"What a cute daughter you two have! It's really great that men like yourselves are comfortable going out together." The middle-aged waitress smiles at us and Winnie.

"We're brothers." My eyes drift around the room.

"Oh well it's nice to see two brothers so close. Let me just go put your orders in." She hurries away.

"Dude Hadley this is the sixth time we've got mistaken as a couple." Kent messes up Winnie's hair.

I give him a look, "Maybe it's because you're wearing a stupid bow-tie at a small diner."

"My bow-tie is not stupid."

I roll my eyes and fiddle around with the utensils.

My mom and step-dad recently died in a car accident. Winnie is our half-sister but really our step-dad, Luke, was more of a dad to us than our real dad ever was.

"Elliot says hey." Kent squints, "Oh and do you know anyone that needs a roommate around Darmouth?"

"Um I might, why?" I absent mindedly shake some sugar packets and dump them into Kent's iced tea.

"Elliot's sister needs a place to stay."

"Since when did he have a sister?" I furrow my eyebrows. Elliot Graham is my brother's best friend and is practically my other brother. And in all the years I've known Elliot I've never heard of him having a sister.

"Since she was born, Elliot's parents are divorced you idiot."

"Sorry I don't keep track of his life," I make a face, "Why does she need a place to stay?"

"She goes to Dartmouth."

"I never saw her."

"She's a second year, the first year she studied abroad."

I just graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in chemistry. Which makes me four years older than Elliot's sister…and she's six years younger than Kent and Elliot.

"I can ask around."

"Great. April's apparently really desperate since she missed the first month."

"She's got to know someone here?" I suggest. I mean it's not like it's a big state.

"Nope, no one except Elliot and her dad- she lived in Kansas. Her step dad had a farm so they lived on that plus she went to an all girl's catholic schoo."

My eyes widen, "Wow…"

This girl sounds like the poster child for abstinence.

"I know."

At first I planned on moving away to find a job, but then my parents passed away shortly after my graduation. I decided to stay in town since my clueless brother wouldn't be able to take care of Winnie on his own. Now we both run our mom's bakery and moved the three of us into the loft above it

"Maybe April could stay with us." Kent suggests and turns the volume down. The channel is set to some brightly colored cartoon for Winnie.

Elliot snorts at the idea.

"Yeah..." I purse my lips, "I don't think that's the best idea. Two guys, a two year old and a college girl?" I join the three of them in the living area and set my water bottle down.

"It's not like either of us plan on fucking her."

Elliot gives the both of us a stern look, "Touch my sister and I'll rip your balls off."

"Okay it's decided then! April will live with us and she'll stay a virgin forever." Kent raises his arms in the air. Even Winnie gives him a weird look

"Crazy?" Winnie innocently suggests.

"Yeah Win, crazy." I sigh.

"Hey it's a great idea! You want her to remind pure don't you El?"

"Of course I fucking do."

Kent gives me a look, "See? We can protect the kid. Plus she could help with the bakery since she'll definitely need money- therefore she'll never have to resort to prostitution- and she can help us with Winnie! She'll be like her nanny and we can stop being mistaken for as a gay couple. Everyone wins!"

Winnie giggles and Kent makes another knowing face, "See even Winnie agrees."

"Okay fine!" I submit to the idea.

"Great! I've always wanted a sister." Kent kicks his feet up on the coffee table.

"You already have a sister...and April's my sister..." Elliot says looking at Kent like he's an idiot.

"Yeah but she's really just a baby and young enough to be my daughter. I've always wanted to go into protective big brother mode. Plus I want to do girly shit with my new honorary sister."

I roll my eyes and ignore my big brother, "So where'd April study abroad?"

"She taught kids in Africa."

Sweet Jesus I'll be living with a saint.

"Hadley!" Kent calls from the back, "Can you grab my phone from the counter?"

I roll my eyes, "Sorry ma'am could you repeat that?" I give the woman an apologetic look.

