"I am going to be at your house in like five minutes, please don't make me wait." My friend Savvy said.

"I am walking out right now; I will be waiting for you, not the other way around."

"Okay, bye!" With that we hung up.

I walked out of my house and I inhaled deeply. To me the air always smells different in the morning and I loved it. I liked the sound of the birds and the way the grass is wet. I wish it was like this all day. Unlike the hot and humid weather that will soon consume the whole city in a matter of hours…I heard what sounded like a closing of a door. I looked across the street to see Troy walking out of his house. I immediately tried to hide so he wouldn't see me, but in my frantic state to find a good place to hide, he noticed me. I froze when in saw he was staring at me. I gave him a fake smile.

"Weirdo." He called to me as Savvy pulled up to my driveway. I got pissed and balled up my fist. I went to the end my lawn.

"For the past 10 years of my life you have non-stop called me names, weirdo, pig, fat, slow, mentally dumb, klutz, stupid, and so on. How about you get a freaking life and leave me alone!"

"I would if I didn't have to see your face almost every time I leave my house." He stated in a bored tone of voice.

"Then I recommend you either move or endear it, because some people have a life."

"You call going to school every day, doing all your work, being on the teacher's good sides, never sneaking out of the house, always doing what your mommy and daddy tell you to do a life? That's not a life."

"Oh and you think what do you is a life."

"I have such a life; you don't even know what I do because you have your nose to into books all the time." He said.

"Maddy if you don't get in this car, we will be late for school and will not hesitate to leave you! And as for you Troy, you an ass!" I laughed and walked over to the car. When I got in Savvy looked at me with a smile.


"You like him." She said. I glared at her as we pulled out of my driveway. I laughed at her.

"Come on, Savvy you know me. I am not in love with Troy. I hate his guts." I said.

"Hey, right you have liked him for years. I think you need to tell him."

"I will tell him I hate him as soon as you tell Allen you like him." Savvy looked at me wide eyed.

"I don't like Allen, he is my best friend has been for the past 10 years."

"But you are madly in love with him." I stated as Savvy pulled into my friend Kay's driveway. (Yeah, Savvy is the only friend so far with a car, so she drives me and our two other best friends to school) I watched as Kay came running out of her house, as her mom yelled from the front door.

"Love you Kay bear, have a great day!" Kay got in the car.

"Drive! Drive!" Kay chanted, we all laughed, because Kay's mom was blowing kisses from the front door. "All this morning she wouldn't stop smiling, which as you know is rare for her. I asked her why she was smiling said…"Kay stop talking and looked like she was about to be sick.

"If you are about to be sick, please let me know so I can roll down the window. But of you puke in my car, we will have problems little missy."Said Savvy.

"What did she say when you asked?" I questioned.

"She told me her and dad 'got down with it' last night." I have never laughed so hard in my life, but it was funny. "Don't laugh, it's not funny."

"I can't believe your mom flat out told you that she and your dad had se-" I was stopped by Kay putting her hand over my mouth.

"Don't you dare say it, I mean it." Kay said with daring eyes. "Now, if I take my hand off your mouth, will you not say it?" Kay asked. I nodded. She slowly removed her hand from my mouth. I smiled as Savvy pulled up to Hope's house. We waited for like five minutes and then Hope came tumbling out of her house, with her bag slipping off her shoulder and her hands full of papers that looked like they were about to fall out of her hands. Her dirty blond hair was a mess and her outfit looked like she had just thrown it together. She got in the car and let out a heavy sigh. We all looked at her.

"What?" She asked.

"You look like you just woke up and rushed out of the door." Savvy said.

"You can thank my brother, Scot for that. He is such a little punk, he took my iPod last night and never gave it back, and you know I use that thing for an alarm clock. And you would think my dad would have woken me up, but no he got up late and decide he was in too much of a rush to wake me up. Scot of course never gave it a second thought to wake me up. So when I did wake up I realized I had 3 minutes before y'all would be here." She said. Kay dug into her pocket and handed Hope a pack of gum. "Thanks." Hope said. I opened my shoulder bag and got a hair brush out of my bag. "Thank you." This is not Hope's first time rushing to get ready and not brushing her hair and teeth, after the third time Kay and I came prepared. "So what is going on with y'all this morning?" Hope asked.

