When I was a kid, I painted a picture of how my future husband should be.

I made a checklist, and I always kept it at the back of my mind, you see.

And from then on, I've been walking into heartbreaks- one after another,

By dating all kinds of losers and jerks, and guys who're better as a brother.

And then I met you, my dearest, the opposite of my ideal prince charming.

But your eyes were so deep, your words so cute, your smile so heart warming.

So what does it matter if you don't fit my checklist like I thought you should?

You are perfect, so amazing; you complete me, together we're way too good.

And when you're in love, that's all that matters, everything else is negotiable.

You were meant for me, you are my soul mate, you can't believe how fast I fell.

You make me feel like I'm really special, like I'm your sun rising in the east.

So yeah, I don't care at all baby about how much you don't fit my checklist.

A/N: I made a checklist when I was a teen. Now at 18, I find it so stupid. Who cares if my hubby wears glasses or likes Math?