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Elizabeth groaned as she was pulled from the depth of sleep by the sudden need to go to the bathroom. She paused for a second hoping the feeling would go away as she didn't want to leave the comfort of the bed even for a moment, but her bladder was very loudly complaining and she really had no choice but to get up and do her business. She was way too old to wet the bed.

She untangled herself from the sheets and padded from the room and into the bathroom across the hall from her room. The lights momentarily blinded her and she had to shield her eyes for a moment so they could adjust to the sudden brightness.

When she uncovered her eyes and glanced into the mirror, she let out a small shriek.

There was a boy standing just behind her with hair as black as night and blue eyes that were as cold as a block of ice. It took her moment to realize that she recognized him. It was that creepy new boy at her school.

"What the hell?!"

"You still recognize me, Elizabeth," he smirked, "That will change. I look forward to meeting you again. I have a feeling it will go a lot differently this time around." The words were spoken just inches from her ear. She could feel his lips as they moved against her ear.

"Creepy asshole." she spat, balling both her hands in a fist by her side. She was holding back because she knew he wasn't there and she didn't want to put a hole in the wall behind her. Her mother would not be at all happy with her.

She felt his hands gripping her arms tightly preventing her from moving them so much as an inch, "Oh, how cute… you think I'm not here… think again, sweetheart," he chuckled, but his expression turned serious when he glanced at her hands still balled into fists, "You're coming into your powers, I see… interesting…" she risked a glance down and noticed a light coming from both her hands. It reminded her of what she saw while in detention this afternoon. He had done something to piss her off, but she couldn't remember what it was.

"Let go of me, asshole." she attempted to jerk from his grasp, but his grip just tightened and she was sure he was leaving bruises on her skin.

"I'm going to have to have ask Lucas if I can keep you after he takes care of your parents. You'll be fun to break, I think." he chuckled, "But, for now… it's time for your to forget you ever met me. See you soon, sweetheart."

With those last words, he was gone.

What the hell was that?

She was shaking as she went to the bathroom and washed her hands. She couldn't take her eyes off the mirror afraid that he would return, but he didn't show up again. It wasn't until she was leaving the room and she turned on the lights that she realized that she was shaking from the encounter.

Dominic appeared in front of Angelica, a glower on his face.

"I wasn't done talking to her yet, stupid bitch."

Of course he was lying. He had said all he needed to say to the other girl, but Angelica didn't need to know that. It was fun to play with her. She was so pathetic.

Just as he suspected, Angelica cowered away from him; shaking like a leaf. Though to be honest, after spending the whole day with a girl who had some fire and an actual spine, he couldn't help but be a little disgusted by it. He wanted some fight; some fire. Where was the fun in playing with something that just cowered away from you and at least didn't attempt to fight back?

The fighting ones were much more entertaining. He was definitely going to have to talk to Lucas about keeping Elizabeth around after her parents were dealt with.

"S-sorry." Angelica said, "I –"

He bent down and yanked hard on her hair, making her back arch painfully. He could tell by her whimper and grimace that he was hurting her, but he didn't really care.

"I really don't want your excuses, Angelica," he spat, his mouth only inches from her face, "Just start the time reversal spell. That's more important anyway," he yanked on her hair again; judging by the small cry, he could only assume that he had managed to pull some hair out this time. Oops.

He let go and her and her head jerked a bit due to the momentum. When she didn't start right away, he slapped her hard across the face, his hand left a nice imprint of his hand on her right cheek.

"Any time today would be great, dumb bitch."

He wasn't sure which knocked her from her thoughts, the slap or his words, but either way, it got her moving.

"Good girl," he muttered, tracing the side of her face lightly with his index finger.

During her chanting in some language he didn't understand, she shivered at his touch and he grinned at her.

Mary Fitzgerald jerked awake. It took her a minute to realize what had caused her to wake up so suddenly.

Something was wrong.

She was pretty sure that she could hear chanting; it was young female that was very weak if the stuttering and the random pauses were any indication. Surprisingly enough that was not what really concerned her. What concerned her was the clock to the left of her on the bedside table. The red numbers were moving backwards at a record fast speed.

What in the world?

She picked the thing up and shook it. Other than making a loud clanking noise, nothing happened and the numbers continued to move at fast pace.

She had never seen such a crazy thing before. Actually, no, she had seen it once before, or rather, she had read about it before. She got out of bed, her feet not making a sound as they landed on the soft carpet floor of the bedroom that she usually shared with her husband.

