Chapter 7: The Man Named Jonathan

I ran to catch the bus that had just arrived outside of my house. I made my way inside as my mother stood by the door. I sat down and waved goodbye to her.

Nobody said anything about the bullies that had died, in an unexplainable manner. Nobody would miss those assholes.

I looked out of the window as Joanna passed by as her father was driving her to school again. She didn't turn to look at me as she was too preoccupied with whatever was playing through her earphones.

I smiled and couldn't help but stare as the bus drove on and eventually parted from Joanna's car as it needed to give other students a ride.

I walked the hallway that the bullies died in. It was more or less the same, with the exception of the missing set of lockers and overwhelming scent of bleach.

I felt someone tug on my backpack slightly.

"Matt! What's up, man?" My friend, Erik, asked when he caught up with me.

"Just walking to class." I replied.

"Dude, I heard that you were going to Joanna's birthday party today, you gonna get some action?" He said in a playful, yet annoying, tone.

"Shut up, we're just friends."

"Until tonight, that is."

The bell rang as we each went our own ways.

"Class, we all saw what happened to the students that passed away yesterday." My teacher started when he walked in through the door. "The people, method and reason haven't been identified yet, but-"

"They were dicks! Nobody cares" A student in the back yelled. Some students laughed and others agreed.

"Who said that?" The teacher said, looking around until a couple of students pointed to a boy in the back. "There are two reasons why you're not getting detention, Mr. Miles: one, the staff is busy and two... You are correct."

Laughter broke out through the classroom.

"But either way, we have to mourn their loss, respect their passing, blah blah blah, something about respect, science time."

I took the bus again. Erik rode with me this time, as well as my other friend: Chris.

"Dude, so stuff just flew out of the lockers?" Chris asked me.

"It looked that way." I replied.

"See! This is what happened when I pretend to be sick so I could stay home."

"You missed a show too! The lockers actually fell on Phil! That shit was crazy!" Erik said, laughing and clapping his hands.

"What caused it?" Chris asked.

Erik shrugged easily as he stood up because the bus stopped so he could get out. He walked out along side several other students who lived nearby.

"Something crazy is happening." Chris said when the bus began moving again.

"Yeah." I replied.

"You made it!" Joanna let out when she opened the door for me.

"Y-yeah!" I mumbled when she hugged me.

She took my by the hand to lead me into the house.

Joanna's two older brothers sat in the living room as they watched professional wrestling while two kids in the background tried imitating what was happening in the TV.

Joanna led me to the back yard where people talked loudly while sitting on the tables covered tables. Her relatives conversed loudly as food was passed around.

Joanna only really had girls as friends but some guys I knew from school were at the party, I'm guessing that they must be friends of her friends.

The party died down after a few hours after the presents were unwrapped. Only a hand full of friends and family remained. Joanna and I sat on the carpet in her room, as well as her friends and the people they brought along.

Her room was larger than mine, cleaner too. Some of the guys announced that they had to go, while others sneaked off to be somewhere else. This meant that I was stuck in the room with Joanna and her friends, was that a good thing or a bad? I couldn't decide.

"I think that you should open my gift now, Jo." Elizabeth, Joanna's friend, said.

"She did already." Marie, Joanna's other friend, added.

"My other gift." Elizabeth stated as she reached under the bed and handed a box shaped present.

"It's not a wee gee board is it? Because of it is then I don't want it." Joanna stated as she tore into the red gift paper.

"Nothing happens with those, stop being paranoid." Elizabeth said as Joanna had an unwrapped wee gee board on her lap.

"Those things are cursed, Beth." Marie said with a cautious look on her face.

"No they're not, tell them Matt."

"I really wouldn't know." I replied.

"See! He said 'no'." Elizabeth said quickly.

"No he didn't, he said that he didn't know." Joanna said.

"Well, nothing bad has happened so let's play." Elizabeth said as she opened a compartment on the board and pulled out a triangular piece with a small magnifying glass piece in the middle.

"You guys can do what you want, I'm leaving. Joanna thanks for inviting me. Matt, good to meet you. I'm gone." Marie said, hugged Joanna and walked out.

"Marie! Don't go... Hold on!" Elizabeth said as she ran out the door after her friend.

Joanna and I sat on the carpet of her empty room.

"So..." I started.

"So..." Joanna continued.

"What do we do?" I asked.

"Well... We could play the damn thing."

"Only if you want to."

"Sure, if you want."

"Why don't you ask the board?"

Joanna chuckled then held the piece with the magnifying glass in her hands.

"Oh mystical wee gee board, do you want us to play with you?" Joanna pretended to chant then chuckled but quickly stopped when the piece vibrated in her hands. She let it go and it fell onto the carpet then quickly jerked onto the "yes" that was engraved into the top right of the board.

I raised a brow and looked up at Joanna.

"This is freaky." She mumbled.


The piece with the glass started spinning rapidly then stopped.

"I'm done, this is insane!" Joanna said and stood up then walked to the door. She jerked it back and forth but it didn't open.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's locked."

"Can you unlock it?"

"No, it doesn't even have a lock mechanism."

I tried the door repeatedly but it wouldn't open. I slammed against it several times, but I wasn't the athletic type so I barely caused it to rattle.

I heard the piece with the glass scrape the board as it span again. We turned to look at it as it slowed and landed on a painted eye.

"Matthew, I'm scared." Joanna announced and took hold of my arm.

I didn't reply, maybe because I was also scared or maybe because I didn't want Joanna to think I was a coward.