"Just remember to use a faint pink color for the fondant." She rummages through her purse.

"Of course, when do you want this done by?"

"Could it be done within a week from now?"

"Yeah definitely. We'll give you a call the day before."

"Thank you." She waves and leaves the store.

"Hadley what the hell I just asked you to get my phone, you're right there-"

"Hey! Are you guys Kent and Hadley? I'm April."

Oh fuck me twice.

"Had keeping this girl a virgin might be impossible." Kent whispers.

"I think you're right."

April smiles a mega-watt smile with complementary dimples. Oh fucking hell…her curves…her legs….her face…Africa definitely did her well. She has the same faded brown hair as Elliot but hers is almost waist length while Elliot has typical soccer player hair. Crap I just want to grab her and smother her in kisses.

"Um," I clear my throat and walk over, "I'm Hadley."

"Hi," She smiles again. Her eyes are this stormy sky color and have some sprinklings of freckles. Wow her lips…

"Kent!" I turn around as my brother shouts his own name like an idiot.

I awkwardly touch my hair and April laughs. She gives me another excited smile and pulls me into a hug.

I feel a suddenly tightness in my pants and let her go.

"I uh- I'll be back."

I head off to the bathroom and Kent chases after.

"Who fucking knew that Elliot would have such a hot sister?" Kent hysterically whisper yells as he scrambles around the small bathroom.

"And I'm just putting this out there, but she smells fucking fantastic too."

Kent looks like he's debating on whether he shoulder run out there and hug her or not.

He rubs his chin, "Let me put this out there too- you should keep your bed and April can sleep in my bed with me."

I give him a good punch, "Kent,"

"Okay! Fine stay on the couch. You know it's really surprising that she's still a virgin but it only makes her hotter."

"I know…" My mind drifts to a very inexperienced April lying in bed with me, "We need to stop." I make a serious face and hand gestures.

"I know! She's Elliot's little sister and we can't touch her, she's completely off limits."

"Yes exactly, Elliot's practically our brother so we're practically related to her. It's wrong and Elliot will rip our balls off."

Ken points at me, "Exactly!"

I nod, "Alright then, let's go out and close the shop. It's getting late and we should help our almost sister bring in her stuff."

"Good, good a man with a plan-but! Our almost sister is not allowed to wear low-cut shirts." Kent throws his hands in the air.


By eleven April's suitcases and boxes were up in our loft and Kent went to get us food.

"Sorry to take you're room." April's slight country drawl makes me goofy. Seriously I think I have a weakness for it now.

"Oh no it's totally fine. I'm just glad you're willing to help us with Winnie and the bakery."

"Oh my god I love Winnie," April touches her heart, "And I'll definitely need the money so it'll all work out."

"Win really seemed to like you too. I heard that you went to Africa to teach kids."

"Oh yeah, I loved it. I mean I just adore kids and it was great to get a teaching experience-at first. Then when I got there I volunteered and ended up helping nurse children back to health. It was great, I love helping people."

God she's an angel.

"Wow that's amazing so do you want to teach or be a doctor?"

"I considered nursing at first but I definitely was meant to teach." An image of April in a nurses outfit flashes through my mind…her long tan and toned legs…

"What grade? I ask if she was one of my high school teacher I'd go crazy.


Good, way to stick with innocent children and not hormonal ones.

"Wow that's great. Hey, I hope you don't mind sharing a closet with me."

"Not at all! Thank you for sharing it with me and letting me sleep in your bed. So Elliot tlkd me you went to Dartmouth?" April continues to unpack some clothes while I sit in the office chair.

"Yeah it was great, great school. You meet some really great people there too."

"I'm glad. I'm actually a bit nervous for tomorrow." She admits.

"Right, catholic school?"

"Yeah, and it was all girls, so normal school is definitely foreign to me."

I suck on my teeth trying to push dirty images out of my mind.