She made her way over to her desk that sat on the opposite side of the room. The light from the street lamp outside coming in through the window light her path. She pulled the drawer to the desk open and pulled her spell book, an heirloom from her mother before she had died, out. An item that she was going to have to give to one of her three children when they were old enough… whoever ended up having the most power and who could carry on the family name. If she had her way, it would be her youngest child, but Elizabeth had yet to show any signs of inheriting any powers from either her or her husband. The witch gene wasn't one for skipping more than one person within a family and it had clearly already skipped Ashley…Liam was coming along nicely, but he was also a male and the name and powers were always carried on by a female in the family. It was a tradition that she was hoping not to break.

Mary paused when she reached the page within the book that she was interested int.

Time Reversal was written in cursive letters at the top of the page.

She knew of the spell. Her mother had told her about it before promptly forbidding her to ever even attempt it. Not only because it was super dangerous and it could kill her with all the power it required, but also because it required a human heart and other gruesome ingredients and if it was cast and the caster survived it, she usually was a changed woman. It was a dark spell that turned the caster just as evil as it.

She found what she was looking for halfway down the page,

"Only the most powerful of witches will even know that time is changing. They will see any clocks moving back. They will also remember the events that happen the day before that no one else will remember."

So, there was the proof that she was dreading to see, but that wasn't even the worse part; that was what she read next:

"There is no way to reverse this spell, nor any way to fight it."

A noise from behind her startled her and she jerked around to see her husband lying on his side of the bed. A spot that had been empty not two minutes ago.

Mary got a sick feeling in her stomach. She didn't know who was casting it or why, but she knew one thing: it was not good. At all.

Angelica was barely conscious when she finished the spell. She knew she was bleeding from her nose, ears and possibly her eyes. Though, that could have just been tears. She couldn't tell.

Dominic was speaking to her, but she couldn't hear him. He was asking her a question, but all she could do was grin stupidly at him because she knew it was nearly time for her to die. Even now she could fell her life leaving her body and there was nothing this sick psycho could do about it. She hadn't told him that this would kill her, so it's not like he could plan to keep her alive by giving her his blood earlier.

He was right in her face now, but she could barely keep her eyes open at this point. He was shaking her, but she barely felt it.

She closed her eyes and let the pleasant darkness consume her.

Elizabeth was woken up again by her alarm clock the next morning. Her dream had been especially odd, she just knew it, but the weird part was that she couldn't remember any of it. She just knew it was weird. She just shrugged and got out of bed. It might have been a weird dream about school since she did have a Math test today and she hated math.

As usual, her sister was hogging the bathroom this morning, so she had no choice but to go downstairs foe breakfast and hope that Ashley was out in time for her to get a quick shower in before she had to catch the bus.

Both her mother and father were sitting and talking quietly in at the kitchen table when she walked into the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Good morning," she said as she went about getting her breakfast together.

Her parents barely acknowledged her presence, which was odd.

"Is everything okay?" she asked, as she reached into the pantry for the cereal.

"Elizabeth's what the date?" her mother asked, turning to face her for the first time since she walked into the room.

She raised her eyebrows, pausing in her quest to get the milk from the refrigerator. Well, that was a weird and random question. Usually her mother would say 'good morning' before saying or asking anything else.


"Just answer it for your mother, honey." her father implored from his spot at the table.

"Okay…" she said "I think it's September 25th. I have a math test today."

"I thought you had a test yesterday?" her mother asked, her eyes scrunched together as if she was confused.

Elizabeth was getting more confused by the minute.

She shook her head, "Uh… no. Pretty sure it's today. We played a review game yesterday."

"See, Mary?" her father said, "She didn't notice anything last night… maybe you're just being paranoid."

Mary glared at her husband, "I am not being paranoid, Robert. I know what I saw. The numbers on that clock were moving backwards last night. Someone cast a time reversal spell."

Elizabeth blinked at that last word. Surely, she had misheard. "Spell?"

"Elizabeth we talked about that yesterday." her mother explained.

"Talked about what yesterday?" She asked, but her parents were now talking between themselves.

She grabbed her bowl of cereal and sat at the table, across from her parents. She took a bite, watching them warily. Something was really weird. She just didn't know what and she had a feeling that they had no intentions of telling her what was going on.

She shrugged. Parents were weird; and hers were weirder than normal, she supposed. She reached for her math book which sat in the middle of the table where she left it last night, deciding that now would be a good time to get some last minute studying in for her dreaded test today.

She had just solved her second problem when her mother's voice interrupted her, "Are you sure you didn't notice anything weird last night, Elizabeth?"

She glanced up at her, "Yes, mom. I'm sure."

There was a long pause in which Elizabeth was able to finish her breakfast.

"Hmm… you and Ashley aren't going to school today. I have a bad feeling."

"Mom, I can't not go to school. I have a test today."

"So? You can make it up later."

Elizabeth snorted, "It's not that easy, mom. I can only make it up with an excused absent. I doubt the school will accept the excuse "my mom thought someone cast a spell to reverse time and so she kept me home" will work." Elizabeth explained as she went to the sink with her empty bowl and spoon.

