Long after he's gone away to bed
She lays awake in a haze
Her head is foggy; her heart is dead
She's spending the night in another daze.

It started out innocently enough
Just a bad moment in the blink of an eye
Yet she just couldn't be tough
And she was tired of wanting to cry

So she ran to the only sanctuary she knew
And bolted the door behind herself
Trembled as the temptation in her grew
Put her morals up on the farthest shelf.

She couldn't look him in the face
Because then he'd see her eyes so wide
She couldn't show him her disgrace
So she ran him off so she could hide.

He took her face within his hand
And stared her square in the eye
Begged that she make him understand
While fighting off his urge to cry.

"Why, but why. What drove you to this?
Help me because comprehending I am not...
Bring back the woman that I love and miss,"
This pleading came out in a verbal thought.

She broke herself free from his rainy glare
And she looked down upon the ground
She wanted to tell him not to care
Instead she answered without a sound.

He fell to his knees, falling at her feet
Grabbing her hands as if she'd go away
Looked up at her from his newfound seat
And stared at her with pure dismay.

His trembling touch caused her to quake
She looked down at him through stone cold eyes
As quietly he said, "I must be the mistake
That causes you to want to die."

The stones in her eyes were fractured
And her body developed a shiver of its own
His heart had unfortunately been captured
By a woman with problems that shone

Brighter than the sun within the sky
And deeper than the most turbulent sea...
And yet he continued to want to try
Despite his life falling into agony.

She had not a single answer to provide
To calm his sorrow or end his pain
She couldn't block him out as he cried
"I didn't mean to cause you this much disdain..."

He rose to his feet and brushed the tears
Away from his gently blushing face
Unable to believe she'd throw away all the years
Unable to comprehend his love was displaced...

She waited until he had finally gone to sleep
Before taking the next step forward she dared
Because it was a secret she could keep
Away from him before she managed to tear

Another hole into his severely wounded heart
She couldn't cause him anymore distress
Once he was asleep, the games she did start
Because she knew tonight she'd get no rest.

Trying to convince him daily was hard
It never once was his fault
But his heart had shattered to a million shards
With each time over this they fought.

He wanted to go on trial for his crime
He wanted to be bathed in fire for his deeds
He was adamant he deserved to do some time
For making her take something she didn't need.

And to her love she'd become a liar
Her addiction becoming a source of infidelity
Wanting nothing more than to get higher
When he claimed it was his responsibility.