This story is completely fictional and there is no such names, places or events that took place anywhere on this world at any given time.

List of Characters:

Robert Drouser III – Takes over his father's empire when he is twenty years of age. He is about five foot and six inches tall with a muscle build due to intensive workouts and training since he was three. He attempts to find the items to hopefully end the reign of the evil empire that is already stronger than his own, known as the 'Dark Isles'. He fears he will be too late in finding all the pieces in time to save his own empire from destruction.

Jase Narr II- He is a well respected king, of Narr, stands at five feet and eleven inches and is Robert III's mentor and tutor until he is seventeen years of age. He found the boy when he was thirty and took him in after Robert's parents have been murdered on the battlefield.

Robert Drouser II- Robert III's father who is rarely talked about or seen in the book and the only thing we know that history has on record is that he too was a well respected man and stood at six feet and three inches tall. He was Jase II's friend and mentor as well. He died when Robert III was three years of age on a battlefield protecting his wife and child.

Mother of Robert III- Also rarely mentioned in the book she is a woman who gave her life to protect her son, the heir to one of the only democracy kingdoms left in the world. Her encouragement combined with Robert II's leadership as king drives young Robert to become a king himself and hopefully the end of the evil empire will be in his hands.

General Rupert- Standing at five foot and eight inches tall, he is one of Robert's Generals', who helped him live the day his parent's were murdered. He is Robert's right hand man to help him guide the empire back to its feet.

The Birth of a New Born King

Faithful listener, let me introduce myself. I am only ninety years of age praying for another day to live as I have long before now prayed in my struggle to lead my empire to be the strongest of all time and to rid the pestilence that once swept across this land causing fear in ALL kingdoms, large and small alike…

The year is 5 A.D. The heart of evil is on the rise. All democracy kingdoms have been neutralized of any resistance and the world seems to be hopeless and faithless in the eastern region until one day a king is to be born, years later, with the training of a warrior and the smarts of a wise man.

My name Is Robert Drouser III and THIS is MY story from what I recall when I was twenty….

Chapter 1:

The 'Light' Amulet

The replay of the battle for Narr rummages through my mind for hours while I stare onto the battlefield of dead bodies and blood stained field with a terrible rotting scent taking over the nearby atmosphere until Jase reassures me it wouldn't happen again. "Robert, no one knew how it would end. But thankfully we were victorious."

"But how could they sneak in on us like that?" I ask in a confused manner sitting down against the stone wall of Jase's empire, where it all started eight hours ago before sunset.

"That's still a question I long to answer myself. We better prepare for another invasion. We both know the majority of them escaped." He recommends as he, too, is sitting by my side.

"Let's gather the dead." I say silently above a whisper standing up and begin to wander through the dead inside and out of the battle zone. "They even killed these girls." I say as I stumble across non-combatants dead on the ground. "Nothing in this world irritates me the most like seeing innocent children murdered for no reason! Gather your men; we are going to hunt these people!" My body begins to tremble more and more as I continue to look at the lifeless faces of the girls.

"Not until we know who they are!" Jase argues with me.

"So we are just going to wait with weakened armies and pray we don't die? I don't want to lay my head down at night knowing I'm not safe, and what about these girls, are we just going to let their deaths be a loss to us?"

"Then do you know who the enemy truly is and do you know their strength?"

"No Jase, I don't! But we have to do something about all of this! I mean week after week we get attacked and we have no ideal about who's behind it all!" My blood was now at its boiling point, "Besides, they seem to know our EVERY move and ALL of our plans...There MUST be something we can do!"

"But there isn't Robert! What part of that don't you understand? The attacks were from two different groups working under the same person, that's all we know! No matter how much investigating we do, we will NOT catch them in time!"

"Then make something happen!" I continue to argue with him being frustrated.

"You are as capable as I am and what all do YOU know about them?" He asks in a calm manner.

"Nothing…" I say as I can't think of anything else to argue about.

"As I thought Robert…You know the same about them as I do and you are right, that's terrible. Even the other kingdoms will suffer if we don't figure this out."

I wander through the dead after I take a break from Jase for a while. Fifteen minutes of walking and looking at the faces of the dead I see a soldier coughing blood and lower my sword to his throat. "Who are you and what do you have on me?"

"The Isles are back at strength boy. The 'light' of reign has ended and you are now hopeless at stopping them. We attacked but there will be more… you don't have enough soldiers to protect your flesh from our blades."

The word 'isles' brought back a story my father once told me…

In the beginning of time when the first democracy empire was created it was a mere hope for the ones in slavery. A massive and dark demonic empire swept through the lands like a plague taking captive everyone it came across; the smaller kingdoms stood no chance against the black armored horses. There was for a change a group of dark leaders who's hearts have changed for the better and they sought out freedom, from life and the cruel empire that they had sworn to follow under. The 'Dark Isles', as we call it, is a place where only the darkest of all spirits reign together. They forged an empire so evil that just hearing the name spread fear miles and miles away. Eventually the group of men fought back and won their first battle. They set up camp on the outer limits of the empire in a small town that was to be raided the next day.

