The time limit is pretty hard. This one was actually written a little bit over the thirty minute limit. Five to ten minutes, perhaps? Well, expect small chapters.

Expect a lot of small chapters, actually. Think of this as some sort of web-comic. I can't draw shit… well I can draw, but it would be some crappy-looking shit. That's not important. Expect updates every two to three days from now on.

Well, let's get this party started. Hi-yah!

Almost Human


I wake up. I'm naked again and feeling dizzy.

Fortunately, I'm chained to a very comfortable bed. Unfortunately that means I'm chained to a bed.

White walls to the left, white walls to the right, and a white ceiling above me. My body is covered in a white blanket on the white bed, and I'm lying on a white pillow. I think I'm in the middle of the room, and by now I'm pretty sure the only door to the room I'm in is somewhere behind me, and that one is most likely white.

Minutes pass. Where the hell am I? I remember asking myself that several times before, but the bed is actually quite comfortable, even with the chains, so it helps me think more clearly. I try to remember. I remember waking up naked and feeling sick… and before that... nothing? Nothing.

It irritates me. It's too quiet. You realize you're in a quiet room when you can hear a little clock going tick-tock. There's nothing like that here. No clock, no ticking, no tocking. A complete void. I hear nothing, except for the sound of absolutely nothing. White, empty, quiet, alone.

I can't breathe. I realize this because I start hearing myself gasping for air. I try to break free from my chains, and fail. I want to scream, but a small part of me is afraid of hearing my voice face against the absolute lack of sound. Breathe... breathe... breathe...

I can hear my teeth chatter and sometimes grind together with each other. I'm calming myself down, slowly and unsurely. I'm becoming acquainted with my body. I feel the sound of my breath, the smell of my sweat, and the texture of my teeth. It's not the most interesting thing in the world, but it's better than nothing. Maybe later I'll count all the hair I could see in my skin.

I don't remember anything. I try to cope, and fantasize about things. All the money I never had, the things I did not have, and all the women that I've never been with. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of them. Funny how I could think of stuff like this, yet remember nothing about myself.

With nothing else to do, I continue to think while waiting for my brain to turn as empty as this room.


Another short one! Like a web-comic, expect another update in a few days!