Title: Angel of the Snowdrift

Authoresses: NoChristmasJokesPlz and ANT-chan

Rating/Genre: Romance/Drama/NC-17 (for SLASH/YAOI/BL/GAY, sex sex and more sex, language, a bit of angst, and threesome.)

Summary: 'Life hates me. It always has. ...I'm really going to die here.' Neither Sin nor Draca ever thought finding a boy in the snow and doing a good deed would lead to so much. A Shadows & Seraphim story. M/M/M

Angel of the Snowdrift

Chapter 1: Lost


Burning, blinding, suffocating cold...

The whiteness was terrible, the chill seeping into his bones and making him tremble like a leaf in autumn. He wound his good arm around himself to lessen the chill, but his damp sleeve didn't do much but raise goosebumps on the skin of his stomach, exposed by his torn shirt.

His legs felt like lead, his insides like slush, and the icy wind had frozen his eyes nearly shut. Now all he could see were the wild flurries of snow whipping around him like angry spirits. All of the buildings he passed were quiet, and no matter how hard he knocked with his good arm or how loudly he tried to shout, no one answered. Why? Why did he have to take a ship that would reach port late? Why did he decide to travel in the dead of winter?

Why did he have to run into a mugger in his first hour of arrival in the place called the Smuggler's Haven?

'Life hates me. It always has.'

He could walk no further. He collapsed in a heap.

'I'm going to die,' he thought numbly, 'I'm really going to die here...' Oddly enough, this wasn't scary to him at all. In fact, it was a relief. It meant the ice in his veins would go away. It meant the bad memories would no longer plague him, and he wouldn't have to keep running, keep looking over his shoulder. It meant he wouldn't hurt any more...

Suddenly, he wasn't so cold...

Soon. he was buried under a blanket of snow, nothing to mark his grave but the scarf that fluttered in the wind.


"Draca, you're acting like a child."

"I don't care! I'm not going and you can't make me!"

For the briefest of moments, Sin appeared ready to challenge him. "Well, why the hell not?" Sin demanded to know as he watched his lover and partner practically cower, as far from Sin a he could get and still be in the same room.

"Because it's bloody COLD!" Draca retorted from his hiding place. He'd somehow immersed himself in the shadows behind the couch. Sin could just barely make out the outline of his soul in the wall.

The assassin sighed heavily and rubbed his forehead. Why the hell did he put up with this idiot? Was Fate punishing him for the things he'd done? He could See red-gold defiance about the Vampyre, and he knew the man was pouting.

"Draca, if you don't get dressed and get out that door, so help me, we will not have sex for at least a year."

Sin didn't have to See to know that Draca's jaw had dropped to the floor.

"You wouldn't dare," he hissed.

The Fallen One smirked subtly, "Try me."

Needless to say, the Vampyre's soul had disappeared from the wall, and reappeared in his old room. Where he was no doubt bundling up for the walk to Kyris' pub.

Sin allowed himself a smug little smile.

The assassin and the thief bickered almost the entire way to the bar, until Draca finally, cold and pissed off as he was, crossed his arms, turned his head to the side, and huffed childishly. Sin gave a thankful sigh. At least the Vampyre had finally stopped bitching about how freezing he was. The silence reigned for a long while, and they did not glance at one another for even a second.

The Fallen One knew that Draca was pouting again, and he rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, Draca stopped, something at the roadside catching his eye. Something protruded from the snow-laden ground - something that snapped in the harsh winds. Draca tilted his head curiously, "A scarf?" he said, more to himself than to Sin.

Sin turned as well, noting that the thief's soul rippled with confusion. There was a brief flash of lime green curiosity. "What is it?" Sin asked.

"I see something," Draca repeated himself, "I think it's a scarf."

Sin frowned. There was a faint haze of Color where Draca had directed him, so faint that he almost thought he had imagined it at first. But no, it was there; flickering and pulsing weakly, like a candle that had burnt out almost completely, left to sputter and struggle in its wax until it was completely extinguished. His eyes widened fractionally. "Draca, someone's under the snow."