Hoping for the best they were… Preparing for the worst they quickly warned the nearby town and gathered men to help fight against the enemy. Two hours before sunset, time was running out for them to be safe. (The empire gained its name because they only attacked at night and brought thousands of men and dressed in black so they could hardly be seen). To the far west they went, as far as they could go and there along the way they gathered men, women and children and took refuge underground. There the people could live in peace and harmony, but soon they were forced up out of the ground to fight for what they had left to live for; their lives, friends, neighbors, children and parents.

With only a few soldiers to volunteer one of the leaders had taken the women and children to a kingdom yet to be attacked by the 'Dark Isles'. There they would be safe for a time being until they either heard word of defeat or victory. Defeat was the spread of the news… For years they kept running back and forth to avoid being attacked and slowly they had grown into a peasant empire of people.

Then one day a man came across a necklace buried in a tomb worn by a king of the extinct 'light' empire. An empire as he read the symbols… Of peace, love and democracy here lies King Xeon, (Z-on), the first, (I). The man read the description of the necklace embedded in the marble on the facing of the tomb, 'For anyone who wears this amulet will become the king of the 'light', but those who have an ounce of evil in their hearts will fall where they stand after they put this on.' He kept it wrapped in his hand and took it to one of the farmers working that day.

The farmer looked at it and swore it to be a fake of the original and there he laughed as he put it on and nothing happened to him. Two days later he died of a mysterious cause. The man who found it took it off the man who died and took it back to the tomb and there he placed it back in the coffin of the deceased king and there he left it in fear of a curse. As the days became weeks and the weeks came to months more men tried to uncover the secret to the 'light'. One of them was a dark leader who broke free and warned the neighbor kingdom of an attack to be followed that next night. He offered to go in…

Removing the tomb face block was the hardest part so far. As he ventured deeper into the tomb he saw it, the 'light' amulet. He removed the necklace from the dead corpse and put it around his own neck. The 'light' of the amulet shined so bright it became blinding and there the amulet was stuck around his neck and he was unable to get it off… When he was able to see again he managed to walk out of the tomb. The sun light shot a beam off the amulet onto another tomb face and what he read was, 'those who wear my armor are the future kings of my empire, but to wear it wrongly and unjustly for power and control will die where they stand.' He broke the seal of the tomb and wandered down to the depths of the unknown and there he found a white chest plate, white leggings, and a white helmet with a red Mohawk and a white kite-shield and all outlined in gold.

When he attempted to put it on the armor also stuck to his body and he was unable to pull it off. 'It must be some kind of trick but God be with me.' He thought to himself as he put the rest of the armor on. To his knowledge it was a curse but in reality it was the signal of a newborn king…

As the story ended in my mind I quickly came to and realized the only way to defeat them is to find the armor and the amulet…"Where is the armor and the necklace?" I demanded to know from the dying soldier of which had my sword point at his throat.

"I don't know boy! If any of us knew we'd be finding them right now and we are close to finding the first piece of the armor and without any of the pieces you are vulnerable to anything and you will be in control of nothing!" He coughed blood which splattered on my blade letting off steam and a decaying smell from his breath.

"What are you? Since I know you are part of the 'Dark Isles' empire."

"Imagine nothing but evil in your soul and imagine the darkest corners of every non lit room and there you will find it, the piece of the puzzle you are looking for." The wounded warrior decides to lunge up forcing his throat onto my sword and before I could pull it back he had already pierced his neck with it committing suicide.

After we gathered the dead, Jase, I and the rest of the men pack up and go back behind the walls of Jase's empire for safety, for the time being. Night fall had ended and the morning sun was beginning to rise giving a new day of birth for earth. I watch the sun rise and take in another breath thankful to be alive after that battle for almost eight hours straight. I open my journal and write in it, 'today was the day to prove that light, even when there is none, can shine even on the darkest of hearts and prove victorious over anyone. – Robert III'

Jase comes up and sits down beside me, "I'm sorry for the argument today."

"That argument was for the best…Trust me. Only ignorant people who were living would have argued that much?" Trying to make a laugh I question his apology. There is a silence as we sit there and recall the battle that almost took our lives. "Ever wonder what it's like being dead and how much stress would be lost?"

"I believe it's mostly fear if I'm not mistaken. Those who fear…Die and those who don't won't die soon enough."

"Most of what you just said doesn't make sense to me one bit…I'm twenty, not two-hundred like yourself."

"Age has nothing to do with wisdom and if I am for sure two hundred then I must be one heck of a good looking guy."

"Keep thinking that and one day it might just so happen to turn into a reality." I re comment on his remark, "unlike you I am young and I am strong."

"Does stubborn get mentioned in your case?" Jase asks me knowing I won't have an answer.

"Does shut-up ring a bell old man?" I ask trying to keep talking with him. The sun was meeting the horizon at this point and I had to go searching for the lost pieces of the 'light' amulet if I was to stand a chance against this army of evil. "We need to go looking for those pieces that the warrior told me about." I suggest to Jase as I stand up willing to go.

"Ah…Another quest for the lad…I'll tag along to keep you alive as usual." He stands up and prepares to walk back down the steps of the top most towers over looking the entire battlefield of bodies that remain, "I will be waiting and as I promised your father, I will protect you and your men."