"Mary," her father started, calmly while Elizabeth placed the bowl and spoon in the dish washer "I think you're overreacting just a little bit."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. I'm pretty sure it's more than just a little bit. She thought, but wisely did not say.

"Robert," Mary started, trying hard not to growl it out, "I am not overreacting. I know what I saw."

Robert sighed, "Mary, why don't you drive them to and from school today, just to be safe, then?"

Elizabeth jerked around so fast she nearly gave herself whiplash, "What?! No. Dad, I'm a sophomore. You know how embarrassing it is to be taken to school by your mother?!"

Her mother seemed to ignore her, "I don't know, Robert…"

"Look, I can even have some of the guys from the police precinct stop in to check on them throughout the date."

Elizabeth liked that idea even less; that would just be embarrassing. "But –"

Her father just glared at her. His eyes were daring her to argue with him which she wasn't keen to do at seven in the morning.

After several long moments in which Elizabeth hoped her mother said 'no', she instead agreed. Elizabeth opened her mouth to complain, but her father just kept the glare trained on her and she instead sighed, "Fine. Have fun telling that to Ashley."

"Tell me what?" as her sister came into the kitchen, completely ready for school (as usual), Elizabeth chose that time to make her exit.

She was half way up the stairs when she heard her sister's shrill shriek. Guess her parents had finally told her the news and she didn't sound at all pleased about it. Ashley was a senior and it was downright embarrassing to be a senior and driven to school by your parents. Elizabeth snorted, glad she left when she did. Her sister's whining drove her nuts.

The only good part about her mom taking her to school she mused, as she went up the rest of the stairs and made it into her room, was that she would have a little more time to get ready for school. The bus would be there to pick her up within ten minutes, but with a ride from her mother, she had at least twenty five more minutes. Which meant she got to take a shower. A fast one, but a shower nonetheless.

She was out of the shower within fifteen minutes and standing in front of the mirror still covered in condensation from her shower. She wiped some of it away so that she could see herself and nearly jumped when she saw a boy staring back at her. He simply smirked at her before he was gone. She wasn't even sure if she got a good look at him it was that fast.

She shook her head, "Mom's got me all paranoid, that's it."

She didn't have time to dry her hair, so she just left it down since it looked like it was actually going to cooperate today. Besides, she wore it up yesterday and it was always good to change it up every once in a while.

She grabbed her book bag from her desk chair and made her way downstairs; making a pit stop in the kitchen to get her math book and make a quick lunch for herself. Another plus to be driven to school. She would have had to choose between a shower or a packed lunch had she had to catch the bus and to be honest, the shower would have won out as she hadn't taken one yesterday and her hair was prone to get greasy if she went more than a day without washing it.

She met her mother and sister in the living room. Ashley looked pissed, but her parents seem to have talked some sense in her, so she wasn't whining. They must have threatened to take her car away from her permanently if she didn't comply. Or maybe it was her phone. That girl couldn't live without that thing. The last time her parents took it from Ashley for breaking curfew, she nearly went insane and bugged the crap out of Elizabeth for a week until she got it back. She was glad that her sister gave in this time, she wasn't sure if she could put up with a phoneless Ashley again. That was just hell.

"Let's go girls." Mary stated, grabbing her car keys from the dish by the door.

Her father was sitting in his usual chair near the television and she managed to give him a quick kiss goodbye before they left and she was forced to endure one of the most uncomfortable rides ever.

Dominic sighed as he kicked Angelica's body. She didn't so much as twitch. Dumb bitch didn't even explain to him how he would know the spell would work. She also looked way too happy to die. She was in for a nasty surprise though. Lucas and him were nowhere near done with her and with a new witch joining them soon, she was going to need to be alive

Yes, she was in for a nasty surprise when she woke up and found out that she was, in fact, not dead.

He would enjoy punishing her for not telling him that the spell would kill her though. Luckily he had the forethought to take precautions in case the spell was powerful enough to take her out. No way in hell he was going to let her out that easily. If she wanted to die, she wasn't going to go down begging him for it.

He glanced at his watch, Angelica's punishment would have to wait though since school was going to start soon and he was curious to see if the spell actually worked. If it did, her punishment may be slightly less than what he was originally planned. Though, maybe not... he did love torturing her.

Dominic squatted down and leaned his head so his mouth was right about Angelica's ear, "I hope the spell worked, Angelica; otherwise, you're in for a lot of pain when I get home this evening."

He knew she was too out of it to hear him, but he still got a special thrill telling her that.

With his threat spoken, he stood back up and left the room. He needed to get ready for what he hoped to be a much better and more eventful day.

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