Tragic Alliance

At one time, we launched into flight
Standing true through all the wars
Never falling victim to the plight
And believing it was all worth fighting for.

Whenever you dared falter
I hurried immediately to your side
And when my state grew altered
You made sure the evils within me died.

But the winds have begun to change
And the storms have grown so strong
Our priorities have become rearranged
And we no longer get along.

Our words have turned to swords ablaze
Aiming for once protected hearts
Trying to wind our way through a verbal maze
Have all but torn us apart.

At some point that was long ago
We were connected through our souls
But the void between us starts to grow
Until we stand above a colossal hole

That threatens to take us to our death
Ripping our once-powerful bond to tatters
Strangling us until we lose our breath
Beating us until our hearts both shatter.

And finally through all of the smoke
I look at you and have to turn away
As the sobs in my throat on which I choke
Leave me with only one thing to say.

And I think for a moment you reach to me
And for a second I want to turn around
But then I swear to God you turn to flee
So I decide to leave without a further sound.

I'm grabbed by the void and start to fall
And I feel you grab me by the wrist.
I look at you to say "I gave this my all
But this was not meant to exist."

I cannot let you be pulled down too
If either of us has to die
You claim without me you'll come unglued
While I'm convinced that you can fly

And with the last smile on my face
I give it to you as my final farewell
Then I let go and plummet through space
Unsure if I'll find heaven or hell.

We proved to be an alliance tragic
Perhaps on each other too much we depend
But now we've depleted all the magic
And we've finally reached the end.