As we come to the last of the steps he looks back at me, "Life for some of us just isn't as comforting as we think."

"Explain in detail please?" I ask nicely still not understanding what he is saying.

"Again I forgot…I am two hundred years old in your eyes with a lot of un-meaningful words that just come rolling out of my mouth." He says sarcastically walking down the last of the steps.

"You know what I mean Jase. Besides, I have an empire to think about and my men as well."

"I will use a language you understand then." He thinks of what to say, "Let me say this…Though we live our lives as kings, there are those who won't come home to their wives and children and their wives and children will be mourning over their lost ones. It's just part of life Robert, a part that you must understand. When you fought the enemy, you used only a fraction of your soldiers. Sooner or later you will need to attack in full strength and you won't be able to have me to help you all the time."

We enter the hall leading to the meeting room. "Jase, why are they after us for? I have to ask."

"That I still don't know, but your father seemed to know a lot more about that than I ever did. He was the one to plan the attacks and to keep the finances stable. I was more like the person you are in that case, the one that asked all the questions."

"Surely you have to have some answers?" I ask desperately pushing for some facts out of him.

"I'll fill you in when we have the meeting." We walk in the meeting room with a round wooden table and comfortable mesh chairs of which have been worn out and on each chair, near the neckline, was a name of the person it belonged to. He points to his left, "Take a seat." I sit down and wait for the people to sit down.

"Brothers and fathers of our alliance," Jase begins to speak as everyone sits down at the table. "To my left is the successor of Robert Drouser II. He has taken over his father's empire and under my guidance he will become a great success." He takes his seat. "As you all know we were attacked by the enemy yet again. Robert has some interesting facts to share with us about where to find the pieces to the 'light' amulet. Robert?"

I pick up from where Jase leaves off. "The pieces as I was told by my father are in a graveyard that can not be accessed by anyone with an ounce of evil in their hearts."

"Sounds like a myth to me…" A king interrupts. "Even your father was smarter than you boy."

"His father was not just smart, but he has raised a son with the heart that outmatches even his own." Jase says to shut the king up. "Continue what you were saying Robert?"

"There are so far two tombs of which Xeon, as he is mentioned as the first democratic leader, had his belongings buried in that tomb. One item that we must get is the 'amulet', a necklace that wards off any dark souls and prevents the empires from falling into the wrong hands. This much I do know is true…If we do not take caution upon entering the tomb we will die. Rumor has it that there are dark spirits roaming the outside of the gates upon entry of the cemetery. Only one can go in and that one has to have a pure heart. My father, like any other man would do, took with him the sword not mentioned in the stories he told me."

"Now there's a sword involved?" The king speaks out again.

"Shut up you moron!" Another king silences him. "Young Robert, please excuse my brother's interruptions…He suffers a minor case of retardation."

"I do not!" The king speaks again, this time he stands from his seat.

"See what I mean?"

Everyone giggles then I continue on the story. "The sword is made by ancient elves off the coast off Far West of here. If we need to we can have another made. The cost is unknown, but I'd rather find the original instead of having to pay something in return. Has anyone any clue of where the graveyard may be?"

"I have heard of a graveyard like the one you are talking about son." Another king to my right answers. "I believe we can not make it through there. The passageway may not be big enough for a large army nor will the spirits allow us to take any weapons upon entering and don't forget to mention the armor….No armor allowed."

"Then how do we protect ourselves?" I ask impatiently.

Jase looks at me with a glow in his eye, "Your father's journal…Go through it! He was the only one of us who managed to get to the graveyard. The rest of us were cut off by some sort of invisible wall that wouldn't let us travel any further so we waited for your father to come out."

"And just where might I find his journal?" I ask waiting on an answer. Everyone looks around and eventually all eyes are upon me. I look around at them mysteriously. "I have no ideal of where it is?"

Jase smirks "Look at the table son…What are written on it?"

"There are symbols that I can't read?" I ask Jase confusingly.

Jase lets his head fall to the table. He lets out a small moan, "The book in the middle!" He also points out to it.

There was a small book in the center of the table and I open it to reveal the dusty pages of which have not been written on in years. Of course there were symbols in the middle of the table but the book was at the center of the symbols which blended in with a book sized rectangle imprinted in the table. "Talking about an over look." I say humorously.

"Oh my God, you ARE your father's son!"

I glare at Jase and I bring my focus back to the book and begin reading to myself. Halfway through the first page I find what I'm looking for. The places of where the amulet may be. "Says here that the one with great wisdom and a powerful heart can only break the curse affiliated with the 'Dark Isles' … What does that mean?"

"It can mean anything honestly…" The stubborn king speaks aloud.

"Again, shut your pipe hole!" The king's brother slaps him in the back of the head. "Does it say anything about the exact locations in the tombs?"

I scan through the pages, "Not that I can read. The most it has in it is the locations and how many pieces it has and wait…There's about ten pages torn out of it." I look at Jase, "Where did my father spend most of his time when he wasn't at war?"

