Justifying Ramifications

Full to bursting is my heart
But not with the love I once had...
Let myself get torn all apart
Thrown to the side, and now I am sad...

I tried to give you a reason
I gave you so many chances at an out...
But you continued to commit this treason
And you engulfed my soul with doubt...

Until finally the dam exploded
And everything rushed out in a flood
My happiness has long since been eroded
And an icy cold runs through my blood.

No matter how many times you admit
That you're sorry for all this pain
My brain simply refuses to submit
Because my joy you no longer sustain.

When you're gone off for the night
I lay in my bed and into space I stare
Thinking about every stupid fight
And feeling that this is so unfair

Until finally one day I come to believe
That the time has finally passed away
Looking for a way this pain to relieve
Has led me to feel I can no longer stay.

But so much of my heart rests in you
That walking away will rip it to shreds
I had so much hope in a love that was true
That it hurts to think it's this instead.

One day I sat down and wrote you a letter
And I left it on the step for you to find
Hoping that you'd understand it better...
Hoping that you'd let yourself rewind

And realize that I looked at you with anguish
Whenever you put your pride ahead of love...
And when you continued to ignore my simple wish
That was when push suddenly came to shove.

But by the time you come around—
And that is if you ever do—
I'll have left my footprints on the ground
And I'll be far away from you.

It's tough for me to not accept the blame
Because I'm always cutting my own wrists
But I'm tired of playing your egotist game—
It's time for this pain to cease and desist.

I love you to death but I cannot be dragged
Through the dirt just to keep you pleased
And it's because of this I've packed my bags...
I'm hoping soon my pain will be eased.

So I hope that you understand one day
After carefully reviewing my summarization
Of why I ultimately wound up going away...
With this I finish justifying ramification.