Title: Angel of the Snowdrift
Authoresses: NoChristmasJokesPlz and ANT-chan
Rating/Genre: Romance/Drama/NC-17 (for SLASH/YAOI/BL/GAY, sex sex and more sex, language, a bit of angst, and threesome.)
Summary: 'Life hates me. It always has. ...I'm really going to die here.' Neither Sin nor Draca ever thought finding a boy in the snow and doing a good deed would lead to so much. A Shadows & Seraphim story. M/M/M

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Angel of the Snowdrift

Chapter 3: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

"Okay," Draca said with a growl, "this was funny at first, even a little cute. But now, it's startin' to piss me off. It's been a week!"

Sin sighed and knocked on the bedroom door for the third time, and got a squeak and a series of odd shuffling noises and a thump in response. "Milo? Come out. Kyris won't be pleased if we're late for dinner."

"I-I'll be out in a m-minute!" the neko stammered from within.

"Ya said that ten minutes ago, kid!" Draca said loudly, crossing his arms and scowling at the door. "Now get out here, or Kyris'll have all our asses!"

On the other side of the door, the nekojin was practically hiding in the closet. His golden eyes flicked towards the window, wondering if his feline abilities would let him take a two-story drop without injury. Another impatient knock on the door had him bristling. Why couldn't they just leave him alone? Surely Kyris didn't want him to intrude on their "family" dinner. He was only a guest after all. A wanderer. They probably expected him to leave as soon as he was able.

The knocking abruptly came to a halt, and Milo peered out into the room again. He could still hear them on the other side of the door, bickering softly with one another. There was an angered snarl from Draca, and the fall of heavy footsteps signaled their departure. The feline Fayth crept out into the bedroom he'd been staying in for the past week, confusion and relief filling him.

And then the sound of a sharp breeze whisked past his sensitive ears, followed by the steady beat of a heart.

"Gotcha, ya little brat!"

Milo screamed as he was hauled up and tossed swiftly over a thin, rather bony shoulder.

Instinctively, his claws came out, raking up the back of the one who held him, and he began to thrash and writhe, yowling wildly as his animal instincts kicked in sharply and abruptly in his shock and fear.

"Ouch! Sonofa- Hold still, would ya? Fuck, that hurt!"

"Put me down! Put me down!" Milo shrieked. His thrashing legs were stilled by a large, thin hand after one kick landed a tad too close to Draca's family jewels for comfort.

"Dammit, Milo, calm down! I'm not gonna hurt you!"

When the neko's efforts didn't let up, the Vampyre rolled his eyes and dropped the boy on the floor in the hallway. He hissed sharply as he landed on his tail, glaring balefully up at the blond thief. He glanced from Draca, to the bedroom they'd just exited.

"H-how did you do that?" he demanded, nursing his sore tail.

Draca smirked down at him. "Vampyre," he explained simply, making Milo frown down at his feet. (That talk had been strange. Kyris had explained what Draca was and then had looked at him expectantly, as if waiting for Milo to… do something. His simple shrug and murmured, "Oh. Okay…" had only seemed to confuse her.) "And Master Thief, I might add. There's nothing I can't do, little kitty." The arrogant response did nothing to cool the boy's ire. He stood shakily, and was stopped before he could dart around the thief. "Nuh-uh, kid. We're going to Kyris'. She's damned scary when she's mad, and there's nothin' that gets her temper goin' more than someone avoiding her. Or keeping secrets from her. So. Let's go, yeah?"

Milo's borrowed coat was pushed into his hands. 'Wait. Where'd he get that?'The awed thought was distracting enough to keep Milo from bolting when Draca nudged him towards the stairs.

"Stop manhandling him, Vampyre." The smooth, accented voice caught Milo's attention, and he noticed that Sin was staring at them from the bottom of the stairs. Suddenly realizing that he was standing between the pair of them, trapped, and with those piercing ruby eyes seeming to bore into him, Milo remembered his deep embarrassment. He gave a soft squeak, and practically jumped down half the staircase. He hit the ground running, pulling on his coat and sprinting out the door.