"Open the door!" I stuttered towards the board.

The piece quickly slid around as it spelled "okay." then stopped. The door slowly opened on its own. Joanna and I looked at each other then made our way to the door.

We walked through it and into the hallway. I didn't notice the silence until we reached the bottom of the stairs: the house was empty. The 100 plus people where nowhere to be seen. No noise, movement, or lights even.

"Why is it so dark?" Joanna asked as she hid behind me.

"I don't know." I replied and looked through a window.

The busy streets lay still and quiet. Nothing passed the streets which made me feel uneasy. I walked into the kitchen, Joanna right behind me, in hopes of finding anyone.

The microwave slowly opened and we couldn't help but jump. I looked at the opened microwave door then closed it.

Joanna yelped as the refrigerator door pushed her slightly as it opened. I forced it close and looked around as all the cabinets were now opened. Joanna cried out as I backed away from the computer desk chair that happened to be sliding by.

"I am officially scared." Joanna said as she sniffed lowly.

"It's okay, someone is just messing with us." I replied, not believing it myself.

I had no idea what was happening and tried convincing myself that I fell asleep and that this was just a dream.

I looked around at the silent house as I made my way into the living room with Joanna behind me.

"Matt..." Joanna started as she tapped my back lightly.

I looked at where she was pointing: the wee gee board lay on the coffee table. I didn't see or hear anyone pass by so this must be the same board that was in Joanna's room, unless Elizabeth bought two boards and just happened to lay one here.

"What is it doing here?" Joanna asked.

"I have no idea." I replied and walked closer but jumped back when the painted eye actually blinked.

"It looks different..." Joanna whimpered.

I looked at Joanna then back at the board. The letters and numbers had all been replaced with symbols that seemed ancient and disturbing.

I walked closer and examined the symbols when all the markings shifted until they formed a hand.

Joanna sniffed loudly as she started weeping because of fright.

A figure moved from one side of the living room's door opening to the other.

"S-someone just walked past the door opening!" Joanna cried out.

I moved to investigate when the painted hand in the wee gee board came to life and grabbed my hand.

Joanna yelled as I struggled to free myself.

The hand was pale white with scars and dirt covering the surface. It felt hot, burning even. I cried out but stopped when the hand seemed to be using me as leverage to pull the rest of the body out.

Joanna was in tears now and tried to move to help me.

I gestured so she would stay in place as I pulled back but stopped when the TV turned on to someone yelling loudly.

Joanna and I turned quickly but the TV only showed static. I heard snickering so I turned around back around to see the wee gee board. A whole had appeared where the hand was. I cried out when I saw a face looking at me.

Joanna yelled then looked at me. "What? What is it?"

"I... There was a face in the board." I said.

Joanna turned to see the board but it became a board again.

"Fucking Elizabeth, I'm going to kill her!" Joanna said terrified.

"Do you want me to kill her for you?" Someone said behind us.

We both turned sharply and stared at the man who stood in front of us:

The man was tall, dark and handsome enough. He wore an expensive looking suit with a classy looking bowler hat. He had an elegant cane in his right hand. He stood perfectly still in the shadows where we really couldn't see his face.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Is that a yes?" He asked and walked closer.

"No, don't hurt anyone!" Joanna yelled.

The man tipped his bowler hat and bowed slightly. "As you wish, mistress." The man said.

"Mistress?" Joanna asked and looked at me. I shrugged.

"I see... So that's why I couldn't find you..." The man thought out loud.

"Leave us alone!" I said and quickly walked up for the man and tried punching him. The man smiled and dissolved into steam.

I turned around and saw him appear behind Joanna. He extended his free hand quickly and placed it on Joanna's head.

Joanna yelled as the man's fingers shifted and dug into her head. Joanna fell unconscious as the man held her. He grunted slightly and let her go. Joanna's body fell towards the floor but stopped before she hit the floor.

She stood awkwardly and began to spasm violently.

"Joanna! What did you do to her?" I yelled and walked closer.

Joanna bolted upright and stood about an inch in from of me now.

She looked at me behind bright red and black eyes. She stared at me cautiously then started tilting her head abruptly.

The man started saying something but stopped when Joanna held a hand up.

"Joanna, are you okay?" I asked and grabbed her arms.

She snarled then grabbed my face with her hands.

Her hands burned my face to the point that I cried out.

I tried saying something but I couldn't speak. The pain got unbearable which made me start to pass out.

"Mistress stop this..." The man said but was interrupted when Joanna snapped her hand back and pushed him slightly. The man flew back impossibly quick and smashed into the back wall of the house.

"Sat!" I let out with a voice that didn't belong to me.

Joanna immediately stopped and let me drop. She smiled a devilish smile and kissed me.

I felt dizzy as millions of images flashed through my mind. I started remembering things that scared me: murders being committed by my hands against people in different time periods.

"Finally." I heard someone say before I passed out.


I opened my eyes and saw a girl standing in front of me. She smiled and kissed me again.

"Sat... You look different." I said.

"Yeah we'll you look like an asshole." She replied.

I saw the man that had appeared in the living room a few minutes before start to get up as he had been forced back.

I moved impossibly quick to stand by the man to help him up. I reached out to help him when my entire back cracked.

"Fucking, ow!" I yelled out.

The man laughed at me as he helped himself up.

"Shut up, Mana!" I said. "This body isn't built for shit..."

I stood up and my back cracked several times.

"So this is what it's like to be alive?" Sat asked and stumbled closer. "I feel like shit."

"Always the lady." I replied.