The two rushed forward and Draca fell to his knees, digging urgently, heedless of the cold he so loathed. He brushed away the powdery snow until a young, heart-shaped white face was visible, framed by thick, raven-black hair. Eyes closed, lips pale blue, there was hardly a detectable hint of life other than the hopeful flutter of a pulse in the soft, pale throat. Draca pulled the youth from the snow and cradled him carefully.

The boy was a nekojin, thin, pale, and rather on the small side. His large, silvery ears barely twitched in the cold air. He was bundled in a tattered, long-sleeve tunic and rough, torn pants, a dark scarf wound loosely about his skinny shoulders. His head lolled against the Vampyre's shoulder, and his arms and legs dangled uselessly. His left arm was bent at an odd angle.

"Alive," Sin said, "but barely." The exhaustion Sin Saw around the neko was such a dark grey that it led him to wonder just how far the poor creature had come.

"Maybe Kyris and Gwen can do something," Draca said, eyebrows furrowing.

"Then we should hurry. He won't last much longer out here."

The pounding at the alley door confused Kyris. She was preparing her kitchen for the lunch crowd that was due in a few short hours when she heard it. Confusion furrowing her brow, the fiery redhead threw down her rag. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" she exclaimed, exasperated. She had no idea who that could be. Like everyone else, Gwen, Draca, and Sin usually came in through the front door. So, while she was expecting them for lunch, Kyris doubted it was them.

This turned out to be very wrong, in fact. The fire Fayth opened the heavy door, only to find Sin and Draca on the doorstep. While that was unusual in itself, it wasn't what had her heart leaping into her throat. That honor went to the boy bundled in Draca's arms, his skin blue and his breathing alarmingly shallow.

Hopes above, why couldn't the two of them stay out of trouble?

"Kira!" she screeched.

The silver-haired woman - who Kyris had raised as her own - poked her head in from the bar, where she had been cleaning. Or slacking off, Kyris was sure. "What?" she asked, but froze with wide eyes as she took in the sight before her. "Is he alr-"

"Go get Gwen. Now. Tell her to bring whatever she has that'll help with hypothermia."

"And any medicines she has for broken bones and bruising," Sin added, his expression grave. "His arm is broken. Quickly." Kira was already disappearing from the doorway. They could hear her pounding footsteps as she raced back into the front room.

Kyris didn't waste a moment. "Get in here!" she commanded, moving out of the way and ushering them inside. "Draca, take him upstairs and lay him on the bed. Get his clothes off and wrap him up so he can warm up before we get up there. Keep his hair away from his body and try not to jostle his arm too much. Go!" The Vampyre was gone in a wisp of shadow, and Kyris bustled over to the sink and began filling a pot - that she had planned to use for cooking her customers lunch - with warm water. Sin was at her side in an instant, already gathering cloths.

"Where'd you find him?" she asked distractedly. Heating the pot a bit more with her powers, she hefted it into her arms.

Sin followed her up the stairs, keeping a hand close to her back in case she took a tumble in her hurry. "He was buried under the snow about a block from here."

"Hellfire be damned," Kyris breathed. "Poor kid." Sin nodded. He only hoped they had caught him in time. The little neko appeared to be hanging by a thread.

There was a buzzing in his ears, something that unnerved him. He shifted restlessly and squeezed his eyes more tightly shut, a little whimper slipping past his lips.

"He's waking up."

The voice that spoke was definitely that of a male, with a distinct Omegan accent. The way he spoke, so smoothly, made the boy's stomach flutter. He blinked slowly, and his sight was foggy at first. There were four shapes crowded around him, and he gazed up at them with confusion. Two females and two males. One of the men was pale and blond, the other beautifully bronzed with black and red hair and a scarred face. He couldn't have told you what the two women looked like, he was so fixated on the enthralling men staring down at him. He blinked a few more times, then sneezed.