"Your home empire up in his room and he kept going to the west wing and I never really did know why. But there's a tunnel we can go in through this floor here and end up at your empire."

I get out of my seat and I wait on Jase to come along.

"Don't wait on me…Those tunnels haven't been used in years. Feel free to go by yourself."

"I have to go by myself, really?" I ask frantically.

"No. Come on." He stands up and crawls under the table. "Well, don't just stand there, come on."

I laugh at him crawling under the table. "Do you know how pitiful you look crawling under that table?"

"If you had enemies, would you A: put your secret doors in plain site or B: Put them in places where no one would think of looking?"

I crawl under the table and beneath the table face I could see a map engraved on the bottom side of the table itself. "Is this a map?" I ask confusingly.

"Precisely, But the map is only good if there isn't any cave-ins. Besides that…We should be ok."

"Jase, you and my father must've been nuts!"

"We were kids then! Give us some room to breathe, besides, it isn't nowhere near as bad as you asking where the book is when it was in front of your face the entire time."

"I still think you planted it there when I wasn't looking."

Jase removes the rug beneath the table and reveals a door. "Either the door got smaller or I got fatter over the years."

I glare at Jase, "Are we going in?"

"Yea, come on."

We enter the small man-made hole after we open the door and a ladder leads to the bottom of the entrance. We climb down the ladder and step into ankle deep mud. "This was defiantly not here when we made it. But anyways, let's carry on shall we?"

"Just get me there." We stop talking as the tunnel darkens and neither of us brought candles to light the way. "Forgot candles as I can tell?"

"Who needs candles when you got this?" He pulls out a giant torch rapped cloth soaked in oil and uses lint and a two stones to light a spark which catches the wrapped cloth on fire. "This is what I call a torch!" The flames were tall enough to reach the roof of the tunnel and the visibility that we could see with it was about ten to fifteen feet in front of us.

The tunnels themselves looked ancient. "How many years did it take you both to make this tunnel?" I ask looking for a reasonable answer of about ten years.

"Well the digging took two years altogether and the navigation took us about six months If I'm correct?"

Once we exited the narrow opening we came to a large man made cave that I could tell was created before their time. "This cave…The linings of dirt, as in the colors, doesn't match those leading to the two empires do they?"

"Smart observer and no they don't. We found this part and take a look there in the far right corner as soon as we get to it." A few minutes pass by and upon entering the cave I look to my far right and I see something shiny sticking out of the ground. "The necklace is only right there. No one would have said anything about that in the meeting because they don't know it's in our possession. You see…No one can be trusted, not even your allies when it comes to these kinds of things."

"Why do you say so?" I ask willingly looking up into the empty darkness above my head. "And how far up does this ceiling go?"

"It's about fifty feet up or so. Yeah, it's a big one, nothing but an empty dark and lonely space and about not trusting people? Several years ago your father and I were sold out, that means that when someone is hunted the hunter will pay to reveal where the hunted is." He sits down in the center of the room. "I haven't been here in over sixteen years, if not seventeen. I brought you through these tunnels when you were three to help you escape the men that killed your parents."

As we walk on through the tunnels I become confused. "I thought we crossed land to get there?"

"That's what I told you for years until now, now that you have got me talking. This is very unusual and like your father in a way." He stands in front of me and tells me not to move. "There's someone down here." He whispers silently gripping his sword handle. Finally drawing his sword with point shoulder height we continue walking. There was a smoldering fire and then I became afraid. In silence we crept towards the fire and we saw three men sleeping. Continuing in a whisper he says to me, "Here, take your sword."

I grab my sword from his back sheathe and walk at his side and creep on the sleeping men. Finally we walk past them without waking anyone up. On the other side I could see light through a small hole in the ceiling.

"I forgot about this part." Jase says looking up and twisting his body in all directions trying to figure a way out. "That hole's about forty feet up for sure."

I knock on the walls of the surrounding tunnel and I hit a hallow spot and Jase turns my way when he hears the echoes. "I found something."

"Of course you did Robert, you always do." Jase walks my way, takes his sword and punctures a hole through the other side. The wall crumbles more and more with every stab he makes into the wall.

I take my sword and follow suit. "Give me just a second; I'll have it in no time." Jase backs away and lets me stab at the wall.

"How long are you going to stab it?" He asks me curiously standing behind me with his sword still drawn at his side.

"I don't know, as long as it takes me." I continue to stab and puncture the wall until the wall crumbles leaving Jase and me with dusty lungs. On the inside of the hidden room there are treasures, gold, gems and more. "This goes to prove you don't always need banks?" I ask humorously.

Jase walks in the room and takes close observation of the map as well. "This place isn't on the map."

"Of course not, but it is now." I say as I follow him in the room. "Jase, Is this it?" I hold a white ruby necklace up and it begins to shine.

A smile bigger than any I've seen over takes Jase. "Yes, put it on now!" He stands and watches as I put it on.

