People say I shouldn't listen;

They say she's crazy and out of control
But I've spent my life hearing
"Mother is always right"

Maybe it's true.

I'm useless and stupid,

I'm only a burden
I can't do anything right
I'm unloveable
(you mean just like you?)
- fit only for the back of a hand

Sometimes she says
she only wants the best for me
This life is hers now
She can do with it what she will
She won't make the same mistake
This time.

When the hitting started getting bad,
I yelled
I fought back
Defended myself
(Only made it worse)

So now I just stand there
Waiting until I can crawl off
to sleep, where there is no pain
and I count down the days
until I get out of here
back to someone who loves me
After all
(You do love me, right?)

Maybe I shouldn't listen to her
But after all these years,
It's become a habit

So stop it -
just stop telling me
who to listen to
I get enough of that at home.