Caroline ran across the kitchen and bolted through the door; she slid across the grass and crashed in a heap beside Armin. She sobbed his name but it was too late, he was dead. The bushes to her left rustled and a girl stepped out, she wore a red velvet dress with a matching mask across her face. Caroline's brain seemed to cramp in terror, the only thought that actually made it through was short and to the point; Run. Caroline threw herself to one side, scrambled to her feet and sprinted around the side of the house. She tripped over a bundle under the living room window and fell on her face, screaming at the pain as blood gushed from her nose. Caroline sat up; a kind of hiccupping sob escaped her lips as she recognized the bundle as Alec. A small hole in the middle of his forehead had dripped something red and sticky between his eyes.

"It's your turn." Caroline looked up and gasped as a tennis racket swung towards her head, then everything went black.

Caroline opened her eyes and groaned, her head was pounding and the lights seemed very bright. When she had blinked a few times, the world cleared a little and she realized that she was tied to a chair in Armin's kitchen. The girl in the red velvet dress was leaning against the counter, drumming her fingers on the top.

"Who are you?" asked Caroline, trying not to slur her words. The girl smiled, she reached up and pulled off her mask, taking the blonde wig with it. Caroline's eyes grew wide and she gasped. Claire grinned and threw her disguise across the kitchen.

"I can't believe you didn't guess it was me! Too wrapped up in you, huh? Never mind, the others are dead and now it's your turn." Caroline swallowed, her eyes were on the gun Claire held in her hand.

"But I thought you liked Alec?" she whispered. Claire gave a small sigh before reverting back to her frighteningly happy grin.

"Well, I did but I could never love someone that took the side of the bitch that killed my best friend" replied Claire. She placed the gun on the counter behind her and folded her arms across her chest.

"So, I'm still trying to decide what to do with you. I'm definitely going to torture you but I'm always up for audience participation. Any preferences? Hot or cold, sharp or blunt? Or maybe I should just shoot you and let you bleed to death slowly and painfully" said Claire. She reached behind her for the gun and her face suddenly changed, Claire spun around and stared at the counter top. Caroline felt her insides turn to jelly as Claire began to shake; she turned to face the trussed girl.

"Where is it? Where's my gun you fucking murdering bitch!" screamed Claire. She threw herself at Caroline and wrapped her hands around her the girl's throat. There was a blur of movement and suddenly Claire was on the floor with Armin pinning her down, Caroline fought to get out of her ropes as they screamed and spat obscenities at eachother as they rolled around on the floor. Claire's fingers managed to find their way into the knife wound on Armin's back. He flung his head back and roared in pain; Claire took the opportunity to knock the gun from his grip. It slid across the floor and came to a stop close to Caroline's chair but she couldn't reach it. After a brief hesitation, she rocked herself sideways and the chair fell. She screamed as her arm snapped but her fingers found the gun, the only problem was that she couldn't see where she was shooting.

"Armin get down!" she shouted. There was a thud which Caroline hoped was Armin dropping to the floor, she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger again and again. Where there was nothing but a hollow click she stopped, a shadow suddenly blocked the light and Caroline looked up to see Claire smiling down at her. She held a long knife in her hand.

"You're a crap shot with that thing, sweetie." Caroline gasped as Claire swung the blade but Armin yanked her backwards before she could get too close. Claire screamed as Armin spun her around and rammed her head into the counter, her body went limp and she fell to the floor.

"Is she dead?" whispered Caroline, it was getting hard to stay awake as the pain in her arm became more unbearable. Armin shrugged and lifted the chair; he bent to untie her and then helped her up.

"Do you care?" he asked. Caroline stared down at her friend for a moment before cradling her arm and heading for the door.

"Not really." They walked out of the kitchen and into the darkness.