"Hey, Milo-!" Draca's call was cut off with an annoyed snarl. "Damn it."

Sin gave him a droll look, and Draca growled. "Shut it, Sin."

The barest hint of a smirk quirked the corner of the seraph's lips. "I didn't say anything," he murmured, turning and heading for the door.

"Smug bastard," Draca muttered as he stalked after his lover.

"What did you do to him?" Those were the first words out of Kyris' mouth when Sin and Draca stepped into her bar. The little pub was deserted, as it was one of the few days a week that Kyris actually closed to organize stock and spend time with their little family. The redheaded Fayth was standing in the kitchen doorway when they entered, her grey eyes ablaze.

"Wha-" Draca had barely managed to get the question out of his mouth before the bar-mistress descended upon them.

"That poor little thing is more skittish than a cat on a hot roof. And I'm not talking about his feline traits. He's been through a lot and the two of you have obviously done something to make it worse! He came running in here like a ghost was on his tail! What. Did. You. Do?"

"We didn't-"

"Don't even try that! You two are so bloody dense at times. What'd you do? Bare your fangs at him? Or you!" Here she rounded on Sin, who - for all his deadly abilities and reputation - backed away looking decidedly alarmed. "I know you're a private man, Sin, but you better not have gotten sharp with him or I swear I'll..."

"He heard us goin' at it, alright?" Draca snapped.

Kyris's tirade screeched to a halt, and her sharp eyes narrowed further. Suddenly, a grin cracked her face, and she began to laugh, almost doubling over with the force of her mirth. "Wh-what?" she managed to choke out.

A faint blush touched Sin's cheeks, and he cleared his throat. "Milo heard us having sex."

Kyris almost fell to the floor laughing. The seraph only glared sullenly at his lover, as if to silently say, "And it's all your fault."

"Yeah, yeah," Draca groaned dramatically. "Laugh it up. The kid get here? He's been avoidin' us ever since and bolted when we tried to get him to come with us."

"He's... heehee... he's upstairs." Kyris was still grinning as she recovered her composure. "He ran up there to hid with Gwen, I think. I've got them setting the table. And that lazy girl of mine is supposed to be helping them. Doubt it, though. You two. You can help me carry up the food. I've got pasta and a roast to head up there. And some salads and breads. Got this new recipe from the mainland. Far north style. Has a lot of herbs and seasonings in it, but it comes out almost sweet. You guys will like it, I think."

They both nodded obediently, still not daring to look at her for fear of seeing the subtle leer in those grey eyes. She wouldn't let this go for weeks to come, and they both knew it.

"He really been avoiding you two?" she remarked as they started loading the plates and dishes of hot food into their arms.

"It's been annoying, actually," the Vampyre muttered.

"Well. Maybe if you weren't such a horn-dog, you wouldn't mentally scar him like that."

The bar-mistress' light response got a chuckle out of Sin. Draca glared at him. "You know you love it." The seraph only snorted.

Once everything was ready, Kyris ordered them to carry the food upstairs, and put it on the table. Of course, when the Vampyre and seraph entered the apartment above the pub, there was no petite nekojin to be found. The red-haired barmaid cast them an amused, impish smile, and Draca turned to Gwen.

"Where's the kid?" he asked.

"It's the strangest thing," the kitsune murmured. "His ears perked up as you were coming up the stairs, and he ran off to Kira's room."

Draca's brow twitched in annoyance, and Sin had to shift his burden in order to grab his lover's shoulder. "Leave it be," he said curtly.

The thief only huffed and followed Kyris' instructions of where to put the plates, all the while grumbling to himself. It wasn't until they had the table fully set, and were starting to sit down that the silver-haired Kira swept into the room. Her arm was around Milo's thin, hunched shoulders. He looked more skittish than they'd ever seen him. He was leaning heavily into his fellow Fayth's side, and his gold eyes were seemingly glued to the floor.

