The afternoon rays of the sun shined through the window. Night has not arrived, yet she was already lying down on her bed. It was one of those days for her, a fight with her parents. The same old words were being spat at each party but it is always a different problem. She laid there wondering what she did wrong this time. She knows it was about her grades, but she was a straight A student. All year she did everything yet in the end all she got was a "You could have done better." The word of her father repeated in her head, she could never satisfy her parents with whatever she does. "

"You're useless. You do nothing but bring me closer to my grave." These words ran through her head over and over. She ignored them instead she focused on the blade he was holding. It was not new what she was about to do, she has done it countless of times. She let the cold metal lightly slice her skin. It wasn't deep to bleed, but it was enough to start a stinging sensation. She moved the blade a few inches down her arm, cutting deeply this time. She winced but smiled from the pain. She let her arm bleed, the sight of the red liquid help her shut the echoes from her head. It was only temporary though. The pain from her physical wounds can never overcome the emotional scars inside of her.

"You always give me new problems." A new tear fell from her eye. This time cutting wasn't enough. She got up and grabbed a whole bottle of painkillers she had set aside earlier on the table beside her bed. There is one thing in her mind now. Only one thing she wants. It was the only solution she can think of that would stop all these pain, all the screaming and fighting. No more tears, no more raised voices. She has to get rid of the source of all her parents' problem - her.

Author's Note: Hi readers! I just want to say that self-harm such as cutting or suicide is NEVER the solution to ANY problem. This is just a story, hopefully a not too exaggerated story. Thanks for reading. =D