Not By Blood

By: ilikedaisychains

Chapter Sixteen: The Three Amigos

As Sophie stared at us warily, I pushed myself off of the table, wobbling slightly as I landed. Lucas' hand shot out to steady me, before he placed it back by his side. Somehow we'd scooted about two feet away from each other, like we were little kids waiting to be told off.

"Sophie, seriously, I can explain," I reasoned, but I knew that I couldn't explain. I mean, I had no idea what just happened. One minute I was dancing with Chris, the next I was talking to Lucas and then we were pretty much, for lack of better terms, making out.

She opened her mouth a few times, before rubbing her forehead and sighing, "How long has this been going on?"

I answered before Lucas could, "It hasn't, what you just walked in on was the first time."

So looked at us strangely, "So... why?" I frowned in confusion.

"Why what?" Lucas asked.

"Why did you kiss?" Sophie muttered.

Lucas looked at me, and I looked at Sophie. I shrugged, "I don't know, it was just a spur of the moment thing. It's a wedding!" I finished lamely, as if the fact that it was at a wedding - our parents wedding - made it any better.

"So you're not planning on doing that again? 'Cause guys, that'd just make everything really messy, you get that... right?" She said hesitantly.

I nodded, "I know, Soph, and no, we're not planning on doing that again." As ridiculously stupid as it sounded, just saying that out loud made me feel almost... deflated. I was disappointed, but I'd never admit it to anyone.

She nodded slowly, and I glanced at Lucas quickly before looking back at her. "Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and everything but... is that it?" I questioned.

"If you're asking if I'm going to freak out and start yelling at you, then yes, that is it. What's the point in yelling? I mean, I'm a little grossed out, but you've said that it was a one-off thing and I believe you," She paused, "I'm gonna keep looking for the bathroom and hope I don't walk in on any other Romeo and Juliet's, one's enough for today. But I think you two should go back into the hall, so that... yeah, you know." She ducked her head.

I nodded, "Right, yeah, good idea."

She turned and walked out the door slowly, and I made to follow her before I felt Lucas grab my hand and spin me around. "So that's it?"

Ugh God, he looked so gorgeous standing there. His hair was shining in the dim light and it was all mussed up, but somehow it still managed to look like he'd purposely made it scruffy. I blushed when I thought about how soft it was when I ran my hands through it less than five minutes ago. He was staring intently at me with his bright blue eyes, as if trying to interpret my answer before I said it. His green tie had been pulled loose around his neck and he'd rolled the arms of his suit jacket up to his elbows. I felt like a muggle next to him, and I was never the muggle - the muggle's were always everyone else.

I suddenly felt extremely like the type of girls that I generally despised for letting so much get to them, because I felt insecure and like I wasn't pretty enough to have just kissed him and hell, even wanting to kiss him again. So instead of replying with what I was thinking (ie. "No, but shh... just wait until she's left the vicinity and then it's you, me, and an extremely uncomfortable wall."), I nodded and looked him in the eye as I said, "Yeah, that's it. Spur of the moment, right?"

With that, I turned and left the room, heading back to the hall.

"Say cheese!" The photographer yelled in our direction, frustrated that this had to be like the hundredth time he'd said it or something. Hey, it was hard getting over one hundred guests to all be smiling (and no-one blinking) at the same time.

I heard the sound of a camera shutter clicking and then the sigh of relief from the photographer. "That'll do," He mumbled, "Okay, now I want the Best Man and Maid Of Honour, please," He announced, scanning the guests for Lucas and I.

I gulped, moving from my position over to the photographer so that he could tell me where to go. I saw Lucas doing the same and I glanced at him when he reached us. He avoided my gaze, and instead watched the photographer for any sign of life, apparently.

"Okay guys, I want you to go over there," He pointed to this large fountain in front of the large stately home, probably the only one within five hundred miles or something. It looked like it'd just been grabbed out of nineteenth century England and slapped down in front of us. But it didn't look all haunted house-y, it was nice and was kind of modern whilst keeping pretty much all of it's character. It must have cost a ton.

Lucas and I walked over to the fountain and the silence was overwhelming, but I tried to ignore it as best as I could. We stood awkwardly in front of it, and I briefly heard the photographer groan before scurrying over to us and literally pushing me into Lucas. I gasped, almost tripping over my own feet, but Lucas grabbed my waist to steady me.

"Finally!" The short, bald man exclaimed, "Now don't move! You," He pointed to Lucas, "Keep your arm around her waist."

The man hurried back over to his camera and I smiled, hearing the shutter go a few times. "Now, just act natural!" The man added.

I felt extremely awkward considering most of the guests were still outside and watching this whole process. I glanced towards the floor, Lucas' arm still around my waist.