The amulet shines bright blinding me with a pure white light and I don't know where I am. I feel my feet lift off the ground as if I was floating in the white light while my heart is pounding rapidly. A loud voice but in a comforting tone speaks to me. "You are Robert Drouser III, fourteenth generation king of Drouser!" I saw my father again for the first time in seventeen years. "This son is the so called 'light amulet'. When you wear it you will become a symbol of your people that are looking for hope and peace and the Dark Isle warriors can not kill you. They are afraid of the light that it possesses and will steer away from it. Take care of it and by the way, tell old man Jase I said thanks." As I go in to hug him, my feet touch the ground and the light disappears and the scene goes back to normal.

"Jase, this is going to sound weird, but my father said thanks, thanks for what?"

Jase smiles, "Thanks for bringing you here is what he meant for you to tell me. This place was indeed on the map seventeen years ago, but your father caught wind of an invasion and with that rumor he hid every piece of the 'light' armor, in locations that he wouldn't tell me, and he buried all his treasures and the necklace here. The original map is also here; just the routes are on this one." As we begin to exit the cave and enter my home empire he looks back and says, "Your story begins here."

Chapter 2:

The Return of the Lost King

Although the journey home was interesting Jase decides to leave me there at the cave entrance to my inherited empire. The cave entrance leads me to the center of the empire of which I am totally unaware of, not to mention the navigation in the infrastructure of the roads and paths. I look around to figure out which path to take and the signs for the roads at the intersection are hard to read because the wood planks used for the directions have been partially broken. But before Jase left me to journey by myself he handed me the map he was using to navigate through the tunnel. I open it and it reveals a truth so thrilling I can not help but stare at it for a period of time before coming to realization of where I was standing is in the spot where my father had died years ago.

With people wandering about the streets doing their jobs and visiting neighbors I keep an eye out for any guardsmen while I approach the main castle of where Jase told me it was. Standing by itself in a complete fortified stone look, almost marble, I stand there in amazement just staring at it. A few minutes pass by then I walk around the castle itself and stare into the open field to the east of the entrance recalling lost memories rushing into my mind all at once…

"Robert, go now! Go with your mother and be safe!" My father hollers at me but I don't move. I watch the men in armor run back and forth from their battle stations. "Robert! Time is up! Go to your mother, now!" He hollers at me once more.

My mother comes to me, picks me up and takes me inside the castle and puts me down. "Stay here son!" She commands me. I disregard her and make my way back to my father outside.

I took the opportunity when the doors open to run out to him. I holler for my father at the top of my lungs. "Hold me daddy!"

"Son, I can't right now…Go find your mother. I'll be back for you." He kneels down to my height, picks me up and hands me over to a general. "Go find my wife and give him to her. I trust you Rupert. Don't let me down."

"I will do as you say sir!" General Rupert holds me as we ride his horse back to the castle. He spots my mother about five feet away.

Then as soon as he hands me out to her she gets shot in the chest by an arrow and falls backwards and attempts to get up hollering out, "My baby!" After that comment she dies falling back down to the ground.

General Rupert holds me tightly but soon finds out that the gates have been breached and there was no stopping them. "Sir, take the battle to the fields!" He suggests as he stares at the enemy coming toward him. He follows my father out onto the fields just east of the castle itself. "Don't forget about your son!"

"Give him to me now!" He demands Rupert. Rupert hands me over to my father and my father tries to run with me back to the castle where he knew was still protected. Before we could get there a soldier dressed in black knocks him off of his feet forcing me to lunge from my father's grasp and there I witness the sword plunge deep into the heart of my father…

I realize I am crying and I am on my knees where I had knelt down seventeen years ago to hear my father's last words, "I love you".

A heavy hand lands on my shoulder, "Long time no see." The strong voice echoes through my head.

I look up to see the same man that protected me when I was a child. "General Rupert, it's nice to see you too."

"How have you been in the past seventeen years?" He notices my tears of which I try to hide. He quickly realizes why I'm crying when he looks at the scene surrounding us. "Robert, your parents would be really proud of you, they really would be." He helps me back on my feet. "Come on, Let me show you around."

He gives me a horse to ride on while he guides it on foot. "This to the left is where your father and mother met." He points to a run down one bedroom house that looks ancient in a way. "They were both renting the room one night and the next we knew, they were together…Literally."

His explanation of how my parents got together was rather disgusting but interesting. "Do you know why they got together?" I ask as he continues to guide the horse.

"That I can't tell you, I've never been married so I don't know."

"I have a question Rupert."

"I'm listening." He says holding one hand up to an ear.

"Do you know anything about the light armor or this necklace I'm wearing?"

He looks at my neck, stops the horse and his eyes widen with shock. "That necklace…Is it really?" he asks himself while looking at me.

"It's the so called 'light amulet' of which I saw a vision of my father explaining it to me."

"That necklace also has an evil side to it young Robert, please, with all respect from me to you… Be careful."

"An evil side, I thought the necklace wards of evil spirits?"

"If it's in the wrong hands or a person with an evil heart attaches themselves to it then they can control both the light and dark armies. That's why they have been cursed. They are designed to summon the army of a heart so pure with light that not even Satan himself can have control over."

"More like a guardian angel?"

"I'll show you what I mean. I have to get you to the mage in order for you to fully understand." He continues to guide the horse to a village just east of the empire itself and at the far back of the village is a hut of which we enter on foot. "Is anyone home?" Rupert asks walking into the dark hut.

