~A Poem of the Battle of Fredericksburg~

The voices haunt me,

Even after the battle has passed.

I beg them to let me be,

They keep on blasting.

How could I have lived,

And you died?

How can I still be here,

And you're decaying on the battlefield?

I know that I should be happy to still be here,

But how can I?

How can I be happy?

Why should I be happy?

The smell of gunpowder still lingers in the air,

However, the smell of death is more powerful.

Death is one thing that every member of this army has felt.

Death is one thing that both sides of the war feels.

Revenge is how we deal,

Fighting helps to ease the pain.

Even though we won Fredericksburg,

It still feels like we lost.
How can I celebrate this victory,

When my best friend is dead?