"Look, I can tell you feel awkward about what happened," He began, "But just forget it, okay? It was obviously a mistake and it's not like it's going to happen again. I'm sorry I kissed you, really. If I'd known it'd make us like this then I wouldn't have done it. Can't we just go back to how we were?"

I smiled, looking back up at him. I tried (and failed, miserably) to ignore how much what he'd just said had hurt me. It was like there was something stuck in my throat and it was lodged there and I couldn't breathe for a moment and then I just felt stupid because nothing he'd just said was any different to what I'd said to him earlier. He was just trying to make things better. But still, I didn't necessarily see it as a mistake, just a momentary lapse in my otherwise awesome judgement.

"Yeah, let's just forget about it," I smiled, ignoring whatever I felt at that moment. I was only upset because he'd practically insulted me (well, I took it as that, anyway), that was all.

"Good," Lucas nodded solemnly.

"Yup," I added, before slowly sinking down to sit on the edge of the fountain. I could hear more snaps of the camera, but I ignored it, doing as the small man said and acting natural. I skimmed the tips of my fingers through the water, and saw, in the corner of my eye, Lucas sit down next to me.

"Is it wrong that I'd so love to have a water fight right now?" I asked.

"No, you are Astrid, after all," He laughed.

"Right, and you're Lucas, so you'd probably pour a bucket of ice water over my head just to rub in the fact that it was my idea," I replied, trying to suppress my grin.

And just like that, we were back to normal.

Other than speaking to Felicity for a while (I decided against telling her about what happened, because I knew she'd make a big deal out of nothing), the rest of the wedding passed fairly uneventfully: I avoided pretty much everyone that I could and just sat in my chair mulling over the meaning of life (or the fact that I hadn't got revenge on Courtney for locking me in the cupboard yet).

I would have to fix that as soon as possible, I decided.

I had to get up a few times for some dances with random relatives that I'd never met, and to get more food when my stomach started rumbling, but after that, I went back to the table and rested my head on my arms, starting to feel the boredom take over.

Believe it or not, I felt bad that I was so bored at my mom's wedding, but there wasn't anything to do. If I ever got married, I was having ice cream vans and carnival rides and giant chess boards and loads of things that'd be fun (but, you know, I'd have to be able to afford it first).

I shut my eyes, only meaning to rest them for a few minutes, but before I knew it I heard voices as I slowly came back to consciousness, and I didn't know how long I'd been asleep for.

"Shall I wake her up?" I heard Lucas' voice say, and I scrunched my eyes shut tight, trying desperately to cling on to the last shred of sleep that I had.

"Either that or she's carried to the car," I heard Jason reply, and I practically heard the shrug in his voice.

"I'll carry her," Lucas said immediately after, and my eyelids got even heavier as I felt myself being lulled to sleep once again.

"Okay, thanks Luke. I'll go find Jen and meet you at the car," Was the reply he got.

The next thing I knew, one of Lucas' arms slid under my knees and the other by my shoulders as I was hoisted up, and I could tell that he was trying to be as gently as possible.

I faintly remember myself grunting in annoyance at the temperature change when we got outside, before snuggling into his chest, trying to keep warm. If I was fully awake and able to understand my actions, then I wouldn't have done it. But the fact was that I was seconds away from letting sleep take over me again, so I wasn't particularly in the best frame of mind as the darkness came over me again.

I woke up in my bed the next morning to the sound of my alarm ringing painfully loud. It took me about a second to realize that I wasn't in my dress anymore, but in my pajama shorts and t-shirt. I frowned, how did I get out of my dress? Having had enough of that incessant ringing, I whacked my hand against my alarm clock in a desperate attempt to shut it up. I looked at the time: 7:30. I groaned, shoving my head into my pillow. Why the hell did my mother arrange for her wedding to be on a Sunday?

I pulled myself out of bed and dragged myself into the shower, trying to wake myself up. I noticed that I had black splodges around my eyes from my make-up, and I tried to get all of the stuff off of my face. When I was done, I dried myself and ran a towel through my hair, finally wrapping it around myself and tucking the corner so that it'd stay. Then I walked out into the hall in order to get to my room, dragging my feet slightly. I'd just left the bathroom when I noticed Lucas going back into his room, wearing only some long pajama bottoms. I tried not to ogle, really, I did. But 'tried' doesn't mean 'succeeded', so you could probably guess how well the 'not ogling' thing went.

I mean I wasn't going to be unrealistic and say he looked like that if someone ever made a film of his life, a thirty year old would have to play him, because no one really looks like that at eighteen. But the soccer certainly worked well for him, so he'd probably have someone in their early twenties play him, because he was tanned and toned (woo, alliteration) in all the right places.

