::: I have decide to write a series of delicious lemons about Apollo, Dionysus, and Hermes with the beautiful silver headed goddess Pandia…the title is based on the Adele song along with the lyrics. Many of you have so dearly wished and reviewed that Pandia and Apollo have and affair; so I decided to be extra sweet is writing these lemons about Pandia with Apollo, Dionysus, and Hermes.

Make you feel my love

"When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace,

To make you feel my love.

When the evening shadows and the stars appear and there is no one there to dry your tears,

I could hold you for a million years, to make you feel my love.

I know you haven't made your mind up yet…But I would never do you wrong

I've known it from the moment that we met.

No doubt in my mind where you belong."


Apollo…the god of light and truth…the patron god of healing and the arts…the most beautiful amongst the deathless immortals…could tell the fates of mortals and immortals alike but was as blinded by his fate like the many that looked for his assisting.

He walked the halls of his palace; the only sound came from his footsteps and the cracking of amber from the torches that align the walls. The view of his bedchambers came in view, a poignant sigh fall from his lips as he looked at the doors.

He begin to hate coming home for there was nothing to distracted his mind for it was in a madden state of disorder and quietness made it worst. There was only one person to blame for putting him in such a state of mind…out of the form of a beautiful silver headed goddess that sought after him every time that he wished peace.

She invaded his senses; her exotic scent was all that he smelt where ever he go, the sound of her melodic voice drown out the harmony of the Muses or that of anyone that spoke to him, she was always in his mind eyes. It came to the point that he wondered how she taste even wished that she would give him the honor of having such an opportunity.

He shook his head violently; for once again he was thinking such thoughts that he shouldn't be thinking of Pandia in such ways. But that didn't stop his body to react to her or his heart from not thinking about the beautiful creature that took the spot of many women that he thought he loved in his youth.

In his mind Pandia didn't belong to that rouge Ares…no…she belong to him from the very night that he first lay eyes on her…he loved her more when she had dared to laugh in his face.

He was the one that his father promised Pandia to marry, he didn't care if she wasn't able to carry his child as long as she was be his side forever that was more that could ever be asked from him. She was the one that greeted him every night when he returned from his duties for her uncle Helios, her kisses and warm embraces was saved for only him and no man.

She was the one that he made undying passionate love too that to the point that they would never leave the bed for anything, she was his as he was hers…but the fact was she wasn't. She belong to another man…a rogue that couldn't understand or appreciate pure beauty in its true form for he was so use to fake imitations.

Once again he shook his head violently trying to get the miserable thoughts from his mind at best that he could, reaching the doors to his chambers Apollo open the doors of his chambers and step in.

He threw his cloak on one of the many chairs in his bed chambers, unfastening his breastplate he discarded it along with his armor in the chair his tunic follow along. So caught up in undressing himself he had not notice that there was also someone in his chambers, it was when heard something coming from the left hand side of the room was when his attention was caught.

Turning around he looked for the one that had the audacity to intrude in his chambers let alone in his home, looking around the room he could hear someone by the heath.

"Whoever you are intruding in my home better show their selves before you feel the wrath of my arrow piercing your heart," Apollo said his voice was tight, nothing that said he was bluffing but telling the absolute truth.

"Pollo you wouldn't have the heart to hurt me with your arrow,"

His body became numb all over the speed of his heart accelerated from its normal tempo to that of an uncontrolling tempo, his blood ran cold as everything around him was blank to him.

His senses was of no significant at this moment and in trueness he for the first time in his life was venerable; his breath hitched in his throat as she turned from the chair that she seated at.

"Pandia…is that really you?" he fount himself saying to her, could this be the real breathing form of her or some sick image that his mind congaed up to cause him more pain.

She laughed…the same laugh that made his soul stir with all the most beautiful things one could ever think of, the very laugh that made him love her.

"Yes it's really me silly, who else could it be," she said, he let out the breath that he didn't know that he was holding in but his attention was soon caught when he heard soft sobs from her.

He was automatic at her side bending down before her, there before him was something that he wished he'll never see from her…tears.

"Dearest look at me," he said placing an hand on her cheek she moved away from him and hiss as if it cause her some pain, taking a better look at her he notice the bruise that forming on her cheek that he touched.

He looked further down to inspect her he could see that she had bruise forming on her arms, his blood seem to warm up only to become bubbling lave as he thought about the son of bitch that did such to his Pandia.

"Did Ares do this?" he said not able to look at her for the fear that he might leave this room and go after Ares and show him how it feels to get beat, but then again he might actually do more to the war god then expected.

She was quiet which did not help his all ready troubled nerves, he looked up at her tears that shine liked diamonds came from her eyes as the truth was written in her eyes scream out at him.

"Has he done this before?" She bite the bottom of her lip as she gave him a slight nod to confirm his fears, his nostrils flared his blue eyes became dark as a violent storm went through him.

"I'll kill him," was all he said as he stood up, he walked to the doors when he felt someone throw them selves at his back, he looked down an notice that her arms was wrapped around him.

