A young Socialist's Lament

Bedroom Marxists of the world unite

You have nothing to lose

Because your lives are shite

You rant about the Class struggle

From a 400k house

You wouldn't last a minute

In the class struggle bout

We are gathered here today

To witness the dying moments of Socialism in Britain

Watch as the 'Socialist party'

Inject lethal laissez-faire into its veins

Red is infiltrated with blue

And the people can do nothing

What happened to the workers?

Where did the industry go?

China? India?

As long as the banks have Socialism tied up

Who cares?

The only Socialist Parties in my country

Aren't Socialist at all

They just use a powerful word

To disguise Marxists, Trots and worst of all

The Stalinist

We are gathered here today

To witness the death of a nation

A proud nation

Struck down by banks, Conservatives, and profit greed