"There you are!" Kyris said in greeting. She strode over and took the neko from her adoptive daughter, ushering him towards the table. "We were just about to start eating."

Milo blanched as he realized where he was going to be sitting. Kyris was at the far end and Sin at the other. Draca and Gwen were at his sides, and Kira had already taking her seat beside Gwen.

Which meant Milo would be sitting by Draca.

Kira quirked a faint smile, and Milo looked ready to bolt again, until the young fire Fayth gave him a look that dared him to try it. The neko shuffled to his seat and sat down, letting his hair fall over his face to avoid looking at the Vampyre from the corner of his eye.

Dinner started out quietly enough, until Kyris began staring at him as he picked at his dinner. He squirmed in discomfort, his eyes repeatedly rising to meet the sharp grey ones of the fiery barmaid.

"What?" he asked at last, nervously twirling his fork around in his barely-touched pasta. "D... Do I have something on my face?"

The quiet, idle conversation drew to a halt at his question, and Milo had to fight down the urge to crawl under the table in embarrassment. There was a quiet snicker from beside him. Draca. The nekojin refused to look at him. Instead he kept his gaze on Kyris, wondering why she was looking at him like that.

He flinched when her expression sharpened into a glare and she crossed her arms. "Stop playing with your food and eat, Milo," she scolded. A round of soft, expectant laughter went around the table.

"Wha..." Milo dared a glance at the others, his face heating at the amused looks he was receiving. "B-But I'm not really that-"

His plate was pushed towards him. "Eat."

"Better do what she says." It was Draca's voice that hissed near his ear. Milo jumped nearly out of his chair and whirled around to face the thief, who was grinning down at him. "She's got that motherly streak in her. And you need some meat on you, you skinny little kitty."

"You're just glad you aren't the one getting glared at this time," Kira accused the Vampyre, her rosy eyes twinkling merrily.

"Hey!" Draca exclaimed, looking almost offended. "I don't have to eat. I just need to drink blood. This stuff is all for pleasure."

"You may be able to survive off just blood, Draca, but that doesn't mean you're healthy." Kyris interrupted the oncoming argument, though her eyes never left their newest addition to their group. "Now Milo, you need to eat. It'll help keep your immune system up and help you heal faster."

"But... but..." Milo stammered for something to say that wouldn't completely give him away. How could he tell someone that, for most of his life, he'd survived on one tiny meal every other day, if he was lucky? He wasn't used to eating much, and it was still difficult for him to keep anything down if he hadn't been given permission beforehand. "I... I'm not... I can't eat too much. I'll get sick."

Kyris's eyes softened, and she smiled a motherly smile that made his heart ache for his own mother. "I'm not asking you to eat all of it. Just a little more, okay? Just enough to keep you healthy."

The boy let out a winded sound as he was nudged by a grinning Draca. "Yeah, kid. You hardly weigh anything. You gotta be skin and bones."

His irritation had reached its boiling point. "And you're one to talk?" Milo spat. "I could count your ribs." It was only after the words had left his mouth that he realized what had happened. He'd talked back. Actually retorted to something for once - rather than just ducking his head and trying to disappear from notice. But whatever exhilaration that came with that was swept away at the look that Draca was sending him. Shock had filled those crimson eyes, and was quickly turning into something wicked. The grin that spread over the Vampyre's face had Milo's hackles rising.

He wasn't fast enough to bolt before Draca had him in a firm hold, laughing in wicked delight by his ear. "Been lookin' have ya?" he cackled, making the nekojin's face flush brightly. Quick hands grabbed the hem of his shirt, starting to pull it up. "You're not much better, y'know. Lessee if we can count yours!"

"Stop that!" Milo shrieked in panic, trying to tug his shirt back down before his scars were laid bare. He only managed to half-succeed. The scars stayed covered, yes. But the thief was quickly sidetracked from his quest to count the little Fayth's ribs (and prove his bloody point) by the flash of black ink against that creamy pale skin.

"Oh...? Wha's that...?"

