To all the writers in the world aswell.

We as writers, share a bond that the rest of the world does not know. They do not know how we smile as we finish, they do not know how accomplished we feel, or how our hearts swell in pride. They do not know how, at the same time, we feel as if we've lost something dear to us. There is hole there now, that will quite be refilled.

Because we watched our characters and creations grow, like parents watching over a child. We watch them grow and become their own person. We watch them take their path and make their life changing choices. And to lose them is just as hard as losing a loved one. But at the same moment, we smile because without us, they never would have existed in the first place. Our most precious friends.

But they do not know this.

We have the rare ability to take our dreams, thoughts, and fears and turn them into something amazing. We burn with the passion to write, like a fire that was lite in our hearts the day we were born, and it will not blow out until the day the day we die.

No matter where we are the world, there is one thing that brings all of us together. And that one thing is writing.

They can beat us, and call us names. They can make us feel worthless, unloved, unneeded, and ugly. They can take away many, many things. But there is one thing that they can never take from us.

Our words.

They cannot take our desire to write and to create. Those gifts belong to us. They cannot take our knowledge of words, and they cannot take away our ability to make them into something, even if only in our minds. Our imaginations glow with things that they will never begin to understand. They cannot take the world we have worked so hard to create.

We have come together and created this world, a world where anything and everything does happen. We make the impossible possible, and brought the unimaginable to life.

We have taken our dreams, wishes, desires, and fears, and we have given them form.

Horror, fantasy, romance, and poetry. The list goes on for so long. But no matter what the difference's in what we want to write, we write, and we share. We want others to see what we have created, to know that they are not alone.

And if it happens that we find one another, then a friendship is formed quicker than others can imagine. We sit together and talk about all the things we write, all the things we could write. We have found another, and a connection has been made.

No, they can never take our words.

And should they try, they will fail. We are in a world where race, gender, age, and sexuality do not matter. We are our own race.

We are writers.

And they cannot break us.

We write from every corner of the world, in our homes at our desks as we listen to music. In our classroom as the teacher is talking about something you have not heard one word from. From the office as the girl in the next block yammers on her cell phone. From our rocking chair that sits in front of the fireplace like an old cliche.

They cannot take our words.