"I know we just met, but do you think I could tell you a secret?"

"Yeah definitely."

April pulls me out of my seat and over to the bed.

"Okay so…I'm not a virgin. I know Elliot thinks that I am but I'm not. Hadley it's just that…he gets so protective whenever I'm around, but back home in Kansas I could do whatever I wanted. I mean I've only done it once with a guy, but still. I wish I could tell him really but it's better if he thinks I've stayed a virgin until I get married. Wow it feels good to get that off my chest."

I try to swallow as much spit as I can and try to hide my raging boner. .Fucking hell. What did she mean when she added 'with a guy'? And even with that secret out she's still got an amazing chest.

"Wow April…I'm glad you could share that with me." I give her a genuine smile.

"Me too," She smiles back, "I would've never told Kent since he's Elliot's best friend and it just felt good to tell you." April touches my hand and returns to hanging clothes.

"Great, I'm just going to check on Winnie, I'll be back."


I quickly head out of the loft into the hallway to call Zack.

"Hey Hadley, how's your new roommate? Not too ugly?"

"Actually she's so fucking hot. Seriously the sexiest woman alive. I'm so fucking turned on it's fucking crazy. She has no idea though and she's so sweet and like a saint. But then she's Elliot sister ugh." I run my fingers through my already messy dark hair.

"Why don't you just have sex with her?" Zack suggest as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.


"I'm kidding. But if you do I couldn't blame you. All I can say though is that you'll be jacking off a lot more dude."

"Obviously," I snap.

"Okay, okay chill. Just be friends with her and subtly hit that you want to fuck her brains out. Maybe she'll come onto you so it wouldn't be your fault."

"Whether she comes onto me or not Elliot will find out if I even touch her and rip my freaking balls off."

Elliot is the tallest of us three and was the quarterback in high school. I'm the second tallest and I was captain of the soccer team. Kent was a bum and did nothing.

"How do you know? Maybe you could two could have a secret thing. You know if she wants."

"That wouldn't work," I touch my chin, "I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her and Kent would know which means Elliot would know."

"How's Kent reacting?" I can hear Zack flicking a can.

"Almost as bad as I am. I've got it bad though."

"Just remember that she's Elliot's sister. Bros before hoes dude. I mean unless you plan on getting serious with her. If it's just about sex then…"

"I don't even know. Let me get to know her before I even consider that." I sigh and touch my hair again.

"Okay tell me, nice rack?"

"Like a C cup bro."






"Like a mother fucking angel." I groan. This isn't helping me. Some best friend.

"You're screwed. I want to meet her."

"No chance in hell."

"Possessive much? Remember I have a fiancé. She can meet her too- what's her name?"


"Right, I'm sure Layla would love to meet April. And she can do some snooping-hey am I the only one who's thinking that April is a good porn star name?"

I suck in some air, "Don't even mention that right now Zack. I'm trying not to think of sex and April or I just might explode."

"That'd be pretty cool. Anyway just chill and shove ice down your pants."

I sigh, "Will do. Talk to you later man."


I've been best friends with Zack since the first grade. He's been engaged for almost a year now but for some reason they don't want to get married yet. Go figure.

"Hey," I smile as I bring Winnie into my old room and April's new room.

"Aw hi Winnie," April lifts her into her lap, "She's beautiful. I'm sorry about your parents. I wish I could've come to the funeral but I just got back from Africa so-"

"Oh no, no worries."

"I wish I could've met you guys way before now too. "

"Yeah same here. April you seem like an amazing girl."

"You're just too sweet you know that Hadley?" April leans over and kisses my cheek.

I feel my whole body heat up from that and ruffle my hair.

"It's so weird to think that I'm 19 and you're 23 think." She's looking down at Winnie who's playing with her bracelet.


"But I really think we could be great friends." She smiles that mega-watt award winning smile again.

"I really hope so."

I'm screwed.

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