Milo squealed in mortification and yanked down his shirt even further, but it was too late. The Vampyre hooked a thin finger around the waist of the boy's pants, and pulled it down just enough to show a simple, but beautiful design inked into his pale hip bone. Two curved lines swept around a small crescent moon, inside the curve of which was a tiny, intricately designed black flower.

"The kitty's got a tattoo!" Draca shouted loudly.

"Draca..." Gwen said pleadingly from across the table. She and Milo locked eyes for a brief moment, and the neko could see the understanding in them. His face darkened with shame.

"Get off!" Milo tried to squirm out of the Vampyre's hold, hyper aware of the fact that they were the center of attention.

"Hahaha, not as innocent as we thought, huh, kid?" Draca snickered. "What other secrets are ya hiding from us-"

His chest tight, Milo hissed ferally and pushed the blond away from him. Before anyone could say anything, he had rushed out of the room and down the stairs leading into the bar.

"Idiot," Sin murmured.

"Draca!" Said thief cringed as Kyris finally spoke up, her face stormy. "What did I just get through telling you downstairs? He's skittish! So stop terrorizing him!"

Draca smiled sheepishly. Now that the raven-haired Fayth had escaped, he actually did feel a bit bad. But it was just too easy to tease the kid. "But... well..." For once, the smooth-talking thief wasn't sure how to explain himself.

Sin stood from his seat, reaching over to grab Milo's abandoned plate as well as his own. "I'll talk to him," he growled softly. "It's about time one of us did."

The pub downstairs was silent and empty, but Sin knew Milo wouldn't have gone far. It took him barely an instant to find the boy.

'Ah, there!' By the bar, Milo was huddled down in a corner, his soul trembling and fluctuating with the Colors of shame, fear, and sadness. Sin padded quietly around the bar and found Milo's hiding place, paying no heed to the sudden burst or bright orange shock when the nekojin saw him coming.

"I apologize for Draca," he began, setting down the boy's plate. "He's an idiot."

Milo lowered his eyes, toying with his tail with both hands. "I... it's okay. He... he just scared me a little."

Milo half-expected - or perhaps half-hoped - that Sin would just take his explanation and leave. But that didn't appear to be the case. Instead, the assassin slid onto the floor beside him, leaning casually back against the bar. "He forgets that not everyone is like him. Not everyone can be pushed and teased," he further explained.

The younger male merely shrugged. No matter what Sin said, it still didn't change the facts. He didn't want to go back upstairs. Sin seemed to sense this, for he sighed. "You don't have to worry about it going that far again. Kyris is... taking care of it."

Yes, he could clearly hear the barmaid growling and scolding the Vampyre from where he sat. He didn't pay much attention to it, though. He picked at his food, refusing to look at the beautiful man beside him. Silence fell, awkward and oppressive over them, with ruby eyes gazing almost curiously at him.

"Does it bother you?" Sin murmured at long last. "Draca and I, I mean?"

Milo blushed bright pink, and quickly looked down at his plate. "O-of course not," he said at length, after a long, awkward silence. "I... It's just... I... I heard you guys... doing that... And... I dunno... stuff like that... always... scares me..." The boy's eyes rose from his lap, and he saw the seraph's eerily glowing eyes locked on him. "What?" he asked nervously.

Sin's brow furrowed, trying to discern - or perhaps even comprehend - what Milo had just told him. Scared? Of sex?

No... he couldn't believe that. Perhaps if the neko was a bit younger. He did seem very innocent. The very phrase brought his jaded mind to horrible, and completely unfounded conclusions. No, the boy meant something else.

'Ah.' Sin nodded in sudden understanding. "It's the fact that we're both men, yes? I'm sure Kyris wouldn't mind you staying with her. Or Gwen. She's here for another month or so."

Milo's eyes grew dark and sad. "Do... Do you want me to leave?" he asked brokenly, as if the very thought made him want to cry.

Sin's brows furrowed in confusion. "No, but I assumed that..."

