They use to be more than just friends. They had deep feelings for each other and they knew it. But no matter, what she always had a way of messing it up. If only she had stopped trying to push people away maybe they would still be together but no, that wasn't the case. They're just friends now and she has accepted it. At first she wouldn't, she tried for weeks to get him back but in the end it proved to be useless. She had broken his heart hard enough; she was surprised he remained friends with her. "Once you are in the friend-zone I don't think you can ever come out." His warning brought a brief agony from the painful past.

It's his birthday and she planned to spend the time with him. "As your best friend I must make sure that you have a blast at your own birthday," She whined yesterday until she got him to say yes, which what brings her outside his door, to celebrate.

"Hey Scar," he greeted when he opened the door.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALE!" She shouted, not caring if the whole floor of his apartment heard her. She gently dropped the stuff she was carrying and gave him one of her genuine tight Scarlett hugs.

"Thanks," he smiled hugged back. "What did you bring? I thought you were just coming over, not have a party.

She picked up the bags and entered into his apartment. "Nothing I just brought a few things since you refuse to go out." She set them on the table taking out the things she brought.

"First the least important, I brought you my birthday gift for you." She tossed a nicely wrapped packed to him. She hoped it was the perfect gift for him, she always found it hard trying t search a gift for him. "Secondly a birthday must - a cake, actually an ice cream cake." She took scurried to the kitchen before it melts even more. "You have no idea how fast I tried to walk after I picked up the cake to make sure it doesn't end up melted. And lastly," Scarlett took out two aluminum containers from the bag. "Your favorite dishes from one of your favorite restaurant."

"Aww really? You didn't have to go through all the trouble." He gave her a hugged.

"Shut up, it wasn't trouble at all. Actually if you weren't so stubborn about not going out I would have brought you to the restaurant in person and to all your favorite places. But instead here we are stuck inside where I will probably beat your butt in Black Ops like I always do." She smiled.

"Yeah sure, you always end up losing." he rolled his eyes.

"You hungry?" She gathered plates for the both of them.

"Nah not right now, I just had breakfast." It was then that Scarlett finally noticed that he still had his bed hair, and was still shirtless. She looked away from his body; she couldn't help but always admire it. She has seen him shirtless countless of times but she could never get over the site. Every time she saw him without a shirt she always ends up gawking.

"But its two-thirty, did you wake up that late?" He answered with a nod and stretched. "I guess I'll put these away before they end up spoiled." She picked up the food and started heading toward the fridge when he stopped her.

"Nah, don't let me do that. You have done enough already. Make yourself at home," he took the food from her and she made her way to his bedroom, where the TV was and started surfing the channels. A few moments later he came in. "Wanna play?"

"Sure," she answered not moving from the bed.

"Hey thanks for the food and present." He sat on the bed next to her. She on the other hand was laying down on his bed. "I love them."

"I am glad that you do." She smiled.

"But you really didn't have to go through all the trouble you know that."

"Yeah I know," Scarlett did know she didn't have to do all that. She sat up from the bed and faced him.

"I guess it would be rude to ask why." The smile from her face slowly disappeared. She knew why she went through all the trouble. She wanted to actually celebrate his birthday with him because in the past she hasn't been able to. She wanted to him to be excited for his birthday, unlike all the other times. And most of all she went did everything because she still loves him.

"No reason." She answered trying to keep a pokerface. Ever since that day, she never brought up her love for him. He hasn't mentioned anything either, over time she believed that he no loner has feeling for her and buried her own feelings. She was not about to bring it up today, she didn't want any trouble, not on his day.

He gently grazed his hand on her cheek. "You are such a bad liar. You know you can tell me anything."

"Don't worry Cale, its nothing." She looked away trying to avoid seeing his eyes.

"Scarlett," he whispered her name.

Scarlett closed her eyes, her heart beating. "Tell me," He whispered again. She wanted to tell him the truth but was afraid. She looked at his eyes. He face was so close to hers and his hand still cupping her cheek. Without thinking she leaned in, her lips touching his. "I love you," she whispered as she backed away. She looked at him, she could tell he was shock.

"I am sorry I shouldn't have." She got up from the bed but Cale pulled her back.

"No don't leave," He didn't give her time to say anything, he kissed her.

Shocked at first, Scarlett kissed him back. "I love you too," he said in between breathes. "I never stopped loving you."

Scarlett hugged and held him closed. She never thought this day would come again, but it did. Here she was with the man she loves, who loves her back.