"Well, Kay's mom and dad-" Once again I got a hand over my mouth by Kay. She grinned, happy that she caught be before I said it.

"Kay's mom and dad had sex!" Savvy yelled at the top of her lungs. Kay dropped her hand and shot Savvy daggers. "Sorry Kay, I had too, plus you can't touch me, I am driving." Savvy said.

"Do I even wanna know how you found out your parents were doing it?" Hope asked Kay. Kay glared at Hope and then looked out of the window. I knew Kay was mad.

"Why are you mad Kay? You do know that its apart of nature and that is how you came about." I said. "But hey now you know not question why your mom is in a good mood."

"Her mom was in a good mood? No, I can't believe I missed that! Not fair, next time pick me up first." Hope said.

"I would, but you won't be ready." Savvy stated.

"True, never mind then, but at least record it…Kay's mom in a good mood happens like once in a blue moon." Hope stated.

"Hey! You're talking about my mom here!" Kay said.

"So girls, are you ready for school?" Savvy said before taking a big gulp of…COFFEE! I snatched the cup from her. I realized that she had already drunk most of it. I looked at her wide eyed. "What the hell? Why did you do that?" Savvy asked when she knew very well why I did that.

"Coffee! Savvy, you know what that does to you." I stated.

"You drank coffee!" Kay said in a shocked tone of voice as Savvy parked the car. "I am getting out of here." Kay opened the door and ran off. I got out too with Savvy and Hope.

"I am not that bad!" Savvy yelled at Kay as she ran for the school.

"Yeah right, last time you had coffee…"Hope started to say but then stopped, she looked at me and then took off. Savvy stared at me.

"Why when I drink coffee every one runs away!" Savvy said.

"Because you are…hyper as it is and with coffee…You are bouncing of the walls, literally. Remember last week when you had coffee you staring jumping up and down, you almost got suspended because the principle thought you were on speed. Then of course he thought since we were with you we were doing drugs too. It was a mess." Savvy looked at me and then she smiled.

"Allen!" She took off across the parking lot towards Allen; I think he knew she was on coffee because he took off towards the school. I smiled…My friends are too crazy, especially Savvy.

I walked into school and caught Savvy pushing people to get to Allen who made a dash for the men's restroom. I laughed and went to my locker.

"Do you know where she is?" Kay whispered to me.

"No, last I saw she was chasing Allen down the hall."

"I think she likes him." Kay said while taking out her camera.

"I know, right." Kay took a picture of me and then of the lockers. "Hey did you ever sign up for photography?" I asked her. She took the camera away from her face and looked at me.

"Yeah, and I got accepted, I start the class next week. What about you ever get accepted into creative writing?" She asked, sliding her camera back in her bag.

"I am not sure; I was about to held to the creative writing teacher and ask."

"Well good luck!"

"Are we having the sleep over tomorrow night?" Hope asking coming over to us.

"Yeah," I said. "It will be at my house, also my sister will be there, by parents are going out of town this weekend, so it will just be us and my sister."

"Okay, cool!" Kay said.

"Do you have anything planned?" Hope asked.

"No." I said grabbing my books and closing my locker.

"I have wanted to play truth or dare, can we play that?" Kay asked.

"I guess." I stated.

"Okay then, oh and I will buy the food, I get paid tomorrow so then maybe Savvy can take us to the store after school." Hope said, we all nodded.

"Food paid by Hope, and truth or dare, sounds like a plan." Says Kay.

"There you guys are! I have been looking everywhere for y'all!" Yelled Savvy as she skipped, yes skipped over to us. We all gave each other nervous glances before running off in separate directions.