The Moonlight Samurai

The sky developed into darkness. The warm summer air evaporated into coldness. Thick fog dispersed all around. I tightly grasped my sword's handle. Crimson rain drizzled from the heavens as if it were the blood from my murdered victims. I stood in a defensive stance, holding the blade in front of me. I couldn't see my opponent. I was blinded by the thick fog, but blindness wasn't my vulnerability. I closed my eyes, adjusting my brain to use my other senses. I waited patiently to deliver the final blow. I heard charging footsteps running towards me. I felt his energy, his aura. It was desperate and unstable. A wide chesire like smirk played its way across my lips. I opened my eyes at the exact right moment, stepped forward and slashed my sword through my opponent, leaving me unscathed from his attack. I paused for a second, waiting for a response from my victim. I smiled widely when I heard him cry out in agony before falling to the ground. I stood up and sheathed my sword. I started walking away slowly, successfully fulfilling a job well done without any regrets. There was no turning back now. I gladly accepted to walk the path of a murderer. They called me The Moonlight Killer because I always killed merciless at night. They only light visible and the last thing they see before dying is the moon shining brightly in the sky.