And then Milo thought about what Sin said before, and he laughed in relief. It was a bright, happy, heartwarming sound, and the sunny Colors that fluttered through the boy's soul gave Sin an odd quivery feeling in his stomach.

"You think... that I'm..." Milo could hardly get the words past his helpless giggles. "Sin, I'm small, not… masculine, and never express any romantic interest in any of the, admittedly pretty, women I'm around constantly now. And you think I'm uncomfortable that you and Draca are both men? Really?"

The seraph frowned, his thoughts drifting back to Milo's earlier comment for a brief moment. He quickly shook it away, however, as he processed this newest information. "Oh," he said quietly. "I had assumed it was because of your age."

Confusion rippled through Milo's soul, and the assassin realized his mistake. His lips twitched into a faint smile. "Your voice is just slightly higher pitched than most men, and combined with your small frame, I assumed you were... fifteen, maybe? Perhaps slightly younger? That's all I've had to go on."

The comments on his voice and stature almost made Milo pout. Yes, he was tiny, undoubtedly girly, and even had a soft voice like a girl. (Or so he'd always been told.) It was most of the reason why- he shook his head in exasperation. "I'm nineteen!" he huffed. And he was still growing, a childish part of his mind sulked.

Those ruby eyes widened. "Ah, my apologies then."

"You... really couldn't tell?"

There was a smile tugging at Sin's lips. It was making his heart do odd jumps in his chest. "Of course not." The man paused, his eyes studying Milo for a moment. "I'm blind, Milo."

For a moment, Milo just stared at him, his lips parting slightly as he fought for something to say. He blinked and worked his jaw for a moment, then burst out, "Really? Blind?"He waved his hand in front of the man's face, and jerked back with a squeak when the assassin caught his wrist.

"I'm blind. But I'm still an assassin."

Milo pulled his hand from Sin's grip, trying to ignore the way his skin tingled where the seraph touched him. "But... Well..." The neko stopped himself before he asked any prying or insulting questions. "If... If you ever need help with anything, just ask, alright?"

A raven brow arched in what Milo could only call arrogance. Sin leaned a bit closer to him, and the Fayth fought not to blush. A deep chuckle tickled his senses. "I've been blind for about twenty of your lifetimes, little one. I think I can handle myself."

And he thought Draca was the arrogant one? "Twenty?" he repeated instead. "That makes you... what? Four hundred? Wow, you're kinda old!" It was a teasing statement, and the petite neko couldn't help but wonder where the sudden boost of confidence came from.

Sin let go of his wrist with a snort. "Five hundred, actually. And I'm most certainly not old." Well, no. There wasn't really a sense of "old" in Viranus, since it was all relative. But he was certainly older than Milo. Much older. It was kind of daunting, actually. It made Milo feel like even more of an inadequate child next to Sin.

"Anyway." The assassin leaned back, changing the subject. "Do you want to go back upstairs? I don't think Draca will bother you anymore. And..." Here, Sin blushed faintly. "I'll try and keep things from getting... embarrassing. Alright?"

Milo felt his own cheeks heat slightly, and he nodded. "Alright... And thanks. For everything." Quickly, Milo leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Sin's neck in a quick hug, before he darted upstairs.

Sin smiled after him, watching the vibrant swirl of Color vanish up the stairs, before he stood and followed. "Ah," he called out, stopping Milo before he could re-enter Kyris' home. "One last thing." The shorter male turned to him, the silent question fluttering over his soul.

"I may not need to tell you this, but keep what I told you to yourself. I may be relaxed now, since this is my home, but I'm known for my silent and often dangerous disposition. I have a reputation to keep, you see." Milo shivered as those ruby eyes sharpened into something deadly. But the smirk playing about the assassin's full lips was a teasing one, and Milo was sure he didn't actually mean the silent threat. He hoped.

But the devious expression was doing something else to him. His stomach quivered, and seemed to flip in his stomach. His knees went weak. He nodded quickly, and made his escape. Before he made his strange, completely uncalled for reaction obvious.

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