I've been ready to lose you as a lover
since the day we set off on that path -
I've always known
it was a dead end journey.

But I never foresaw that I could lose you
as a friend. Because you aren't just the one
who kisses me occasionally
and says I love you along with good night.

You are the one who listens
to my random facts and pointless stories,
my fierce rants, my failures, my glories,
and everything in between.

You are the one who holds me
when I cry so hard that I shake and shudder
and can barely breathe -
you are the one who keeps my heart beating
and my blood flowing.

And without you there to acknowledge
that I am here and alive and vaguely important -
well, what then?

If you leave me as a lover,
I can mend my heart.
Without you as a friend,
I will fall apart.