, loaded the car, and then went back into the house to get Chahla's cat, Cherie.

Chahla: she was nervous yet excited at the same time.

David: "Are you ready to leave to see those landmarks?" he asked her.

Chahla: nodded, "Yes, I believe so. Cherie can come, right?" she wanted to make sure.

David: "If she stays hidden." he repeated.

Chahla: "Okay." she went and got Cherie, coming back out to David. She put Cherie in a purse she carried, telling her to stay quiet.

David: "I think the closest would probably be London."

Chahla: "That" she smiled, not sure what London was.

David: smiled and gestured for the door, "Shall we?"

Chahla: nodded; she tried not to let her nervousness show. She walked out the door.

David: walked out with her.

Chahla: kept her head up, looking around her with her eyes at the world. She kept a hand in her purse to pet her cats head lightly.

David: he snuck a kiss on Chahla's cheek on the way out.

Chahla: she actually smiled; and yes, she did blush.