Blood bath

Chapter 7

Jonathon Julius Joseph Jules

The next morning I had awoken with a loud clatter coming from the kitchen. My green eyes were barely in focus as I peered up, my ears twitching to listen carefully to the clatter and rumble. From the clock it showed to be 6.30 am, which was unusual. Victoria never got up earlier than 8 in the morning.

The fur on my back rose, and I growled quietly in the back of my throat looking over to Victoria's bed. Empty! From what I could see in the morning darkness, and the light of a street lamp, illuminating the room, her bed was left; the blankets thrown to the side, and her slippers gone from the floor.

Peculiar, I thought as I pawed towards the double bed and pounced up onto the cold mattress. She'd been gone from the bed longer than I thought. Tensing I pawed over to the door and peered out from where it was left ajar.

A light was streaming through into the bedroom. My eyes widened when I saw John sitting on the sofa, with some toast on his lap and a cup of tea in his left hand. He was quiet, and looked more presentable than last night. He'd had a shave, and his straggly hair was combed and washed, even his clothes seemed cleaner and new. He still wasn't gentlemanly material, wearing dark navy jeans and a thick green jumper. But at least they weren't tattered and stained.

Creeping out of the room a little further, I saw the kitchen light was brightly turned on, and rushing out of the door, with a mug of steaming coffee, was Victoria. She planted herself perfectly on the chair and sunk into the cushions. Her hair was mused from sleep and she still wore her puppy patterned pyjama's and thick fluffy robe.

Thankful that she was safe and there were no intruders in the flat, I pawed over to her side and jumped up onto the arm of the chair, meowing happily to see her. "Good morning Edward." She yawned, reaching up a lazy hand and scratching the back of my left ear. "Did I wake you?" she cooed and gently kissed my forehead.

"Not at all." I purred and curled up on the side, my green eyes watching John as he finished his toast and placed the plate onto the pine coffee table. He had noticed me staring at him and made a smile towards me.

He was a rather attractive boy, now that his sandy hair had been washed and combed, you could see all his best features. The way his eyes curved and the plumpness of his lips. He didn't look anything older than eighteen, which was peculiar considering the age Victoria looked. However you could see how he was much younger than her. But that was to say, how old the both were really.

"Your cats staring at Me." he stated, finishing off his tea and placing it upon the plate. Victoria blinked and looked down at me.

"Edward?" she asked patting my head. "Introduce yourself. Stop being so silent." She nudged me a little and I sat up, straightening my back and lifting my head a little.

I could see the boy waiting to be amused by how I was going to introduce myself. Although I had spoke twice beforehand in front of him, I still wasn't so certain if he was sure I spoke. "My name is Edward Von Burton." And I gave him a corny bow of my head. Once I looked up again he was staring at me. But he didn't seem fascinated, no, that twinkle in his eyes were amusement, success almost, pleased. I still highly distrusted him, even if he was Victoria's son.

"Good Edward. Now John..." she smiled and looked expectantly towards the boy.

He was cocky that was for sure, as he straightened his back and cleared his throat. "Jonathon Julius Joseph Jules. Nice to meet you Ed-ward." I shivered at the way he spoke. That spine-chilling feeling as he said my name. A voice filled with mischief and danger. I dared to say anything, I could not upset Victoria. He seemed happy to be reunited with her son. I had not the heart to tell her I did not like him.

"Good. Now you're both introduced to each other. So that means I can tell you both the schedule." She smiled and finished her coffee off placing the mug gently on the table. We both curiously looked over to her as she swept her hair away from her face. "From today I start work in the bookstore in town. I'll be working from 10am and won't be back till 7pm. During that time, Jonathon." She looked directly at John and he nodded waiting. "When you have finished college on the evening, you do your homework, you need to feed Edward at 5pm and I expect you to clean up any messes you make."

"Fine." He huffed, and settled back into the cushions of the sofa, his arms firmly around his chest. I couldn't help but tilt my head to the side. This creature right before my eyes, I could not decipher him. After all the years I had to master the art of figuring people out, he was one that just could not be knocked down.

One moment he was sweet and smiling like a new born babe, the next a villainous mastermind and the next a huffy teenage boy getting told off because his room is untidy. Did he have some sort of personality dysfunction? Schizophrenia? Or was this just how all teenage boys acted? I doubted it. But there was defiantly something off about him.

"College?" I purred trying to make a light conversation in a sudden wave of awkward silence. Victoria smiled to me and nodded, drawing her fingers through my fur.

