Short monologue about a ghost written for an audition. Set in the 1800s, in a parlor with an armchair. The light comes from a fire. Preferably a man in nightclothes and a robe speaking, but not necessarily. This description is just to make it more visual to you.

(Irritatedly, pacing)

The hum ascends? Bah! It would do itself good to cast away the dreadful sound resonating from its lips. That, or to take its endless wailing someplace else. But ne'er would it dare to leave its post by the door - to venture beyond these gates would be unthinkable! To think the shadow of a man could be so vocal; a noiseless thing can moan so terribly in death!

(Cease pacing, shouting exasperatedly)

Be silent, fiend, ungodly creature! Be still! For the love of God, you have departed - therefore departed be!

(Resume pacing, speaking normally, irritated)

When thrice tolls the clock, it will have been each night in a moon's cycle that it has haunted our walls. I daresay it will not let us alone, my dear, for as long as we shall-

(Sudden exasperated outburst interrupts thought, face forward)

For heaven's sake, be gone, you demon! Retire to the otherworld, and leave us in your wake! For nights on end we hear your cry, but words you do not speak. Have mercy on the living, specter; we know not what you seek!