T.M.R.T.T.H.I.M.D. (3)

(A/N)- My life has been pretty boring lately, since my best friend has been grounded for the last three months. Anyways, we recently got back together, and the randomness continues!


Kaylen: Hey! *Hugs me excitedly*

Me: Hey. *Tries to escape death-grip*

Kaylen: Come on in!

Me: I was counting on it.

Kaylen: I so didn't expect you! You completely surprised me!

Me: I called you an hour ago.

Kaylen: …

Me: …

Kaylen: Like I said: complete surprise!

Me: Let's go inside now.

Kaylen: Okay!


Kaylen: Do you want some popcorn?

Me: Sure.

Kaylen: *Hands me an empty bowl where popcorn used to be*

Me: Did you just eat it all?

Kaylen: No…

Me: Are you lying to me?

Kaylen: Yes…

(A/N)- So there you have it! My days aren't so boring now, so maybe I'll update more, like once or twice per week! Please review! No flames, please, or else I well use my hypnotic eyes to make you my minion, because, as my username/company suggests, I AM in fact, a Duck from Space with special abilities, not unlike my laser-eyes!