A little information, before we begin. This story was written in under thirty minutes: that explains the length, but the reason in me doing so is for a bit of mental exercise. I've been away from this place for a long time, and during that time I was busy writing one huge-ass story. I'm talking about one story among many others set in one universe that took a long time to build.

Anyway, I like to do this thirty-minute writing as an exercise, to try out different ideas. Today I thought of writing one whole story like this. Hopefully I have the time to write something each day, for thirty minutes, but at best expect one every few days, or weekly.

Without further ado, here we go. Time to kick some story ass!

Super Human


Have you ever woke up at night and think you're still in the middle of some f***ed up dream?

s***. I'm on the floor, naked, half-buried in old magazines and books. I smell like... crap? No, think sweat mixed with booze mixed with saliva and old paper. I discover my pants folded un-neatly next to me like a bad pillow.

I put them on, awkwardly. I fail to find my shirt, and my cell-phone is nowhere to be seen. I adjust my eyes to the darkness and see more junk around me. The magazines are old, and the books are older. It's too dark for me to read them, but I can barely make out the shapes of ruined bookshelves, and pieces of armor. I see a door.

No windows, nothing. Nothing but the door and some light from under it. Unsteadily I walk toward the door, ignoring the paper and books underneath my feet. My mind is still trying to piece together what happened, why was I found myself here right now. The door is unlocked - for some reason I expected otherwise, but the door opened, and then there was light.

Just a light. Just one light. The next room was better than the one I was in. There were books on the floor, but they were far more organized, several small towers stacked neatly with each other. There was a small fireplace, and there was a small fire. And then there was a girl.

She was... sitting a few feet away from the fire, reading a book. A beautiful girl... a beautiful woman, in fact. Red hair, glasses... wow, I mean, I look at her and a tail.

A tail? Yeah, one big tail. Really big tail. In fact, I saw no legs, just this one leg that suggested snake-ness. Upper body human, lower body snake. I

"Oh, you're alive?" Saying nothing else, not looking at me, she continued to read. She turned a page, and folded it neatly before closing the book.

She was staring a me. "Well, how are you feeling?"

I remember drinking, sometime before waking up a while ago. All I could think of right now was "Where the hell am I?"

It wasn't a bad question, but probably not the best one to say before fainting.


Well Hell, that's about it for now! Everything, every word, every idea was done in under thirty minutes. So sorry if it was too short, but expect the next chapter in a few days! Until then, see ya!