"Who's there?" An older man comes walking into the hut holding a cane.

"This young man is the successor of Robert the king." Rupert introduces me, "His name is Robert Drouser the third."

"Ah, the boy of which can not be harmed by evil spirits. I sense you are wearing the necklace, no?"

"Sir, can you not see?" I ask politely unknowing of the answer.

"Years ago the dark forces of the Isles took me captive and stripped both my eyes right from their sockets. The best mage I was until that day." He comes into the light revealing his shut eyes. "When one can see, he can not hear. But when one can not see, he can hear. The voices of the dead were speaking to me about you young Robert." All of this seems unreal to me and I just listen not caring until he says, "Just a few moments ago you were visited by your father, no?"

"I was." I answer willingly as I sit down in front of him who is still standing at this point.

"The dead kings of the Druin Lands need those pieces to stay hidden from the evil that seeks them out."

"Can you tell me what the Druin Lands are if you don't mind before continuing so I can stay focused?" I ask then look to my left to see Rupert also engrossed in the tale.

"The Druin Lands are to the Far East of here at the heart of the Isles. They were over run many years ago by the force of evil that inhabits it today. They are in desperate need of your help. Their champion, the tomb of Xeon is the only one who could slay the leader of the evil fortress. Once he found out that he was hunted by the massive force he quickly buried all pieces of the armor, which was cursed by me, that explains why I was taken captive." He pauses and sits down where he stands and pulls out a sword from under the rug. "This sword is indeed the sword that had slain the evil king. Take it and do well with it and if you suspect that anyone knows we have it here in the empire, there will be many men raiding here to find it."

"Is there anyway we can stop them if they do succeed getting here?" I question him.

"Once they are in, there's no stopping them. The only two things that might help are the amulet and this sword. The kings are watching you from above, don't fail them."

"How can we get to the Druin Lands?" Rupert begins to ask.

"Once you have found the path of which leads to death then you will be able to get in. But until then, just fend them off. But the longer you wait, the longer it takes to get to it. We have witnessed your father go through the Druin Lands only to return empty handed. But rumor has it that there is a city under the Lands itself. Take notice and listen to this carefully for it will be use in your travels." The mage starts to cough. "You were not born to lead or to reign but to fulfill a destiny that needs to be filled completely within the years you do reign. I had this same talk with your father and the stories I tell you are the stories I told him. Please keep those items safe, bury them if needed to protect them. But don't think your flesh will do that."

"King Robert, it's time to go, the sun is at its max in the sky."

"Why now?" I ask needing a reason.

"The boy is anxious and wants to see why. So let him." The mage tells Rupert. "Besides, they won't harm us." He sits down on the steps on the hut.

Rupert hesitates and he begins to worry, "Fine."

"Look outside." The mage tells me.

I walk outside and the ground begins to steam, "It's just steam guys, there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Just wait a tad longer and watch towards the east." The mage tells me and I stand there staring. As I stare to the east I can see fog, just staying in one spot and not moving. "That's odd." I say as I continue to watch in interest. The fog collects itself from all directions creating a wall of mist and within the mist comes four or five shadows. Three men and two women, all of which do not completely come out of the fog itself while they all stare at me. "Who are they?" I ask staring back at the on lookers.

"Those are the followers of Dracculus, the one who was slain by Xeon." The mage answers; staring to the east as well.

"Who's Dracculus?" I ask impatiently.

"He is the one that created all this mess, the one that needs the pieces to live. Although he is deceased, his reign is still going on and he is more powerful than ever. If and ever the pieces are in his followers hands they can bring him back to life with flesh, blood and the armor. You see, the armor is immortality. The one that wears the armor is promised eternal life. But if we can keep the pieces hidden from his grip then we can bring to life Xeon once more. If not, then we are doomed for destruction and death." I listen to him as I continue to stare at the shadows that seem to be disappearing from sight. "They have the flesh and blood and all they need is that armor."

"All we have to do is find the pieces right?" I ask hoping for a 'yes'.

"Not just the armor, but a pure heart which will be extremely hard to find."

"So a sacrifice is needed?"

"There is an alternative. You could find the armor and wear it for your self to become the next slayer of the prince of evil. But the fight won't be easy. I can tell I have already spoken too much at the time. As soon as they leave then you can go. But don't forget, they know where you are and when they can, they will come after you. Keep that in mind young Robert and wear that necklace and wield that sword with honor. For now they are your only hope."

"Thank you for everything." I say as I witness the last of Dracculus' followers leave the scene. "Rupert, let's go."

As we leave the hut and get back on the road Rupert looks at me, "Are you sure you are ready to be king?"

"It's in my blood Rupert, if I wasn't meant to be king, I wouldn't have been born into it and I wouldn't have lived that battle." I mount the horse and look down at Rupert, "Here, you ride this time. You have already done so much for me; it's time I give back after all these years." I can tell he is beginning to get tired.

"Thank you sir," Rupert says then asks, "I heard about that battle that you and Jase fought. How did you manage to live that?"