"Apollo no…he doesn't know that I'm gone…please don't do anything to him," she said he let out and sigh, he turned around to face her as he looked at her.

Using his thumbs he wrapped away the tears from her eyes as he bent down and place a kiss on her forehead, he pulled her closer to his person as he took in her scent while she rested in his embrace.

"Pandia…I can not allow you to go back to him," he said softly to her.

"His my husband Pollo…I have too," she said

"A title that he does not deserved or appreciate dearest," he said as he rubbed her back soothingly.

"Then who deserved such a title?" she said teasingly, he smiled even when she was hurting she could make a joke out of it, he looked down at her as there eyes meet each other.

The many times that he thought about having her in his arms it would only come when something as terrible to befall her, but still she had thought to go to him then out of the many people she could had easily went too.

"I deserved such a title," he said.

"Apollo…you shouldn't say things you don't mean," she said he looked at her and his anger came back to him, he held her not tight to cause any discomfort to her all ready bruised arms but to get the point that he was serious.

"Pandia I never lie about anything nor about my feelings about you…I love you Pandia with all my heart and being, you've bewitched me where there is no one that I do not notice except for you. Do you understand I love you…when I wish for peace from you, you are always there in my minds eyes refusing to leave me."

"Apollo…stop lying to me…Ares…"

"The hell with Ares! Do you hear me the hell with Ares! He doesn't deserved you and if he is so foolish as to throw you aside then I will be so happily to keep you," he said and ruling with emotions he bent down and capture her lips.

In all his wild thoughts about her and him could never compare to what she truly tasted like, it was otherworldly intoxicating to his senses he pulled always from her…it would be a lie to say that he didn't want to kiss her but the fact was she didn't approve of them to do such. It was making him no worst then Ares, he looked at her before he could say anything he could feel her placing a kiss on his lips.

There kiss deepen as he held her to his person his hands roam over her body he nibbled at her bottom lip as an soft moan came from her lips, he lifted her up in his arms bridal style as he took her over to his bed.

Laying her gently on the bed, her hair fall on the bed encircling an halo around her…by the gods she was the most beautiful woman that he ever saw in his lifetime, he bent down an kissed her moving down to her neck to her shoulder blade. His hands moving the straps of her dress off her shoulders revealing her breast before her, he kissed the valley between her breast as his hands kneed both her harden nipples, she moan in his ear he all ready knew that her voice was enchanting but this was way beautiful then any sound ever.

His tongue flick her right nipple as he begin to kiss the curve of her breast he did the same transaction towards her other one, he removed the rest of her dress as he watched the firmness of her tight stomach to the round hips and the beautiful shape of her legs.

He spread her legs before him as he stuck his head in between her legs, she smelt divine in all the words to summon up moving his index finger within her wet folds she let out another moan that made him smirk.

Pumping his finger within her fingers tangled their selves in his hair; he added another finger in her then another than another getting her use to such a size before he put his member in her.

He pump into faster as her moans became a sweet song of absolution to his ears, when he could feel her walls tighten around his four fingers that was moving accordingly within her he could feel her release as a moan that came with it.

Her juices spilled onto his fingers to that on his sheets, taking each finger he tasted the sweetness of the divine nectar she was allowing him to receive.

His member rubbed uncomfortably against the cloth moving from away from her he removed his bottoms and came back to the bed, looking down at his beloved flushed as sweat shimmer on her skin she smile at him as he did the same. Placing a kiss on her lips that was breathtaking in all respects she spread her legs further for him as he moved in between her.

Breaking the kiss he looked down at her while caressing her face lovingly, how many times that he pictured her here with him never did he thought that it would finally come true.

"Dearest are you ready?"

"Yes," she said giving him a brilliant smile that made his heart speed up, with all the motivation he slide his throbbing member within her, biting his bottom lip never did he thought that she would be this tight.

She wrapped her leg around him as he started at an normal pace for her to catch up with, moving their hips at an equal pace and speed Apollo started to pump faster and harder hitting ever spot within her that she knew about and some she never thought she had.

"How do you want it?" he said

"Harder…faster," she said if that was possible seeing how that he was moving at a pace that was inhuman but Apollo could always face a challenged when one was before him and this was nothing to him.

He begin to move faster within her and harder to the point that her eyes was rolling in the back of her head that any minute she feared that she might black out, Apollo took the opportunity to place a soft kiss on her lips.

It seem that they were in their own world of love making both never experience such pleasure as they we're experiencing at this moment in each other's embrace.

"Dearest I'm about to come," he said she wrapped her arms around him as she kissed him, moving within her good ten times they both released as Apollo explode in her womb creating a life within her.

Catching their breath Apollo moved off her as he lay on his back and wrapped her in his arms he moved the blanket over them, Pandia snuggled in his arms never feeling that this was where she truly belong at more then any place before.

"Your not going back to that bastard," Apollo said she smiled.

"I promise my love I won't even think about going back to him," she smiled.

"My love?" he teased her

"Yes, my love…it sounds way much better then Pollo and a shorter way of saying I love you,"

"I love you too…my dearest Neha," he said as he kissed her once again before they fall asleep within each others arms…

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