Suddenly realizing that I was still in my towel, I quickly darted to my room before he could see me staring - but I failed to notice him watching me as I was entering my room, practically slamming my door shut.

I guess this whole 'back to normal' thing was off to a great start.

I headed into the kitchen with my backpack over my shoulder, ready to leave. I suddenly remembered something though and walked into the living room, "Hey, mom?"

"Yeah, hon?" She asked, breaking her eyes away from Jason (que mental gag).

"Uh, firstly, sorry for falling asleep at your wedding, it wasn't that boring, I'm just like a seventy year old considering that I all I really do is eat, sleep and repeat, but you know," I shrugged, "Anyway, back to the point. How did I get back up to my room?" I thought I remembered being carried, but I assumed that I'd dreamed it.

"Well we didn't want to wake you up, so Lucas carried you to the car and then inside," She shrugged.

I raised both of my eyebrows, watching in surprise as Lucas casually strolled into the room. Speak of the devil, I guess.

"So uh, how did I end up in my pajamas?" I hinted, hoping that she'd get where I was going. I looked at Lucas suspiciously, trying to keep serious despite him waggling his eyebrows at me.

"Oh, well I tried to help you initially, but you yelled at me and said you could do it yourself," She laughed - well, everyone laughed.

I humphed.

"Don't make fun of me!" I growled.

"I can't believe you sleep-yell," Lucas chuckled and I walked over to him and whacked him on the arm, "Well, actually, it's pretty easy to believe..." At this, he earned another bruise.

I spent a good part of the drive to school thinking about ways to get back at Courtney, and when I finally thought of something, I literally started bouncing up and down in my seat. I glanced at my phone quickly to check the time before beaming up at Lucas.

He eyed me warily, "What're you after?"

"Walmart should be open, right?" I asked.

He thought about it before shrugging, "I think it opened at seven, why?"

"How do you fancy stopping off there and then helping me with some revenge later?" I grinned.

He watched me for a moment, before he rubbed his forehead and laughed, saying: "Why not?"

He got off the road we were on and then went in whatever direction Walmart was in. I think I'd been there once since I'd lived with them, so I knew there was one nearby. Hell, there was a Walmart everywhere.

How much d'ya wanna bet that there's one in the North Pole? Huh?


In less than five minutes, Lucas had pulled into a parking space outside Walmart. We both got out and started walking towards it, but he turned to look at me expectantly. "Care to elaborate about this 'revenge' scheme of yours?"

I pretended to zip my mouth shut and then, annoyed at how slow he was walking, I grabbed his hand and (quite violently, actually) pulled him forward, practically running into the large store. I tried to ignore how I felt all tingly holding his hand, and I let go of it as soon as we were inside so as not to bring up any of the day-before's memories.

I quickly found what I wanted and chose loads of different colors and types (what? I got the cheap stuff in multi-packs), forcing Lucas to hold all of them whilst I dug my hands in my pockets to see how much money I had. I pulled out a twenty dollar bill - I was actually extremely surprised that I had that much in there, I thought it'd be ten, at most - but I shrugged and took some stuff back from Lucas as we walked towards the checkout.

"Let me guess, this is for Courtney?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Well duh," I replied sarcastically, "But I may need your help for this one, what'ya think?" I bit my lip in excitement and nudged him with my arm.

He rolled his eyes, "I think that her reaction will be priceless - and I also think that Bryce would happily chip in."

I gasped, "Oh God yeah! Text him! Luke you have to text him right now and ask him, please? Seriously, it would be amazing," I stared at him, my eyes wide in pleading. After all, the more people that chipped in with this, the quicker we'd get it done. "I mean, we might have to try and cut last period because we have to get it done when she's inside, do you mind?"

"Hell no! I'd do this even if you weren't here, can you imagine her face?" He chuckled.

I stared into space for a moment, picturing her reaction, and it only made me all the more excited to get it done.

We paid for the stuff and finished heading towards the school. I kept everything in Bumblebee so that I could easily get it out later, and (after Bryce eagerly agreed to help) we had everything set. We just had to wait until last period.

The bell rang and I jumped out of my seat, trying not to go too fast, however, in case it was too suspicious. Everyone headed to their next class, but I went round to the side of the school and crept out the side entrance, walking over to the parking lot. I immediately spied Courtney's car - seeing as it was the shiny and new white Volkswagen beetle convertible. Conveniently for us, she'd parked it in a dim-lighted place for this time of day, and it was just out of sight of the main building.

As inconspicuously as I could, I set off towards Bumblebee and (gently) leaned against him until Lucas and Bryce arrived a few minutes later. We got the stuff out of the car and got to work, getting everything done a lot quicker with the three of us.

This was going to be fun.

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