"I truly don't know. But hopefully I will know soon why I lived through all these years and why I lived through the battles I have fought already." I begin to lead the horse back to the city of where we came from.

"The castle is that way, just north of us." He says helping me guide the horse on the road. "It's about two thousand steps or so." After we enter the city and he dismounts we take the horse to the stable. "This horse to the right is yours."

"It's completely white…Mane and all." I say looking at the horse from all directions. The eyes were blue, a true albino. I walk up to touch the beautiful horse and it kneels to me.

"That's what everyone will do for you around here."

"But I don't want anyone to bow to me." I respond as I lift the horse back up on all four feet. "I prefer them to stand and be free instead of fearing death just because they won't bow to me."

"You are not just a king, but in the future you will make a perfect one. I can feel it."

When we begin walking back to the castle I stare at the west wing as if it is calling me to it. A sense of want and need is what the feeling is. I thank Rupert after he shows me my room and when he goes back down the stairs I venture my way to the west wing hoping to find something. I open the door to reveal emptiness, complete emptiness. I can't figure out why my father stayed in here so much now that I know the place is empty.

Just staring at the walls gives me shivers down my spine and as I turn to leave the room someone speaks from within the room. "Robert, don't leave me here." I quickly turn to find a female dressed in a blue dress staring back at me.

"Where'd you come from?" I ask shockingly.

"Please, stay a while?"

I glare at her with the look of regret. "Why?" I can sense something dark in her. So dark I don't want to get any closer.

A force shuts the door behind me and I attempt to open it with all my might just to find the door jammed. "What do you want with me lady?" I ask turning back around to face her.

"Just come to me."

"Who are you?" I ask gripping my sword and revealing the blade to her.

"I am your friend." She tries to persuade me as she walks closer with each step. Slowly walks then stops after each sentence I say.

"I only have one friend I trust around here and that's General Rupert."

"You trust no one but the general?" She asks suspiciously walking closer to me.

"You still haven't told me what you wanted."

"You are what I want…"

I bring my blade perpendicular with her neck, "One more step and death awaits you girl!"

"You will kill an innocent girl just because you don't want to give in to the temptation?" She lifts her leg over my shoulder.

"Temptation is nothing to me; it's a mere disease that spreads across the globe eventually killing those who have sinned with that."

"You know too much to know what is wrong. Love isn't wrong, is it Robert?"

"Love is not what I'm feeling right now. If you really knew what was best for you, you would lower your leg and go back to where you came from."

"How do you know where I came from if you didn't see me come in?"

"I'm stupid but don't call me a complete idiot. I know you came in through that door when I wasn't watching, more likely when I was looking about the room itself."

"Wise you are, but can you tell me how I know your name?"

"I don't know and I don't care." As she reaches up to touch me, the amulet begins to glow and smothers her in smoke. "That's how I know not to trust people like you."

She reaches up once more, "That amulet, how did you get it?"

"I wouldn't come close if I were you." I warn her lowering my sword. "This blade is itching for blood, yet again."

She looks at the sword and spits on it then runs through the east wall vanishing from sight. "That couldn't have gone any easier." I say as I wipe my sword off.

"You did a good job fending her off." A voice from behind me speaks. I turn to see a 'Dark Isle' warrior staring at me. "Surprised?"

"Surprised wouldn't really be the word, more like enthused that someone isn't running when they see me." We circle each other while staring into the eye of the enemy. "You see, I know that you need the armor set…Apparently you have the flesh and blood for your leader to get back on his feet, but you will never hold the armor that is buried across this earth leaving you with only this to mention, failure!"

The warrior strikes at me, I block and we hold steady in the position for a bit until one of us begins to wear down. "Having trouble?" I ask the warrior as his body begins to tremble.

"I will kill you Robert, hear me?"

"Say that all you want. Oh by the way…I've gotten one object that you won't be able to get your hands on."

"The necklace I know!"

"NO!" I holler as I jolt his sword out of his hands with my own then he loses balance and falls on his back. "It's the sword itself, the one that killed Dracculus!"

His eyes widen in fear and he begins to concentrate on the sword itself as I edge it closer to his face. "How did you get that?"

"A nice friend left it as a gift. Now get lost before I do decide to kill you!" The warrior tries to get up but I force my sword through the front of his throat causing him to cough blood all over my new clothes I had gotten that day. The blood is a stain of orange after it dries on the sword itself.

That night I go to where my father's room was, lay down and as I look up at the ceiling a soft but cheerful humming tune rushes into my head to help me fall asleep faster.

The next day I wake up at noon and walk outside onto my balcony and below me are many people having some sort of gathering. When they notice me they all get quiet in disbelief. "The king has returned!" A man hollers from the crowd. "He has returned home to his people!" Everyone begins to shout and applaud as I wave at them.

"It's good to be home!" I holler to the crowd after I yawn. "Thank you all for coming today, but why are you all gathered here?" I ask willing to hear an answer from someone.

"We came to see if the rumors were true!" One woman shouts back from the ground.

"How did you hear of my forthcoming?"

General Rupert steps out of the crowd in front of me. "It was I my king."

"Thank you, but isn't it a little too soon to be awing me?"