"Yes. John is a college student. He's studying history. He's very good at it." she giggled. A girlish sort of laugh, filled with mystery. I blinked my whiskers twitching slightly. She pulled her cigarettes from her pocket and pulled one out, clicking her lighter as she lit it, inhaling the ghastly smoke.

"Considering I live through it." he added smartly. He was grinning, a very cocky boy. I hissed at him a little, without meaning to. I suppose I was still in the past. I hated people interrupting one another.

John was on his feet now, his hands balled up into fists as he growled. Something inhuman, and powerful. I could feel magic coursing through him, and see the glow of his eyes, much like Victoria's. He was his mothers' son. I could see that. But he wasn't what she would have brought him up to be like. There was something ominously dark about his magic. "Hiss at me again you flea bag and I'll string you up." he barked.

Victoria stood now. You could tell the difference between there strengths. Although she was fragile, her powers exceeded his. She was older, more experienced. The sheer feel of her magic pushing John back down onto the sofa, and even pushing me back to lie on the arm of the chair, my ears laid back.

"Enough! The both of you. I will not have you fighting." Her word was stone. And as soon as she said it, she was authority. I always knew that, and would always remember that. I apologised quietly and hopped onto the floor to prowl over to my bowl of milk, lapping it up quietly.

Eight chimed on the grandfather clock in the corner, and John was pulling up a bag and talking to Victoria. "I'll see you tonight. Would you like anything for dinner?" she asked in that motherly tone.

"Pizza?" I heard john ask as he opened the door and left without anything, not even a goodbye. Suspicious, I prowled out of the kitchen, after eating my meal of dry cat food, which I had to say, I thoroughly disliked, but ate it to keep the vets happy. They didn't agree with me eating grapes and pork chops.

"He is such a stubborn boy. Just like his father." Victoria sighed, falling into the comfort of her chair, smoking another cigarette. "You know. I wish I could take back time and see him grow." She was in one of those remembering moods.

Jumping up onto her lap, I curled into a ball and purred into her stomach. "What happened?" I asked looking up at her with deep sorrow building in my heart.

She looked down at me and smiled sadly. "It was long ago. Before I met you Edward." She sighed and closed her eyes. "Joseph and I were married. A hundred years before your time I and he travelled Europe and eventually settled down in Transylvania fifty years after being married. I would have been seventy-five, if memory serves correct." She smiled and tickled my chin, listening to the soft hum of my purr. "We lived there for the next 30 years and eventually I gave birth to John. He was the most beautiful child I had laid my eyes upon. I was in earth years, very old to have a baby, yet to many eyes as you see I look of an acceptable age." I nodded in agreement.

"Eventually we had to move on from Transylvania. We moved to a town close by and watched John grow for the next twenty years. He was a slow grower. He had bother witchcraft parents so to people's eyes he only looked the age of five. But his mind was very advanced." She paused and a shadowed expression spread across her features. "We were only passing through Transylvania, when we heard the news of your death. That night we decided to stay in an inn. It was far to dangerous, even for us to stay wandering the town." I nodded in agreement once again. "We agreed to leave early the next morning. So we did. But we were attacked. Joseph fought for our lives, while I held John, but he was killed and as I went to aid him, they took John from Me." tears were bubbling in her eyes and slowly, they dripped down her cheeks. In just a few moments I saw her age show. A woman who only looked about twenty, with iron-silver hair, had shown her age of four-hundred and twenty.

"So it has taken you, three hundred and fifty years to find your son." She nodded sadly. I sighed and nuzzled her chin gently. I had only been with her for three hundred years.

"Sadly yes." She smiled wiping her eyes. "Annalisa and Josephine have been clever, as you know. I was surprised that John was not with them in 1922. So I almost gave up." she frowned a little and licked her lips as she picked up a few things off the coffee table, taking them into the kitchen. I followed her. "But I began researching different academies and colleges around England, and I saw his name listed in a college in the midlands." She breathed. "It was a chance I had to take. So I emailed him. It took a long time for him to reply, but during these five years I talked to him, learnt about him. He said he was looking for his real mother. Thank the great lord himself, we put two and two together and here we are today." She beamed. "He looks so much like Joseph." She chuckled tickling my chin again as she began to fill up the sink with hot suds.

I had never met Joseph, and there was no picture evidence of him, so I could only imagine what he was like. Victoria had loved him strongly; anybody with a brain could tell she did. It was heartbreaking to hear her tale. But she was a strong woman who had hope and so she lived on.

But even so, I had never seen Victoria be so foolish as to let her guard down. Surely she could feel the dark energy from John?

Time could only tell what her son was really here for.

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