"Drink this," said one of the women, pouring something into a cup, "It'll warm you right up." She was a matronly type, he finally noticed, with long, curly red hair. The other was a petite brunette, probably only as tall as himself. A Kitsune, he saw immediately, and a gentle one at that.

"Oh, so he's allowed to drink it, but I'm not?" called another woman, storming into the room. "Okay, fine, whatever. See if I care. Hmph. Freaking double standards..." Despite her words, there was a wide grin on her face. He shivered at the sight of her. He could feel the predatory air rolling off her, but it wasn't exactly frightening.

Where was he? The last thing he remembered... the raven-haired Fayth looked down at himself, realizing that he was warm and in proper, dry clothes. His arm, which had been broken and excruciatingly painful, was now only throbbing in dull, fading pain and bandaged. There was a medicinal smell coming from the bandages, and it was the same for the other patches of gauze wrapped around his more painful bruises. So he'd been found and taken in, then.

The nekojin took the cup and sipped cautiously. His eyes widened suddenly and he coughed. The liquid was fiery hot and seemed to burn down straight to his stomach. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he slowly recovered from the shock of the rather strong fire Fayth liquor. Once the initial fierce burn wore off, a tingling warmth bubbled in his stomach, radiating outwards and banishing the last traces of cold from his body. He handed the cup back to the redhead and whispered a quick thanks.

"What's your name?" the Kitsune asked, reaching out to touch the neko's soft, silver ear. "I'm Gwen, and this is Kyris, Kira, Sin, and Draca." She gestured to each of them in turn, and Milo failed to meet their eyes with his greeting nod.

"Milo," he said softly.

"Where are you from, Milo?"

"..." Milo turned his face downwards, and his forelock of silvery hair shaded his buttery golden eyes. He didn't speak.

Gwen's ears went back and she frowned.

"You okay, little fella?" Kira, surprisingly, said this, her tone oddly soft.

Milo nodded, "Just don't wanna talk about it..." he mumbled, wringing the edge of his shirt between his small hands.

"That's alright," Kyris said hesitantly. "You came to the Haven for a new home, right? Can you tell us what happened to make you collapse?"

Milo squirmed. "Mugger," he whispered. "The ship came in late and... I couldn't find anywhere to stay. Didn't have my money for an inn after. Or... anything else."

"Bad luck, kid," the blond, Draca, whistled lowly. Milo wished he could glare at him, but he was sure he couldn't look at the handsome man without blushing.

"Well!" Gwen said suddenly, clapping. "He needs a place to stay until he's better, then. Draca, Sin, you don't need that other bedroom right?"

"Why would you ask that?" Sin hissed, his face flushing slightly at the implication thick in the fox Fayth's tone.

"W-Wait-" Milo blurted, though his voice was still soft. They were trying to give him a place to stay? Really?

"He could stay with either Kyris or me," Gwen amended, but her smile said that she didn't have any intentions of doing so. "But you have the most space and our homes double as shops. He needs rest. So. Your flat is the best place for him."

Milo tried again. "But you don't-" They obviously weren't keen on listening.

"And you're both sleeping in one room, obviously," Kira interjected, crossing her arms. "You go at it like wild animals nearly every night!"

Milo's eyes widened at this, his protests falling silent from shock and, to his horror, lust at the thought. He turned to stare at the two men with large, bright eyes, viciously fighting down the instinctive surge of emotion. One ear was lowered, the other completely upright. His posture practically screamed curiosity. They didn't notice, however. The shorter man - Sin - was too busy glaring at Kira. And Draca seemed to be too busy choking down his laughter at his lover's - lover's - expense.

Kyris glanced between her makeshift family and the newcomer, taking in the young man's vivid blush and wide eyes. He looked completely baffled by all that was happening. Kyris couldn't blame him. This would certainly be interesting.

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