Chapter 20

Ralph woke up in a very dark place. His head spinning and his stomach felt like he was about to throw up. The smell of disinfectant didn't help much either. He was lying on a soft mattress, a light sheet over him, his head on a pillow. Sitting up to try and see if he could work out where on earth he was, he regretted it as his stomach flipped. He just about leant over the side of the bed in time before throwing up his guts.

He heaved several times before it finally stopped. Leaving him panting, the smell of sick clogging up his nose. A dim light came on and Ralph was relieved to see someone had actually placed a bucket by the side of the bed. A bucket now fill of sick, which was a good thing. However in noticing that, he also noticed something very bad as well. He had chains on.

Thick heavy things which while let him move, wouldn't stretch far enough to let him get off the bed. There was a beeping noise and a door opened. Two men dressed in white biohazard suits appeared, one carrying a trap. The other was carrying an empty bucket. The bucket man quickly replaced the sick bucket with the empty one and left.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Demanded Ralph

"Who I am is of no concern" The man said, his voice almost monotone. "As for where you are? you are at St Mary's Children Home. We are sorry about the drugging and assure you the side effects will not last long. You were in the company of a runaway and it has been decided you will also remain here until the runaways treatment is complete. Please drink your water"

Ralph frowned at this, before pulling a face at the man. "Where is Ryan?" He demanded, refusing the take the water, not trusting anything at the moment.

"Undergoing treatment. Behave and drink your water and you shall see him when his treatment is over for today" The monotone voice side, "Obedience is encouraged and will be rewarded with social time, better food and things to keep you entertained. Disobedience will result in things being taken away"

"If I behave I can see Ryan" Ralph said slowly, checking to see if he had got this right.

"Correct" The man said, offering the water again. This time Ralph took it, sniffing at it lightly. "It is just water" The man's monotone somehow sounded annoyed at this point. Ralph glared at the man but drank the water. He coughing as the first swallow went down wrong. The man waited patiently for him to calm down again before giving him back the water. This time Ralph drank slower.

"Rest for now" The man said leaving the room, "You will be fed at noon, it is currently ten o'clock, I would suggest trying to get some more sleep as this afternoon you will be run though some fitness tests. Dinner will be at eight pm. If you have behaved you shall see Ryan during this time and up to curfew at ten o'clock. Good day"

Ryan was left feeling disorientated. What had just happened?


Clay sighed as the two men left the medical room. Derrick still limping lightly, but no as much as before. No doubt he was off to see if he could get in touch with Jel and the other search parties. Though Clay had also heard Monroe pull him over for a quick chat on how they were going to pay to get the building extended. Monroe was the oldest resident of the motel and was quickly taking charge of who roomed with who.

Jack had hesitated a few moments before leaving. he had to go face Eli now, something Clay had no sympathy for. It was his own fault for losing his control over himself. The only thing Clay could say it him was good luck and go easy on Eli. Eli would no doubt try and fight him after this. Something which would only drive Jack to lose more control. After all, it was only Eli being submissive to Jack's wants that Jack was holding back the heavy stuff just yet.

"I won't hurt him more then he can take"Jack growled, but Clay could tell he was unnerved. Jack had thought himself in control when he had assaulted Derrick, but by the very fact he had ripped him, had not been. The again, even the most gentle lover could cause a rip.

"Just call me if you injury him Jack" Clay murmured patting the man on the back as he left. Closing the door, he went to collapse on a seat when he heard the door open again. He growled, turning to shout at whoever had come in only to pause. It was June.

June wearing a baggy top and boxers, looking like he had just rolled out of bed. His hair sticking up, his eyes drooping, his hand rubbing at one. Clay had moved June up to his new room when he had checked over the boys bandages. By the looks of it June had fallen back asleep in that time.

"You are an idiot" Clay growled at him as June's knees gave way and he fell to the floor. "You are recovering from being shot! I told you to stay in the room"

June sniffed and looked up to Clay with big watery eyes. Clay rolled his own, but went over ans swept the boy up, nuzzling him gently. Closing the door again, this time locking it, Clay carried June over to one of the cots. June snuggled in close, smiling gently. He hummed lightly, making Clay smile as well. Placing June on a cot, he began kissing him.

Gently at first, but then slowly more passionate, June kissing back and pushing upwards into the kiss. Clay felt his own control weaken as he held the boy in his arms. He wanted this. He wanted someone he could love and hug. He understood Jack's need to dominant but not his need to hurt. For him though, it was the need to be trusted. Completely and utterly. Clay would never purposely hurt the young man in his arms.

"June, just how old are you" Clay asked. First things first. He knew the boy was at least fifteen, but fifteen was still too young. He was a doctor, he couldn't risk sleeping with someone who was jail bait. June began signing, relieve running though Clay as June told him he was sixteen.

Clay beamed before kissing June deeply again, engulfing him in a loving hug. June's arms wrapped around his shoulders, kissing back playfully. June was legal. Anything which happened from now on was perfectly fine. "Mine now" Clay growled lowly, his tone playful, his eyes sparkling in mischief.

June surprised him by giving a mirrored look before kicking him lightly. A hand gesture, declaring otherwise. 'Mine'. Declaring Clay his. Clay laughed before kissing him again. June wrapping his limps around him. Clay pushed him backwards, so June was lying on the cot.

Clay was gentle as he began to explore the boys body. Slowly pushing the top of June's body, kissing his way over the torso, paying special attention to June's injured shoulder. Hands moving over June's muscles. June was small, but he had muscles. They were soft but firm, not fat anywhere on the beautiful body. Clay couldn't believe this was his now.. All his and no one else's.

June moaned as Clay licked over his nipples. Clay beaming as he realised he would be able to make the boy squeal and moan despite his muteness. June shifted uncomfortably as Clay beamed over him playfully. June let out a out squeal and Clay began attacking his nipples. Licking and sucking them. June shivered, his body moving uncontrollably from the pleasure. His body grinding up against Clays, only encouraging him more.

He stopped, letting his victim catch his breath. He pressed a kiss to both rosy buds before moving back up to June's lips. The kiss was gentle and loving. "You okay?" He murmured, looking deep into June's eyes. June nodded, his face bright red. "I'm going to go further. If you want me to stop just push me away and I will stop" Clay murmured. June nodding in agreement. Clay wanted to do something, wanted to see Clay's face twisted in pleasure. but with the boy being mute he was afraid to push to him too far.

Clay moved slowly, trailing butterfly kissed down his chest. he swirled his tongue around June's belly button, making the boy squirm. He grinned moving further and further down. Hooking his thumbs under June's boxers and pulling them down slowly. June squirmed as Clays gaze fixed on his half hard member.

"Beautiful" Clay murmured, his hand rubbing along June's thighs. June blushed deeper, making Clay laugh. He placed a kiss on the head of June's member. "And all mine" The moan which was produced as Clay began stroking the hard flesh was one which made him tingling in excitement. This was going to fun.