Two Years...
Two fucking years! Thats how long this conflict has been going on for and for what? We've lost men, they've men. I say men. Boys. This is not some war in a far off country in a place no ones heard off. Well maybe it is a war. A street war.

You see, it wasn't always like this. The city I mean. But then you likely have no idea what I'm talking about. My name's Derrick and I live in a city known as Agres City. Lovely place, if you have the money that is, This is a city which attracts the rich. You can get anything you want here, be anything you want. Problem is that also attracts gangs.

In my hood, it used to be quiet. Delagio kept everyone in line. But then he was knocked of by some punks. After that, things went to pieces. The guy who did it took over half the city, but in my hood there was no one.

A void.

And like any void, people try to fill it. In this case two different gangs. We're like chalk and cheese we don't mix. We're the V-street Bikers and they are Chemical Force. Che. Chemical Force, sounds like a kid's tv program.

Now we the best, but we can't get rid of these little suckers! And I mean little. Some are closer to our ages, 18 etc, but some are just snot nosed little kids. I mean I thought I was young when I got involved and I was 18. I'm 20 now. But we've caught kids wearing there symbol at 12 before. How the hell are you supposed to deal with a 12 year old?

Can't kill them. Sure you could rough them up a bit, but no one likes hurting kids. Even if they are brats in something they shouldn't be.

But there leader, he's the real icing on the cake. Could be a kid himself for all we know. But I doubt it. You see whenever we fight, he has this mask on so we can't see him. You might ask why I doubt he's a kid if I've never seen his face. Well you should see the way this guy fights!

He's good. Would call him deadly but he don't kill. Injures badly but don't kill. I admire that. Fighting it one thing, but the amount of times he's fought with guns and knives and he hasn't killed one person. That takes skill.

But two years is too long and I have got to wrap this up soon. So tomorrow, in daylight, we're going after them in there own nest. Most will be out at that time. It's times we finished this, once and for all.