Lost in the Fog

When the darkness approaches, fear not, for I am there.
When the hateful do renounce you, fear not, for I still care.
It's a promise that we'll both take to the grave -
A vow for the future for which the world we'll save.

Oh God, what's become of the world in which we stay?
Standing on broken ground riddled with craters far and wide...
The fact of the matter is, we've gone so far astray
That we neglected our Paradise, and now it has died.

There is an attachment that buries deep within the soul
That worms its way in and takes you for a wicked trip...
Then it slams you down and leaves you full of gaping holes
Your world it then destroys; your happiness then it strips.

And now we're left with wounds that simply refuse to heal
Bleeding ourselves dry from both our veins and our eyes
Building false structures in which the truth we conceal
That continue to stretch higher with each time that we lie.

And it's inside of these old buildings that we claim to be sound
In the depths of our despair we look for a crumb of hope to eat
Starving for the attention of that other lost soul no longer around
Trying to fight the hunger pangs because we just cannot accept defeat.

Until there is nothing remaining but your hollowed, emptied shell
As your spirit's long since broken free and sailed away
Inside these cement walls the agony is contained as your silent wails
Inform anyone who ever hears them that you're unable to face another day.

But yet with makeup we spend our time plastering on a sturdy face
And we learn just what it takes to look like we've finally moved on
Because it'd be a crime to admit to anyone that you've been disgraced
And it's all but illegal to think that everything you had is now gone.

Its through our own defenses that we'll never know what's real
Despite all of the childhood lectures that the truth will set us free
Because instead of learning to confront everything we truly feel
We've been trained to believe there's nothing to do but let it be.

Another tragedy comes with another day that passes in stoic silence.
Another death bell tolls for a chance that never got to pass.
The sorrow inside your body boils into fits of icy cold violence
That will grow stronger and destroy you if you allow them to last.

It's inside the fog that clouded us that the answers lie within.
The world is covered in the heavy haze of everything we did wrong
And if we're ever meant to see things clearly, we have to try again
To step out of our barricaded shelters and relearn how to be strong.