"Every day when the greatest king's son wakes he should be welcomed by his people! It was a wish of your father's that I found in the will!"

"Thank you again and Rupert, can I talk to you alone?"

"Sure my king, give me a minute to bring your belongings to you!"

I wait for a few minutes in my room and someone knocks at the door. I open it to see Rupert standing face to face with me. "Welcome to the sleeping quarters."

"You wanted to talk to me my king?"

I invite him in and he takes a seat in a chair when I tell him to. "I need to know if you have planned any attacks on the empire that threatens the allies by night."

"You should by now know that I only make plans through the king himself."

I sit and ponder as I put my armor on, strap my sword to my side and put my helmet under my arm. "What color is the flag?"

"The last I recall it is white, red and blue sir?"

"I was just curious. I mean, I didn't get a good look at it last night."

"Ah, well…I've invited you to a gathering of which everyone is welcome to so they can know that you have returned for your people."

"Has Jase not told you of my return?" Asking him this brings back to my attention the three men me and Jase came across while coming here through the tunnels. "Oh my God, I have to go see if Jase is okay!" I rush to the steps and run down them quickly. "That gathering is going to have to wait!" I exit the castle and I run to the East and I'm about to enter the man made tunnel once more.

"Are you in a rush my king?" A guard of the castle asks stopping me for a second.

"I have to go check on something." I know that I have to go back to retrieve the map that I forgot about at the time. "I'll be right back." I enter the tunnel and climb down the ladder and look down into the darkness. I climb back up and ask the guard for a torch.

"Hold for a second my king; I will have someone get you one." He orders the guard next to him to fetch me a torch. "Light it as well." He tells the man before he leaves down the road. "King Robert?"

"Yes?" I answer waiting for the torch while sitting at the entrance.

"Where does that tunnel lead to sir?" He asks in attention holding his sword upright parallel with his right side.

"To an alliance kingdom called Narr."

"Can I tell you something sir?"

"Speak your mind around me and treat me as a friend."

"I saw Jase being led out by three people the other day. They took him, while he was tied up, to a carriage. From there I don't know where they went. Those tunnels also haven't been used because they have been taken over by bandits' sir. They are looking for your father's treasure my king."

"Continue speaking."

"The guards of the road alerted me of their movements but none wanted to tell you because you have just returned from your years of absence sir."

"That man is like a father to me. I will kill any that doesn't speak to me about his whereabouts understood?" I ask in anger and vengeance.

"Sir, I understand all too well to have kept that from you." He answers in a worrying voice.

"There's no need to get all stressed about this. What's your name?"

"Sorry for the late introduction sir, name's Ester sir."

The guard who was sent off brings back a torch with lint and stone. "Sorry it took me so long to get sir. What do you need this for anyways?"

Ester reaches out to retrieve the torch, lint and stone. "This person in front of me is your king." He knocks the young guard to his knees. "Have respect for him!"

The young guard, a couple years younger than myself looks up at me. "Forgive me sir."

I help the lad out by offering my hand to him. "Take it and pull yourself up."

"I knew the king was dead, but I forgot he had a son." He says as he grips my hand and pulls himself up off the ground.

"Ester, go retrieve Rupert and tell him to meet me here with men, enough for a small army. We are going to find Jase."

"Yes sir!" Ester acknowledges after he gets on his horse and rides into the city.

The young lad looks up to me, "Forgive me for my stupidity sir."

"There's nothing stupid about not knowing when the king has just came back to the city just the past night."

"Thank you." He looks to his left and sees some men coming to the meeting spot. "That at the front is our investigator. He has solved many issues within the city itself. He can't fight well, but he sure can solve any puzzles to any crime."

"This isn't really a crime besides kidnapping and from what I heard, bandits have him in custody."

The investigator comes to me and his eyes widen in shock. "My king, forgive me of my late welcome!"

"All have been forgiven." I look at the investigator, "This isn't really a crime but a mere kidnapping."

"Sir is everything okay?" Rupert hollers from a distance riding up on his horse. "I heard that you demanded me here."

"Apparently Jase has gone missing due to a kidnapping of which I recall last seeing him in these tunnels." I point to the tunnel itself. "I want forty men; twenty to stay here and twenty to come with me through here and as for you investigator, ask every guard on the road if they saw a carriage, and if so ask where they went."

"I'm on it sir." The investigator answers then disappears from sight.

"Rupert, meet up with me after you have gathered all forty men. We need one person in each group that knows of the whereabouts of the bandits."

"I will do as you tell me my king." Rupert answers and goes off to gather men.

The guards and I wait for Rupert's return from town. "How long does it take to gather forty men?" I ask impatiently.

"Sir, it hasn't even been one minute yet?" Ester asks me confusingly waiting with me at the entrance of the tunnel.

"I'm just worried that Jase may have been compromised for not telling them something."

"Like what?"

"I don't know but I have a gut feeling that something is wrong now."

After about an hour Rupert returns with men following him on horses and he has my horse following him. "Sorry it took me so long sir,"

I look down into the tunnel and look back at Rupert, "We won't need those horses yet but are you ready?"