Before I began, I would like to say thank you for reading the Undisclosed Desire series. It is a pleasure to read each and every one of your reviews, as well read your perspective on a character or situation that's in the series. I find it amusing and heartwarming when you're so emotionally connected to the story. Even your criticism is welcoming and open, that I've looked over it and can see where the confusion or misspelled words could cause such distraction.

That I'm going to put my full effort to make sure it becomes less typos in the near future.

The original purpose is to introduce you to the next installment of the series Field of Innocence.

To make everything understanding and clear to you, Undisclosed Desire Part I Birth to a Goddess, Part II Love & War, and Part III Rediscovery centers around the unknown goddess by the name of Pandia.

Make you feel my Love, is filled with stories that I never put in the original series of Undisclosed Desire, their simply stories that I knew you would enjoy and scenes with the characters I thought up after reading a certain passage.

Sex on Fire, centers around Ares and Venus affair, from the time of the part I through III of the Undisclosed Desire series.

I have to make myself clear about the difference, because there are many people who are confused.

As I was saying the newest story is called Field of Innocence name after a song by Everesance. This story centers around a very young and naïve Ares before he became the ruthless god of war. This story will give you a better understanding as to why Ares acts the way he does in Undisclosed Desire and will reveal certain events that will be mention in both part II and III of Undisclosed Desire.

I hope you'll enjoy this story and with such a complex character like Ares I think it will live up to your expectations like UDD does.

Hopefully around next month it will be posted so please put me on your author alert list. For any more information you can go to either both my websites benny jude road dot webs dot com or undisclosed desire dot webs dot com.

Or you can either pm me or send me an email at

With love