Welcome to

your Heaven.

Your perfect world.

No fights,

zero pain,

only true love.


You want this,

you want this world

this place.

You long for it.

You know though,

it can't be yours.

Or can it?

As you enter,

your lips curl

curl into a beautiful smile.

You're no longer in this game we call life,

but a place known as Heaven.

You sit down on the forest floor

shaded by a leafy branch,

warmed up by the shining sun.

And a little bunny comes bounding up.

It all seems so great you think.

But then.

A fox,

he emerges.

Snaps the creature's neck,

carries it away,

only after clawing you.

As you back up terrified, tripping over logs,

catching yourself in branches,

the sun, it glows black

as clouds shield it.

Dark, gray, luminous ones.

Rain falls in sheet, you are drenched.

As thunder laughs in your face,

and lightning lights a fake path,

your pretty smile curves down.

Into a frown once again.

Tears are released,

Slipping down your no longer perfect face.

The rain, your tears, they fall faster,


And soon,

soon you are swimming through this forest.

Which shifts into an ocean before you very eyes.

Large heavy waves crash over you.


you see it.

An entrance to a different world, another perfect world.

Not hesitating, you swim for it


And when you go through it,

you realize this is no heaven.

But it's too late now to go back.


Welcome to Hell.