It is meant to snow for the next three days,
I hope it does, because I don't want to see your face,
not tomorrow, the day after, or even the one after that.
Because you look at me, look at me like there was nothing there,
where's the flinch, where's the increase in heart rate? Oh, that's right,
that only happens to me now. Perhaps it does with you, too,
but I don't see it on your face. Does she? Well,
am I right? Do you love her more,
more than you ever
loved me?

Because you are not lying to me, no words to make no lies, and you say that I got over you,
but I don't know that I can, can get over you, that is.
I fell for you, hard and fast. You broke me apart. And all you can say is 'I know'.
Now I know too, I know that love hurts, and being in love,
well, that hurts even more.

It's been three days since I have seen you,
I cannot endure this any more.